How do you think a war game based in this universe would be?

How do you think a war game based in this universe would be?

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If memory serves it was pretty gruesome - all these melting deaths.

are there rules for a skirmish game using army men? I've never seen one but i assume somebody must have made something.

How what?

I feel like it would make a lot of sense. And Army Men already has a pretty cool lore. You also have 4 factions to choose from and they could all have different properties.

>What do you think about it

There is a PDF of the rules floating about.
Not sure how good the game itself was but I know there's one

... Four? I only know of green and tan.

there's blue and red too. theyre in some vidya and I had army men in a bunch of colors.
>tfw I remember having shitloads of different army men as a kid
>one of them were brown WW2 nazis
>mfw looking back on that

Yes, there are blue and grey. The grey don't appear that much though

Combat Storm is what you're looking for. It's probably in the Share Thread somewhere.

War PIGs is what you're looking for.

I don't have the PDF, but it might be in the share thread.

What about the zombies from that one game made from bits and pieces of the different factions?

The Army Men games consistently had Green, Tan, Blue and Gray.

Blue were established to be excellent spies and worked together with the Tan often.

Not a lot was said of the gray, other than the manual for Army Men 3DO for PS1 stating that they were the subject of many a ghost story amongst green troops and that they lived in Bayou country.

All in all though it was a 4 way war with Tan and Green being the largest powers.

Or being melted into a Creepy Crawlers machine to be turned into spiders

That's where you saw the red soldiers for the only time

Actually if you think about about it you can probably have a rather diverse amount of Factions. You of course have the Green Nation and the Tan Nation, as well as the Blue Nation and the Grey Nation. An the Space Factions from Army Men: Toys in Space. The Galactic Army and the Space Aliens.

An then their are the ones hinted or are only given one appearance or so, such as the Red Republic/Nation.

You could probably diversify things further by allowing Sub-Factions, for instance by having the normal Green Army, but you can also instead play as Bravo Company letting deploy Elite...Army Men and Heroes like Sgt. Hawk.

Or perhaps by choosing from a assortment of different commanders like General Plastro, Baron von Beige, Major Mylar, or Lord Malice.

Why is the girl not plastic?

So she's hotter

That's what I'm saying. There's a lot of potential in it.

She actually is. I think she's just painted.

It's kinda odd. She's one of two characters who have painted on details, one of which is an agent for the Blue army. All the other women in the series (few as they are) are normal casts like the guys.

Perhaps she was a mini-figurine for some other kind of toy collection that was just kinda accepted in? We already saw things like toy robots so it's not that far fetched.

I played more than half of the games in that series when I was a kid.

Shit'd be pretty metal actually.
The first 3 ones that were exclusive to PC, before there was any real plot or any of those semi-retarded characters, the games had pretty gory deaths for a game aimed at kids. Guy's would get blown apart, burned to death, limbs blown off, run over by tanks, the entire time you hear them screaming as bullets fly.

It'd be fuckin metal. I want to play a campaign set in the Army Men universe now, but the series was too obscure for any group of people to seriously play it, or decide on a system (I'd almost have to be GURPS)

I gotchu senpai.

>the games had pretty gory deaths for a game aimed at kids
Lots of video games were like that at the time, though. I remember seeing cracked open heads and other gruesome shit in old adventure games.

So, for a Army Men wargame what do think each commanders specialty/shtick would be?

Not sure but you could make a lot of them comical or have the old feel of playing with toy soldiers as a kid.

I imagine at least one would play off of melting plastic to make other plastic based things. Like melting some army men to get one massive army man. Or the creepy crawly thing. Just a army that specializes specifically in that.
While another would specialize in the serum and sneaking into toy stores to bring back new "toys".
And like said, they should really give off that kid feeling.

Since there aren't ones for the blue and grey ones, we'd have to make up new characters. As for armies in general
>Green specialize in increasing morale and damage
>Tan specialize in sheer numbers but with weaker units and have tanks
>Grey get big bonuses for flanking or attacking from behind and have strong units but get less
>Blues get more movement and can attack further away

>melting plastic to make other plastic things

Army Men RTS did this. After a large engagement / battle you could send engineer trucks in to salvage the bodies and vehicle wrecks for free resources. It was pretty cool having to send a bodyguard unit in for the engineers while they looted battle remains, on edge knowing the enemy may do the same.

When it comes to the Army Men series over the topness is a must.

Go watch the cutscenes from some of the PS2 age games from the Army Men series.

It's almost cringy how dumb they act.

>Those you lose sequences.

Well, one of the Green Armies whole shticks is that they're commonly outnumbered 50-to-1. An that they often create new technology to gain an advantage through research rather than simply going to the'Big World' an yoinking stuff or recruiting a mad scientist literally name Dr.Madd.

Who created stuff like this:

Some of those scared me as a kid.

This thread is a nostalgia nuke.

These animations were the shit.
I could watch them all day.
And I probably can since every game had like 10 minutes worth.

>Blaming one spy for losing air superiority over not one, but two worlds.
>Losing air superiority over aforementioned two worlds because helicopters were invented.
>Not being able to counter said helicopters with planes that are equally if not more advanced planes the tan no doubt had access to.

Plastro was the best villain.

Is he the short fat one? Because for some reason he reminds me of The Major. Probably because of that zombie level and the spiders.

The fatassed tan fucker that points his M9 at some spy for fucking up then blames him for losing air superiority over literally two entire fucking planets even though his job probably was only to take role call.

Yep that's Plastro.

Okay that's actually pretty fucking funny.


Relevant video.

Well apparently the Tans most advance fighter is a...Triplane...yeaaah:
An you'll also see Tans resident Ace and Air Commander.

Green propaganda.
The tan has F-18's. Many of them.
Fake news, all of it.

Baron von Beige I knew I forget something.

To be fair a Major style commander with a obsession for war can make for a fun BBEG if you play off the kid's view of war and mix it in with the games old serious tones in the world war series.
Good fucking luck though.

Well, as you can see, that triplane just shot down a helicopter and made the other one get the fuck outta Dodge.

Well they had a Colonel Kurtz expy in Army Men RTS in the from of Colonel Blintz:

Well it was flown by an Ace.

This thread reminds me of a more simple, happier time.

Ditto. Army Men was the greatest game of all time and it takes me back to my childhood when I'd try and complete the entire campaign in a single session

I thought about it and actually had a go at painting some plastic army men. turns out the kinda plastic they are made of chips really easy. the primer just slides right off if you bend them too much.

That's not what we meant but that's neat that you tried that

>"A death ray..."
>"That evil maniacal tyrant... that thing is barbaric! It's merciless! C-can we build one?"

The scene in question:

An here's a link to a playlist with all the cutscenes from Army Men: Sarge's Heroes:

In the cutscenes she appears to have arm joints, so that's probably the case. Army men, being cast as one piece, wouldn't have any joints.

>last game in the series was cell phone shovelware
>the two before that were regular sbovelware
>the last actual good game in the series was released 13 years aho
Plus one of the original devs was trying to make a new one but it got cancelled in December of last year

Wtf I didn't hear about this

Like this

why are all plastic green except the girl?