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Hey Veeky Forums I've just been convinced by my group to run an A:TLA game and I've been having problems finding a good system for it. I've found some decent 5e conversions, but I don't really like delineating benders into D&D classes, especially for stuff like bards and clerics who only kind of work in setting.
Meanwhile, the other system that came to mind, Reign, doesn't really fit for the kind of traveling dungeon crawly adventure game that I wanted to run.

Do you all have any ideas?

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There's a PbtA hack out there that looked okay. Legend of the Elements I think?

There's always GURPS.
I even wrote up martial arts styles for bending if anyone gives a shit.

eeeeeh, I'm kind of wary of PbtA. I haven't had very good experiences playing it, but that might just because of less than competent people running it.

GURPS on the other hand, I've never even touched, so post that shit. Maybe It'll be just what I'm looking for.

a simple conversion of qin: the warring states with the shaolin and wudang supplement

its what im using and it works great

Pick up GURPS: Lite because it's (legitimately) for free and will give you a good rundown of the system if you're totally new with it.

As for the styles, martial arts styles were introduced in GURPS: Martial Arts. They have a few benefits, but in most games, it comes down to flavor and notes on what to do (i.e. Longsword Fighting? Take these skills and techniques; in combat, Evaluate/Feint to get an opening and seal the deal with a Committed or All-Out Attack). I also used Power-Ups 1: Imbuements for the actual bending aspects. I will post what I made, but I strongly suggest having the basics of the system down pat before you start diving into extra stuff; the #1 reason for GURPS campaigns going to shit is enthusiastic GMs taking on more than they can handle (and in turn, inflicting more on their players than they can handle). Also swing by the GURPS general if you have any questions!

I seem to have misplaced the document. I'll post it when I find it if nothing better has shown up by then.

Just looked it up, sounds interesting. How does it play?

Found them! The first line is the bending style and the real-world style that it's based off of (usually, or close enough). This is followed by the styles core skills; to know the style, the character needs at least one point in each of the skills, plus the style's familiarity perk. After that come the techniques, imbuements (basically special powers), and cinematic traits linked to the style.

==Airbending (Pa Kua Chuan)==
Skills: Judo; Karate; Meditation.
Techniques: Arm Lock; Exotic Hand Strike; Hammer Fist.
Imbuements*: Forceful Blow; Project Blow; Shockwave; Supreme Control; Telescoping Blow; Aerial Operations; Hasten Vehicle.
Cinematic Skills: Mental Strength; Power Blow; Push.
Cinematic Techniques: Roll with Blow.

==Beifong Earthbending (Praying Mantis Kung Fu)==
Skills: Judo; Karate.
Techniques: Arm Lock; Counterattack (Karate); Ear Clap; Exotic Hand Strike; Eye-Poke; Hammer Fist; Kicking; Knee Strike; Targeted Attack (Judo Grapple/Arm).
Imbuements*: Project Blow; Multi-Shot; Shattershot; Shockwave; Supreme Control; Telescoping Weapon; Binding Shot; Crushing Strike; Impaling Strike; Piercing Strike; All-Terain Operation; Armored Vehicle; Hardy Vehicle; Underground Operation.
Cinematic Skills: Hypnotic Hands; Immovable Stance; Light Walk; Power Blow; Sensitivity.
Cinematic Techniques: Lethal Eye-Poke; Lethal Strike.
Perks: Iron Hands; Special Setup (Karate Parry > Arm Lock)


==Firebending (Hsing I Chuan)==
Skills: Judo; Karate.
Techniques: Arm Lock; Counterattack (Karate); Exotic Hand Strike; Sweep (Judo or Karate); Trip.
Imbuements: Conic Blast; Incendiary Weapon; Project Incendiary Blow; Telescoping Incendiary Weapon; Incendiary Shockwave; Dazzling Display; Fireproof Armor.
Cinematic Skills: Breaking Blow; Kiai; Mental Strength; Power Blow.
Cinematic Techniques: Lethal Strike; Springing Attack; Timed Defense.
Perks: Technique Adaptation (Counterattack).

==Waterbending (Tai Chi Chuan)==
Skills: Breath Control; Esoteric Medicine; Judo; Karate; Sumo Wrestling.
Techniques: Arm Lock; Hammer Fist; Sweep (Judo, Karate, or Sumo Wrestling).
Imbuements*: Telescoping Weapon; Chilling Strike; Cutting Strike; Dazzling Display; Impaling Strike; Withering Strike; All-Terrain Operation; Aquatic Operation
Cinematic Skills: Immovable Stance; Mental Strength; Pressure Points; Pressure Secrets; Push.
Cinematic Techniques: Pressure-Point Strike; Roll with Blow.
Perks: Unusual Training (Push, May not step or move while doing so).


*The core advantage for Imbuement for Airbenders has Environmental (Very Common, Air, -5%), Earthbenders has the Environmental (Common, Earth, -10%), and Waterbenders has Environmental (Occasional, Water, -20%).
1) All Imbuements use the element as a medium; an earthbender using Telescoping Weapon + Impaling Strike isn't stretching their arm out and sharpening it to a point but calling forth a spike of stone that stabs out further than their arms can reach.
2) Vehicle Imbuements (Pyramid #3/71 Spacehips II) affect the user directly instead.
3) The styles list the more common aspects of the art of bending; a firebender can "fly" and call forth lightning, but both are rare enough that they should be treated as unique abilities that some may pick up, not a core part of the style, so the Firebending style lacks Electric Weapon, Project Fulminating Blow, or Aerial Operations.
4) All Imbuements are based off unarmed attacks. Basing them off of weapons is potentially unbalancing and should require a hefty Unusual Background; it might work for villains though!

I know this is a LOT to go though; GURPS really needs a GM that knows what they're doing and more importantly know when to stop adding stuff.

I'll definitely put it in in the running, but I'm a bit wary of running GURPS when I've never used it before, especially since it seems really reliant on the GM knowing what they're doing.

That said, no better time to learn than the present!

You might be able to get by with only Lite, Power-Ups 1: Imbuements (plus a few articles from the game's monthly e-zine Pyramid that add extra imbuements), and just the Styles rules from Martial Arts (MA is *the* book for extra combat rules, which, while fun, may overwhelm newbies). Again, if you have any questions, swing by the general or the official forums (they're not half bad).

Also check out How the Be a GURPS GM. I swear, if that book came out a decade ago, there'd be a lot less people that got burned by bad first games and we'd have a lot more GURPSfags (or at least less dank memery).

its rules light, with fast gameplay. shaolin and wudang really add the feel of wire fu fighting that is in avatar.

personally i really like the martial art style, like iron shirt style of earthbending or panther style fire bending

I've heard that superhero systems work well for Avatar. I've got a friend who swears by Champions.

Where did you get the Shaolin and Wudang supplements? I'm having a hard time finding them.

There was an user a few weeks back who was showing off an avatar hack he'd made based on the Edge of the Empire system. Unfortunately I didn't save the link.

Nvm, I found it in the archives. Here's the thread.

I have LotE, I'll upload when I get to my computer.

I had a really good experience running OP and it gives a good guide in the GM section.

Awesome, I'll have to check it out!

So far the I've got the premise for the campaign starting as this.
>The party, through a series of cabbage related incidents, has landed themselves in a small-town Earth Kingdom jail
>Sometime during the night two men in masks approach their general holding cell and introduce themselves as Tian and Chen.
>They offer to get them loose and get rid of the bounties for their escape if they are willing to act as couriers for a package to Omashu.
>The catch is, the only way to get there would be directly through the borderline between the Fire Colonies and the Earth Kingdom, as well as miles of wilderness.

Hows that sound for a start?

Alright let's rev up those posting muscles.



MC cheatsheet

Player cheatsheet

Rulebook as spreads if you prefer.

Some quick start adventures

There you go.

I ran this adventure, it went pretty well, it works better if you assume the mountain spirit is a dick who's trying to play the various people on the mountain against each other, it gives you a good excuse to have antagonistic NPCs for some martial-arts action

Seems solid, just make sure you indulge in the wondrous, fun and funny aspects of the world as well. Have sessions where punching the problem is the just one of many answers.

I never used the plot track, is always seemed a bit clunky. Read the MC section because it gives you some great mantras to play by. Thinking in arcs always served me well, setting things up for people that get brought and resoled a few sessions later is a cheap way to make people think you're clever.

Don't be afraid to just go with the fiction, only roll when it really matters and bribe people to do stupid but story-supportive things with Chi often.

What's your overarching narrative and themes friend?

If you know what those are ideas for sessions flow much better.

>Dump system
>Triggers no discussion

Damn it, just one bump because I love this thing.

I rather enjoy the Open Legend system, and it can be adapted to literally any game style. If you just limit the use of the element attribute to specific bending types, it should work. Check it out at openlegendrpg.com

Legends of the Wulin

I remember hearing about Wulin from that Bayonetta homebrew thread a month or two back. How do you like it?