R8 the mohawk marines

r8 the mohawk marines

>All your old shit is outdated.
>Everyone who plays 30k has an army of manlets.
How does this make you feel as a 40k fan?

So they're not taking a shit while kicking ass? I r8 em 0/10 as they should be shitting on xenos in every way possible.

I like the models a lot actually, but

>Everyone who plays 30k has an army of manlets.

This really busts my ass.

armor design is fine
guns look janky

I know they have the little computer dingles, but having mk7-style vambraces instead of mk-8 style vambraces doesn't make sense to me

"You must be this tall to be a Space Marine."

How about assigned them as sergents until you got enough to throw away the old ones?


You realize this will be a new unit/army, right? There are direct from RG's fresh genestock, so they will be different.

The new 40k seems to be all about subfactions (like aos). Marines get RGs personal boys, Eldar get ynarri, chaos get troops for each God, etc. Tau will probably get more mercenaries or a flushed out army by that one rebel guy, and works might get something like revel grots, or Thrakka's personal army when his new model gets released.

I feel liberated.
I can finally buy truescale after 30years.

Those guys in the back share the same pose.
Snap fit?

I was about to say the same, but a lot of GW's new plastic kits have been really bad for variety in poses. Models have to be assembled in a particular way and can't really be varied or posed. So it wouldn't surprise me if the new super-Space Marines follow suit.

Posability and variance is dead and buried with GW's current kits.

Yeah I understand but it's the exact same pose

Take a look at, say, the Sigmarines. If you aren't vigilant to switch weapon heads, it's very easy to produce exact clones with that kit.

This gets me. I use to play around 3rd-4th, so I was used to the Tactical Marines box with a missile launcher and flamer, fuck you if you want choice, and missed the newer sprues with bloody everything.

Now they've gone back the other way, and for £7 for a single marine, one *has* to be doing something retarded with his legs.

Yeah sorry if I think about it i never bought any kit released after 2015, you may be right

They look shit.

I have never met a bunch of more pathetic whiners than the 7th edition joiners of this thread

>Space Marine not doing the power squat

This mentality reeks of /v/ crossposting.

Considering the new death guard look to be regular sized and these guys are almost up there with the gulliman model in terms of height,I'd say they're more a super space marine unit than an actual replacement for the standard marine.

With Robotnik bringing the custodes back to the fight, id assume more custodes would need to be made,but rather than do the full on training that they get,you make them as close as possible physically but then give them modified Marine armour instead and attach a handful to various chapters.

Just take a look at the sprues. We are pretty much 6th Edition of WHFB level of kits here, just with a shitton more bling. Bodies are one solid piece, weapons attached to arms, all you can do is choose which head and which arm you want to attach. Not necessarily bad, but good lord it's noticable with some kits.

>Almost up there with the gulliman model
>They're the size of the new Deathwatch and TS marines

Why, every thread, do we have people trying to spout stupid hyperbole opinion as fact.

I feel so good for dumping 40k years ago. Now I can start my army anew with truescale marines, while loyal playerbase gets an outdated manlet army as a reward.

Feels good not being a 40cuck.

>any criticism of a company with a mixed track record is some kind of astroturfing

Grow up mate.

I haven't played since 4th, got tired of GW trying to stretch the mechanics of a skirmish game and the boring big plastic kits that followed. This is just the next step in the obliteration of any grounding in 40k, to reduce even the Space Marines to cheerleaders to the next kit they want to sell. Basically what they did with AoS, where nothing matters any more, just that the kits are sold.

It's a legit business strategy, it's just weird seeing people eat it up rather than looking at the alternatives.

I will never not hate the nu-Wolfen
Seriously, the original concept was top notch

It's just idiots shitposting. Unfortunately it's just going to be a fact of life until the models are actually being sold.

>Any Criticism of a company

That's the thing, it's not criticism, it's whining. It's people whining about two/three screenshots we have seen Just like your very own fucking post is nothing but hyperbolic shit because you see a thing you dislike because it's not old.

That's the issue here, GW didn't just copy the same shit over and over and people like you, who don't play, never played and never will play again think it's bad that GW ever try something different.

I don't think you played in 4th edition bro, because every single criticism of the shit GW has pointed out amounts exactly to

>Muh old marines are not these new marines
>B-But pictures

Go back to /v/ with your shitty opinions.

>"it's just a kitbash, bro!"
>"it's just Mk8 standing straight, bro!"

Will we get strike two?

>B-But it's different

Literally take your tortanic tier stupidity and head back to /v/.

Or better yet, jump off of a bridge.

Just like how the new Deathwatch models were a completely different scale right?

>it's pretty obvious that bigger Marines are coming out, making everything in power armour from Calth plastics to Dante look like manlets
>really crabby that people might be slightly miffed at this

Are you okay?

Calling out all faggots who said the leak from awhile back was fake


Poor little pepe. If you are buying GW products, this means that you are a beaten houswife like everyone else in here. Don't even try to think otherwise.

>B-but my marines look like manlets

Oh no, my older edition marines look smaller and worse than the new edition marines.

Were people complaining about the 3rd edition plastics that introduced Necks to space marines?

Were people complaining that the 2nd metals didn't skip leg day like the rogue trader marines?

I mean, the fact that people are legit crying about this shows they never went through an edition transition.

Everyone is a beaten housewife in the Wargaming industry because they're all overpriced little lumps of plastic or resin or metal.

>mwf this is a tactical maneuver to please the truescale crowd, while doublecrossing third party space-marine conversion kit producers at the same time

GW is such an evil genius.

>spend huge amounts of money re-releasing all their kits in the new scale
>FW has to redo all their models
>just so 3rd party bits won't work with them

I would not put it past GW to be that stupid.

>FW has to redo all their models
>FW can do another 15 years of mostly Marine releases
Sounds like a plan to me.

What about custodes? Are they kinda monopose? I was wondering if i should start a small army

I don't own any, but looking at the sprues: Bodies and legs are separate, as are arms, heads, pauldrons and stuff, so there should be decent variety possible. No idea how the build in practice, their bling might get in the way of posing.

Sisters of slaughter are 11 piece each and only 1 way of glueing them without greentstuff.
also you cant switch any head, arms etc, each only have 1 body they glue with without heavy greenstuff

Thanks for the input. So you suggest a full army of custodes would require some work to look less copypaste? Fortunately I wouldn't need too many models since they cost a fair amount of points

I refuse to believe they'd force everybody to re-buy all their space marines. That would be a massive blunder.

I have a feeling 15 years of work won't be a problem for 3rd party bits makers, and it's not like they can't adapt and release true-scale bits during that time.

xTREME / 10

not actually tried it but looking at the minis i reckon you could get good milage out of Stormhost kits for extra variety in a custodes army.

Massive blunder as in
I'm not going to repurchase every single unit I already own
I'll just stack on the old models I can buy for huge discounts because of huge oversupplying every fucking store and supermarket of the first world
If someone wants to switch over to new scaled marines I will gladly buy their old models so I can play apocalypse scaled games while they play with their apocalypse scaled marines they acquired for the low price of 50€ per five models

they won't.

it'll just be like all the other countless times a mini update has changed its size. My 2e carnifex for example is smaller than my 4e one, but I've never had to replace them and they still time on the table even today.

Ah right that seems like it would fit. I'll look around

Pretty great. These new models look awesome and if they're the new normal for marines I'll gladly gradually phase out my old marines when I get the cash.

Hello GW employee
Now fuck off

>Anyone who likes a thing I dislike is a GW employee
Top kek.
Is everyone who replaced their rogue trader marines with marines that don't look like shit also a GW shill?

>Not undersanding obvious trolling
Well meme'd

I don't get it so are thsee replacing the current tacticals? Cause I'm cool with that.
Or are these some kind of fuckoff ass pull supersaiyan god bankai manga shit that makes regular space marines obsolete and garbage. Cause I'm less cool with that

I dig it but I fucking NEED new chaos marines dammit. If they don't make a new box of CSM with these proportions soon I'm gonna fucking lose it and regretfully buy a box of these marines and painstakingly put spikes all over them myself.

New starter set I reckon, Newmains v death guard

You still field this thing?

2 of them, yeah.

some of the earliest minis I got. plus it looks cool. So when i run a melee fex they're on the table.

Jesus Christ that's fucking ugly.

I still field mk 1 rhinos fight me.

I have the Mk1 style whirlwind from when I started playing in 3rd ed. I like having a few retro models in there.

It's about time Space Marines got some attention with some new models.

says you

AHAHAHAHA those models look so stupid.

No you don't understand. Games Workshop makes the best miniatures IN THE WORLD.

>Tau will probably get more mercenaries

I dearly hope this is the case. I need more weird ass zenos in my life.


Get out

i may sell my 'crons now becuase of this new geedubs stuff. As although they aren't being squatted im not certain anything new will come to them unless matt fucking ward has anything to do with it. and i cant just turn up to tournament when some people are now gonna be fielding Magnus and now fucking mortarion if the death guard rumours are true

>waah I need Marine-level new releases to play my army
>Matt Ward maymay
>super units are going to ruin the game
>>implying this is not already the case
Faggot detected. Go back to 6th edition.

Enjoy your new giga mecha, no xeno for you only robbuts.

What I've seen looks cool, and I'll probably get a few and build myself a Kill Team or whatever.

Dat rocky hairdo
And no I don't mean rock & roll
I mean rocks

hey twat finder general,
>i didn't say that they're ruining the game.
>nor did i say I need new muh-reens
>i want something that wont table me to the stoneage in 2k point matches
self importance detected, go back to buying new releases

>i want something that wont table me to the stoneage in 2k point matches
Why not play 1k if you don't want to get tabled?

>this entire post
Holy fuck, user. How new are you? If it wasn't for the namefagging I'd of thought this was your first post on the site.
Lurk moar.

Never got into 40k because I hated the fucking models for marines and the scale being fucking dumb, whats all this about? Genetically modified space dudes are actually not shorter than regular dudes now?

>and the scale being fucking dumb
It's just 28mm Heroic? Which part do you not like, the 28mm part or the Heroic par?

>Genetically modified space dudes are actually not shorter than regular dudes now?
They usually aren't/weren't though. Some were smaller than some of the other meta or abhumans, but generally they were a head or so taller than any generic pure human mook model.

what will Truesacalers do to represent the super marines if they use these as normal marines?

kill themselves

>truescalers kill themselves
I'm liking the New Games Workshop™©®.


I'm no mehreen fan, but this armour style's my favourite and they're not squatting, so I'd r8 them an 8. Are these new models or something?

Really wanted to start playing AoS because of the scale and nice models, might have to rethink jumping back into 40k instead.

Having bought some myself I do have to say they look significantly better, even the centre T pose (though still pretty awful)

I do however prefer the original rip and tear werewolf style over the new wolfman weapon weilders

french fries. sweet potato fries.

>muh older muhreens are manlets
best hope you don't have any metal beakies lying around

This forced meme has never been funny

what is that mutant

a mutant

and you think people will buy your necrons because... ?

I'll buy them for a deep enough discount.

guilliman isnt going to be happy when he finds out about those mutants

Well, he didn't object during the Heresy.

werent they always hidden from everyone else though? because it does contradict the emperors original whole 'pure human form' thing


Besides the middle ballerina bearhug pose I never really understood the issue with these guys. They're viking werewolf mutants. What do you expect?

>Spess Mehreens players being this booty blasted
>After years of Orks being shat on


NOT 2nd Company Ultramarines?

Is this Heresy?



Maybe he should have thought about that before he stuck organs into kids that turned them into fucked up acid spitting hulks with glowing eyes, fangs, pale skin, and whatever else mutations the various legions got.