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What's the most embarrassing situation you've ever had your character in? Embarrassing for your character? Embarrassing for YOU?

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Quality OP.


One time, the party walked in on me twelve inches deep on a gnoll dick.

can we boycott these threads
this cannot continue

I'd like to but faggots don't know how to sage anymore.

Doesn't saging not work anymore?

no, people just don't know that it's even a thing or how to do it

Look at it this way: now that sage is invisible, how many new users do you expect will read the site FAQ and learn about it?

Happy, you brat.

Hence the problem, too many newfags

so the pictures are 'cute' enough for you?

I hope this thread gets nuked, this is the worst


Mods don't fucking care

The only mod that cares is only here at like 3am.

I won't mind either.

Though the fact that each image has different type of feet (and feet might play key part in whatever will go down momentarily), it comes out somewhat confused.

Is Path of War or Spheres of Might better right now?



the green image is bodytype, red image is clothes.

thought i put description things on them but apparently not

SoM is still in playtest

why would you ask this question if not trying to stir shit

He got a boner in front of an angel once.

Descriptions are displayed in hover-over text, not by default.

Path of War will still be better even when SoM is out, but will still need ample fixing at your own table when in use.

Where we're going we don't need clothes.

ech, fuck it then. I'll just delete the redone. Not like anyone on f-list cares.


pretty much every moment in kinkmaker desu

i am the stupidest player

I want to give that cat a hug!

oh really now.

Let's see how degenerate /pfg/ REALLY is.

Would you request an ERP log from someone, just to edit out the other person's name and put your character's name there?

Use the poll, please.

Neither. Both are incredibly busted and easily abused, and provide nothing to the game except more pointless loopholes for players to break the game with.

It would never work because I play only animal-eared/tailed characters and I need to emote with fluffy ears/tails!

You can't just ask that and then not post the bon-bon/gnoll logs side by side

>t. wizardfag who wants martials to be useless

I'm sure she would very much love that,
but are your arms wide enough?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Don't start your gay threads with cropped images from heterosexual neitzchean music video series.

>thinking PoW and SoM are busted makes you a paizdrone/wizardfag
Shit, we have this argument all the time. PoW and SoM are both poorly designed just like vancian casting is.

god we know

just kill us


Of course not, I would play out my own damn session right and proper! With headpats! And hand holding!

Not him but I have a semi related question. Which is better for shrinking the massive gap that shows up when mythic tiers get allowed?

Why the fuck is this a PDF.

but why?

So it can be easily edited.

fucked if i know i didn't make it

It's black text on white spaces, make it a jpeg and let people scribble on it.

>So it can be easily edited.
I don't have reaction image condescending enough for this, and I do have a whole damn lot of reaction images.

I can't tell if this is supposed to be bait or not. Guess thats just because I haven't been around long enough.

How's this?



Redpill me on broken blade, whats so bad about it?

Mainly the fact it can be used with weapons that aren't unarmed strikes. If it was like scarlet throne and said "if you don't use unarmed strikes it doesn't work" it'd be fine.

A lot of extra damage at the earliest levels, but doesn't really offer anything other than damage later on either.

>but are your arms wide enough?

Of course they are!

that's a penis on a blue board man pls delete

See the damage the average PoW discipline does?

Broken blade does like twice as much, its INSANE, and thats all the discipline does, shits out absolutely massive numbers

even with just unarmed strikes, broken blade does more damage than any other discipline.

That's my fetish.

But are you a grill?

What kind of bards can you play? What kind of characters work for a bard?


Bards who get tons of free shit with an SoM Martial Tradition!

Who in /pfg/ has an f-list? Who is surprisingly vanilla? Who would you (E)RP with 1-on-1?

Most of Dragons2 is vanilla as fuck.
I would still ERP with any of them except the dog.

Except for the rat, shockingly.

The dog has a waifu, he probably wouldn't ERP anyway.

So long as it isn't canon he's pretty amenable. He seems pretty vanilla. Especially with SWEATERS being in his faves section

>Implying he's not such an attention whore that he'd ERP with anyone

Someone take one for the team and test the theory out.

Can you transform yourself into a Chuul with a potion?


Lads what's your take on the unchained poison rules?

I am trying to convince my GM to let me take them so my poisoner isn't useless by level 6

Rory has an f-list?

Aurora already did, look what happened


tfw a Fighter/Rogue player is a Wizardfag.

I found I enjoyed Path of War classes much, much more when we removed maneuvers and stances. Made them much more balanced and enjoyable to have in a party, both as a GM and a player. karskys carihem

He does, and it's surprisingly tame.

>the GM had to invent an NPC for him to fuck since he's radioactive to the rest of the party


Well yeah, most dogs are tame. That's why they're not wolves.

All the /pfg/ DMs and namefags at the same time.

Wasn't that Bailey?

poison-based characters will always be total shit simply because they could instead be hitting the enemy with a greatsword and killing them quickly instead of lowering their stats and maybe killing them 10 turns later possibly but probably not

let me put it this way: you don't get to negate a barbarian's sword attack with a save, and it's way more deadly, so what's wrong with letting poison be a bit better than normal?


THe classes are non fucntional without manuvers in stances.

You have Stockholm syndrome from shitty classes.

>you don't get to negate a barbarian's sword attack with a save, and it's way more deadly, so what's wrong with letting poison be a bit better than normal?

I guess he doesn't like the idea of me sitting in a tree and gunning down his bestie fav characters with a goddamn blowgun

Oh, you're just a handicap. Thanks for clearing things up.

Virgin Killer?
Two sizes too small?

you could be a gay elf with a longbow up in that tree and you'd probably be the deadliest character in the party

All sweaters are good sweaters

I found I enjoyed caster classes much, much more when we removed spells and cantrips. Made them much more balanced and enjoyable to have in a party, both as a GM and a player.

>tfw PF can't even HP-bloat properly so there's no reason to use DOTs like you would against a raid boss

But that would be gay

Have we got any freshly unearthed f-lists?
These reposts are getting stale.

>DOTs like bleed and fire are total shit that barely scales
>Poison is always saved against before it manages to do anything
>Diseases have pathetic DCs, are hard to apply, and even if they somehow succumb, the disease takes weeks to even do something

At first I wanted to be an affliction warlock.
Then I lowered my expectations and wanted to be an archer that covers his arrows in shit to make sure his enemies don't survive him.
Then I tried desperately to make a poison build work.
Then I searched 3pp stuff for a DOT class.
Then I gave up.

We have word from RoryAnon himself

"Sweaters that are too large so a girl's hands are covered up by the sleeves, and the hem or whatever goes down to mid-thigh. Turtlenecks are also good."

Define freshly unearthed

Someday, user. Someday it will be done.

Even if it costs us everything.

I think spheres has a Destruction/Nature combo that will give you scaling burning damage on your blasts but
>fire damage

Yet again, are we surprised? Here's another one for an Overlewd submission tamegall/