What sight would make you consider walking out of a gameshop?

What sight would make you consider walking out of a gameshop?


Someone waving around a loaded gun.

An empty game shop with a spergy cashier who is eyeing you like a remora eyes a shark.

There's a couple start up closet-sized stores in my area, and they're pretty much all owned by weird smelly guys trying to push card games.

People only playing 40k, MtG, Warmahordes, and AoS.

seeing someone from /pol/

Somebody desperately shitosting /pol/ gabage after the last three threads were deleted

Or like, smelly people

A girl.

We've got a local place where the cash register is run by either a chill dude or the bitchiest woman ever. If I see her I leave.

Also, I've walked into places where there was a local population and everything stopped. The cashier stopped chatting with the dude on the other side of the customer counter and they both turned around and stared at me. The group of 3 at the table stopped the game they were playing and stared at me, the dude looking at shit on the shelf just kept watching me. My awkwardness couldn't deal with that territorial autism so I fucking left.

The bill.

That's when you start playing some spaghetti western music, walk slowly to the counter and order a whisky.

>not just waving and saying "Hi, everybody"

sight? nothing

smell is a different story though

Did you hear banjos?

The people playing there.

When I still used to go to my game store the guys running it were pretty chill, even if they were GW staff. A little chat, I took what I needed and left. Fuck spending any time with the screeching creatures playing downstairs though.

a lot of fat women in revealing clothing


What type of a fool would walk out of heaven...



grace jones plays warhammer?

learn something new every day.

he's a dedicated Flames of War player you faggot

Smelly neckbeard REEEEEEEEEing

A disgruntled owner who gives a customer flak for his own economic problems.
>The guy actually snarled at this black guy who came in to look at the models in the display and buy some paint.

Fat, unshaven people with greasy hair and bad hygiene

Faggots desparately trying to push their autistic agenda

im sure he's dedicated to autism awareness as well

It can be the cringest shit to see folks dressed up in uniform.
I like it if someone can pull it off but otherwise it's good for a laugh

Pictured an event that has never happened.

God I wish she did.

Okay so I'm not a Nazi, and I know you're trolling a bit because someone mentioned /pol/, but I love the way their uniforms look.

>Okay so I'm not a Nazi,
So I didn't think you were a Nazi until you said that, but I'm definitely thinking that you're a Nazi now. You fucking Nazi.

Damn it you're right, I can't hide it any longer. I've repressed it for so long because I'm a Jew, but I can't deny it any longer.


The usual nurgle infestation

oh boy its this thread again

Why is this so hard to fathom?
Girls play nids.
Black people sometimes play warhammer.
What world are you living in?

Because no one plays a game that sad.

>Tyranids eat stuff
>girls want to be eaten out
I just now made the connection.