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Only 2 days to go, do you expect any surprises?

>do you expect any surprises?

If anything changes, it will be more bans

No, I actually expect there to be no changes to modern.


The only thing surprising would be unbans at this point. Preordain could come off the list, but Storm would have to be monitored closely if that happened. I could also see SSG being hit, but I highly doubt it. Most likely there will be no changes.

Now, if the Devoted Druid combo becomes too big too quickly, then we'd see a ban, but that's a few months away.

BBE deserves to stay go.

No. Broodbraid Elf definitely won't be unbanned. Stoneforge Mystic has a small chance.

to the one guy in the last thread i have a deck i made myself, green/white want to see it?

As long as DSJ is a strictly better version of Jund there is no reason for BBE to stay banned.

Until temur cascade becomes a top deck

I'm sorry. Nobody wants to see your kitchen table deck

kill yourself sfm retard

You would be correct, however, we also don't want a, "revolving door" ban list. If DSJ stays top dog, and they unban BBE, then it could be fine. But if, for some reason, they do that and DSJ falls out of favor for a more "oppressive" Jund build with BBE, then it would be a problem card again and would warrant re-banning. And these revolving door bans would be another huge problem, as Modern is a format that people play to explicitly NOT have to deal with rotations.

I doubt that that one interaction would be enough to make a shit tier color combination like Temur viable.

Remember there is no Brainstorm, so BBE into Ancestral Vision would have very little consistency.

Can I build a decent zoo deck without Gofys? They still cost silly money.

Poorfags need not apply

I bought 4 sfms and a batterskull because they're pretty cheap right now anyway. If sfm does get unbanned, I'll have all of any hatebear/DnT shell ready to go. If not, I'll have them for legacy.

Sure. Just build revolt zoo. It loses to itself a lot, but that's the best zoo deck you'll get

The one mana planeswalker
Mox Opal
9th Edition

ayy lmao

>unban drs, but ban him from jund decks


>9th Edition
Not 8th Edition? Sounds fair.

>costs $400 and upwards to make a decent modern deck
>can make a high performance legacy deck for around $150

Guess I know which format is better

Some moron posts this every ban announcement. It's never happening.

>goes onto mtggoldfish
>checks legacy prices
+5 internets, made me look

Legacy burn is the only competitive deck for that price. Unless you're poor, aka human filth, money is not an issue anyway.
>cheaper things are better

Did I touch a nerve?

>poor, aka human filth

>drops 2 grand on a card game
>thinks that disqualifies him from being human filth

$150 will only get you idiot decks like Burn or Manaless Dredge though.

The cheapest interactive deck is probably D&T which already costs like 1k and if you want to play blue it gets expansive. In Modern only Tarmogoyf decks are that expensive

I'll bet you fly economy class

Spot the poorfags. Fucking lmao

Not even that guy, because he's a shitter too, but seriously

>ridiculing people for spending their own money on their hobby

You're just as bad as him.

>Legacy is cheaper and has a healthier meta than modern
>lol poorfags amirite?

Have a (You) friend

>legacy is cheaper
>implying anyone even plays legacy anymore

Come on user, let's not get ahead of ourselves just to be contrarian.

You're wrong. I play legacy too and it's been quite stale for awhile. Miracles still the top deck by far and leovold being shoved in everything. It's fun enough but not that great currently.
Nice try though, since you didn't say that. You just got salty for being called poor and made up some deck prices and said hur due legacy the best

>people here actually getting butthurt about banter against poorfags

You can tell nobody here actually plays modern because they get so defensive when called out on being impoverished


Why is it that people only call it banter when they're being a faggot for no reason? It stops being banter when your goal is to be a cunt.

>Legacy has a healthier meta than modern
But Legacy has competitive control decks??

Go somewhere else if your feelings are so easily hurt

>tfw 7 figure net worth
>still don't want to spend $1k+ on bits of thin cardboard
Is it just my inner Jew or is there something wrong with me?

Street Wraith


More people were at the GP for legacy than modern last year.

Sorry you have a stale meta and are unable to adapt and nice implication on me being poor when you spend your neetbux on modern

>more bans and no unbans
>literally the worst thing they could do

I'm banning your opinion from my ears.

I'm fine. I'll just keep playing with normal people and you can have your autistic "banter" matches where both players fling their literal shit at each other.

I'm more interested in the Standard bans than anything involving Modern.

I still don't think anything can save that format until rotation though

If WOTC would print better answers instead of the current shit show pushing Planeswalkers and creatures the tappening it wouldn't look like this.

Atleast I'm gonna enjoy playing eggs in standard when they'll reprint Fling with "totally not an atog".

Then could you point me to the underground cabal of legacy players that apparently exists in the Anaheim Hills/Orange County area? The closest legacy events to me are in San Diego and a four hour roundtrip for cards is not going to happen on a Tuesday.

Well no shit you're salty, living in california.

Except for the heat it's pretty good here, famalam.

Sorry bud, you're the only leech here

You don't actually buy cards, do you?

What card is opening up Devoted Druid for combo? Haven't been keeping up with mtg since Oath.

Go collect another welfare check, Cletus.

Legacy is the best format because my favorite archetype is a Mana Drain unbanning away from being tier 0. I love imagining my opponent sighing in frustration when I """miracle""" away his nicely developed battlefield.

I love destroying fair decks, but nothing can compare to the rush of completely locking a brainless, subhuman burn player out of the game

I like when people who have never set foot in CA try to act like they aren't living in a strictly worst state. Inb4 some made-up bullshit about you living here.

poorfags are like manlets in that they never learn.

How else would I acquire them? Cracking packs is a waste and the only decent Chinese forger disappeared.

Steal decks at GPS, I guess?

What does this even mean? I mean I know you're poor because you're stupid but come on, try a little.

Too expensive and hot. I like my relatively cheap living and cold winters

>playing physical

Maybe he doesn't like playing against cheaters on cuckatrice or shitters on xmage?

>buying virtual cards that you can never, ever redeem

Not THAT is a waste of money. And don't even bring up cockatrice. It's shit.

>only one person is telling me off guys, seriously!

You're the only one getting worked up here unless you are pulling pic which doesn't bother anyone

>not tabletop sim

I count the extra expenses as a reasonable tax to live in the same area as all of the hot asian girls.

The heat is fucking bullshit though, you've got me there, ninety fucking six today.

Sleep snug, smug

>And don't even bring up cockatrice. It's shit.
xmage is pretty good though desu senpai

Your responses have nothing to do with the argument. You're actually retarded I believe

yo check it wat if

unban SDT? counter top becomes a thing and control decks have a way to assfuck niggas again but it can go in fucking everything so it wont just be control benefitting an shit

This one. It + Devoted Druid = infinite mana. Add Duskwatch Recruiter to pull out all your creatures. People are slotting it into Abzan lists (Anafenza, Finks, Redcap) along with Collected Company and Chord of Calling.

It'll be good, but probably not that good. I'm guessing it'll be like Kiki-Chord: take the meta by storm for one or two big events, then settle down in tier 3 as a solid, but meta-dependant deck.

And i forgot my picture like a tard.

>reading comprehension

I'm not ridiculing him, I'm pointing out how his perceptions are skewed. He's calling poor people human filth as though having magic cards makes him any less human filth.

It does though. Poor people are shit. Owning cardboard isn't really a bad thing. Maybe if he collected human remains or something

I actually think that deck works better by just dropping the black and going GW or even Bant (infinite Glen Elendra, anyone?). Viscera seer is pretty underwhelming nowdays and with all the graveyard hate floating around the traditional combo is a struggle.

Why move to California when Colorado has beautiful mountain forests, mild summers, snow and completely legal weed? Or I could go to Seattle for a bigger magic scene.

The only reason I'd ever move out to Cali is for qt asians and the food. I can't imagine what it must be like having nice places to eat.

>spot the samefag

You might be right, and I might be inclined to agree with you. But, you need some way to close out games, and Finks/Redcap is a good bet, and you need Viscera Seer to do that. There could be something else that can work, though, and I'm not brewing the deck so I'm not really looking. Also, Black can give you sideboard stuff like Thoughtsieze or whatever.

The issue with SDT being in modern is like you said, it would be a 4-of in every deck because you don't get punished nearly as hard as you would in legacy for running four of them. I was being facetious when I said unban it in modern. As much as I love miracles, modern isn't ready for countertop.

>I talk out of my ass and askew things to make myself feel good about my shitty life

Just how fucking stupid are (You)?

Honestly, the asians and their bomb ass food markets trump everything you said.

I can make some proper damn curry and buy a metric fuckload of calpico anytime I damn well please because I live within spitting distance of an H Mart, two Zion Markets, and a Mitsuwa.

My life is fan-fucking-tastic senpai. You might wanna tone down the projection

Only when you tone it down yourself, faggot.

>But, you need some way to close out game

For the GW version I'm thinking of, after pulling off infinite mana you just chord for Duskwatch Recruiter or have him on the field, then dig for Ballista and win right there. I guess that's kind of like the traditional combo though. Still need three pieces on the field.

Lmao stay mad

Just fuck each other already, instead of stinking up the thread. Geez.

Also, you can't CoCo or Chord (both are where the real value comes from) for Ballista. I think ChannelFireballs list runs 1 Ballista, though.

CoCo Kithkins?

Its a modern thread, not like it can get any worse.

Exactly. If you're not involved just move past the shit posts

>one jund varient is the top deck
>better buff the other jund varient, wouldn't want any colors but jund to be viable

Are you Asian yourself?

Yea planeswalkers are unfun to play against period, in general they generate too much value if they stick around for 2+ turns

Answered your own question there.

I blame Sam "The Ham" Stoddard for the shitshow that is Standard.

I really haven't been paying attention to standard in the past few months, can someone explain why BFZ isn't rotating out with amonkhet? shadows-kaladesh-amonkek will be three blocks, why the fuck is BFZ still in there? bfz gideon is the biggest fucking problem in standard atm right?

The same 50 people on Reddit who make all of WotC's decisions cried about standard rotating too fast

so now standard is 4 blocks? why don't they just make it fucking extended then jesus fucking christ

Nothing wrong with you.

There's a line as to what is reasonable for the price of something. And Magic has crossed the line so fucking far into unreasonable that's it's not even funny.

There's nothing wrong with not wanting to support a shitty system. It's why I don't go running with people outside of my friends - the culture and community is full of dumb retards who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on non-shoe gear to run. It's disgusting and I don't want to associate myself with it.

Magic is a great game. But it's being operated by a shit company full of shit people and the community is becoming more and more full of people with no sense of quality. Prices are going to grow and people will pay for it. WER is just going to explode every pre-release and people are going to continue showing up.

>blaming Sam the Ham when he's the one that pushed out By Force

So I was right in my assertion that the legacy meta is worse than modern because it lets the most cancerous archetype in the game compete. Got it.