If I pay a DM to handle a ERP game is it prostitution?

if I pay a DM to handle a ERP game is it prostitution?

Only if they're paying for it.
Otherwise you're just a slut.

We were over this back in January - it classifies as catering.

No, it's just paid DMing. It's only prostitution if you also pay said DM to fellate you after the game. Masseuses aren't prostitutes until they touch your genitalia for money.

No dumbass

Prostitution is selling your physical body

That's like saying you're a hooker because you write/sell/buy erotic literature

Is commisioning a cheesy writer to create horribke fapfics of your special snowflakes prostitution?

What about sex hotlines?

What if you pay a maid to clean your house and they end up not getting anything done, but you end up fucking her?

What if you go on a date, then help her pay her bills afterwards and you just so happen to have sex that night?

What if hes paying him for irl erp?

Paying for an actual dominatrix to take an actual whip to your actual (lightly clothed) ballsack is entirely legal in the United States and, therefore, does not qualify as prostitution.

So long as there's no penetration or exchange of bodily fluids, it's legal.

Pretty sure paying a DM to ERP with you is A-OK.


No, it's commission.

This probably wasn't intended to be funny, but I laughed.
This is the most Veeky Forums post I have seen in a while.
Have a screencap.

No, more equivalent to paying for a 900 number. Those are legal last I heard.

Prostitution is just paying a woman for her service.

c'mon, user, think of equality

You know the clientelle of male prostitutes is almost entirely male, right? Heterosexual relationships are based on the transfer of wealth from man to woman in exchange for the woman's services. If somehow a woman needs to pay a man for his dick, there's something incredibly wrong with this woman. I'm talking about "so ugly it's just tragic" levels of wrong.

They'd be a sex worker rather than a prostitute. On the same level as a cam girl or a phone sex operator

If your mother takes my dick, does that make me your dad?

Honestly I'd 100% do paid ERP GMing, hell, I'd do it cheap even.

Wait, I can get PAID for it? Fuck

See Slut.

If you actually consider or participate in ERP you should probably neck yourself.

If you actually consider paying to do the same, unironically, you should definitely gut yourself with all the nearest sharp objects in your vicinity.

If you pay an artist to draw porn, is it prostitution?
If you buy a smut novel, is it prostitution?

How cheap are we talking?

Well, in the world were cartoon of a juvenile debauchery can qualify as pedophilia, these are a real possibility.

It's more like you paid for phone sex