Was there a time when the DM derailed his own game? Bonus points if it never got back on track

Was there a time when the DM derailed his own game? Bonus points if it never got back on track.

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I'm not sure if this is a proper derailing, but I remember our crack-addicted DM of our Pathfinder game.

Basically, our ultimate goal was to stop this strange cult from summoning some sort of eldritch horror into our realm, and we had to do it on our own. In order to do that we had to cross an ocean to get to where the cult is actually based at.

However, for some stupid reason, our DM started railroading us into going inland and eventually got us to this cave entrance. Pretty much every one of us wanted to not go in there because it was already retarded that we were there to begin with and there was seemingly no reason for us to go in. Eventually, after some terse arguing we got the DM to fess up and say "some magic book or some shit is in the cave and we need to get it." After that we made the mistake of going in.

Once we get in we're greeted by this bitch here. To give you some context the highest leveled person in our party at the moment was me at level 7, compared to this doom-monstrosity that has CR 25.

The hairs on the back of my neck began to stand up because I actually remembered looking up with this fucker does. It gets even more fucking disturbing because there were two female PCs in our party. Then at once it dawned on my what was probably going to happen.

Not willing to let this autism stand any longer, I was able to devise a plan to get ourselves out of this realm of magic. I used greater teleport to get the entire party back to the entrance of the cave and we basically high-tailed it as fast as possible away from it.

To say the DM was pissed about this would be an understatement. In fact, he got so riled up over it that he relapsed into his crack addiction and got sent to rehab for the third time.

Safe to say we didn't finish that campaign.

Does "letting the power gaming dick head who always looks for loopholes secretly ally himself with the bad guys" count as derailing his own game?

I looked up what it does too. Jesus. That shit belongs on /d/.

>in highschool
>weekly dnd game
>"you chase the mysterious man deeper into the sewer, the water is rancid and disgusting"
>"is the sewer full of squishy baff?"
>"haha yes"
this game had been going on for four sessions and it ended 30 minutes later because we could not recover from this

But user, It easily drains away! You should have been fine!

Also that's amazing

>in highschool
>squishy baff came out in 2012
I want underage millenial scumbags to leave

>in school 5 years ago
yeah fuck me I guess

What is it, pray tell, I don't know.

>t. millenial

delete this thread, op. how FUCKING DARE you try to suggest DMs can do any wrong on Veeky Forums

DMs are the fucking LIFE of the game you retarded piece of shit. They can't derail the game because they ARE the game. I hope whatever fucking character you play next gets killed in the most horrific way possible, you STUPID FAGGOT.

user I have bad news, 2012 was 5 years ago.

Pazio's waifu. From what I remembered, it's a disgusting thing that births out monstrosities and turns other females into it through rape and vore and other shit. It's like if someone took all of the worst fetishes, put them into one being, then release the monstrosity in a world without sin. That's how disgusting it is.

>Highschool in 2012
>user is between the ages of 19-23 or so
Go die in a fire.

How many children drank that shit?

>yet people still try to compare the fetish levels of dnd and pathfinder

It sounds like some tryhard read about the Echidna and decided it was not enough. Jesus.

Sort of. I have a DM who makes sandbox games, and allows the players to create their own factions and empire build. But after several sessions he gets in over his head, and can't keep track of all the different things that each player is doing/done, and things begin to fall apart, both mechanically and plot wise. Then, things come to a head and he says "we're going to have to just abandon this campaign it's gotten too big". They're fairly fun while they last but incredibly unsatisfying to play.

He's done this 3 times now all in different settings, and next time I might not put my hand up to play because I'm sick of not getting to that role-play climax.

>yet people still play pathfinder and dnd

>people ages 19-23 can't be on Veeky Forums

No, that can't be right, it's 2013 right now


Sounds like he should stop DMing and design a turnbased computer strategy game. Pretty sure they're one of the easiest kinds of video games to develop from a technical standpoint. The important thing about TBS-CRPGs is that there is no amount of data a computer cannot crunch and keep track up.

One time I had this big dark quest arc all planned out, but for whatever reason that sunday my players were acting like goons and half of them showed up drunk. So instead i just had some guards show up to the tavern and try to arrest the barbarian and rogue and the game turned into a big pirates of the carribean style chase with all sorts of action and shenanigans. it was great everyone laughed a lot and had a good time.
Does that count?

>but for whatever reason that sunday my players were acting like goons and half of them showed up drunk
I'm imagining you showing up the day after st paddys day or something just completely baffled with no idea what was wrong with anyone

Our Cyberpunk campaign ended with us fighting aliens who loved stealing human tribes throughout history.

Apparently the GM had read a series of sci-fi novels with that conceit, and decided to crobar it into our game.

That is the poorest bait I've seen in a while.
I'm actually getting angry at how crappy it is.
Maybe that was the goal. Maybe it is some kind of meta-bait and I fell for it.

He should probably limit his games to three or four players, and maybe one action at at time per player.

>"Oh look blatant bait!"
>"Better feed the troll so he sticks around and continues shitting up the thread."
How about you both pack up your shit and leave?

The DM was much less experienced at the time, and everything sort of went off from a somewhat serious fantasy campaign with fun for all, to edgy shit that had (has) massively overpowered characters from a campaign he was a player in before that are literally god-mode. I guess the trouble player (who left the campaign later) was getting too randumb, the DM wanted to feel a bit more secure, so he took his character, and the characters of friends he had in another state, and he threw'em in there.

Whenever these characters weren't there, the game went actually fairly well; when they were, it didn't feel like it fit at all. I'm sure there were good intentions behind these 'max level in every class + more, 1DWhatever the fuck I want for damage, sit there while I wank about how cool my old friends are' characters, but it got way out of hand. We haven't actually brought that campaign to a finish, but even the DM agreed it went too far.

So, he's making another one. I'm going to join, and that's about it. His mistakes are what inspired me to start DMing as well, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

Sometimes it felt like my role was to be a doll which would be played with by his better friends as they bask in how cool and edgy they were. He didn't mean it that way, but it really hurt when he was one of the closer friends I had at the time.

Yeah, not him, but I graduated in 2012 and I'm 23... you really cut this witch-hunt shit out

>I had a nobledark thing going for my players in a kind of balanced setting (AD&D). The majority of it by a very small margin was done by exploring and solving out of combat problems, the combat was based on extensive dungeons, huge arcs of war chaos, ambushes etc.

>After the third chapter all of my niggas had finals and I watched them cry their shit over the table like darkest dungeon characters who had been fondled in the dark one too many times via eldritch tentacledick, so I did the cheapest thing I could which was the danger room
>No explanations given they are dropped in a hazy state over a laser like grid that simulated different environments and they fought different monsters in there. Some of those I had carefully crafted for future battles but they had to be sacrificed. They faced everything they could and after each fight their spells and HP would get refilled, fallen companions revived, etc. Cheapest shit ever for a campaign where I tracked hunger, resources, social relations, alignment and some other shit of every party member. It was hard to find good rest for wizards, disease was common at low levels, and even if traps were kind of rare, hazards I dropped whenever it felt appropiate.
>My only condition for this: suspend your disbelief niggas, there is no explanation as to why you are dropped here, just fight shit to your hearts content, Imma not even going to track alignment.
>After they looked much more relaxed like they had dropped a previously stuck massive turd down the drain I suggested we went back to our regular programming. Since we just finished a dungeon, I haphazardly stuck three towns, one city, one goblin burrow, one gnome tower and one very beautiful dungeon into one sloppy mess and basically called it the colosseum.
>Designed extra advanced classes for my people including one that would allow the wizard to cast without slots under certain conditions, and as always presented those as enemies during the whole tournament arc.

By the time we went back to our regular campaign, the group had to dissolve because IRL issues but they had a lot of fun with both types of game. I heard two of them went into Dming and had a similar style to mine.