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Trying to put together a deck for shits and giggles but not sure where to start with it. It'll have one monster of every type, and as close to an even spread of attributes between them. One big The-Works Pizza of a deck. Don't really care what the spells and traps are or what's in the extra deck.

Gaap Bump

I haven't played this since the early 2000s, Lost most of me cards to me stepmum burning them after deeming it evil- Still have the Card in OP's pic- use it as a bookmark in a sleeve.

Is it any good for anything? both back then and now? Im assuming not now because power creep.

She's not great, but still useable in the right combinations.

I doubt anyone ever does, though.

Hi guys, I wanna buy a structure deck, but I don't know well enough the cards so I don't wanna buy blindly... Can you lend me your opinions?

The new Dinosaur deck is pretty good. You'll definitely want to add to it as soon as you get it, but it's got some fun combinations.

Dinos are potentially going to be one of the strongest decks soon. Depends on the next banlist though.

Are you going to round the types out with a Divine-Beast or are you just going to stick with the common types?

So I've sold all of my meta relevant cards about a year ago, problem is I still have cards like pic related that are worth $4-$5 each but are all useless shit tier that no competitive player would ever want or need. I don't feel like doing 20 ebay listings all for like 3 dollars each so what is the best way to get rid of them without losing out on potential cash?

Sad to hear about your wicked stepmother,
it's sweet that you still got your Lily.

I've actually done the odd brewing with it.
In the old days you would run her in a deck with 3 Giant Rat to fetch her out mid-combat.
Crash the Giant Rat into something like a Gemini Elf and then run over them with Lily.

If it's your favorite card, maybe you could try build a deck around it and play casually.
Some kinda Earth and/or Spellcaster Aggro deck maybe.

I haven't played the game seriously since the time you mentioned myself but I still like checking in with it.
There's supposed to be some shakeup with extra (previously named fusion) deck cards that limits the broken combo meta that has stagnated the game for over a decade.
The change boils down to only allowing 1 extra deck summon on the field per player at a time.
Though they are also making a new kind of extra deck monster called Link summons which allow additional summons.
So it's an extra hurdle for cancer combo decks, here's hoping they don't just become the top tier decks anyway for further stagnation.

There's a chance the game might be less shitty soon and return to the days of beatdown and facedown faceoffs. Might be good to keep an ear out.

Just do a bulk listing and put them all together, pictured clearly.
List it a couple bucks off the total price, pricing it to move.
State 'not selling individually' though this is yu-gi-oh so retards will still ask.
Ignore them and bank on the bargain hunter who will think the price is a steal.

thanks mate, what would be the best way of shipping them that way? I usually just do singles in a smaller mailing envelope with a toploader and sleeve.


I love Isizu and I've never seen this picture. Thanks for posting it

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This is Yugioh's Satan


Not OP but I recently got the Dino deck to start playing Yugioh casually with some friends. I'm completely new to the game and have really been struggling to make it work. The only context I have is my limited casual MtG experience and the help said friends provide in explaining the rules/cards.

The most difficult part for me is choosing what to draw with all those tutor effects, I constantly misplay and don't realize it until after its said and done. I also got rescue cat in a booster I got along with the Dino deck, but I'm not sure if it would make sense to fit it in somewhere to get rid of something else.

It has always bothered me that the hearts in the background are slightly off center

I don't own any of the playable Egyptian Gods so it depends on if I have room for them in the deck and if I can afford whatever they cost nowadays. At the very least I just need one of every common type.

Try the "element" archetype, not competitive at all, but the core 6 mons are each a different type, fiend/dinosaur/dragon/spellcaster/fairy/warrior,
Throw in humoncukus the alchemic being or mystic tomato for plant, maybe some spam searchers like UFO turtle and mother grizley can bump you up to like 12 types covered...

Otherwise just look up a list of staple mons and pick one from each type. (Honest, sangan, alexandrite dragon, etc.)

Maybe try Geminis also, they seem to have a nice spread and qualify for normal support

Oh, and fucking monarchs

Thanks, guys... Any more recomendations?

Damn that's one sexy executive producer

I'm not seeing it

The hearts on the right are cropped, but the ones on the left are whole, same with bottom vs top. Esthetically I would have cropped them equally on either side...

I don't read moon runes

Shinryū'ō Za Bīsuto/True Dragon King V.F.D., the Beast
TCG name is True King of All Calamities because we can't have nice things.

2 or more Level 9 monsters
Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card and declare 1 Attribute; this turn, all face-up monsters on the field become that Attribute, also all monsters in your opponent's possession with that Attribute cannot activate their effects or attack. Monsters that "True Draco" and "True King" monsters in your hand would destroy with their effects can be chosen from your opponent's field.

You got a little kek out of me, but only that much

Why this board hate YGO so much?

Just because Magic doesn't have a good online simulator with a decent AI or they fear players will stop giving a shit for the weird format of their card game?

Don't fight shitflinging with more shitflinging, user.

Veeky Forums hates Yugioh because it has better waifus than MtG

That's the one thing in its favor I think.

I can't speak for the others but there's a degree of thuggery and cheating that seems to be expected in YGO that isn't as blatant in magic. (Not that it isn't there, just that it's less obvious)

Here's your (You)

Bought three Dinomasher structure decks today, what is absolutely essential to carry over assuming I'm keeping a 50 card limit

I forget the things you need to keep but in addition to that you want the Earth and Fire true kings

>I'm keeping a 50 card limit
Are you new?

how could you tell

>I can't speak for the others but there's a degree of thuggery and cheating that seems to be expected in YGO that isn't as blatant in magic. (Not that it isn't there, just that it's less obvious)

I really have to wonder how it came to that, too.

Magic has obnoxious people, some thugs, and some cheats, but how did YGO get a reputation for it?

As someone who far prefers Magic: The Gathering to play, I really wish the game took a note out of Yu-Gi-Oh's book and made some fun and over the top designs. Not out of lore or setting of course, but you have this high powered, high fantasy universe full of dimension hoppers and half the monsters in every set are dudes with swords and different coloured fauna. Things like the Gearhulks and that altar to Bolas are a step in the right direction I feel, but there's only so many times you can see the same archetypes and generic hero legends before it becomes stale.

Konami actively jews you by banning strong decks so you have to purchase the new ones, YGO has no recurring characters or fluff to follow (though magic hasn't been taking the story in a great direction recently), and it has a reputation of having a dirty and awful community. Not to mention blatant power creep and archetypes changed from "common mechanical theme and design" to "combo deck whose cards play themselves".

Check out bushiroad's games. Pick the one that's popular in your region and go nuts. Buddyfight (yes it's a retarded name) and vanguard both have an anime feel and lore while having the power creep of glaciers.

I dropped game after BOSH due to buying into Pals and literally the day I'm about to sell it off (roughly $1k with extra) and already had a buyer "lol emergency banlist, get cucked"

Not him , but you don't want to have more than 40 cards in a deck. No one will have more than 40 cards in competetive play.

They fucking changed Tetragrammaton's name, like who the fuck was going to pick up on that, shit, who was gonna pick up on V.F.D., most people don't even have shallow knowledge of the occult to recognize either if these terms.

V.F.D. could have encountered trademark issues with Lemony Snicket.

I don't know if he's actually trademarked it or not, but they might have just decided not to chance it.

What is 60 card Paleozic, 60 card Infernoid, random 60 card decks running Lightsworns that get a top every now and then.

Had to change the color of the dress and remove White from the name just so that they don't anger the mouse.

because we all used to play it when we were younger and it's more pity than hate seeing what a broken mess it has fallen into.

>What is 60 card Paleozic, 60 card Infernoid, random 60 card decks running Lightsworns that get a top every now and then.

Inconsistent as fuck

I think YGO's lack of focus on a meta-plot (actually, the lack of a coherent plot in favor of different sets of card storylines, with the biggest story being DT) has definitely made the designs infinitely more interesting the Magic which seems constrained by plot/setting on top of everything else.

Plus YGO has waaaay more cute girls.

This. Too inconsistent. More cards means less chance of getting the cards you need, a lot of those cards would just be filler.

ITT: players who don't know grass looks greener decks exist.

60 cards is meta.

card games are meant for the casual play, the moment tourneyfags get involved in a game it goes south

the thing I like about yugioh is it's designed to produce dramatic games with insane turn arounds and one-turn-kills, but that doesn't lend itself well to a tourney setting.


So let me get this straight, with the inclusion of Link Monsters, you can only xyz and synchro summon while there is a Link Monster on the field in one of the new spaces, and you now need to use spots in the 15 card extra deck for these things?


I hope Links kill yugioh


What the fuck. It's becoming so convoluted. Now pre-LinkMon decks will have to be restructured and extra decks changed. And you need to tribute however many monsters it says, like 3-LINK? And on top of that the synchro or xyz materials? What the fuck.

So just did actual research and learned how it actually works. It changes old decks dramatically.


You can still Xyz's/Synchro summon, but you can only have as many extra deck mons as you have extra monster zones, this means normally you can have a single Xyz's/Synchro Mon at a time, you can get around this limit by summoning a Link Mon first as they have the ability to convert regular monster zones into extra monster zones.

Gotta say, I'm pretty hyped about the new legendary fisherman stuff. Don't even care if it's meta, I just like that it's getting some love.

Love any time an old card gets new support

It's because the yugioh community has a bigger percentage of non-white people.