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Why should I trust you Edition.

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Moap, you around?

>Core rules are free so maybe we will also see free datasheets
>If they are free then they will be thinned down instead of 200+ pages of useless rules
>New starter set - maybe with Stormcast-sized NuMarines
>Maybe GW will also release an AoS-like app and branded list builder
>All whiny and salty malcontents will burn their armies like they have done with their 20-years old fantasy blobs so lgs-communities will be less cancerous and more newbie-friendly
Oh my, what a time to be alive

I've never seen such a cancerous post

>All whiny and salty malcontents will burn their armies like they have done with their 20-years old fantasy blobs so lgs-communities will be less cancerous and more newbie-friendly
I heard the guy who burned his army plays aos now

Then there is a hope for everyone

I trust GW, maybe I am like a battered wife, though I feel very happy and hopeful about the changes.

>play a game for two decades
>new people come in and piss all over it

Playing 40K has a lot of things in common with battered wife syndrome desu

I don't see the end of the world in their latest announcement so I'm pretty hopeful for 8th edition.
Although 8th is also where WHFB went really bad...

H-hey g-guys
I made OC, what do you t-think?


>Although 8th is also where WHFB went really bad...
>Not 6th
Sure thing buddy

So my group's moving up from 1500 to 1850 point games for the summer (although this may get BTFO given the announcement) and I though I'd give my mech-guard a rest and try a new army.

The intention is that it would be a company of pre-heresy Dark Angels who have recently been spat out of the warp on some Calibanesq knight-world and have started up a new Order to deal with the beasts (thus causing friction with the knightly houses and the social upheaval the fallen are known for)

also mean I can use them in 30k games some of the guys have been talking about

Also quite cheap to buy because I'd just need Betrayal at Calth, a handful of forge-world parts and e-bay dark vengeance cultists

What do you guys think?

Got a chuckle out of me. Quit stuttering.

Has anyone attempted to convert tyranids to remove the dumb bio-guns, bone swords, etc? I love tyranids but holy fuck do they look dumb with their 'guns but made of meat' design. The swords and whips are easy enough, since all you really need to do is remove the fingers and maybe turn the swords so they're pointing down, but their guns I'm having trouble with. Not really sure how you could represent them but ALSO make them look like anything other than a weird meat gun.

8th was also where WHFB was axed off

I told you dawgs, I told you about the neo-GW.

>8th was also where WHFB was axed off
So it was the best edition?

>The rules in our current range of Warhammer 40,000 codexes aren’t compatible with the new
edition of Warhammer 40,000. These books will be going off sale very soon. If you do want to
pick any up, now’s the time - as all of the great hobby content and background information will
be as valid as ever.

So its sigmared

They haven't said anything worrying yet though
I don't know, I try to forget my life as well as I can with each passing day

Why are those maids cumming from their eyes?

>8th Edition announced

So, it begins.

The biggest autistic screeching of our time.

I for one welcome our new Kharadron overlords

>So its sigmared
But we knew it for few last months. The only question was if they would cut off the previous lore/background

Your list is wrongbad. Terminators need 5man to take reapers, the combimelta is pointless because hydras teeth replaces it, autoguns and plasma pistol arent worth it... Go read your codex


No screeching... just a despondent sigh.

Guys, 40k has been trash for awhile now. There isn't much they can do to make it worse than it currently is. It'll be fucking fine.

Painting guides for factions.

I think I had neat hobby content in my 3rd edition codexes.

But those cheap fucks haven't put even those in codexes since like 5th edition

now I'm depressed

Post your face when GW will release General's Handbook for 40k and it turns out to be shared with AoS and usable in both games

I like it. Good job user

Don't worry user, I'm sure you can get some cash back if you sell your army for cheap online.

Make sure you link us if you do.

They still have them in the Eldar book.

I'm referring to the pages of 2d shots of models provided solely so you can see what the unit looks like when painted for a specific Chapter/Warband/Craftworld/Forge World. They usually also include details like squad markings or special awards.

Sharing some aspects with Age of Sigmar does not make it "Sigmarred" you spergs.

AoS sucked because it was a ham fisted destruction of a beloved game and setting with no real alternative. This is obviously a much more careful release that respects the setting, keeps the game competitive and trims the massively obese fat from 40k.

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

I don't get people like this... Why even play 40k or go on generals for 40k if you have so LITTLE fun with it. All this negativity towards the game. It's not great but its not trash and you can have a lot of fun from it. Saying it can't get any worse is such an exageration.

You're referring to the catalogue of models that every manufacturer needs to shit out so they can sell their models, I assume. That's not a fucking hobby section, it's pure, cold marketing bullshit with no heart or useful tips like you used to get in Codexes of old.

I'm not selling anything.
I don't know what the rule base will be. Current codexes are going out the window but what that means for my tyranids is unclear as I've no idea how rules changed between WHFB and AoS to compare this with. That uncertainty alone is depressing after putting so many years into these plastic miniatures.

Ok, so we know the grognards are BTFO.

But the real question is -how- BTFO?

Well, we can be sure about 1st and 2nd point and about new starter set tho. Let the man dream

>Saying it can't get any worse is such an exageration.
Not really. As it is, 40k is a bookkeeping nightmare and a list writing simulator where your input doesn't really matter because both sides are wiping units with each salvo and trying to garner the best rule-bloat combo or Decurion trickery from three different books.

AoS sucked because they turned a game of epic battles into a shitty low-res skirmish game.

The complete rework of the lore into stargate but magic was also a horrendous atrocity but you need to separate your dislike of the shitty lore from the shitty game. AoS is awful because all aspects of it were terrible.

40k literally cannot get worse than 7E unless they keep moving in that direction, and dozens of signs point to moving in the AoS direction instead. AoS is a better game than 7E the moment someone starts a WAAC arms race.

All the morons crying in fear are the same idiot who have never played a competitive game in their life, have no idea how to perform advanced maneuvers like sniping without precision shots, 36"+ infantry assaults, or limiting overwatch deaths to one model max no matter how many wounds they deal. You're the same morons who despite being complete retards and scrubs argue that Tau aren't even OP because they don't win tournaments, when THEYRE WINNING TOURNAMENTS and are currently doing better than even marines

While everyone's panicking over 8th, I just want this guy's model updated into plastic, for crisper details and looking even more bulky.

Based Duncun all in the one convenient location.


>Plays nids
>Is depressed about edition change
Once you're at the bottom of the barrel, there's nowhere to go but up, user.

Very nice, I saved it for future use :)

>caring about oldmarines
Its gonna be all Numarines from here on

What's wrong with you?

Reposting Bitching and complaining is an integral cultural practice of nerds or wargamers or whatever. Grognards (Grumblers) I think literally predates warhammer or warhammer 40k as a demonym of wargamers.

I don't quite understand why they wanted to go smaller with AOS. You'd think on a shekel level GW would want to encourage more larger-scale stuff.

>Once you're at the bottom of the barrel, there's nowhere to go but up, user.

You forget that you can also go outside of the barrel. Ask the Bretonnians and Tomb Kings.

>New Ork rules for 8th edition
>Orks are a race of slow and massive warriors
>to represent this, all orks' movement is 1" and they can never run or charge more than 1" per turn but their toughness is an impressive 4!

I can't believe that meme still exists.

No, you fucktard, you can play AoS with humongous armies, it's just that unlike WHFB you don't HAVE to field humongous armies anymore before the grognards let you play

Since they said that current rules won't be compatible I'm not surprised

You are being intentionally dense think pages 58-77 of the eldar codex.

>I heard the guy who burned his army plays aos now

The dude who burned his dark elves you mean? What does he play now?

>Once you're at the bottom of the barrel, there's nowhere to go but up, user.

>Play Sisters
>Can't see the barrel anymore. Must have tunneled through and hit magma
>it's warm
>so warm

We know that the new units are having a movement stat, and there's been lots of talk about replacing AP with Rending. Both of these changes would mean every unit in the game needs a new statblock.

>I don't quite understand why they wanted to go smaller with AOS. You'd think on a shekel level GW would want to encourage more larger-scale stuff.
All the grognards already had their 4000 point armies and would go out of their way to buy third party stuff so they could stick it to GW, so GW wasn't seeing a penny from those guys.

And telling a new player how he's going to invest a thousand bucks before he's allowed to play at all is kinda sorta discouraging so they lowered the entry barrier. You can still build huge armies, you just don't have to do that anymore.

You made me laugh user. Thank you.

Because WHFBs massive scale literally killed the franchise you morangutan

Their new business model is going to be volume of product over volume of purchases. They're spamming start collecting and box sets like 30k and talons of the emperor and shadow war now instead of battleforces and apocalypse

>newfags actually believe this
I ain't mad, more money I can spend somewhere else, I already have a gaming group that won't play the new edition and I have completed my armies, this ship can sink and I wouldn't care.

If memory serves, it was TK. Or maybe it was several people and we each talk a different one.

And all of that would make 40k so much better. A pointy-ear will finally move faster than marines and do so without Battle Focus JSJ shenanigans.

And Rend instead of AP would finally mean that weapons aren't classified as being either AP3/2/1 or worthless anymore.

>>All whiny and salty malcontents will burn their armies like they have done with their 20-years old fantasy blobs so lgs-communities will be less cancerous and more newbie-friendly

Well from the sound of the New Edition FAQ GW is actually taking measures this time to keep the veteren players. But then again you probably know that and are just baiting

it says hydra's teeth can be fired from a combi-bolter, or are you saying that it's pointless to have both?

Was a bit unsure on the terminators, I'm a guard player so x-number of weapons per x-models doesn't really come up I figured it meant 1 up to 5 and a second up to 10.. I'll rethink, might take more chosen instead

Plasma pistols are always shit I know (c'ept on cypher), but the Calth Chaplian has one so I don't mind burning the 15 pts

I figured auto-guns were like lasguns, shit but useful in numbers. will remove them and spend the point elsewhere,


>refusing to play an edition you know nothing about
>sticks to 7E of all editions

Why don't you dumbasses play a better edition like 3, 4, or 5, retard? These are the kind of moronic fucks 7E caters to with their retarded Frankenstein army lists and bloat

>visit pol
>thread on how warhammer 40k is a jewish plot to turn wargaming into a social justice infested cesspool designed to undermine western white aryan society because one of the promotional photos on the 40k website showed a white girl and a black boy playing warhammer
>see girl is playing nids, laugh
>close pol

For experience playing big games is horrible and rapidly becomes a chaotic mess, but then again you're the grognardfag so you might as well die and I can't believe mods didn't permabanned (you)

Well that sounds good to me then.

Not sure where this idea is coming from. It seems like most veterans think 8th is going to be better than 7th, simply due to how awful 7th was.

>No, you fucktard, you can play AoS with humongous armies
Honestly, a game of AoS with 80 minis on the field lasts more than an afternoon so it's kinda preposterous.

See you in three months gushing about how awesome Age of the Emperor is

Welp, at least you behave reasonable. Have fun with 8th age or whatever it will be called - wish you will not end like 9th Age players

3rd edition was the pinnacle of 40k

I'm sure they'll take measures to keep oldfags from quitting, but I also know just how salty 40k oldfags can be so they'll probably set their armies on fire anyway.

>GW is actually taking measures this time to keep the veteren players
Yeah, and what about this? Look at this thread na 40k groups - people are crying that they will drop 40k because of edition they know nearly nothing about. It will be End Times all over again which is funny because there will be no 40k End Times if we talk about lore

Well the most toxic grognards already haven't played 40k for centuries.

Most of those that remain are most likely gonna stay if GW is truely taking feedback into consideration. Because that is what the majority of grognards have been asking for for years.

I used to think that place had all the answers. Now I realise they have some of the answers, but act confident enough to convince most people they have all of them. I've since decided perhaps a neutral approach is best, i'll make my own mind up and enjoy painting my dudes.

I would if I could but that group started back in 6ed and they know no better and I'm not that desperate
>then play 8th retard
>implying it won't be a mess of rules and shitty writing
Having any hope in 8th after AoS should be considered a mental disorder

Oh, I'm hugely in support of both changes. I was just pointing out that we already knew that all old codices would be rendered obsolete with the advent of 8th; this wasn't a surprise.

What an inefficient tear gathering system.

When the belt moves, there will be periods where tears are being wasted. Surely it would make more sense for there to be a funnel connected to a larger vat under them, then that vat can be part of a different system depending on what you want to do with the tears, and since it is mechanical you will have complete control over it, so you get the advantages of a constant production of tears, but with no wastage.

>>this fucking general
Jesus Christ. Every thread, every day, no matter what news you recieve, you maintain the same, smug negativity and get your circle jerks of bitching on. Do any of you honestly enjoy this hobby anymore? Have you ever been excited about anything or are you as cynical and depressed about all other aspects of your lives? Why torture yourself and others by engaging in something you don't even like? If every new thing of every day gives you the reaction of >>despondent sighing you might honestly have a problem and I worry about each of you. You know who you are.

Im overreacting but damn, you guys. Try and find an aspect of the hobby you enjoy and focus on it or you'll just be miserable forever.

Basically confirms it'll release around the rumoured June date
DG and ultra+ marines will roll out simultaneously for it

I'm afraid to buy anything since it seems a big update

>Having any hope in 8th after AoS should be considered a mental disorder
I never get this meme - what is wrong with AoS rules? Don't even bring the le longer beard maymay rule that has never been used

alternately you could just use tubes to suck the tears directly out of the ducts. the pain and irritation of having tubes in your tear ducts will in turn produce more tears.


Agreed. I think pol did use to be better than it is now though. Nowadays redpill is code for "white power" instead of "thinking critically"
It's best to go in with an open mind, get the facts and news, ignore most of the posts and opinions, then get the fuck out.

Part of me hopes for something better coming with 8. But I know it won't happen, no need to rub it in.

Just gonna speak from my own experience here, because it's such a fantastic example.

Hobby night at the FLGS: 4 40k dudes were scheduled to have a 2500 points game (as in, 1250 per player, 2500 per side).
Our own little AoS loser circle, completely shunned by the self-proclaimed 40k master race, played at the other table.

We got through literally three full decently-sized games before their first model was moved. We got through two more before their fliers arrived.

Certainly big AoS games drag on, but nowhere near as harshly as big 40k games.

This happens every edition though. It even happened with each codex update. People throwing a temper tantrum because their army that was fine-tuned to exploit the current rules for maximum gain is no longer viable. Which they should have seen coming before spending the first penny, GW updating rules is no secret.

People that collect and army rather than powergame an army usually are excited to put their collection to use in a different way.

it's a bit sad that we live in a time where we have to turn to /pol/ of all people to even ATTEMPT to dig out some unbiased truth.

Fyreslayers minis have a rule granting them bonuses when you insult your opponent. It's pretty bad sport.

There are just certain concepts in there that people really don't like.

Personally I just can't get over fixed to wound values in weapon profiles. If that didn't excist I might have tried AoS more than once.

>don't bring maymay rules noone is using
>bring maymay rule

How it is a meme rule if it's actually in the rules ? Even in the GHB, so it's not a mere shit rule to spite fantashits.