How might one feasibly move a black hole?

How might one feasibly move a black hole?

I'm having a villain threaten to crash his pet black hole into a star system, but I want some feasible techno-speak to justify it, since I like a tinge of hardness in my sci-fi.

Of course, he has the feasibility to open a warp-portal large enough to fit a black hole, but how does he actually move the black hole THROUGH the warp-portal?

I've seen theories on how one might move a star by pressing a boundary up against it so the star "pushes off" with its own energy. Could you "bait" a black hole to make it move? Dangle some high-density matter just beyond its event horizon to pull it in a direction? Use some kind of space-time-flexer? Block its relativistic jets to cause it to move?

I don't want another way, I want to know how THIS way would work.

A black hole is affected by gravity just like everything else. If you want to move a black hole, just get a gravity well strong enough to draw it towards it. Any reasonably large star or other black hole should do. Of course, you have some speed issues here: Black holes can't exceed FTL any more than anything else can, so it'll take decades, centuries, or longer to move it to where you want it to go, unless it's close enough already that it's probably already fucking things up.

But really, magic would be much easier.

More relevantly, any sufficiently large gravity well that would allow you to move a black hole in the first place, would be itself massive enough to fuck up any star system it was in anyway. If you have such a mass and have a means to move it, why not just drive your star into the thing you hate, instead of a black hole?

>since I like a tinge of hardness in my sci-fi.

"My villain has a pet black hole that he wants to use as a superweapon" is not the sort of statement one makes when talking about hard sci-fi.

>Could you "bait" a black hole to make it move? Dangle some high-density matter just beyond its event horizon to pull it in a direction?
Yep. They're called gravity tugs, and while I don't think anyone's considered using them to move black holes (mostly it's asteroids or at most planets they consider moving with them) they should work.

That's why I said a "tinge", and said I wanted this solution instead of a reason why I should use another one.

Good to know they have a name!

>and said I wanted this solution instead of a reason why I should use another one.

I think you still need to answer why your bad guy is using a black hole as a weapon, when the gravity tug he's using to move around the black hole should itself be more than sufficient as a weapon.

If you like a tinge of hardness in your sci-fi, why is the threat of orbital bombardment not enough? The bad guy should have some sort of motivation behind him doing unscientific shit like that. Does he not need the resources of the star system? If he can harness the energy of a black hole why would he even need some shitty star system in a first place? Where does he stand politically? Wouldn't moving a black hole be something like using a nuke to resolve a territorial dispute?

TL;DR: I don't think there's anything "hard sci-fi-ish" about this situation. If you really want to involve a fucking black hole, make it so the bad guy has some kind of ancient black hole projector of sorts that create miniature holes, or a weapon that can transform a sun into a black hole.

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Not op, but my greatest fear is falling into a black hole due to how fucked it is. Think about it. Past the event horizon things don't work as they should anymore, and that terrifies me. I think using a black hole as a weapon would be to cause terror and show power(as in: haha i can do this crazy shit if i want).

If he can open portals of that size, why doesn't he open one to grab the planet he wants, and toss it into his black hole?

Alright, I wanted to explain it simply because I didn't want to get into a big "feasibility" argument with Veeky Forums.

The bad guy has a dyson sphere/ringworld type base built around the black hole. So his evil base IS his superweapon. Therefor he needs a way to move his base around, to be a greater threat to the galaxy at large.

The reason why he prefers to throw stuff into the black hole is because 1: he's fucking insane, 2: it's a power statement, and 3: the black hole ripping apart plants into dust means he can gather raw materials from the accretion disk, which is easier than blasting a whole planet apart with munitions.

I'm just trying to justify giving this guy a black hole base that he can USE.

I'm free to listen to alternate theories on how he might best destroy star systems and feed them to his black hole, but really I'm trying to emphasize that feeding the black hole is the important part. It's about completely fucking destroying his enemies in the most comprehensive way possible: throwing them into a singularity.

Okay, but why move the base, why not move an enemy planet INTO the base?

Seems like it would be easier to move the object your faction controls, rather than move a planet that likely has a fleet defending it.

A defending planet could put up a resistance to giant gravity tethers trying to move into position. But if a black hole is just moving towards them then they have no choice but to either evacuate or stage an attack on a massive evil base.

Run a powerful ion drive's exhaust into the black hole for a few months. It picks up a ferocious electrical charge. Now you can use the same charge to repel, or the opposite charge to attract.

Bonus points: once the black hole is on the vector you want, run an opposite charge ion exhaust into it. That neutralizes the charge so others can't move it the same way.

God, if you do stuff like that already, and the space overlord has enough manpower and resources to have a base around a black hole, you might as well not even try. This is not hard sci-fi by any means, and you can use any explanation you want.

The base around a black hole is a matter manipulation device made by the long gone ancient civilization, and creating black holes is only one of its possible uses, but the only one that bad guy knows about. The civilization used the device a long time ago to transform their collective consciousness into immaterial form and transfer them into another dimension without matter, leaving the base behind. The ring can draw power from another dimension, and create any form of physical phenomena imaginable, but the knowledge needed to manipulate it is gone along with the ancient aliens. Moving the thing is possible because the base around the black hole can be used as a giant warp drive, effectively shifting space to appear in a different point. The only thing the station needs to make a warp and draw energy from another dimension is a catalyst for its "ignition" of some sort, maybe a huge quantity of conventional anti-matter (I dunno how FTL functions in your setting, whatever) or other McGuffin that bad guy wants to acquire.

Rather than having the black hole move towards the star system, open a wormhole/portal/space rift/whatever with one end near the enemy star system and the other end right next to the black hole. Gravity goes through the portal and fucks up the star system, without having to muck with moving with fucklots of mass.

Optional solution: abuse of antigravity tech. The same tech that legs spaceships hover off the ground while coming in for a landing can be repurposes and scaled up to move an object that is, ultimately, incredibly small. With antigravity you can just fit a black hole inside of a small cargo vessel. When you want to kill a star system, just push the off switch on the antigravity machine.

Sounds decent.

It's always the problem when you get to planet-moving tech levels in sci-fi, like how do you keep things interesting? Because things still need limits to be interesting, but you also want to do crazy super-sci-fi shit because it's fun.

>gravity tugging a black hole

The problem you have there is that a black hole is basically hyper condensed mass itself. The only way to gravity tug a black hole is with even more gravity, which would just be an even bigger black hole.

Do it with dark matter

Dyson swarm Shkadov thruster is your best bet, fly the Star along just far enough in front for the black hole to follow. That's assuming a stellar mass black hole. If you're talking about much smaller artificial kugelblitz black holes then they're energetic enough to use as a drive on their own.
Look up Isaac Arthur on youtube for a bunch of megastructure and other future concept videos with a high level of technical accuracy.

One thing you mentioned that makes this all moot though. Your villain can make Warp portals however large he wants so fitting the black hole isn't the problem it's moving it through to portal right?
Everything in existence is moving in relation to damn near everything else. If the black hole is moving to the left, and the planet he wants to kill is on the right, place a portal left of the hole and right of the planet. Hole goes left through portal and continues left through planet. Think with portals.
I'm not going to touch on how many easier ways there are to bust a planet with his apparent power. And a simply dyson swarm would provide you with more construction resourcesthan ripping apart planets with a singularity. Look up stellar lifting. Fully utilized star would give about an earth's worth of mass a year iirc.

>The bad guy has a dyson sphere/ringworld type base built around the black hole.

If that's the case, then he should move it the same way that Niven's Ringworld moves.

Read the Ringworld series, The last book in the series is the one that goes into the how and what of moving it, and dragging the star it's around with it. Black holes are just very dense stars, so the principles should be the same, just requiring higher energy levels.

Space warping like the alcubierre drive.

His ringworld has emitters that distort space and drags things along, else you'd need something even more massive than the black hole to get it to move.

>when you forget relativity is thing
Thank you, user

Care to enlighten me briefly?

You need the Gravity Engine to move the black hole, which needs immense power, power which can only be supplied by the black hole. Done, neat as you please.

Well, instead of moving the blackhole through the gateway, have the gateway be moving around the blackhole instead?

>move the black hole THROUGH the warp-portal
Why not move the portal to/around/past the black hole?

the villain tunnels a wormhole somewhere from the vicinity of the black hole to the target system

Yeah it is. I have it but didn't play it nearly as much as one.

It wasn't all that awful, and the weird resource linking system was actually kinda enjoyable to work with, imo. I may have to reinstall it now.

You don't need something more massive than the black hole to move it.

The relative mass between the black hole and the object just changes the force they exert on each other, which only affects how fast they accelerate.

Technically speaking you wouldn't need a large portal to move a black hole as all the matter is presumably in the center compressed infinitely, so you could just shoot a small portal into the black hole aimed at the center. Time dilation could cause some screwiness though.

Maybe i'm retarded, but you shouldn't need anywhere near that much gravitational pull to move it,, you just need to slightly pull

Oh, it's more than some screwiness... as anything comes closer to a black hole, time constantly becomes slower and completly stops at the event horizon. Ergo, you can't send anything into a black hole and still cause some effect and/or interact with it.

I mean, everyone would see it coming but i guess if a network of satellites are built around the black hole to create a warp field to move it.. if the field was strong enough it could maybe work.

But honestly if you have wormhole technology it's probably entirely feasible to use it to create a wormhole portal that leads to the black hole over the other solar system's planets or star and it'll start sucking them through it.

Have your villain compress some matter near the black hole until it collapses into a pair of singularities, and then have the target black hole "ride the wave" from the gravity waves generated in the spindown of the two smaller black holes colliding.

>Past the event horizon things don't work as they should anymore
>t. someone who's never been in a black hole
Things work perfectly fine, as long as you can survive the extreme environmental conditions.