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Jumpers, what style do you like to have your things be?

Namefags we need to evict. Go.

Anonymous. He needs to stop cramping my style

Much style. So cool.

Generally I want consistency in style and for things to go together. That's my priority.

But I do have a preference for lightning, wood, metal, stark black and white with some colour trims and tron lines.

Outside of that I'm a function-over-style kinda guy.

That user guy really pissess me off.

Bu... but I'm Anonymous.
How did I hurt you, Anons?
Wait a tick... aren't your names also user?

That Anonymous guy is a real asshole.

Who's gonna try and waifu Griffith?

user is a fucking tool, desu.

We are all Anons here.
One of us, one of us.

>tron lines.
Those can either be really cool or trying too hard depending.

I'm pretty sure that most of them were. The guy reacted really badly after I called him a hippie, so I don't put it past him to do things like that to try and 'avenge' himself.

Hopefully no one. Griffith a shit.

Getting really tired of that Anonymous guy's shit, to be honest.

Don't like him enought to waifu him, or husbando him either.

I know it's not really his fault as such, but after the things he did in canon, I'd find it difficult to like the character overmuch in jump even before the time those events would have taken place.
I'd save him as best I could, but I doubt that I'd get close to him.

Leave it in the last thread dumbass.

And you couldn't leave last thread's drama in last thread. I doesn't even matter if he was same-fagging, you've outed yourself as a shitposter.

Is there a single downside of dealing with Griffith before he becomes part of the God hand?

I was one of those guys. Mostly just happy we had a shitposter who put noticeable effort into shitposting compared to most of our other ones who just focus on bullshit and blatant lies for hours. That being said, last thread died, move along with new thread.

Yes, but not on the level you described with disappearing doors.

Hey, we are in a new thread.
Drop it.
If you think we don't know what you're doing, then you are sadly mistaken. Grow up and lose a stupid argument with some grace.

Other people will probably think you're an asshole, I suppose.

They're fairly good, and all available on Kindle Unlimited. I personally used the free trial to read all of them including the side stories and never needed to pay a cent.

>tron lines
Why the fuck dies it seem like every anime these days has characters with tron lines on their clothes?

I suppose when they're done well, they can look cool. But you're right, they do seem to be a bit too common nowadays.
They just don't feel as special as they used to.

I have no idea what you think I'm doing.

What kind of level would it grant? Would stuff like closing doors or upgrading a "light fog" to a thick fog be okay?

Theoretically the idea of evil may not appreciate it making him fuck with your fate. Though any power to resist fate would help with that, and both knowing magic, and being aware of fate being manipulated help you resist fate manipulation stuff in berserk. Personally my plan is to tell him not to fuck the princess until her dad is dead, and when he still does it, tell him I told you so when we break him out of prison.

Tell me about your mounts.

Sorry, but what books are you talking about?
I'm always on the prowl for new and interesting reading material.

Wierd, you reponded to me calling you out on your shit, but not the other people, some who did so before I did. Wierd.
Also, ignoring you.

Magic in the Dresden Files is dependent on the ambient energy generated by over time by life and nature, right? Would teleporting them into space or a pocket dimension without magic be a good way to deal with things that piss me off?

Shut up. Idiot.

I'm a man of simple tastes. Wood and metal are what I like my things to be built out of. Colors are mostly blues and greens, but others may get thrown in where appropriate. Architectural style is mostly Japanese, with some western elements thrown in. I tend to go for a storm theme whenever it seems right, since I'm basically a god of storms.

He hasn't done anything deserving of death before he becomes Femto.

His list of crimes at that point basically consist of:

Prostituting himself to get by when he was an urchin in the slums.

Having rough sex out of frustration at not getting Guts' boypussy with a princess that wanted it.

Maybe looking down a little bit at his soldiers?

It's hardly anything worthy of death, just maybe a talking to about anger management.

>I know it's not really his fault as such
He made the choice. Piece of shit deserves anything you could do to him.

What anime are you watching this season senpai?

So, are Inner Worlds from Infernals actually your soul? From the description, it sounds more like they incorporate aspects of your spiritual energy.

Because they simply told me to stop talking, you presumed I had some hidden motive.

On a related note, if they are your soul, how will they react with use of Soulfire? Will the world burn away and regenerate?

My wife is my mount, literally.

What perks would help me pull a "it's a wonderful life" on someone?


Yeah, that's fine. Just not removing doors and things on that level.

Pic related.

Although he's since gained a massive set of antlers.

Yeah, I was curious how it world interact with perks that allow you to train your soul, or if you would count as having a soul equivalent to a world in strength. There's a lot of possible weird interactions if it's actually your soul.

From what I understand he was manipulated his whole life, by the Idea of Evil, to shape him into the man who would both have soemthing to sacrifice, his friends the Band, and be willing at least in that moment, after prolonged torture and the loss of his dreams, to go ahead with it.

The idea probably can't factor in something like a Jumper even without special perks, so it's in a Jumper's hands whether or not to try and save him, make him into a better person.

Femto doesn't deserve sympathy, having wholly given himself over to Evil, but Griffith still has a chance of being saved before he gets tortured.

Like says, before the ritual he doesn't actually do anything worth being called a piece of shit, at least no more than anyone else in that crapsack world.

What if you get Guts to stay, so he doesn't end up going Femto route?

How big are you?

That would work in the short term, but keep in mind that the idea will keep trying to drag him down. Also keep in mind that you are unfairly treating Guts and making him unhappy.

>The Street We Live In On
>The sign's powers only cover a 50 foot radius

Should be about 10x larger, otherwise perk should be renamed Part Of The House We Live In.

capcha wants me to select the street signs - IT KNOWS!

Different guy, but please, shut up. No-one cares about what you think someone else may have meant or thought or assumed.
Talk about something jumpchain or be quiet.
Seriously are you autistic or something. Normal people even here don't behave like this.

I like to always find a way to make stuff in a theme. Usually I head canon that as being all categorical, like 'everything is a gun', and sometimes I like to associate it with an one artist's style or another in particular if I take
inspiration from it.

Bigger than a breadbox.

Ordering the assassination of a duke, at least I think it was a duke he ordered Guts to kill.

Don't know the lore very well, but idn't there a way to make Guts happy, while staying with the Band?
I think he left because he felt like a burden or something, can that be addressed with some therapy perks?

The duke was legitimately an evil piece of shit who was trying to get the Hawk exiled or executed, dude.

It depends, but "not very" is usually a good answer.

Perks that'll allow me to kill souls?

To be fair that Duke tried to have him killed. So it was eye for an eye.

Guts felt his independence was being stifled.

depends on the chain but I've got a soft spot for Orokin stuff.

Why would you want to kill souls?

Different guy.
Even if he wasn't, that setting is a crapsack world. Even good people are probably going to have some blood on their hands.

Guts left because he heard Griffith say that he could only truly consider someone his equal if he stood beside him with his own goal and his own dream, rather than as someone who was merely supporting Griffith's.

Guts realized that this is what he had been doing, and decided that he wanted to be independent, to go off on his own and find his own dream to fight for, so that he could stand beside Griffith as an equal.

Of course, Guts had no idea that Griffith saw him a bit differently than in the way he talked to the princess, and the whole idea blew up in everyone's face.

Huh, I forgot what the hell the duke was up to. Maybe I should have cared in the first place but I never did care about the politics there.

>Destroyer of Worlds, Jumper! What is reflected in his eyes as he crosses the infinite worlds…?
Jump 18: Batman - The Dark Knight Trilogy
Origin: Upper Class
Age: 28
Location: Midtown Gotham
Obfuscating Stupidity
Mask [900]
Dummy Companies [700]
Why Do We Fall? [400]

Bat Car [300]
Clean Slate [100]
Jumper Enterprises [0]

I'm Not Wearing Hockey Pads [200]

…I'm back in Gotham, aren't I? It looks a bit more like New York this time around, but I don't bother sweating the details. As if to taunt my return to this hellish arena, all of my old foes have returned in force, being gathered by this man named 'Professor Finch'. The dude I shot in the head way back in Fallout. He seems convinced that I'm destroying the worlds I'm jumping to, or am in the process of doing so. He also looks like if Doc Brown came rolling out of Arkham after taking lessons from The Joker, so I'm a little hesitant to take his words at face value.

I touch up my old costume as The Sparrow and hit the streets as a crimefighter. The ultimate irony is that I'm now a century-and-some more experienced than this world's Batman, and I was definitely the understudy back in the original Gotham. Also, because I am absolutely done fucking around with this issue, I put a bullet between the eyes of the Joker immediately upon being given the chance, set his body on fire, separate the limbs and then bury them in several different corners of Gotham.

Problem solved, right? Wrong. This is Gotham. Harvey ends up snapping on account of circumstances I'm not fully aware of and instead develops a split personality like I did way back in Other!Gotham. I end up having to subdue him and he goes to jail…at least it was done before he actually committed murder this time.

>Guts felt his independence was being stifled.
I wonder if there's a way to help him with that enough for him to stay with the band.
Therapy perks would probably work in talking him into it, but is there another method that's a little less mind-rapey?

I have no idea what that is supposed to do, but it does look rather nice. There are certainly works ascetics.

They're created from the substance of your soul, and contained in your soul.

To quote the Charm:
>Through the power of her Exaltation, the Infernal carves out a world from the substance of her own soul.
>The Infernal’s soul is treated as Pure Chaos for this purpose.
>This created world exists wholly within the Infernal’s soul, but is otherwise a real, ongoing, self-contained place, which continues to exist even when she is not paying attention to it.
And the perk:
>you may carve out a sanctum from the substance of your soul, piece by piece creating a small world of your own design.

You'd probably burn the parts you haven't turned into a world? But if you specifically burn the world (if possible, not sure?), I'd guess you might "reset" that part of it, requiring you to shape it into a world again afterwards?

Pic related, I think?

KH Souls are a tank that basically make the person who has them invincible.
I want to be able to permanently kill KH characters.

See It's a bit more complicated, it was a product of the way both Guts and Griffith see the world, and an accidental eavesdropping.

This isn't the part that shocked me about how far I had come. No, I was shocked when I drew my katana instinctively when Bane rolled up for a duel, and then the upper half of his body tumbled down onto the floor with a shocked expression plastered on his face. Right in front of Batman.


I had never actually stopped to realize how my skills stacking on top of each other, along with a dash of magic, superpowers, and cybernetics gave me an incredibly unfair advantage in worlds like these. I pondered this while Batman told me I had crossed a line and I had to deal with disarming the bomb in a speedy fashion. Lucas took care of Talia while Bastion was crowd control. You can't imagine how cooperative a mob of criminals get when you have a mobile gun platform and they don't!

…I didn't see Smile in this world. I thought, of all places, this would be where that monstrous son of a bitch would show up. But he didn't. And I thank every one of my lucky stars for that one. Still. The day is saved, Gotham lives to be a horrible place for another day, and I get off scot free. After all, I'm just a Jumper who's passing through.

Don't forget that.

Stone and wood for durability. Understated, with little pretension or decoration. Courtyards and towers figure prominently. Natural light when possible. Many rooms for many purposes.

Plainer victorian. Sometimes hints of art deco. Rugs and tapestries from Otoyomegatari. Magical and high science in equal measures. Useful potted plants.

Dark earth tones dominate - green, blue, brown, grey, black. Ranging from business casual to professional when in public, and according to settings' norms. Capelet when I can get way with it. Bulletproof undergarments and/or overcoat.

An imperial corvette parked on a floating island, painted midnight blue with black designs resembling roots/branches/leaves. Chameleon charms and notice-me-nots when prudent.

Tie, belt, shoes almost always black. Sash and crown for official affairs. M1911 for more modern settings. Magic rings. Magic necklaces when appropriate. Staff/cane/sword/wand/bracelet. Glasses (heavily enchanted) or collapsible helmet (with comms and HUD) as the situation demands.

Ah, I see, a case of the old 'evesdropping and getting the wrong idea'.
Well, that's simple to deal with, just make sure that Guts isn't in that place and time to overhear, or warn Griffith to talk to Guts immediately after and clear up matters.
That sounds doable.

Really big. At least I think so. I use Ant Man powers from Sim Ant to stay at a "reasonable" size to interact with settings, but I've left antons key on for a long time in the background with a few quick aging spells running in tandem. I really don't know my exact size since don't want to see what will happen when I turn the size shifting off, but the force gains have been ridiculous I'll tell you that.

Guts is pretty autistic, which you can't blame him he had a pretty shitty life. I wonder if you get Griffith to talk to Guts and explain how special he is and that he'll always be an equal to him. Then get them to fuck because that's what Griffith & Guts been wanting since they met.

Okay but why?

Also a bit of an "I had no idea you are gay as fuck for me" issue too desu

Orokin stuff is from Warframe, those guys were a bag of dicks but they certainly knew how to make things cool looking.

One Word::Xehanort.

Normally 6'4. 20'0 when I when I use height of God I usually use my wolf form with it to make myself look godlike.

Problem here is that fate is being manipulated to cause the events of the Eclipse. So it would take a lot more than that to prevent things.

To a person who doesn't already know what you're talking about, single-word references to a character in the setting are meaningless.

Merlin has a perk that makes fate literally breakdown into nothing just from being in a jumper's presence, making everything fated into a total uncertainty.

Alright so basically Xehanort plans to cause a lot of grief and restarting a 'keyblade war' which will result in the death of thousands if not tens of thousands for funzies.
I wanna prevent his fun by killing him off for good.
He basically wants to fuck up everything for the evulz.

Surely there are better options than killing his soul?

Like eternal imprisonment?

So, if someone tried to claim my soul, would they have to heft an entire world-sized soul? Does having a hueg soul-world entail anything mystically or spiritually other than having a hueg soul?

How is eternal imprisonment in any way "better"?

I guess that could work but Xehanort has time manipulation, teleportation and other great powers.
When Pete was summoned into a void for eternal imprisonment he was able to escape with the help of the powers of darkness so I imagine Xehanort could easily do the same.

Yes but no? They'd still have their internal store of magic, kinda like how a person doesn't immediately die of starvation the moment they stop eating, but unless they're really powerful it's unlikely to be much (especially if they've _just_ used a big magical effect and haven't had time to draw more ambient magic in).

On the other hand I don't think many creatures in DF would cope well with "suddenly space" anyway, magical or not. Even if many monsters are really durable compared to humans, there's very few that can teleport - and while true fae could retreat to the NeverNever, I imagine it'd be pretty hostile on the other side too, since the aesthetics tend to reflect your entry point.

Pocket dimensions... if it prevents them from retreating to the NeverNever, most things are pretty much boned, I think? And the ones that aren't are probably extremely dangerous anyway.

So I don't actually know much about Berserk beyond the bigass sword and the scary MC with the cannon hand. What's the deal with this Griffith guy?

Except when not.

So, Non-Euclidean Mind says that I've "obtained into insight into how the world works". Does this mean I can teach it to people?

Carries less risk of alerting any Powers That Be that "hey guys this guy can destroy souls."

Oh, the love one. Sorry, fitting both builds into one post was already a squeeze for the word limit so I tried to allude to it with the love nuke tests.

Don't worry, I made the same mistake when my internet shot out in the open ocean.

I actually didn't kn-oh good ...please don't tell me he's the main character

Also, since you know a bit about it-how come the worlds can eat objects, but not people or buildings? Where does the distinction end; if I built a giant anvil the size of Taipei 101 with a tent perched on it, would it count as an object or a building?

Also, are predatory worlds a thing? If, hypothetically, you gave your world a genius loci because you wondered how cute it would look as a girl and owned several other worlds would it try to eat the other worlds?
Size does not exist in my reality.

Radiant light, sleekness, form derived from function, formfitting latex uniforms where they are needed and just the subtlest hint of theomechanical artifice. The Eldar and generally know what's up. And say what you like about Bhunivelze, but he'd have a pretty cushy room if he bothered to clean off his mom's death farts.

Something interesting that Harry discovers in one of the more recent books is that Soulfire doesn't just burn from your soul-but from EVERYTHING you are. Your existence, so to speak.

However you look at it, it's safe to say the Inner World would give you a substantial buff to your Soulfire, since your existence suddenly has much more to burn than before. And yeah, resetting is the most likely outcome unless you REALLY go all out since doing soul-cultivating things like having a fun day at the park or eating a food you like or just generally being happy and fulfilled in life can replenish what was lost in Soulfire, so I'd imagine the super-buff energy gone into making an inner world could recover too with your Essence generation.

Why don't you do your own research for one you shitposter

At most Yen Sid would notice and be alarmed and alert Mickey.
Worst case scenario I"m up against Mickey Mouse, Aqua, Ven, Terra, Eraqus, Yen Sid and Vanitas.
I have a shitton of charisma perks and DIplomancer from MMBN so I should be fine though.

So Jumpers, what weapon and armor did you first use to start importing and has gotten you to today?

I would, but it seems like the type of thing the thread likes discussing anyway?

Griffith is Gut's ex-boyfriend that became a demi-god by killing his mercenary band, also raped Gut's waifu.

He was the main character's best friend/boss now he's one of the five most powerful and possibly evil people in setting, after sacrificing his entire mercenary company including the main character, to demons. As for why the main character is still alive after being sacrificed to demons, the demons didn't kill him before another character rescued him and his now mind broken waifu. The main character is still under the effects of being sacrificed though with demons and all sorts of monsters being drawn to him all the time.

Alright, let's see what's changed-

Drawbacks: The Jumper in Synapse, A Flock of Seagulls, Glitch, What Is Love? (1800)

Synapse Resident (1600)

Unique Data Signature (Free)
What Beautiful Wings (Free)
Pearly Gates (Free)
Hands of Icarus (Free)
My Creations, My Children (Free)
What Is Love? (1000)
Tools of Daedalus (700)
Under My Rule (400)
Stopwatch (Free)
Dive Game (Free)
Heart Bell: Chaos, Daedalus (0)

Yes. I see it now, this is where it truly begun. The discovery of a new, terrifying weapon-a potentially unlimited source of magical catastrophe only tentatively tapped in Nanoha and 8-Bit Theater.


The irony is, I caught Daedalus' attention in the middle of my social experiments to see if love has a quantifiable measure of energy. I was writing and distributing digital programs in order to advocate for and explain the concept of love to my fellow Synapse residents, shitposting the concept of love into their minds as a social experiment. She thought I was trying to liberate them from social stagnation and I, well, just kind of rolled with it. It's all fun and science until the local adaptive murdergirl breaks into your amortentia fountain.

That wasn't what pissed Minos off, though. Because of an unfortunate space-time accident, I accidentally filled his throne room full of flying panties. Some of which were stained with love potion.

He's a charismatic mercenary band leader willing to do anything to achieve his dream of marrying into nobility; his mercs love him but he sees them as pawns.

Later on the only person he ever saw as an equal abandoned him because he himself wanted to act like an equal, which broke his heart and he fucked a princess in outrage. The king got pissed, locked him up and tortured him until he was rescued. With his dreams in shambles, he made a pact with the local demon lords to sacrifice his band in order to also become a demon lord.

Now he's basically the antichrist.

Not a perk, but... Radiant Fury Dissolution from Infernals does that. With an extra dose of suffering for the target.

>Whenever a flare’s damage is enough to kill a non-Yozi target, the surge of Essence spreads out from the wound like a bonfire doused with oil, growing exponentially brighter and hotter until nothing remains of the victim but glittering ash, a rising cloud of smoke in the shape of a fungal bloom and the victim’s silhouette burned into the ground. Spirits can’t reform from this demise, while Infernals with Essence 7+ can actually unravel the souls of beings with perfect reincarnation who normally resist permanent destruction, such as Dragon Kings and Jadeborn.
>Anyone who sleeps within 100 yards of a victim’s shadow experiences horrific visions of the victim that impose a onedie penalty on rolls to regain Willpower upon waking. This radius contracts by one yard per century that passes until the being’s Essence has been scattered to the reaches of eternity. That Malfeas only sentences hated enemies to 10,000 years of suffering shows the upper limits of his magnanimity

Maybe? Probably not, since your soul's still contained in your body and doesn't actually seem to grow bigger. Space is weird within Exalted souls, apparently?

Will anyone tell me how to kill souls/hearts?
Would Soul Magic from undertale work for killing xehanort?