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Space Marines are now officially obsolete for super marines.


okay lets start this thread of nice and friendly

everyone say something unironically nice about your least favorite army

ill start

eldar are one of the most varied armies with multiple builds, you almost always know an eldar player can bring a challenging list no matter what it consists of and breaking that list is a challenge in its own

Nice try buddy, you'll get 'em next time

>40,000 years old Emperor creates Marines and are ultimately flawed
>Guilliman replaces them with numarines how are flawless and better in every way after recovering from a 10,000 years of being a vegetable
If the golden throne didn't force him to remain alive he would have killed himself out of shame

its hard to be first when you're


Eh, wez got I2 for now, so going 2nd itz no big deal...

stop replying to your own posts to try and b8 Veeky Forums, i know they're easy targets but give it a rest mate

>Undeterred by these unfortunate events, Jenkins remembered his training and advanced into enemy territory, bayonet fixed, lasgun primed, and face set in an expression of determined resolve.

>His boots and helmet were discovered some days later, still warm.

>We can’t be sure, but we can only assume that Jenkins had been waging a personal guerrilla war against the Ork invaders, sabotaging vehicles, intercepting supply convoys and picking off isolated enemy patrols, and was in no way cowering in a sewage pipe until an unfortunate Marauder bombing run inadvertently obliterated the hab-block he was sheltering inside.

>The good news for Jenkins is that, because he died the last surviving member of his regiment, he will receive an officer’s burial in the martyrdom fields of Armageddon, which is, in many ways, still a victory – well done, Colonel Jenkins. May your example inspire us all.

>Colonel Eugene Jenkins – even in death, he still serves.

R.I.P Colonel Jenkins!

But user you forgot one thing.

Hey anons, I'm new and wondering what weapons should I give my Devastators? I want to give them Plasma Cannons, but apparently they're not very good since I'm DA? And what heavy should I give my tacticals? I was thinking either Heavy Bolters or Missile Launchers.

Interrogator Chaplains are the coolest thing ever, man.

Thanks tg. I'm not angry about codex invalidation because I never had to buy any

even purt got cucked by girlyman

Tzeentch Daemons are my least favorite to play against, but even at near-maximum power they're still extremely fluff compliant, compared to most power builds in other factions.

So even when I get massacred, as long the army is nice and painted I feel like I was slain by terrible, otherworldly powers I had no chance against rather than being cheesed to death by some neckbeard with eight wraithknights.

Is 40k kill yet?

Oh whoops, kek, misread that as favorite army.

I dunno, I guess Tau tanks are kinda cool.

>we're listening to you, the community now!
>like 75% of people are sick of ultramarines wank to the point it's literally one of the most universal and visible maymays in the entire 40k community
>start the new edition with unrepentant ultrawank

i "heard" we are getting new taller SM. can anyone confirm? and by confirm, i mean tell me more rumors about SM?

Soon, user. soon.

>smurf hate is the most newfag 40k meme
>Le WARD!!!! XD
Come back when you can Act like a fucking classy neckbeard and shit on tau like the rest of us

>I'm not angry about codex invalidation because I never had to buy any
To be fair, at least this means now we won't have several codexes outdated while Space Marines get a new codex for each new edition.

do people really not like ultramarines? ive never actually met anyone that disliked them, just posters on here

But that viewpoint's from years ago, user.
If there's anything I've learned from the last few months, it's that modern Veeky Forums loves Matt Ward, is sorry they ever doubted him, and thinks Ultramarines are the best.

I kinda want to read more about Guilliman being so infuriatingly perfect that everyone around him loses their fucking minds and blows up their own homeworlds.

Okay we know you're here, not gonna call you out but if you're a WHFB or AoS player here to stir everyone up and relish as you watch the 40k community unravel into insanity you don't have to tell us, just reply to this post with a smug reaction pic so we know you're there


Nah, I think it's just that they're not squatting anymore.

Well, he IS wearin' blue armor, and blue iz da luckiest color.

Would totally be down wid' the Tau and CSM losing their damn minds over it though...

It's not that we don't like Marines, they are fine. It's just that it's all we ever fucking hear about and get released is marine wank.

The viewpoint never left my local store at least, everyone rips on smurfs.

In the 2e days they were seen as the typical newbie marine army, because they weren't "tragically flawed with hidden darkness" like the other main books.

But that poster's probably one of the guys permanently stuck in the 5e mentality of irrational hatred for anything made by ward.

Continuing from last thread. His one Dreadknight survives to kill my Veterans but I was fine with that because he'd be vulnerable to shooting on my turn while his Dreadnought killed my Chimera. But immediately my fucking Vanquisher nuked his other shitty Dreadknight off the board on my turn. All of my reserves came in (he was waiting on a Grandmaster pretty much all game) and they hunted down his Dreadnought and another transport.

Where were you Veeky Forums when 40k went mainstream and chicks and niggers started showing up at your flgs with their fully painted armies to play 3 hour long pick up games of 40K?


I have never seen a single black person playing Warhammer. A handful of chicks, sure, but it's easily 1% or less of the playerbase.

Without fail every single one played nids, kek.

Everyone's favorite guy at the LGS is a black ork player

Of I don't make a big deal about it because I'm not obsessed with the race and gender of everyone around me

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white hobbiests

This will never happen!

I've played against girls.
I've played against people of many races
I've played pick-up games that last well over 3 hours.
But the only fully painted 40k Army I've ever seen in the store is my own. Nobody. NOBODY! Comes to a game without at least one new model they haven't painted yet.

I saw a tournament once where there was a female participant

she was playing space wolves with lots of the doggies

meanwhile half the participants had some kind of SoB allies, and one cute effeminate guy had some rainbow painted dark eldar

hail horus my dude


Okay seriously is there anyone on this general who's not posting b8?

>3 hour long pick up games
This bothers me more than hurr niggers.


It looks so forced?

Then my Shadowsword started bullying around his terminators and Librarian. But by this time I was back in the lead and I knew the shop was closing soon before he could get in another turn so I decided to call a draw. And Veeky Forums this Wednesday should I try going against Tau or the derpy looking Lord of Skulls Chaos guy? I'm trying to do a 4000pt game with a Death Korp guy too. And can I get a name for my Shadowsword?

Part 3 up

Pretty much everyone locally except for one guy (that doesn't even play, he just collects and paints) hates Ultramarines.

Most of our Space Marine players are Dark Angels, Space Wolfs, or Iron Fists.

As for general Imperium players we have more Guards than anything.

Okay I know everyone hates the idea of fem marines

But what about a chapter of Kyoote trap marines?

The fuck else are we supposed to do until we know what the new rules are?

Really? As a guard player I've found the entire Marine Lore pretty ignorable. Tau Wankery, though, seems to be unavoidable. Not sure if it's because GW likes to point out "The Tau are a large organized force just like the Guard but miraculously better in every fucking way", or if its just the damn Mont'ka books.

Blood Angels already exist

Pffft if regular space marines are fucked at super marines just imagine how fucked anything that is NOT a space marine of any kind is in the lore? I'm awaiting the SoBing and pulling of support from over half the ranges. All the Xenos except Eldar as well.

Idk... post memes and talk about how shit 40k is while none of Veeky Forums actually plays 40k just like usual?

>And can I get a name for my Shadowsword?
Cadia'ss lance
fist of the impetuous
indefatigable hammer

At my LGS running a planetary empires campaign for 8 people with three girls that play (two nids and an ork) and I've been playing against a black dude's berserker army since 2005.

>Small alien faction that has a single, unified army that cooperates, values the lives of their soldiers, and isn't afraid of technological advancesments
>Somehow better than the army of cannon-fodder that has too work within the logistical nightmare of trying to work alongside other Imperial factions towards a single goal

Yeah, real miraculous

I'm enough of a newfag that I remain unable to tell where the line between 'talking shit', 'posting memes', and 'baiting' is, exactly.

Dammit! I didn't even get a game today. Everyone was playing Armageddon and the 40k players seem to be hunkering down in preparation for their army lists getting fucked up in 8th edition.

Nice thing about guard, though, is that we can go to the store, hear about the upcoming edition and it's massive rule changes, and still just shrug and buy another couple boxes of guardsmen. Because fuck, guardsmen are always going to be our bread and butter no matter what they do to the game.


Big Lucy to the boys.

I like giving girl's names to weapons.

There's nothing miraculous about Tau organization. It's WW2-WW1 military organization set in space vs modern army with robots. The rotten Imperium is run by retards, high-class twits, and religious morons. I'm sure the Imperium fought less retarded, perhaps even like the Tau, during the times of Big E.

I fucking hope this turns out to be true. Not because I'm particularly interested in the models, but because I enjoy watching that smug fuckwit Natfka having to admit that he was fucking wrong. Cunt was there the day after the initial marine leaked insisting that it was just a kitbash despite no-one to this date managing to actually source all the pieces in the model.


Eat shit you rumourmongering faggot.

In my flgs about 15 years ago when I'd just started.

>can I get a name for my Shadowsword?
if it's not some kind of dick euphemism you're doing it wrong

Not caring.

Mabye 8th will fix the rules, so I wont have to hate eldar dickbike players, because they are a cool way to play them, just broken as fuck.

Fire of Heaven
Shard of Dawn
Tempest's Child

Is the Age of Grimdarkness over?

>I've been playing against a black dude's berserker army since 2005

to be fair I don't mean to call all black people niggers. I too have played against black people, and they all looked like this

Do you realise that the IG Regiments are as inefficient, uncoordinated, and retarded as possible on purpose to prevent successful rebellions? It's right on the Astra Militarum codex. It's not just retardation, it's built-in in the system.

The Wicked's Rest.

>Geddit? Geddit?! DO YOU GET MY REFERENCE!?!

Also, I always thought that would be a badass name. But my army uses callsigns not names so I could never use it.

Yeah I know what you mean. All these changes and shit will make no difference to Guardsmen who never get a save anyway and hit like a damp rag regardless.

i dont play at stores anymore, just a group of 5 guys that are friends/aquantinces, one is a black guy, and i mean black like dark as the night. he plays tau and is hardcore into anime and jrpgs

>implying tau are even slightly relevent
>implying an organisation as large as the Imperium doesn't have to sacrifice individual level quality of equipment, training and support because they have to outfit an Empire that is unfathomably larger than the tau

The equivalent of Tau for guard would be an army like Scions or D-99, but also having a Space marine company, a variety of Abhumans, Imperial Navy support, and an Imperial Knight household at all times. Plus the Ad Mech support staff to maintain all of that.

and you took it as a personal fucking affront. check yourself before you wreck yourself, boy

Exactly, so the guy complaining that his guard aren't as Tacticool as Tau is being silly. Tau can afford to kit out their individuals with a lot of stuff because they don't have to sacrifice quality, where the Imperium has the quantity that makes those things a concern.

>name for shadowsword

sister fister MkII
fisted trans-sister

Not him but I just dislike them stating Tau have things like slow ass warp capabilities yet are somehow out manouvering the IN and beating them to other star systems.

Or how they lost a lot of the hinted at darker aspects like "re-education" camps that gave a not-everything-is-as-great-as-seems vibe and just straight up went ALWAYS SUNNY, GOOD TIME, BEACH PARTY.

It's that mix of plot armor (ie giving them blatant weaknesses and draw backs that are always ignored even when it's important) and the current trend in portrayal that further makes them feel out of place in the setting.

>Blow-up stars in an attempt to harness their full power.

>those insignias
Are the Tau somehow related to the Bohrok Swarm?

>Every single promotional material has to be a WF/BM combo
Every single time.

It's not the 90s any more guys. You're not racist, it's ok.

We brexit now.

The Tau accomplish out-maneuvering within their own systems through use of frequent way-stations that can reinforce nearby worlds faster, in addition to it being a dense star cluster on their home turf.

I don't fully agree with the current depictions of Tau either, but usually when I see complaints about their plot armor, it's in regards to Marines having their plot armor over-ruled, rather than Guard.

honestly black weebs are the chillest motherfuckers around, that may be stereotyping but its true

Oh wow, they blew up stars. That's such a big deal in the 40k universe.

To be fair, I've heard people mention that part of the reason for the plot armor is that any 'major setback' for the Tau would basically be enough to crush them, thereby eliminating them as a faction.
No idea if that makes any sense, though.

That' said, the Imperium can't run straight even when its commanders are sober. I'm convinced that they would warp out inside of a star if they ever try to enter the heavily packed Tau cluster.

We have a lot of girls and trannies where I play. No black people, just random Hispanic variants. The girls are typical shy nerds and trashy nerds. They are kind of cute but incredibly dumpy with their appearance. The trannies are surprisingly cute for heretical beings, they put in a lot more effort for their appearance.

>rolling dice directly onto models

fucking women

I only just realised how ugly she is. Damn.

The Imperium doesn't have the capacity to blow up stars let alone convert them into reactors.

to be honest these two thoughts pass through my head pretty constantly and ive been playing for years

>mfw that girl has rolled more dice in one handful than most people on Veeky Forums have this year

He after that T H I C C white booty.

>the imperium doesn't have the capacity of blow up stars

i always find it weird when people who don't know the lore start lore arguments

>just random Hispanic variants
hispanics can be very artsy fartsy.. think about it. there are a ton of hispanic comic book artists and wasnt there a hispanic sculptor for G-Dubz?

I feel you but he is a bouncer for a nightclub. He looks nothing like Steve and actually keeps his hobby a huge secret around his ethnically inclined friends.

It really doesn't hold up. Tau could easily lose control of a world or system or have something big blow up in their face. They have about 100 worlds. That makes losing one a bigger deal than the Imperium, but it's not as though the loss of an entire system would cripple them unless it was 100% totally annihilated with all the worlds destroyed with no hope of reclaiming any resources from them.

Part of the Tau's fluff was how they didn't place a big emphasis on holding key locations, being more likely to retreat and strike later.

Heck, that'd be a great way to deal Tau a loss. Have them actually lose an entire Sept. The Cadre and troops from that Sept now get an identity and motivation as the ones who lost their home and want it back, and you can just write a tiny blurb at the end of the loss about how they're regrouping and gathering forces to try and get back those worlds.

It would be easy, wouldn't remove Tau as a faction, and would help humble them somewhat.

don't know why they didn't go with an asian youth.
Isn't that the hip thing nowadays, not being islamaphobic
>while the continent is fucked.

>We brexit now.
you hear that spain is threatening Giberalter over it.

The Mechanicum have forgotten more about tech in the last decade than the tau have learnt in the entire history of their species.