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Archaon's "Sigmar, save me" scene is the most beautiful and touching lore in all warhammer's history. I would literally kill for it to be animated or be adapted as a film. The scene is the essence of all of warhammer crystallised into a single moment. When despair makes way for dark determination., when love turns into hate, when faith turns to heresy!

The problem is...how should voice Archaon/Kastner?

I've seen it done with other models. The effect can be quite striking.

>The scene is the essence of all of warhammer crystallised into a single moment
it's not? It's what Chaosfags and Sigmarfags think Warhammer is about, when in fact it's nothing but a cancer that wormed itself into being the centrepiece of the bigger picture.

I made a single adjustment to my homebrew. This would probably be the last time I post it unless anyone wants me to try out stating various war machines.

who should*

Would it work for the majority of the army to be painted like that though?

I think it would end up looking kind of samey, like an army that only has primer. If you are going to go for that technique it should only be for specific types of units rather than the whole army.

As long as you have some objects in your army that bringa some more colour to it I think that might make for a cool ghost army.

I was planning on only doing it with grave guard, black knights, skeletons, and the Wight kings(Besides the other obvious ethereal things).

So the zombies. ghouls, fell bats, bat swarms, dire wolves, and the black coach, plus most of the characters wouldn't be.

Auto-tuned Gilbert Gottfried.

It'd look like Night On Bald Mountain, in a really good way.

Black Coach could probably be painted that way too, if you made it flying.

Do Dawi men frequently get any sexual urges? How are they to sate them if the ratio of Dawi men to women is like 10:1? Are Dawi men gay?

Peewee Herman

Saw this a couple threads back, though it would look nice and work with the army themes.

They fuck humans, some even fornicate with elves.

They knock one out.

Dwarf wives take multiple husbands. Snorri fucked humans and half-Elves. Long Drong and his crew lived their entire lives aboard a ship and never once saw a woman, but they're navy men so gay sex is a given.

Slayer oaths.

They take courtship and stuff so seriously that there's almost no chance of prostitution, or even necessarily premarital sex. It's more than likely they'd take a slayer oath if they can't get a wife - they say it's because they cannot stand being the last of their family's line, or perhaps despairing that they will leave nothing by their existence without heirs, but we know better.

On another note, it's probably more than likely that dawi just throw themselves into their work and don't get the same sort of sexual urges humans get. Even elves probably think humans think about sex way too much, and they actually have the occasional pleasure cult.

I saw one once where the "spirit cloud" from the Coven Throne was modded into the team that looked nice.

This one


>the ratio of Dawi men to women is like 10:1
Is there any source saying that, because the only way that would make biological sense is if dwarf women birthed dozens at a time.

It's 3:1, not 10:1
Gestation is about the same as humans, but fertility is lower, made up for by the longer lifespan. Dwarf women have 4 children on average.
Dwarfs: Stone and Steel is the best source for that stuff.

Can anyone suggest good alternative models the for Alcatani Fellowship?

There was a guy in this thread a while back who was planning to use the Perry Mercenaries with this sprue: store.warlordgames.com/collections/greeks/products/greek-hoplite-command-sprue

There might be scale issues though.


That's probably the best suggestion I've seen so far. Perry's tend to be pretty realistic in their scaling though and usually look weedy next to GW's.


As long as you keep the unit consistent is doesn't really matter though. Gw isn't even internally consistent.

Especially if the models are wearing helmets or have big beards, stuff that make the proportions a bit more difficult to read, you probably won't even notice.

Biggest give away might be the hands. In terms of size it goes like GW>Warlord>Perry with GW being noticeably bigger than warlord even.

You walked into the wrong thread deadfucks.

t. heretic.

> WS3
> BS3
> I3

A 'disciplined' army.



Do Chaos Knights have squires? Do Black Knights have squires? Do Dragon Knights have squires?

I'm glad somebody here's asking the questions we all want to know the answers to.

well none of those things are real knights so i wouldnt think so. also you mean the dragon princes. if you mean the blood dragon knights then yes they did have squires at one point when they were living if there were bretonnian

This is now a Bretonnia appreciation thread.

All peasants are kindly asked to leave.


>none of those things are real knights

What do you mean? They're horsemen that wear heavy armor and use lances. Chaos Knights and Dragon Princes (yeah that's what I meant) even have a sort of martial pride and considering themselves superior to other troops. You could say it's not like in real world history, but in real world history knighthood varied wildly by region and time period.


Well, not him but Knighthood is as much a rank of social standing as it is related to marital prowess.

i mean exactly what i said you nigger peasant. horsemen that wear heavy armor and use lances arent automatically knights. a knight is a given title. plenty of horsemen that wore heavy armor and used lances werent knights. its like saying someone is a samurai because they wear armor and have a sword

You don't need to be a 'real knight' to have a squire. And Dragon Princes are absolutely 'real knights', however you want to define it.

Dragon Princes absolutely would have squires to dress them, maintain their armour, get them new lances for the next charge, serve them at court, etc. I don't know if Black Knights and Chaos Knights would have them, the first because they are undead and never remove the armour, and the second because the armour encases them always; they're both constantly battle-ready. A Chaos Knight would probably have some retainers, lesser cultists who polish the skull collection and provide fodder (or are fodder) for the horse.

Dragon Princes are literally princes. Black Knights are dead chieftains and dead knights (though arguably this status matters less now that they're dead).. Chaos Knights are the famed, hand-marked champions of their gods, elevated and honoured by their tribes.

So you're either myopic or retarded. Good to know.

Well I guess the former would have and have had squires. For WoC it's usually who kills everyone else first who gets to be knight.

squires are part of the knight system. if they werent "real" knights that give titles and have a code and blah blah blah then they wouldnt be squires but just attendants or something. by definition a squire is someone expecting to be knighted someday

but yeah i really dont know anything about the dragon princes other than they all basically got cucked out of riding dragons

you didnt address my point at all. is a guy who wears armor, has high social status and has a sword on his hip a samurai? i want you to directly answer this you filthy cocksucker

Does anyone think GW will do a one-off Bret knight like Slambo to squeeze the last few shekels from the Fantasy community?

I'd like to tell them to fuck off but I know I'd buy it.

Tyrion took a girl named Princess Eyldra as his squire when she wanted to avenge her father's death by Dark Elf, and taught her how to be a warrior. I don't know the ins and outs of the High Elf system of honours and titles, but the text used the word 'squire' and people took issue with the fact that she was some teenage bint, not Tyrion training a young person to lead armies and fight in battles.

And no, I don't want to chase your goalposts down the field of non-sequitur.

I doubt it - they seemed to have dropped them entirely and said good riddance, and they're trying to pump up all the new shit they're doing.

At best, someone might ask for it as one of those limited runs of old models they're doing, I forget the term.

>Dragon Princes are literally princes

why would a literal prince stoop down to being knighted? i mean it does happen in real life sometimes but you really dont seem to get the point that knighthood is a title that is given. is also pretty low on the totem pole and any other noble title is going to be higher ranked

>And no, I don't want to chase your goalposts down the field of non-sequitur.

typical redditor just cant fucking admit youre wrong. all you have to say it "oh yeah i didnt think about it like that, i guess youre right"

but i want you to know that i know youre wrong. you know youre wrong. and everyone reading it knows youre wrong. knight isnt just another word for mounted lancer or some shit. its an entire system. you dont become a samurai by having a sword. youre not a houscarl just because you have an ax ect ect ect

do orcs have butts

If Orcs didn't have butts, they wouldn't be able to sit on chairs. This orc is sitting on a chair. Case closed.

they could be like the coneheads

A better questions is do all butts have an Orc attached?

True but you know what they're like, after a few years they'll smell nostalgia cash that they can scrape in.

Tyrion is a Prince and Silver Helm.

Dragon Princes are elite Silver Helms, found only in Caledor.

So yes, they have squires.

To High Elves, "Prince" means governor and high nobility. "Noble" is low nobility or a war hero.

The Caledorian defining trait is proud asshole. They consider their mere really good knights to be equal to the Princes of other nations and refuse to salute the Phoenix King, marking even him as inferior although they claim its because the last Caledorian Phoenix King gave them permission to never salute another.

Dragon Princes used to ride Dragons, but since the Vortex sucks magic out of the world in order to make it so less Daemons can manifest the unnatural volcanoes the Dragons sleep in of the artificial continent the High Elves call home have cooled which means less Dragons wake up in time for war. So if the Dragon doesn't wake up they just ride horses.

Pooping is a canon important part of Orc culture, so yes.

But they don't have penises.

>Pooping is a canon important part of Orc culture

I thought it was the poop itself that was important, not the act of pooping.

I sprayed the Spirit Host model with Army Painter white primer, touched it up with a little bit of ceramite white wherever the spray didn't fully coat. When that was dry, I coated it with green wash, and used blue wash as an accent (I picked them up today from the comic shop). When the wash was dry I drybrushed it with wrack white.

Now that the easy messy parts are done there's still a bunch of smaller detail things that need to be painted and the base needs a lot of work, but I am loving the results I've gotten so far. I should think about what other models I could be painting with this technique, especially since I had to buy these big stupid-sized pots of wash because GW probably decided they could make more money that way.

The product is building materials.

The act can be done either as disrespect to other races or as celebration of their own gods.

You can basically paint everything with nothing else but primer, white and a plenteora of washes.

Though at least one brightish metal colour still would be a good idea, painting metal without metal colours and without some investment always looks REALLY shitty.

pic related


>without some investment always looks REALLY shitty.
>pic related

I agree that pic related looks like shit.

Its 40k, there's a low ceiling for how good it can be in the first place.

indeed It's 40k.

*Fire multimelta in the WHFBgrognards*

Holy shit is it real it's even more awful than the actual mini. I can't stop laughing

I think I would be more apt to use it for painting stuff like skinks that have a lot of exposed flesh. I painted my skeleton warriors using a combination of brown wash and drybrushing with a bit of ushtabi bone and white, and I think they turned out good.

When it comes to stuff like armor and cloth though I think it's better to actually paint them with base coats and build up some layering, otherwise it starts looking a bit like it was just painted white and colored in with magic markers. Depending on the model, it's also important to choose whether the primer is going to be black, white, or gray.

Also, I did my vargheist's skin by painting them white, coating with purple wash, and then airbrushing some white on. I have an airbrush and they were one of my first attempts at using it to paint the majority of a model.

I used my airbrush to knock out some the body coloring on my Crypt Ghouls, too. There's only so many brown little ghouls a man can paint by hand before he goes mad. I really hate ghouls and I put off finishing them longer than anything else in my collection just because painting them is so damn boring. At least I don't have to paint any more brown on them though.

Laughing at yourself is the last thing you can do while your girl suck on my Huge Dwarf Gun

Fuck me you have low standards

> I would literally kill for it to be animated or be adapted as a film. The scene is the essence of all of warhammer crystallised into a single moment. When despair makes way for dark determination., when love turns into hate, when faith turns to heresy!

Would George Lucas direct it?

who the fuck thought that was kool?

>delete Squats from 40k because "they're embarrassing"
>Age of Smegmar's Dorfinheimers™ happen

No, they just lost Squat IP, moron

They could just pull an "Astra Militarum", yet they didn't

Squats were unpopular and embarassing, so they squatted them

High Elven Squires are a different story since they literally live for over a thousand years, which means squires would be very rare, Silver Helms are defacto Knights, but also a modern Cavalry Brigade with tightly knit organisation, I could see the High Helm or higher Ranking members like Tyrion being allowed Squires though.

Dragon Princes aren't precicely "Silver Helms in Caledor" since they are basically Noble Volunteer Riders, not really bound by the code and rules that make the Silver Helms, they are also proud cunts full of themself, so I can definately see every Dragon Prince keeping Squires, probably multiple in fact. Those would probably be of similar birth as themself, seeing how they would never make a lesser elf into a Dragon Prince.

Chaos Knights care only for personal gain in power and would not train their own competition.

According to the Tome of Corruption, Chaos Knights are Chaos Warriors who have obtained enough notoriety in the eyes of the dark gods to receive a Chaos Steed, so I guess they have at least a small group of retainers that could be considered their "squires".

Dragon Princes definitely have a squire, and even more servants. They're elven princes from the noble houses of Caledor,after all.

Maybe Black Knights had squires in live, but now that they're dead and always ready for battle, I don't think they have. Maybe a Wight King who was a knight in battle will have a skelly going around with him because he remembers that's how it's supposed to be, but they actual use of an squire is simply irrelevant for a skeletal undead.

One down, two to go.

>Squats were unpopular and embarassing, so they squatted them

They squatted WHFB for the same reason

Squats actually sold well up to the point where they squatted them. Supposedly some people at GW despised them because they weren't edgy enough and they didn't like the scatological jokes made about their names.

what's your favourite Armor Style in Warhammer? For me it's Vampiric/Sylvanian Armor, End Times and AoS kinda ruined it imo by making it the default Nagshi/Undead Armor, but I always like the idea of it being simply the traditional style or armor smithing found in Sylvania akin to the Armor of Empire Plate Armour.

High Elves, white and blue ithilmar plate with mail shirts cracks me up.

I like High Elf armors too, but they lack the gritty practicality Sylvanian Armors have imo.

especially the Fluting and use of Chainmail are my favourite parts about it, invoking a mix of High Medieval, and Renaissance "transsylvanian Counts" theme. Though the Collar looks a bit silly.

That would depend on what time period you're refering to. There's a reason why in alot of european languages the word for knight translates as rider.

>According to the Tome of Corruption, Chaos Knights are Chaos Warriors who have obtained enough notoriety in the eyes of the dark gods to receive a Chaos Steed, so I guess they have at least a small group of retainers that could be considered their "squires".
There's a great piece of artwork in WoC's 8th ed rulebook that depicts a mounted Nurgle Lord surrounded by what looks likes religious retainers performing some sort of ritual/parade as their master moves through the Chaos Horde. I could see similar devotees fill the role of squires to the Knights of Chaos.

Please post it user


Honestly, the only ones that are actually practicality-minded are the pure humans. High Elven and Vampire armors are pure bullshit, and get more than a little bit silly.

Was it this?

safe for the overly spikey endings, the Vamp armor is perfectly fine plate armour.

certainly not all of them, like pic related.

Yeppers. Couldn't find it myself on my phone so thanks are in order!

Is Chaos Spawn statted anywhere in WFRP 2ed?

There are some stats in Tome of Corruption, but they aren't really the stats of a big chaos spawn like the wargame.

Where are they? I saw chaos ogres/troll ones even thingie to generate them, but chaos spawn was nowhere to be seen

Page 57 (59 of the PDF).

Thanks user, may eight folded path guide you.

>safe for the overly spikey endings, the Vamp armor is perfectly fine plate armour.
you could even say the whole design is loosely based on historical armor

Then give a better example.

And how about possessed?