Remember to bully tieflings every day!

Remember to bully tieflings every day!

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That is a Japanese goburin, not a tiefling.

pls no.

I don't have any pictures of tieflings being bullied because you guys are slacking off. Bully more!

I actually built a Tiefling Wizard with a backstory full of being bullied. He just went full-blown shitty emo-goth and sobs incessantly. Its funny. Backstory also involved writing really shitty poetry in guy-liner and running away from bullies- sobbing and running while My Chemical Romance plays faintly in the background.


Tiefling gets bullied by Nopperabo children for being Half-Human.

You're everything wrong with the hobby and need to kill yourself. It's not funny, it's amazingly obnoxious and weird.

It's not a serious campaign- so its ok. The other party members are a Tabaxi who just acts like a catgirl, a literal rip-off of Korgoth of Barbaria and a goliath rogue who is super into fashion.
We all have fun- so is that the issue? having fun? Its not like we can derail the DM's plot-given there isn't one and he straight up told us that its naught but a dungeon runner. AKA zero Roleplaying on his end. So we have to make due ourselves.

How does tiefling bully routine differ from healslut bullying?

Making them a core race was a mistake. Even Pathfinder doesn't encourage that level of snowflakery.


I want to protect her smile.

and make more tieflings with her when she grows up


Is blasting them with holy energy considered bullying?

Healslut bullying is literally just giving them rough dickings as a reward, unless you're a complete asshole sadist. Tiefling bullying is actual bullying.

The fact that your DM and fellow players are as awful as you does, in fact, mitigate things. Thank you for not contaminating GOOD games.


So what defines a good game then? I won't lie Im not in love with my game and GM. but if im gonna play im gonna have fun instead of bitching about it. Hell ive had to have talks with our DM about other even dumber things that he backed off on.

I do prefer a degree of irreverence in my games- is that the issue? Must everything be super serious? Thats the reason I got sick of Game of Thrones. Its just horrible things happening to horrible people in a horrible place. Is that a good thing?

I hope not, sounds just sad.

>no chores
>no dress-up
>no verbal abuse
>no possessiveness
>no petting and teasing

meant for

With that kind of facial anatomy, it's debatable if she is even capable of a smile in the traditional sense.

It really was a mistake. I hate the new fluff.
I liked them when they were the universally (and usually wisely) despised devil-mutants with fucked up anatomies.
This "they're like humans but they have horns and are super kewl u guize xD" fluff for them is boring. At least if they're going to be a devilish, unified type of race, they should have some kind of interesting racial hook to make them more than different humans for edgelords.

>you and your group are having fun the W R O N G W A Y

I want to raise that one and provide it with a good family! I also want it to grow into a weapon I can use against others, but that is secondary!

>abusing your healslut

No! Healsluts are for keeping safe! In fact, bullying healers at all is wrong!


You ask a lot of stupid, irrelevant questions. How about you stay in your shitty no-story game with no real RP and your "lolsorandumb" characters and don't ever join a game that has actual roleplaying or plot? Better yet, how about you graduate high school, get a job, and come back when you're old enough to post here?


True signs of a subhuman.

If it's realistic its fun.

Game of Thrones is a piece of shit, its not shit because "horrible" things happen to horrible people (nothing literally happens, specially in the books). In the show "horrible" things happen because the writers and showmakers are too jewish to keep re hiring actors so they just kill the fuckers to get rid of them and focus the money somewhere else. So literal dumbfucks like you think horrible things happen all the time, when in reality, it's literally just fanfiction made up by some overgrown 14 year old. The books are the only thing that matters and over 70% of the deaths of the show never fucking happened and everyone is still alive and well.

By the way I'm not even the guy that you were talking about, but a realistic game isn't a game where the DM just kill your characters outright and no one talks with each other. But you are really not role playing right the way you are doing it right now. A good game is a game where you feel like you are part of a different world and you get attached to your character. Since your character is LOL SO RANDUMB XD and so is everyone, no one gets to have proper role playing fun. You gotta believe in the made up story you are taken part of, and for you to believe in anything, you need a semi realistic setting, not just autistic anime shit(I love anime by the way, but unless the setting is magical girls, leave anime elsewhere)

TL;DR: Stop having wrong fun, and stop watching shit shows.

>make qt Tiefling
>Be Bard
>Focus on healing, relaxing music, and relaxation, basically a geisha with horns
>literally a healslut tiefling optimized for Charisma and Intelligence

Whatcha gonna do about it?

Calm the fuck down.

>This "they're like humans but they have horns and are super kewl u guize xD" fluff for them is boring.
Second. SCAG made me soften-up a bit on them due to the variants presented therein but I am still not big on them.

Albedo was made for marrying.

>Whatcha gonna do about it?
I have couple ideas.

I agree with you on most of those points except the anime part.

I don't think bullying this guy would end well.

There are variants now? I need SCAG. Tell me more. Please.

Who is this cute boy?

I don't expect the average anime watcher to have seen Slayers. Anime is love. Best D&D shows are anime ones.

Tiefling Druids are an exception, right? You wouldn't bully one, right?

Yeah they are the exception. You don't bully them every day. You bully them every hour.

Especially if their name starts with an E.

He looks like a fag, and not even a cool fag like Tiefling Freddy Mercury.

How dare you take Suika's horn you monster

>too lazy/stupid to actually use a picture of a tiefling

Wow, asshole! Fuck off, she just wants to make people happy!

How would you bully her?

Tell that to him when he's rending Gods, and throwing around blasts of soul destroying Iconoclasm.

My biggest regret in life is not getting the number of this Lina cosplayer I met at a con. Had great conversations, played Catan in the game room, got blackout drunk and the next moment I was consciously aware of my actions I was in my friend's car on the way home. I'll find her again someday fifteen years from now when we're both married with families and we'll catch up over a snack and go our separate ways

>throwing blasts of soul destroying concepts

I'm not even sure if anime was a mistake in this instance, this just doesn't make sense

Isn't that like bullying a dragon? I don't think it is a good idea to bully someone who can gore you with his/her horns, strangle you with the tail, kill you with her claws or maw, and it is partially made of evil.

Mock her abilities as a druidess. Cut at her sense of pride and importance, insinuate it's more nature and less if at all her that's doing anything worth shit the tiefling accomplishes. Throw in plenty of body-image abuse, mocking those bony horns and rat's tail on her fat saggy ass.

Not sure what angle I could go with: "People must mistake you for a succubus all the time given how much of a dim-witted slut you are, I know spring is often the time of mating season but that's no excuse for being a cheap slut. You seem more at ease being a street-walking prostitute than forest walking druidess" or "At least a succubus is good for something, you can't even count being a walking glory hole as an accomplishment."

He still looks like a fagt, and even his speshul snowflake magic has a fag name. What godawful webcomic does this fag come from?

convenient handlebars, especially for ramming their heads into your knees
having more appendages is a double-edged sword, as it gives an extra thing for an opponent to grapple and manhandle. use the tail to drag them around
>made of evil

Not him, but I gotchu.

Which is better: a teifling that's in touch with their hellish aspects while remaining in control of themselves, or one who rejects it outright?

>tear shaped energy thingies
>glowing eyes
>multicolor ~pastel~ hair
>boycleavage window
>edgy batwing horn cape
>drow skin
>basic bitch horns and tail

What an entry level Gary Stu. He's not even well-dressed. Here, have a picture of a well-dressed tief I found by poking through my character art program for a minute or two.

Seriously, if you're going to have a "second form" at least have it look cool instead of going from "dumb loser" to "dumber loser".

You must be proud of your culture of origin!

It's for extra edge. Being iconoclastic means being revolutionary or unique, some lazy hack of a writer decided that somehow translates to special snowflake powers.

They don't have any Strength bonuses, humans and half-elves can bully them ez.

What are your thoughts on arcanaloth-descended tieflings who are cute anime jackalboys/jackalgirls, or maybe foxboys/foxgirls if descended from a fox arcanaloth like Shemeshka?

Would you let someone play one?

Do you think they make good kitsune with their racial stats?

I like this pasta.

You wouldn't happen to know the best way for a fellow to get his hands on a .pdf of that, wouldja?

It's actually an animated Pathfinder campaign called Thrilling Intent. Which you would know if you weren't a mouth-breathing retard.

Devils represent!
Of course we have what you want.!oHwklCYb!dg1-Wu9941X8XuBVJ_JgIQ!8bYyHDzb

Actually the second meaning of Iconoclast is "a destroyer of images used in religious worship, in particular", which is the one being used in this instance.

I want to play a Winged Tiefling Eldritch Knight now. Bow+Rapier Master Race.

they are convenient handbars all right, but not in the way you are using them.

you need to fuck the infernal blood out of them one generation at a time



This isn't getting any better for you.

Thanks buddy! I sure hope playing a Winged Feral Tiefling Dex Eldritch Knight goes well.


That explains everything, from "why is he such a faggot" to "why haven't I heard of this" to "why is a spellcaster in a regular adventuring party rending gods". Because fucking Pathfinder

>mouth-breathing retard

I think I'm a wee bit smarter than you for not involving myself in that trash or holding it up as a "good example" of tieflings. Topkek, fucking Paizofags.

I would take her staff, hold it over her head, and make her jump for it. If she ever got close, say by climbing the contours on my glorious Paladin armor, I'd grab her by the horn and toss her back down.

As an apology, I'd promise to take her to get some pie, but just as she reaches the door of the bakery I'd grab the end of her tail, wrap it around my wrist, and pull back as her fingers scrabble helplessly for the doorknob and she cries at me not to do this in public. All the while I'd taunt her, going "what's the matter? The lemon meringue is right there! Don't you WANT it, or are you worried about your weight again?" We would all laugh jovially at her plight as she realizes Strength is a bad dump stat.

We can't fall anymore. Time to unleash several editions' worth of bullying on the world.

I unironically would take them over Tabaxi.

>re hiring
>taken part of
Ha. Hm...

>This isn't getting any better for you.

if you actually knew the lore of the universe, you would know that sometimes the Gods are major dicks, and the only way to ensure they stay dead, and don't come back for round 2 is to use Iconoclasm to destroy them absolutely. Pic related is one of those Gods.

Yeah but the point is, why the fuck would I want to?

Somehow, that sounds way worse than it should.

>That explains everything, from "why is he such a faggot" to "why haven't I heard of this" to "why is a spellcaster in a regular adventuring party rending gods". Because fucking Pathfinder

The system it's based on is Pathfinder. Everything else is original. also he doesn't rend or destroy Gods regularly. The Gods are kind of a rarity to actually meet in the world, and usually only appear as endbosses.

>I think I'm a wee bit smarter than you for not involving myself in that trash or holding it up as a "good example" of tieflings. Topkek, fucking Paizofags.

Yes, you are indeed "smarter' than me for liking generic warrior tieflings who are either incompetent brute of a warrior, or the standard bishonen/loli archetype who amounts to nothing more than fetish appeal, rather than enjoying a well-made, and fleshed out character in a very well written world. Truly you are a king amongst kings.

That still makes no god damn sense you mong. Something like "shooting HATE" has a clear line to becoming a physical entity, hatred is an emotion all humans feel, we can understand the "power" behind a "ray of hatred" or whatever.

Iconoclasm makes as much sense as an energy source as Cubism.

Eh, it's a well made campaign setting, and it's pretty enjoyable all things considered. It is certainly more interesting than most of the standard fantasy worlds.

>Iconoclasm makes as much sense as an energy source as Cubism.

Fairly certain there are settings that use Cubism, and even more nebulous concepts as actual sources of power. This is definitely not the worst case.

I like My Chemical Romance.

>tfw too old to listen to Teenagers

They're major dicks everywhere and that effete godlet looks like tumblr invented him.

Now Bane is a proper god. Behold his majesty. He's not some Pride Parade child smeared with HIV-positive blood to "remove the stigma", he's a giant with a razor-edged shield and spear standing on a big fuckoff pile of skulls dressed in pimp-ass gold and red Greek-style armor, and he's even showing off his abs BECAUSE BANE LOVES THE BITCHES AND THE BITCHES LOVE BANE! This is a god who has succeeded at being a cool guy.

My point is, why would I want to absorb the lore of a setting that looks like dumb, edgy bullshit with Paizo retardation sprinkled all over it, let alone take Edgelord McStu as an example of a good tiefling? Don't give me any shit about it being "well-constructed" or saying "m-muh opinions" or anything, you've specifically held these twinks up as badasses and failed to show it.

That monster looked cool in the thumbnail and then I opened it up and it was a vaginaworm with a crayfish nose and tiny manlet arms.

>My point is, why would I want to absorb the lore of a setting that looks like dumb, edgy bullshit with Paizo retardation sprinkled all over it, let alone take Edgelord McStu as an example of a good tiefling? Don't give me any shit about it being "well-constructed" or saying "m-muh opinions" or anything, you've specifically held these twinks up as badasses and failed to show it.
>Hurr Durr. Something I haven't even see is edgy and dumb hurr

If you actually did your research instead of talking out of your ass crack, you would know that the series is predominantly humor, and even when it does get serious, it never reaches the edgy blood knight stupidity of 40k or your 'Bane' image. Also the guy I posted could probably cause your Bane to reincarnate endlessly for the rest of eternity. Being able to manipulate the cycle of life itself is such a fun ability.

>vagina worm

Don't know where you see a vagina on that mate. It's also a God of Death, and ended up being the Big Bad for the first season.He becomes pic related.

Funny how all your images seem to come from tumblr and your pussified tiefling is looking at the nearest vaguely tanned man with eyes glowing with cockthirst.

Plus that fucking derpy face in the shadows holy fucking kek.

You opened this up with "yeah well tell this rentboy-looking tiefling faggot h-he deserves to be bullied." You did not post a badass. There are, probably, badass castier tiefs who are not bishonen (the default DnD tiefling makes often have beards) or little girls (where did that come from?)..but that's not what struck me the most.

> generic warrior tieflings who are either incompetent brute of a warrior,

Let's examine this. Warrior tieflings are generic. Since when? That's unusual for their stat bonuses. Leaving that aside, though, the last five words stand out. Incompetent brute of a warrior. This idea that warriors are inherently brutish, stupid, and incompetent doesn't just speak to the Caster Supremacy nature of the Paizofag, but it has a personal ring to it, as does your whole approach to this conversation. Tell me, were you bullied as a child? Perhaps for looking like a fag?

Ray of Impressionism would fuck someone up.

A lot of loyalty for a level 1 Cleric.

Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would damn a man, before 'shifting off of a plane.

I'm not going to watch your fanfiction and you haven't managed to sell it to anybody.

He looks stupid in both forms. Now THIS is how you death god!

>strong jaw
>broad shoulders
>carries a big sword like it ain't no thang
>bitches just hanging off him
>genocides dragons effortlessly

>TVtropes reference
>doesn't like 40k
>doesn't like Greek armor
>muh power levels hey hey guy this shitbag author wrote a tumblrfag character with suuuuch cool abilities author fiat makes him a badass

Were your parents disappointed when you came out or did they already know?

Just going "oh, he's power level 99999999 but the players beat him because they're so kewl" doesn't mean shit outside the context of this godawful "animated campaign".

My tiefling character just completed their quest to kill the demon lord who cursed her parents to have her instead of a human, and then they themselves got turned human! Good ending.

They were also a princess, at least until the scales and horns grew in- then the human supremacists manipulated the court until they had no choice but to disown her. Now that they're human again, they're a princess again! Yaaay!

That happy ending leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

To be fair, is anyone MORE blindly loyal than a level 1 cleric?

>doesn't like 40k
A sign of good taste.

Assuming the human supremacists had ideologically pure motives they were protecting their kingdom and are the good guys. Now, if it was a naked attempt to get the heir out of the way and eventually depose the royal family, that's another issue.

Given he's a tumblrfag it's probably because it's not politically correct and much too violent for his tastes. The Blood Knight line backs it up.

That said, if you can't handle 40K's ham you really don't belong on Veeky Forums.

Could have been both

It did for me too. The GM didn't actually give me much of a choice there. They decided that since it was a curse- and since I had two human parents- then with the permenant death of the one who created the curse, I'm human now.

I wanted to kill the archdevil and take his position in the Nine Hells, ruling the place the way mere mortal royalty never could have. I'd been updating my character art to add more and more scales, horns, spiked vestigial wings and such as they got more powerful. I wanted my character to become an archfiend themselves.

But then again, my character somehow ended up so cheesy and horrible that I figured it'd be best to retire them anyway. I could either stand there every round and do nothing, or completely crush all opposition underneath my heels. Them going back to being nobility again was as good an excuse as any to retire the character.

The human supremacists don't have ideologically pure motives. They mostly use it to have a rhetoric to manipulate the populace, and apparently they've been making supersoldiers by trying to transmuting together humans with various other races, some people literally brainwashed, with command words and the like.

One of our party members ended up like that, at least until I spent a week or two layering dozens of Programmed Images to block out the command word 'if the previous programmed image has been consumed and the first few words of the command phrase is said, intermittedly block out words until your duration is up'

They also apparently have advanced technology. Some kind of meteor crashed, as far as I was able to scry it was a completely nonmagical spacecraft, though some of the materials it was made out of stopped me from investigating too far.

Humans are just as capable of murder as a tiefling. you can strangle someone with a belt with relative ease.

At least you have caster levels, who are you?

>I could either stand there every round and do nothing, or completely crush all opposition underneath my heels.

This sounds like a minmaxing problem, not a curse problem.

It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our PrC.

Nobody cared who I was 'till I stopped being a Fighter.

what's the grossest or weirdest looking tiefling you've seen/played as so far?