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>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world where pants are optional.
Start here: theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on Veeky Forums.

Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Arms of the Chosen Previews
dropbox.com/s/15xddoahzedtkwu/Arms of the Chosen Preview.docx?dl=0

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Previous Age: Napkin Edition! Sneak peek at the Evocations of a Moonsilver N/A Warstrider!

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what were your favorite artifacts in 2e? And which were "best" in each dot rating?

from last thread - Basically, Maintenance as a mechanic is a 'when you do it, you don't need it' thing. You're encouraged to get a lot of dudes to do it for you and have a logistical train or trail.

It only comes up when you try to do the wandering warstrider pilot or similar- which is pretty much a feature- though not necessarily a fun one. If your game is paced in such a way as to make maintenance important, it starts to come up.

Like, if you're literally deploying your magitech tools every day, for hours at a time and spending no time off-camera maintaining them, or HAVE no off-camera time to do so, you accrue wear and tear and it breaks.

Wait shit, where was this posted?

Its great to see someone who actually cares about the line and does work. At this rate we may actually see the Lunar book before 2020.

Vance's twitter account 5 hours ago.

The new guys have done more for my interest in the game in month the the old guys did in a year.

Apparently, this Warstrider is one big reference to Numidium from TES. Walking Devil Tower references Numidiums title of Walk-Brass, and Voice of the Apocalypse is " a single syllable of anti-language that negates the reality of everything in its path." and is a reference to Numidiums ability to literally argue things out of existence. No word it the Warstrider will fuck up fate by being activated in the same way that Numidium is a walking Dragon-Break.

Numidium has always been my idea of what an N/A Warstrider should look like, so I'm basically beside myself with Hype.

ah, thanks. thought I must have missed something.

was thinking of picking up something simple like a powermace or hearthstone compass in the scavanger lands but didn't want to have to spend a few hours every day taking a repair1 item apart(figured lower repair either needed less maintenance or could go longer between, thought there might be some specific rule about it. so it's "maintenance as plot demands" and the only hard rule for the rating is how screwed you are if it breaks. in that case may as well use my "choose one item from my treasure room" boon on something bigger)

Man, now I hope that fucking thing is powered by the heart of a dead god.

IIRC, Warstriders need Hearthstones. Greater only, I think. N/A might need something unique to the Warstrider. Gods are a dime a dozen in Exalted, lets hope for something closer to what the Mantella is.

They should all be powered by the heart of something.


Well here's the thing- in a well-run game, you'll be given downtime. The day in (2e) creation is 25 hours long, after all. You can't be adventuring 25/7.

Exalted is a game built on the idea that you are not some wandering murderhobo- if you have say the Resources background, you are likely a property owner all the way up to Landed Elite at Resources 4-5.

So your Power Mace, like any complex piece of equipment, is going to need care. You wipe down a sword with oil and polish it to keep the blade sharp- and that is an investment of effort and man-hours. (Or you can pay a mortal to do it.)

So, the rules basically go that if you are prevented from maintaining your weapon due to constant use or sloth, you slowly reduce its effectiveness until it Breaks, and then you actually have to use the Repair Rules to fix it.

IRL the moon doesn't have light on itself and can only reflect the light from the sun, why are people butthurt when Lunar can't step out of Solar's shadow?
I think if they just make Lunar some sort of special follower of Solar that you play as a NPC with then everything will be fine.

>Because Exalts making more Exalts has been one of those things that's extremely forboten since 1e, so don't think they're going to fuck up when it comes to actually writing the rules for them, and make it so that every jackass player can create an army.

Dragonblooded always existed and were able to be made pretty easily, and Exigents now exist. If you're gonna add these shitty Exalt types to the game, expect them to be exploited if they can be.

Dragon-Blooded continuing their lineage isn't even remotely comparable. Think instead making another type of Exalted that didn't exist before, not continuing the work of Gaia's children.

retarded fucking halfcastes discount exalt army, rape-farm manse?

Which Direction is most likely to have the remnants of a sorcerously engineered First Age race of futanari in it?

What the fuck is this parry 13 mortal shit about anyway?

One ST told a story here about an NPC he had created to challenge one of his players. Not another Exalt or supernatural being or anything interesting. He made a mortal with a Parry rating of 13 when defending against decisive attacks.

We mocked him a great deal for it.

It was also that he initially framed it as him having unsurpassed system mastery that allowed him to challenge his munchkin solar players with mere mortals. Only in time did he relent that his genius extended to saying "this guy has 13 parry for reasons" and that his players were rightfully disgruntled.

Oh, good. I thought someone had figured out a way to actually make a Parry 13 mortal.

The East. That's where most of the bizarre shit leftover from the First Age is. Probably the Southeast, since that's the new hotness in EX3.

>It was also that he initially framed it as him having unsurpassed system mastery that allowed him to challenge his munchkin solar players with mere mortals

I must have missed that. What's hilarious is that single clash attack would have put both the ST and his NPC in their places.

>Only in time did he relent that his genius extended to saying "this guy has 13 parry for reasons" and that his players were rightfully disgruntled.

I remember him saying that his player had fun.

Not a chance. 7 is the absolute limit without spending WP or stunting.

I mean, to be clear, here's what I understand to be the highest possible mortal parry:

(Dex 5 + Melee 5 + Specialty) / 2 = 6 + Medium Weapon 1 + Mounted Bonus 1 + Full Defence 2 + Stunt 1.

So basically it's a maximum 11, assuming they don't want to attack, stunt every defence, their opponents aren't mounted and don't have Reaching, and they are willing to bleed 1 Initiative every round. Fuck it, I can forgive Parry 11 in those circumstances.

Spend a point of Willpower to bump that up to 12 for a turn.

So a mortal ultimate swordmaster who completely dedicates himself to total defense from horseback against foes without long-reaching weapons can ALMOST reach that level.

Good point user.

Wait a minute - if we swapped the mount for Heavy Cover, that would get our completely useless whiteroom mortal up to 13!

The only way to really do it, though, would be to give him a few identical mates and change him to a Size 1 BG with Elite drill. BGs can't take Full Defence actions (because they cost Initiative), but the +2 Defence from Elite Drill would balance out that loss. It'd still cost them 1 Willpower a turn, mind.

Can BGs even spend WP?


>"Karvara is basically the love child of Numidium and Evangelion 01"

Looked, couldn't find anything that says they can't. I assume they have to be allowed to in order to resist social influence.

As hyped as that gets me, I'm in two minds about Warstrider weapons using the traits of artefact weapons, and the implication that they use the stats for artefact heavy armour. On one hand, it doesn't make them that much stronger than a lone Exalt when you don't count for Evocations; on the other hand, it doesn't make them that much stronger than a lone Exalt when you don't count for Evocations.

I suppose that it'll be a good thing that a player won't always be looking to be strapped into the Warstrider every single time combat rears its head, and that the other players won't feel like they need to have a Warstrider of their own in order to keep up with the Circle member who already does.

I imagine there'll be other traits also involved that make a warstrider different from normal artifact heavy armor.

It's also possible that he ONLY means that they count as heavy armor for the purposes of MA compatibility.

Veeky Forums

Help me finish an artifact I was making.

I am making an artifact spear of Orichalcum and Red Jade.

The spear's concept is two fold, seasons and heroic intervention.

It has an attunement bonus focused around a stance system. Gallant Interceptor Stance, Fearless Pursuer Stance and True Solar Hero of Descending Flames stance.

As of this moment I have evocations for the Calibration (Stance assignment and changing), Air (Defend other action from long range), Water (Withering Counterattack), and Fire (Changing to the third stance and a corona of energy to change the tide of battle)

I need ideas for Earth and Wood

I think what they're aiming for is to make Warstriders have the strongest Evocations and be the best at killing battle groups.

Same user

Preferably some kind of attack for Earth and Supplemental for Wood

That'll probably get a step up over the likes of Volcano Cutter and Stormcallers city destroying capstone Evocations.

I don't like Warstriders in general. Exalts are personally powerful humans. Combat-focused Exalts are already able to fight armies by themselves and triumph.
If being in a Warstrider makes an Exalt extra good at fighting armies, to where a similar Exalt without one can't compete in army-fighting or kaiju-fighting prowess, then I think it cheapens standard Exalts. Exalts by standard are supposed to accomplish those amazing feats with their bodies.
On the other hand, if being in a Warstrider is just like having heavy artifact armor and strong artifact weapons - things achievable without a Warstrider - then what's the point?

Those views from a game thematic perspective. But from an in-setting perspective or a simulationist perspective, it makes total sense why the Exalted would make Warstriders. The Solars had thousands of years being kings of the world, and are the greatest craftsmen in the universe; it'd be odd if they did not create such things as Warstriders.

So, I dunno.

I don't know. I think the "sidekick" niche is a pretty good role for Lunars. They can primarily stay in the background and help the Solar PC's be even cooler. If someone doesn't like that role, then they don't have to play a Lunar.


All the pertinent questions being asked and answered in here make it clear 3e's core book could be much improved with a serious editing pass.

Blame Holden. He specifically did not want his book tested and edited.

Lies, the sheer amount of testing and editing that went into the book was a big part of why it was so fucking delayed.

It's just that his and Morke's idea of what constitutes properly edited differs greatly from that which would be considered such by an actually competent game developer. But what do I know, I'm just a stupid player asking for bad mechanics I think I want.

For Earth, an unblockable attack that also gives the Smashing tag effect maybe ? Is there a particular narrative order to the elements ? is Fire the spotlight in it ?

Wood could be a kind of a dodge or parry supplemental or perhaps stealth if it isn't against theme.

This. They spent a ton of time testing and editing, but the devs had no idea how to competently handle the feedback they got, and all too often ended up taking any kind of constructive criticism or suggestions that something wasn't clear as a personal attack.

Hell, I remember when Holden actually defended the book having unclear rules, saying that different groups having their own house interpretations on various rules disagreements was a good thing and it was something he missed in tabletop gaming - that having unclear rules encouraged groups to create their own, which would in turn give them a personal investment in the game.

This was the philosophy of the developers behind 3rd edition. No amount of playtesting or editing would have helped.

>That charm called: Eat the heart of god.

What is this feeling I had almost forgotten? Is that what they call 'hype'?

That's because you are heavily influenced by 2e thinking, were warstriders were a dime a dozen, and mechanically it was a big piece of armor with a lot of bonuses. Not the most engaging way thematically: Exalted needs a lot of things, but gundams in my god-king setting isn't particularly needed.

3e warstriders are unique and priceless weapons that break reality simply by existing, forged in soulfire by binding the cries of nine millions demons, with a heart made of unfate and obliteration. Even seeing one in action can kill mortals in a large radius. They are unnatural, violent, mystical objects representing the epitomes, the apex of Solar destructive crafting. They are a big deal, and that's perfectly fine in my book: that's how it should be done.

What's funny was the absolute inability of that ST to understand that a parry 13 mortal can't exist in the setting, and by creating them wily nilly he was cheapening the system and the world a lot.

His arguments boiled down to 'I am the ST I do what I want', 'I needed to challenge my player', and 'I did nothing wrong: a parry 13 mortal can exist mechanically'. Any and all discussions about the sheer ridiculousness of a parry 13 mortal, how it is impossible in the system, how he should have used a DB or a Raksha or a Lunar or something else instead, and how disrespecting the setting cheapens everyone experience was met by an almost autistic hardheadedness.

Lot of fun we had those days.

>Exalted needs a lot of things, but gundams in my god-king setting isn't particularly needed.
>proceeds to describe a magic gundam

I know a lot of people aren't mecha fans, but do people really not realize most Gundam's are literally made of pure bullshit in the manner described? Super duper special alloy metal equipped with "better than you" tech, forged by the lovechild of autistic Rainman-esque genius mecha techs, and usually piloted by what is probably an Exalt as far as their own continuities are concerned.

Like, shit. A Gundam is exactly what a warstrider should be in terms of magical mary sue bullshittery available to an Exalt that most of the newer Exalt weaponry reads like with everything having to be some kind of special snowflake sword forged by the Sun himself using his big glowing cock as the smith hammer.

Yeah, but when a lot of people say "Gundam" they usually mean shit like the Universal Century universe which had some of the plot armor bullshit toned down. The original Gundam actually got damaged pretty good by *mooks* several times.

I kind of like Zone of the Enders' idea on how bullshit magical space-robots should work. I mean, yes, you CAN damage it with normal guns. It can recover basically instantly from anything short of shredding it and it has unlimited ammo and fuel and can travel at interplanetary speeds, but when you get down to it, if you hit it with its guard down, it dies like anything mortal.

Yeah. Whereas in UC Gundam the majority of mobile suits are essentially humanoid-shaped space fighters/tanks depending on deployment environment.

Can I play Exalted with my '''''''actual friends'''''' or is it too lewd?

desu like any RPG it's as lewd as you make it senpai

I mean... there are rape powers. But don't mention them and maybe no one will notice.

There's no inherent lewdness in Exalted.

There is a lot of implied lewdness in Exalted, as you basically play a old-style hero like Hercule or Gilgamesh in a setting where humans are definitely humans. Acquiring a harem is trivial, and rape is not a bad thing if your hero says so hard enough.

Hercule does not rape. He does a favor to a mortal.

Just say no harems allowed and put your foot down in the rape department and there's no problem.


Seriously, I can't properly read OP, but this sounds so goddamn awesome.

I think it says
Karvara, the Walking Devil Tower, Moonsilver Warstrider N/A

And the evocations, in no particular order

Eat the Heart of God (sounds like this thing can do to other Warstriders what Lunars do to animals)
Carnal Spirit Reading
God-Monster Apotheosis
Torn From This World
Berserker Fury Blitz
Undying Behemoth Rebirth
Battle Fury Focus (could be a lunar charm linking into the evocation chain, like how Solar charms appear as prerequisites in Orichalcum artifacts)
Chain-Breaking Frenzy
Final Fury Rampage
Devil-Mind Gestalt Meditation
Solipsistic Dreaming God-Beast (damn, the vocabulary here is classic WoD obscure, I love it)
Rage Beyond Constraint
Roaring God-Monster Fury
Voice of the Apocalypse

Okay. Maybe I'll play it alone first, and familiarize myself with the mechanics by building some harems while I'm at it.

Not sure why I did this, but I did.

I just realised that Battle Fury Focus and Carnal Spirit Rending (not reading) are both Solar charms. Solar charms in a Moonsilver artifact. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's not like the Lunars book will be published before Arms of the Chosen.

>Solar charms in a Moonsilver artifact. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it's not like the Lunars book will be published before Arms of the Chosen.

Well, keep in mind, Solars resonate with *everything*, too, not just Orichalcum.

Sure, but given that Lunars also resonate with Moonsilver, and there are evocations in that tree that cannot be accessed without Solar charms, it seems odd. Maybe the final write up will include a note saying something like "there's totally going to be Lunar charms that let you eat spirits to steal their charms or activate rage mode, so Lunars can use those charms in place of these Solar charms".

It was probably just made by a Solar for a Solar pilot, thus the charm requirements.

Against that, Volcano Cutter is a non-Orichalcum artifact that works better with a Solar wielding it. The whole "bonus only applies if you don't roll a 1 works better with Excellent Strike behind it, and the original draft had evocations that required Call the Blade.

Speaking of first draft Volcano Cutter, what's with the fuckhueg evocation tree here?

Who thinks this'll be smaller in the book?

>Speaking of first draft Volcano Cutter, what's with the fuckhueg evocation tree here?
One of the original concepts for Artifacts was that the artifact rating would affect the amount of evocation the artifact would have.

Volcano Cutter is rating 5.

And the 3e devs love writing fuck huge trees.

to be fair that does sound more than a bit autistic of us, especially that bit about disrespecting the setting and cheapening everybody else's experience

If I were going to try converting 1 and 2e elemental to 3e where should I start?

I'd start by working out how much mechanical detail you actually need for the conversion, and then keeping the concept and essentially nothing else.

The elementals in the 3e book have expansive write-ups, but given how large their essence pools are (and they never have to spend half their pool to manifest, unlike demons or gods) and the fact that anything without Excellencies is essentially a speedbump to anything with them, you can get away with very slight rules.

The Greenmaw, for instance. It's actually a very nice write-up, with some subtle mechanics that show that it's a threat to weaker opponents but its initiative-costing charms can't be used once it starts losing to a stronger one, but you can get its essential mechanics across with

rolls about 8 dice for what it's good at
add like 3 successes for brute force, grappling, and hunting

and then just narrating correctly.

>One of the original concepts for Artifacts was that the artifact rating would affect the amount of evocation the artifact would have.
>And the 3e devs love writing fuck huge trees.

They really do. The obvious thing would have been "one evocation per dot" as the default. And five evocations is more than enough to get the "hot burny cutty lava boom" themes down.

You forgot cover and concealment bonuses.

My current houserules for Warstriders involve them having multiple evocations you get for attuning with no cost, but when running a Warstrider in battle, it constantly drains your motes.

Maintenance is sort of like that ritual for the storm sword that was previewed - after battle, every evocation you used (apart from the lowest-tier defence and offence one) is locked down, and has a maintenance ritual associated with it.

The idea is that you can bust it out for every battle if you want (like if your character concept is built around it) but you'll only be able to bust out its big stuff every now and then. Or you can just reserve it for big battles, go to town, and then spend ages prepping it for its next big fight.

Players are only about to acquire it in the next couple of sessions, so the concept hasn't been playtested yet.

Now, I'm a man of simple pleasures, but I'd love to see Solar go on a rampage in the midst of the parade with warstriders depicted in the book. Especially if it was in the Imperial City.

>And five evocations is more than enough to get the "hot burny cutty lava boom" themes down.
Based on Stormcaller's six evocations and Gnomon's nine evocations, they're probably going to be a little longer than that.

I like the idea of them being about the length of a martial art. They occupy a similar space on a character build.

Wait, that should read ¨With Karvara against everyone present including those giant warstriders¨

It's cool, man, we got it. If a Warstrider has a charm called Eat the Heart of a God, we're all going to think of warstriders massacring warstriders.

I do wonder how they're going to handle warstrider vs non-warstrider combat, though. Maybe it'll be something like Titanfall. Hell, they could rip it off wholesale and give Warstriders personalities, the ability to operate independently, and accessible external weakpoints.

Honestly it wouldn't be that hard to do. Little gods, character sheet, and gambits.

>Little gods
3e has moved away from those, but they could easily have something specific to Warstriders. I'm thinking the term Animating Intelligence might come up, if only for the acronym.

>and give Warstriders personalities, the ability to operate independently

"This is backup battle unit ADA."

>The obvious thing would have been "one evocation per dot" as the default.

I, personally, do not want a Pathfinder flaming sword.

I understand you like Pathfinder flaming swords yourself. That is perfectly fine. Pathfinder does flaming swords perfectly well. They have bound spells and can even cast fireball three times a day, it's awesome. Of course any character three flaming swords by level 10, but then they are cheap and easy.

I, personally, think an artifact should be more than a Pathfinder flaming sword. It should have history and personality, and complexity, and several charm trees.

Of course you can still have a Pathfinder flaming sword in your Exalted game. Cheer.

I would prefer a modular system that allows me to tailor my weapon to my needs, rather than try to explain why 5 people are trying to take Volcano Cutter as their starting weapon because it's the only fire shitting weapon in all of Creation due to forced uniqueness and the limitation that imposes upon rulebooks (ie: that you can't detail every fucking thing, so you get at best a few things).

'Uniqueness' in the rules breeds less actual uniqueness at the table, in my experiences, because then you can't just easily pull something together from a Lego-set of parts, you either get "Flamey McBurnsword", which is an exact replica of every other "Flamey McBurnsword" or you get fucking nothing.

There are a ton of fire-shitting artifacts. Volcano Cutter is just a particularly potent one.

"In this artificial, inverted volcano-manse, he forged one of the most destructive *fire daiklaves* to grace the battlefields of the First Age."

It's unique in that it is tied to a volcanic temple-manse, can bring flame from the earth through that channeling in constant streams and is capable of even busting the manse open for a hail mary explosion.


That's Mokou, you pleb.

>There are a ton of fire-shitting artifacts.
In the setting, sure. The point he's making is that there's only one in the book. That means that because there's no baseline for creating your own artifacts, everyone who wants a fire-themed artifact weapon wants Volcano Cutter. Everyone who wants a heavy melee artifact also wants Volcano Cutter. The description can say that Volcano Cutter is a perfect unique weapon or that it's a mass produced piece of crap, but the mechanics say that every PC who wants a sword like that gets exactly that, with no room for customization or uniqueness between them and every other PC who wants a flaming sword.

I like the Earth one,

Fire is the capstone yes

The idea is that the evocations for Wind and Water are defensive (Reacting to attacks) in nature. While Earth and Wood are offensive (Creating or enhancing attacks). Fire is the capstone (It is supposed to be a high cost charm that combines the defensive and offensive stance after a large attack with a cool down lasting until the Calibration)

lol,exalted tries to be so pretentious ass about things doesnt it

I know you're trolling, but can you expand what you mean?

My personal preference would be the artifact rating giving better front loaded powers.

I've never run into this. I've seen one Volcano Cutter and five different red jade artifacts in the games I've been in. A longfang, a reaper daiklave, twin short daiklaves, jade knife and a white-and-red jade goremaul that had the power of smashing people so hard they turned into comets that exploded on impact.

It is an inevitability, players like catching things on fire and explosions.

The artifact I'm trying to make focuses more on the enhanced reflexes and movement speed aspects of red jade.

Ahh I see. Then you could probably go with enhancing attack range or making a straight-up area sweep attack with Wood. Perhaps extra-effective against battlegroups even.

Or you could go down the debuff/poisoning kind of direction.

Thanks senpai

This was true in 2e when you had Factory Cath. mass producing weapons, both fluff and crunch. In 3e it's less on the fluff but I can see your point. Evocations take up a lot of space and even after arms of the chosen we're not going to have something like five different flaming weapons to pick from (Which is probably DnD's variations of them).

Fluff wise the concept is there, but crunch wise not so much.

Warstriders were never intended fpr ground wars, or duels. That much was stated in 2E, their characteristics make them horrible at being used against human sized targets.
They were intended as siege weapons and for fighting humungous monsters.

>It's cool, man, we got it.
I may be, finally, more hyped than I care to admit.

Solars are better at using Evocations than other Exalted, and are better at drawing out the true power of artifacts than any other Exalted. We've known this since day one.

Would someanon with a forum account be so kind as to ask the devs when we're likely to get stats for the giant boss monsters warstriders are meant to fight? Behemoths, third circle demons, Juggernaut, etc.

I would guess sometime after Dragon Blooded, Exigents, Abyssals, and Lunars.

I gotchu senpai

Aren't they doing monthly releases of QC antagonists and monsters to fight?

Thank you good sir

That's the plan, if memory serves. There's no guarantee that the first release will include any giant boss monsters, but Vance is aware that they're wanted.