ITT we make and then post flags of country's in our settings.
Describe your country a bit!
>Small country filled with plains and forests
>Ruled by King Jordan II and his wife Queen Lillian
>Most people live an honest life farming or serving in the army

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Damnit I forgot the site.

I actually have flags for three of the larger nations for our campaign.


I've been meaning to make more, but I'm not the DM and no one really cares about the flags...

This is truly admirable autism, fellas. Keep up the good work.

That sucks man.
Flags aren't asked about alot but I still make them becuase an army that flys no flag seems dumb.
They also fuel my imagination.

Why thank you.

Not exactly a flag but awhile ago I commissioned a logo for an organization in a setting I'm building.

That's slick.

This is the only flag I ever made for a game, which was a forum game.

What kind of forum game?

Freeform. NationStates. It was a couple years ago now.

Alright Veeky Forums, what kind of anarchism is this?

Pacifist Anarchism or UN-endorsed Anarchism

>Pacifist Anarchism

I like it.


idk, by not being dicks to each other?

Anarchism just means belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion, which is something that could definitely go hand in hand with pacifism if the setting is idealistic enough.

Obviously in real life it's impractical but this is Veeky Forums, where your imagination makes it real.

I just did a ton of flags for a ww1 magic setting. Shit on my designs Veeky Forums

Been a while so likely don't remember a lot of details, but here we go.

>People's Republic of Moladon
>island nation
>former colony desired for it's spices
>disgruntled colonists join forces with remaining natives who unite in totally-not-communist revolution lead by a former duchess
>new nation is about 30 years old
>corruption is a a problem, but the quality of life has still drastically improved for the common people through better access to healthcare, clean water, and education
>however, heavy defense spending has slowed down this progress and has been causing unrest
>still tension between colonists and native people particularity over increased industrialization
>one of the first nations to develop mechs since it's a not-Gundam game
>natives have an animist religion
>there's several documented holidays including a couple religious one, some leftovers from the colonial culture that are getting reinvented, and a new Independence day

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