Definitive Examples of People with a 20 in a stat

20 Cha

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what a shit thread

That Milana Vayntrub, she's hot.

To be fair to OP, she is a qt.

idk who this is, so maybe she is very persuasive or what have you, but she doesn't look top 1% for attractiveness or whatever the percentile is for a 20 given 10 as average

20 Con

>Tits are too small
>eyes are squinty
>ears are too big
>stupid expression on her face

CHA=15 at best

Would not bang.

>Too skinny
>No muscle tone
> "Lungs" look underdeveloped

14 Con at best....

Would not run a marathon race with.

Well, her asshole sure does have 20 Con...

20 STR
20 INT
20 AGL
20 LCK
20 CAR
20 END


>needs to do something different with her hair
>head is very round and wide
>open your eyes, damnit
>and smile. Women are way prettier when they smile.
>tits are too large. DFC > anything else

I'd give her a 14-15 CHA at best. Still bangable, though.

I think the idea is that she's got enough charisma to make you buy a phone from AT&T which is no mean feat

Jeez, you nerds always judging women on their looks alone...

This is more in the realm of 20 Cha.

>Tits are too small

>tits are too large.

Remember, physical appearance doesn't dictate charisma, because a lot of the importance of physical appearance is personal preference

Str 20 - Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, professional strongman, actor

>20 Cha
>20 Con
Why not both?

Dex 20 - Tatchakorn Yeerum, actor, director, choreographer and buddhist monk.

Con 20 - Paula Radcliffe, distance runner, current word's best holder in marathon.

20 anal circumference

Well, seeing as how we only have a picture and not anything detailing her personality, I would say appearance is the only thing we CAN judge in this instance. If her picture was accompanied with something else, I would judge differently. So saying she has a 14 CHA, plus or minus depending on personality, would be a fair assessment.

The only thing I assume is she's from some commercial and I don't watch television.

She's probably 14-16 but definitely not 20.
Pic related has a 20 in charisma.

Int 20 - Samuel Benjamin Harris, author, philosopher, cognitive neuroscientist

>Why not both?
Fate points are cheating.

>int 16
>wis 6

Wis 20 - Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, author, educator

Cha 20 - Dwayne Johnson, actor, singer, professional wrestler

>The only thing I assume is she's from some commercial and I don't watch television.
The wardrobe people ugly her up for the commercials. She normally looks like this

He definintely upsets an unwise number of people

nah its cleary int

Knowing that comes from d100 system kind of ruins the joke.

The wardrobe people likely had a signifcant part in both images, to say nothing of the graphic design department.

No it doesn't, she had to quit because her doctor was threatening to put her in a diaper.

A case could be made. But who then would you put for Wis 20?

Sounds more like the director of a fetish video threatening that.

Cha: 20

Someone with survival sense like Bear Grylls or a spiritualist like the Dalai Lama would have high WIS.

Bowie had 30 charisma.

Someone explain her popularity to me. She isn't really hot and her natural expression looks like this weird combination between condescension, being half-asleep and full retard. Is it because she does the most extreme shit, is that alone what makes her popular?

WIS and quite possibly CHA

Honestly, he probably also deserves a 20 int and wis

20 Cha

20 Charisma

>implying 20

>moon druid

It's more that for plenty of people she's the first "adult actress" name they will think of. I mean the normies, outside of Veeky Forums. I wouldn't dare to dispute Bailey Jay's dominion over these realms. Did a bit of everything, up to and including regular acting, is quite sociable (usually while maintaining the mean-bitch persona, but that still works), knows how to self-advertise.

Don't respond to frogposters.

Bailey jays getting too fat

Let's consider that my one random act of kindness for the day.

Aren't we all?

>Bailey Jay
That's the shemale one, isn't it?

We both know the confirmation of that hypothesis is one google search away...

I can not believe I am the first to post the true 20cha legend.

Nah, he has charisma going into Epic values

>survival sense
>Bear Grylls
Please be trolling

how is he charismatic?
Even in the category of rockstar, i'd put pre-nutjob Michael Jackson in front of him.

Bear Grylls is an actor and the Dalai Lama is a hereditary monarch who believes in reincarnation. Neither strike me as exceptionally wise people.

Pic related is the most obvious 20 Wis I can think of.

20 WIS


Socrates was an upjumped moron who build a philosophical house of cards to jerk off onto.

He looked like a baby in a wizard costume.

one of us, one of us

Socrates was based as fuck. He knew true wisdom doesn't come from what you know, but rather from what you know you don't know.

Ok but how about living person?

That's a tough one.
Obvious troll answer would be head of a church, ideally Whatshisbeardedgoatshaggingface, the ISIS-founder.
Honest answer - can't think of present day philosopher what wouldn't be either "progressive" out of his ass or raging commie cunt.
Out of people I did consider wise in the classical sense - Mr. Rogers is dead. So is Pratchett.

>Remember, physical appearance doesn't dictate charisma, because a lot of the importance of physical appearance is personal preference

That's right says sloth with his 20 Cha


Actual 20 cha

All his generals were in love with him


Don't forget the GOOD. As in, so far up the scheme of alignments that there isn't even a neutral there- He's just plain Good.

>wife beater
>multiple arrests for roughing up hookers (3 times)
>Drank like ted kennedy
> once hit a production crew member with a coat rack

>35cm erect 13.7795 inches

Yeah... pretty sure that's all bullshit.

20 con thanks to racial bonus


>lies and slander

I think you know

Michael Jackson was the king of pop for a reason

So about 30 con for this guy then?

>We both know the confirmation of that hypothesis is one google search away...
But then he would need to look at her dick, if she/he is a shemale/transex

>regular succubi have a charisma of 26

Cestree is a loser by succubi standards.

The ranger in my Friday night DnD group is orc hot.


they murdered him

I believe it.

You think user would make it up?

People don't come to the internet and tell lies. That would make no sense.

Not that hard when homosexuality is common and you get to hire your generals.

>Roussimoff died in his sleep of congestive heart failure on the night of January 27, 1993, in a Paris hotel room.
>died at 46

Because he loved the cock.

The Capybara is the most chill animal on the planet
He has no natural predators and everyone thinks he is a cool dude

>has no natural predators

Nobody has any idea what killed Alexander. His contemporaries had no idea either and poisoning was just one of many possible causes

0 Int, Wis, and Cha.

This is more like it.

I was going by drinking capacity there, like the poster I responded to was. I mean, he told an anesthesiologist that it took him 2 liters of vodka to feel a little warm. That's about 3 bottles.
He's confirmed to have drank 119 beers in one evening, that's over 42 liters.

Besides, we could possibly attribute his early death to a flaw like "shortened lifespan" or similar.

no he was too powerful
on his deathbed, he bequeathed his empire to 'the strongest'
he knew he was betrayed so he said fuck it, let them burn it all down

20 int
20 cha

Fair enough.

From what I can gather, she just did more fucked up shit than most mainstream porn performers in the early 2000s, and did it enthusiastically. Combine that with starting when she was 18, it was easy for her to stand out without looking all that much better.

That was likely made up. Many historians think he wouldn't have been able to talk at that point, others say he mentioned one of his generals by name and everyone just so happened to mishear him

>implying michael's intelligence can be quantified with bounded integers.

Michael's int is like Cain or the Lady of Pain's entire stat line - all you need to know is that he succeeds.

>>Too skinny
>>No muscle tone

he said CON not STR


20 Int