Anyone wanna do a short all monster campaign for 5e?

anyone wanna do a short all monster campaign for 5e?

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Do I get to pick the specific Bestiary my monster will come from?

the only requirement is that it's from a mook race.

How short?

>pig orc
Damn I've read too much hentai and I now associate that with rape

Can I be a lich? I wanna be a lich.

we're starting at level one, shoulda mentioned that

Is mushroom taken if so I'll be a tree stump.

well, short as in, it'll go as far as the group as a whole wants it to, but my initial plan is up to level 5.

What races are available? Have a discord?

Can I be a Nightwalker?

Goblins, orcs, hobgolins, bugbears, kobolds, Literally any race one would encounter when starting their career as an adventurer.

Gnoll female?

as long as this is not a magical realm erp thing for you, sure, you can be a furry

Someone wants scariest and weirdest rapist ever....

Dang no Nightwalker?

in this setting most monstrous races tend toward neutral, their cultures are just really weird compared to most.and hence they're monstrous in the eyes of civil races.

so,anyone still interested?

You've never answered me.

what'd you ask?

I'm this guy

What are it's stats?

I had in mind the fact that gnoll physiology is quite unusual, especially that of females....

Not a big buff on DnD but I do have a book mentioning this thing. It's 3.5e though so IDK how it would work in newer versions.

as long as you do not go about humping and fucking everything in your path, you may play a female gnoll

i don't think it would man, sorry


how do i go about joining this

Would it be over voice or text only?

just join the discord if you have it
i might make an r20

probably voice, but i don't have the best mic. so yeah.

I tried, it says the invite is invalid or expired


Kobold gunslinger.

Invite expired. did OP get all the players he needed or what?