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Have you ever gone without magic items? Or used something innate instead of the World of Warcraft style "run through a clothes line to get dressed" magic item collection?

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>its a low magic game meme thread


There already is a new thread, no need to make another one

>the page 6 anime thread everyone was complaining about and is the reason OP made this one

>or the low-magic meme thread we have here

We just can't win.


No thank you.


>or something innate
There are systems of just applying the modifiers to your body, aren't there?

No, this is literally 'use another system', Pathfinder requires the existence of significant amounts of magical gear for a party to function, indeed martials are nigh completely reliant on it

No it's not. I can speak from personal experience that this is DRASTICALLY over blown.

You're wrong. Low magic literally doesn't work in pathfinder

>PLD is going to be slim on magic items aside from Moonsilver
>Special abilities and boosts will be from the corruption transformations
This is either going to be pretty fun, or pretty terrible, I don't see an in-between.

You're wrong. I've played and it did work.

That being said we really should define what the fuck we mean by low magic, since that means different things to different people.

Yeah, some people take 'low magic' to be 'the pcs have low magic but nobody else does' which is patently retarded.

Isn't this pretty much just a reaction against magic items that are essentially "Sword of Math Fixing"?


Similar to how a lot of endgame monsters just have like +20 natural armor to pad out their AC to where it should be.

It *can* work, but it takes more work to get it to function properly. It winds up not really being worth it, but again it still can work.

No magic, on the other hand, just flat-out doesn't work in PF, and you're better off with a completely different system outside of weird fringe cases (like running a true Conan vs SPACE ROBOTS Iron Gods campaign)

Reminder, you will never have as much fun as these two memesters had that night:

Have you ever considered killing yourself, you faggot witch-hunter?

Don't bother, just report and move on.

I want to ________ a manticore!

Smooch! Smooch a manticore!

Bottle up

It was shit. RNG constantly and consistedly fucked us over, we had to spend A WEEK healing from any battle where the dice didn't have us seize overwhelming advantage.
Particularly after the near-TPK made everyone turn up their gears in optimization and the game became a rocket-tag mess.
After the first TPK we went to normal chargen rules. While the rest of the encounters were still bullshit hard, having some support was quite useful.
Wasn't it because of the group being one of the most fun and the campaign being otherwise incredibly well written, I'd have called quits far earlier.

So versatile performance would let me use CHA for sense motive and diplomacy, are there any other ways to use a stat besides wisdom for sense motive?

Using 1pp stuff, what is the best way to make a Samurai Jack character? Been on my mind since the new episodes have been airing. You would think Samurai class but it does not fit the theme of Jack being armorless and shit. I was thinking unchained monk but I am unsure if I should go vanilla or weapon adept? What is neat about unchained monk is that they have proficiency with any weapon with the monk property.

I asked this in the other thread, but I figured I'd ask it here too. If I'm playing a necromancer type character, is there a way I can reasonably disguise the undead I'm controlling as things that... aren't zombies? Specifically in a way that would make it so that my party doesn't know I've raised the dead?

I know my DM pretty well and I'm sure they'd be willing to work with me on it, if that matters at all.

idk how the undead work. If they work like familiars you can use disguise self spell. If not, you can use disguise other? If they have stats, MW disguise kit and what not? Constant bluff checks. I am spit balling ideas.

These all seem like good ideas to me. I'll try running them by my DM.

Paladin of Kurgess is literally prime waifu, prove me wrong.

I couldn't bluff so instead we used crafting checks against Perception rolls. The party knew, though, after a bit of combat and seeing a human arm flop out of one of the 'golems.' There was a fun little squabble before they begrudgingly allowed it, saying my evil was necessary for the Greater Good. If you're in the same area you can make a hideout to work on your creations or ask the party to give you privacy for your work, perhaps. If you're on the road then make sure you get a large tent to use as a workshop and arm it so snoops don't discover you. A contingency Darkness spell usually does the trick.

can somebody link me to some good pathfinder builds for high level characters? (Level ~10-20)

I always thought that multiclassing didn't really work in practice because it stunts your spell progression and base attack bonus/skill progression. It always seems like multi-class/prestige class characters would have never survived if they had to level up from level 1.

Anyway to eat/consume souls without the soul eater prestige class?

Spheres of Power preferable?

Dark Elementalist Kineticist

Get a Talisman of Soul-Eating.

Anyway to make that not hot garbage? I heard it was extra shit as far as kineticists go.

Eh. Not quite what I'd hope for but this is probably as close as I'm going to get.

Though I do have to question why eating a soul condemns it to the lower planes as opposed to destroying it?

uhhh, because souls are eternal and indestructible?

fucking orientals, why can't you grasp western metaphysics?

Well it's not destroyed because souls are pretty damn hard to destroy. There is some methods that result in destruction of a soul, but straight eating the soul gem is more like wringing out some mojo and then letting it go.

As for why it goes to the lower planes, that's because it's made from a cacodaemon skull.

can someone explain to me how kineticist functions? This class is wordy and confusing as fuck.

Don't souls degrade overtime? In either case, it's not really eating. More like sucking on it for a bit and the spitting it out.

So how do I destroy a soul?

Ask your GM if you can get Soul Feast and Soul Tormentor for free. Also, look into this houserule

>Rather than having to spend a full-round action in order to gather up a soul of a creature of equal or higher CR than you, you may instead use your kinetic blast to kill a number of sapient creatures (creatures with an intelligence score higher than 3) or intelligent undead, so long as they have died or been destroyed within the past day. When you collect a number of souls with a total hitdie equal to your kineticist level, you may then offload your burn onto the conglomeration of souls, then letting it go, counting as a use of Wrack the Soul.

It's still a bad archetype, but those two feats and that houserule make it a bit easier to manage.

Build for what?

I think using them to make magic items does it?

You put it on the bottom of your shoe and walk around with it too much, that's how

>Don't souls degrade overtime?
what part of the word "eternal" do you not understand.

But what the fuck do I know, its multi-cultural D&D, souls could be made out of beef brisket and salsbury sauce.

I feel like as a weapon monk, your endgame weapon should be the Blade of the Sword-Saint. And with Weapon Adept and perfect strike not being compatible with the sword, I think vanilla or another archetype which does not replace stunning fist is good.

So you should first get a blade you can one hand. That way you have an unarmed hand you can stunning fist with at the start. 9-Ring Broadsword. But from what I remember from monks, they can use any body part as a weapon. So you could go for a two handed weapon monk weapon. So at the start, your flurry of blows includes 1 weapon attack and 1 body attack like the head, foot, or third leg ;)

Can anyone correct me if I am wrong about monks being able to use anybody part as a weapon?

I meant in Golarion/PF lore.


that shit ain't Tao. its just stupid. there is a difference between wry wit and being a humongous tard.

What kind of character though? 10-20 is a huge range, what PB? What wealth? 3pp?

Is overlewd the only currently recruiting game?

I don't care, just a couple solid beginner builds that are easy to use.

just say every multiple of 5 or round abouts, thats about where they start you right?

>new overlord app
>naming a construct!lamia after the Queen of Faires

At 1st level, a monk gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A monk’s attacks can be with fists, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a monk can make unarmed strikes with his hands full. There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a monk striking unarmed.

So you can use a two handed weapon. But don't forget about the unchained monk. Proff with all monk weapons. That includes exotic weapons with the monk property. 7 Branched Sword, Temple Sword, etc.

It's Vult

Barbarian, take power attack, done

Unarmed attacks are also described as possible with stuff like kicks or headbutts even for nonmonks.

Is the Intrigue mystery for oracles new? I noticed it was missing from most of the guides I'm looking at.

taking cleave on a barbarian isn't exactly a feat of genius.

Where does it say that if you don't mind me asking?

>"Striking for damage with punches, kicks, and head butts is much like attacking with a melee weapon, except for the following:"

It's on the Combat page, under Standard Actions>Attack

Can you cast Enchantment spells on yourself?

Thanks, it is simple things like this that I think most people forget/never learn.

I think most GMs would say yes, but then, I've only ever really seen it used for fluff or roleplaying. If you were using it for some sort of mechanical benefit--like mind-controlling yourself to defend against mind control--you'd probably not be allowed to do it ever again.

Probably, yes, it's just kind of fucky and the DM can easily fuck you in the ass with it.

Friendly reminder that Bless is enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting].

So trying to slowly rewrite my own personality with magic is a poor idea?

The DM could just say you fucked up and put yourself into an infinite loop of waiting for your personality to update before continuing to write your personality and you turn into a vegetable.

>that picture for Allanz
It's literally King Arthur wtf

Does anyone have that post, I forget where from, about what healing from the different gods feels like?

>Her missing foot is a condition of birth that has never slowed her down
Why are all Pathfinder Adventure Paths shit?

Where's that from?

Ironfang Invasion

Don't listen to that faggot though, cripplegirls are hot

Book 1 of Pathfinder AP's always feel like they sit down at a big conference table and say to each other, "Okay. How can we make this as boring as possible? How about 6-7 CR 1/2 encounters in their own little rooms?"

You'd kind of expect that to slow someone down though. Literally.

aaaaaa I wanna be in an unrequited love

This addition seems really unnecessary.

It's pretty fun to read about. Had one PC pine for another and it was fun to see them rebuffed

I never said that it wouldn't slow her down. I just said that cripplegirls are hot.

Is there a variant of a love potion that prevents someone from falling in love with the target?

So uh

Let me get this straight


Let me just


If you've got a missing leg?





But if you're an oracle with the crippled curse?

Oh well that shit slows you down.

Well if it's just a foot then I can see that being aight. Could have a pegfoot or something, which wouldn't be TOO bad.

And to be fair, oracle curses are obscure divine bullshit that are explicitly unconquerable unless you're eding on fucking divinity.

Even we have prosthetics, bromunculus. Just put on some custom shoes and you'd be fine like so many people do

nah she's missing it from the knee down, no pegfoot

Just apparently, isn't slowed down at all

It'd be offensive if they portrayed someone born missing a leg as somehow less capable than a heteronormative-bodied person user. Can't have that.

Nah dude her art clearly depicts her with no prosthesis of any kind

No mechanical penalties to missing a leg.

It could be a figurative 'slowed down'?

Like 'well he's an idiot, but it's never slowed him down'

Like they've not let it dissuade them from doing things, rather than 'is literally unhindered physically by missing a foot'

Oh no, its literal

It literally doesn't slow her down.

>ITT: /pfg/ learns what a figure of speech is.

that would contradict
the chart seen Share the characters stat profile so we can laugh at it if true.

Oh you'd think so but that was for a different campaign

A less Progressive™ and Enlightened™ time, now we understand its Oppressive™ to have something like a literal physical deformity have any mechanical effect

I dunno about you, but I'm TRIGGERED by my PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE STATUS of 'Axed in the head' giving me mechanical penalties.

Share or shut it.


Why would we lie about something like this user.


You haven't read [ShindoL] Fragile and Tough, have you?

>Character is shown leading a life in a mostly-sedentary job
>With the benefit of modern technology and prosthetics
>In a first-world city
>In a story mostly about romance and fucking
Totally the same as a character from a backwoods barely-renaissance warzone, for serious you guys.