Christian Cosmic Horror The Return

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>The Eyesore

The Eyesore is a demented abomination that stalks it's prey silently, ever watching. Victims of the Eyesore feel an odd chill throughout their body, the first signs of infection. As the infection spreads, the victim becomes increasingly paranoid and frightened, their mind playing tricks on them as reality starts to seep away. The victims mental faculties begin to break down overtime, as the mental pressure exerted by the Eyesore begins to weigh in on them. Once signs of infection have begun to surface, it becomes completely impossible to free the unlucky individual from their torment. Weapons, be they enchanted or blessed shatter upon contact, potions have no effect whatsoever, spells fizzle away at a distance before even reaching them, or if the caster is close enough to them stop working at all, the same goes for all other magic. Protective wards shatter like glass and burn away once cast, defensive shielding lasts for about a minute or so before fading away. Not even the power of the Divine has any true effect. Victims might feel at comfort for a few seconds, before the agony of their existence being overwritten returns a thousandfold. not even death is an end to this torment, as victims will find themselves fully resuscitated within 24 hours, from which they awaken in apparent fright or distress, describing"something" assailing them whilst they were dead. During the final stages of the infection, the victims body will be completely still for at least 10 hours, before they begin flailing and wailing, and screaming in dead tongues, begging fr it to stop. All this happens for about 2 minutes before the body completely stills, and the skin starts to whiten and crust over within a few seconds. Should the body not be destroyed with holy flame during this short moment of vulnerability the victims body will transform into another vessel of the Eyesore's dark will, a new part of the Eyesore gestalt collective, that will continue the cycle.

Posted this over in the 'Weird New Monsters' thread, so I decided to post it here, since it fits in enough. Also, forgot pic.

>"Chistian" + "Cosmic Horor"

Imho angels are pretty horrific already, without the "cosmic" aspect.

On the other hand, such religiou superatural being already have many similar traits to the beings decribed in the cosmic horror genre.

Otherwise... not sure where this thread is supposed to go. Have never seen one of this before though.

Have other ideas I'm willing to share to, if anyone's interested.

color me interested friend

Guess I should say that the thread title is a bit of a misnomer. The main theme of the setting is Christian, with Hell on Earth and all that, but every other eldritch horror and nasty from the other religions and traditions, is diving in to get a piece of the pie before it's all gone. So it's more like some bizarre mega-fusion of every nasty thing we fear.

Well pic relatedwould probably be a demon descended from Asmodeus' brood. As it walks and traverses the land it, it spreads bliss, and lust to the various people inhabiting the area. This lust and bliss may seem fine at first, what with the heightened birth rates, and general all around contendedness of the people, but it quickly turns into a curse. The people begin to rape, and kill each other in the streets in their mad pleasure, desiring only to reach ever greater heights of pleasure and euphoria. They destroy themselves, eventually degenerating into literally more than howling masses of flesh and teeth, constantly mating and tearing at each other in a neverending orgy of destruction. This happens to every town the demon strays by eventually.

This would probably be an example of a Wendigo, and judging by it's size a particularly well fed and long lived one. Amongst the numerous horrors that have emerged to plague Mankind in the days of the Apocalypse, the Wendigo is but one among their number. Primarily contained to the lands of the Native American people, this dark force twists and warps the bodies and souls of those desperate enough to consume their fellow man in order to survive. Should one encounter one of these terrifying beasts, it is best to take extreme care, lest you wind up it's next meal.

Those who let corruption into their souls are at risk of becoming horrific beasts, The Warped. Their forms little more than shifting masses of bones, and tentacles, and rotting flesh that doesn't even resemble the original shape of the creature it once was. The Warped attack and assault everything that isn't as corrupted as they are, seeking to consume and add more to their flowing forms of rot and decay. Their bodies are capable of bending and shifting to avoid blows, and every strike from the creatures has a likely chance of staining one's soul with corruption. Survivors should take good care when traversing the ruined cities, lest they fall victim to the Warped's never ceasing hunger.

>""""Christian"""" Cosmic Horror
Put a "Judeo" in front of that next time, user.

Just a quick reminder that true eldritch horrors are quite literally indescribable. To even comprehend one would turn you into a screaming gibbering mass of madness. As a mere mortal, it is impossible for you to even begin to imagine what they are. The closest you could get would probably be to describe the feeling you get when in a completely silent, completely dark room.


If you aren't going to provide anything to the discussion, you should probably leave. This thread likely isn't for you.

That's why the biggest bads won't get any descriptions. The things I've described have just been mere minions, or lesser creatures. Any entity of note will have it's presence felt, and not seen. Even getting a glimpse of one of the major powers would destroy the greatest of men.

Please fucking leave. There is no such thing as judeo-christianity.

What if they really are of their father the devil?

You are criminally uninformed. I suggest you do some real research if you want to contribute to this discussion. The Abrahamic religions work just fine as a cosmic horror story on their own.

What do you guys think of the Japanese take on the Demiurge?


>Perhaps you've heard of Ophanim - the wheel angels? They are not the only divine beings that seem more like objects than individuals.
>Imagine, if you will, the most perfect word. A concept so powerful, it is able to convey the entire majesty of the Holy One in a single syllable.
>It is a word beyond our understanding as mere mortals, so we must refer to it with a different word - Keter, meaning Crown.
>Kitarim are the living manifestations of this word. Small but beautiful angels, they enshrine themselves upon the brows of other angels, acting as a second halo. They act as intermediaries between messenger angels and the Holy One himself.

No, but it's a good middle-ground. If you wanna be truly accurate, you should call it "Jewish cosmic horror," since all the weird angel shit came from the old testament, not the new.

I thought we were supposed to capture little boys? When were we ever accused of killing women?

>No, but it's a good middle-ground. If you wanna be truly accurate, you should call it "Jewish cosmic horror," since all the weird angel shit came from the old testament, not the new.

Muh revelation doe, my shekelated friend

Nothing cosmic or eldritch about that. A bunch of really neat metaphors and hidden messages, I'll give you that, but nothing cosmic.

Eh, interesting enough. Not enough eyes though.

Personally I like adding in some things that aren't canonized like the Book of Enoch and the Revelation of Peter

Interesting. Though like anyone else I despise Kabbalah, it does have some neat concepts. Like the realm of evil, Sitra Ahra. Wonder what would happen if any sorcerer tried to open a doorway there.

You can never have too many eyes

Love me some Kabbalah. My Grandfather's an expert on it, and he's been teaching it to me unofficially for a few years.

Just don't go sacrificing kids to appease Moloch user.

Japan sometimes does good shit but most times they make their monsters look like weird mechas that is composed of floating pieces and call it a day.

Probably because then it doesn't have to be anything functional, no joints, no connection, no detailed machinery, no movement or balance problems because the pieces are just held together by nothing. You can easily get away with many things by doing that

I'm more a /baphomet/ kind of guy

Imps are a classification of creature that appeared soon after the beginning of the Apocalypse. Appearing in many shapes, and universally cruel and vicious, Imps are a plague upon many survivors in the New World. The creature pictured is a type of Imp that has been formed from several of it's own merging themselves into one bloody mass of bones, tendrils, and teeth capable of rending a man to pieces with a token effort.

Kinda off topic but out of curiosity as the non-believing child of two lapsed folks who never heard the message of God go to Hell? Like they totally would have converted to jebus as all that, but were just stuck in Indonesia and never got told about it before they died?


"What? Who? Where am I? What did I do to upset you?"


Or is that what Limbo and Purgatory are for? Still kinda horrifying when you think about it, I guess....

Depends. Denominations disagree on many things. Whether all you need to do is be baptized/pay lip service, actually do good deeds, whether you need to literally know the word, or even if you're one of the eligible few chosen and guaranteed by history.
the 'secret fan club' shit that only "muh true jebus believers" or "only 100,000" get it are cucks though

According to Dante, all the heathens who never knew about Jesus are all on Limbo, lazing around and generally being miserable for some reason while they wait for the Rapture.

But don't worry about that because the Christians got that part wrong. It's actually very easy to get to heaven.

Oh look, inspiration for the thread; a memory eating monster that devours people's knowledge of the Word before killing them so they're damned to hell.

I'm taking this, if you don't mind user. Now I just need to find a proper image.

Studying theology is fun, just for the hell of it.
The Pope has stated that you can even disbelieve god after hearing the word and go to heaven, if you do good deeds and are a believer of the philosophy in action. Older Catholic stance or certain protestant groups believe whatever they may. Some are purgatory like says, some would say they get the boot because of not being baptized, or just because they clearly aren't predestined to be saved since they never got the holy memo.

According to the Bible, "All have Sinned..." and so they've affronted God in such a way that His nature can't allow the injustice to go unpunished. It sounds icky to people's morals, but yes, people who haven't heard of it will be sent to Hell, by my understanding at least. But something that you also have to keep in mind after you hear that is, while it's insulting or so to our modern morals, it's literally the greatest injustice in the history of everything; EVERY human is guilty of it. There's no human comparison to how much it's an insult, an affront to His very nature.

AFAIK, Cosmic Horror implies that humans are at large defenseless and not able to protect themselves. Also, it would be possible if God wouldnt exist and there would be numerous demiurges
Christianity says, that Humans are supreme creations, inferior to only God, in whose image we are created. In fact Entire premise of Christian is to achieve Godlikeness that is possible only to Humans.
I dont think that "Christian Cosmic horror" settings are possible, there are serious conceptual differences

Orthodox Position
>The Eastern Orthodox Church teaches that heaven and hell are relations to or experiences of God's just and loving presence. There is no created place of divine absence, nor is hell an ontological separation from God. One expression of the Eastern teaching is that hell and heaven are dimensions of God's intensifying presence, as this presence is experienced either as torment or as paradise depending on the spiritual state of a person dwelling with God. For one who hates God and by extension hates himself as God's image-bearer, to be encompassed by the divine presence could only result in unspeakable anguish.

>It's actually very easy to get to heaven.
Heaven and Hell is not a place

Well, you are kind of right, in revelation, it is said that when Christ touches down on the planet, the dead will rise in "Spiritual Bodies" or something of the sort. And the living will also be transmogrified in this way. Up-Until then, humans are still meat-puppets being driven by incomplete souls. The Cosmic Horror bit takes place before Jesus hits the earth with spitting fire from his new mixtape, but a Christian Cosmic horror setting would be rather hopeful for a setting because you have an out to destroy all the demons and whatnot, you just have to survive without bowing down to the beast or something equally retarded.

Yet emperor Trajan is in Heaven for Dante.
And the guy condemned christians.

>lorem ipsum tattoo
Man, what a lazy artist.

just kys

Dali is good for some Christian cosmic horror art, strange things happen when you mix Surrealism and Catholicism.






Huh, thats an interesting take on the matter, what do they think of Lucifer then?

Iä! Iä! Thaumiel fhtagn! Hail the husks that shield the eminence of Ein Soph! The Qliphoth! They come!

>what do they think of Lucifer then?
What do you mean?
He is a fallen angel that is hating God and children of God, mankind. He is a deceiver (that is what "diabolos" means) but he can only lead astray, not actually torture souls, as they are beyond reach of anyone and anything besides God himself. anything without will of God and Humans. No demon can possess or interact with human, if human doesn't allow him to do that (knowingly or unknowingly).

Here are we, ten magical movements from Thaumiel to Nehemoth. Satan to Naamah. No light shall reach Assiah!

That's hella rad.

Ah Kabbalah, you are a repository for eldritch horror

Let me rephrase that, then. It's actually very easy to get to Olam ha Ba.

Type in Junji Ito
Steal and copy shamelessly
>I recommend not searching if you have a faint heart

ah, kabbalist then, i thought that this was about Christian setting
Nakhon, hatslakha lekha

Devourers of the Word are demented abominations that tear their way out of gaping holes in the fabric of reality, hunting and devouring the light of hope wherever it may be found. These aberrations hunt survivors in order to consume their faith, their memory, and knowledge of the Word of the Divine. Those who have had the Word taken from them become hollow husks, despairing at all hope being lost, and without any guiding light in the darkness. This does not lost long however, as the creature quickly eviscerates them with it's many claws, and with all knowledge of the Word being taken from them, their souls are forever damned to the halls of oblivion. Take good care traveler, lest you end up the next victim of this most insidious beast.

From the catechism
> This affirmation is not aimed at those who, through no fault of their own, do not know Christ and his Church:
>Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, moved by grace, try in their actions to do his will as they know it through the dictates of their conscience - those too may achieve eternal salvation.

God enabled all people with a free will and a conscience. They have the capacity to act as they wish and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong to differing degrees. Jesus' death on the cross broke with the old beliefs about atonement, which required a sacrifice. Jesus' sacrifice was infinite and so it paid for and continues to pay for all sins. Hence all humans, regardless of belief, have the capacity to be saved if they act according to what their conscience tells them, to the best of their abilities.
>but what about mentally deficient people
to the best of their abilities you fuck


Btw, those orbs in the pic are planets. Just so you know.

His shit is too silly to be spooky dooky. Vastly overrated

Meant for

Trying to create lore for this is going to be difficult to say the least.

You do realize the Bible lies, Lucifer, for one doesn't exist in the original materials, and two does not hate humans for he was cast down to earth, not hell. He is supposed to live among us, he loves us, more than he loves god, whiuch was his crime, so much so that he wants us to be exactly what we are, Human, rather than seeking the divinity of god.


>Loving Humanity

You do realize that Helel was cast from above because he refused to bow before Humanity right? God asked him to bow before us, he refused, and started a rebellion before getting cast down to the earth.

I'm not gnostic, just pointing out that Lucifer isn't the "Devil", and that he wants humans to be human rather than what The big G asshole wants us to be.
Yeah because he believed us to be his equals rather than his superiors, and I don't believe in fucking any of it anyway, just like putting forward the idea that God is the evil one, rather than Lucifer.

see this

Okay, you're an idiot, saying you can't discuss potentially horrific ideas in a thread based on horror, very good.

>saying you can't discuss potentially retarded ideas in a thread based on horror, very good.

I just started reading this. The Priest's story is unadulterated Christian themed nightmare fuel.

I think his stuff is absurd for a reason, his stuff is the kind of stuff that you laugh at during the day and then stay up at night thinking about
I think there was a reason he was going to show up in koijima-hill

His spiral comic is a really good example of cosmic horror.
His art style is just kind of really unnerving, his only non-horror comic is still kind of creepy even though it is non-horror

Angels. Servants to the Divine, emanations of the Supreme Light. They descended during the beginning days of the Apocalypse, descending from on high to purge the corruption from the world, and bring back hope and light. however, upon making themselves manifest, it soon became apparent that they could no longer hear the voice of the Divine, as if something had cut them off from the eternal flow of the light. some become hollow husks, lifeless without the will of the Light animating their frames, some went mad, destroying all in their path in some desperate bid to hear the voice of the holy Light once more. Others as pictured took to constant meditation, and praise of the Light in areas cut off from the rest of existence, even creating worlds in their attempts to commune with the All. But many more still wander the blasted earth, purging the Dark wherever it may be found.

Actually, Christian lore has a great potential to be a cosmic horror...for aliens.
So, bible basically says, that humans are highest of all creation, godlike beings, trapped in mortal realm due to fall of adam. it will end after second coming of God (apocalypsis), after which, we will regain original strength and power and literally become masters of all creations, as it is stated in scripture.
So lets imagine, that this apocalypse will create sort of a Christian version of eye of terror, after which, humans will become transdimensional godlike beings.
anywho, post-apocalypse ascended humans are most terrifying thing for aliens. especially since they will be stronger than anything ever and can only be stopped by each other or their father, God.

>it's retarded because as a christfag i am triggered by heretic ideas in fiction
And I hope you are not

Do you have any argument besides "JUST DON'T ANSWER TO GNOSTIC POSTS REEEE"?

Is that just a bunch of the nge angels slapped together? Cus if so I love it!

Its retarded, because, first of all, Lucifer is symbol of archenemy of mankind. entire purpose of Lucifer is this. Humans NEED strong archenemy in every setting and making this archenemy good guy is STUPID.
any you know whats more stupid? Making God, who created everything btw, your enemy and evil guy, because its just illogical and idiotic. it would make sense if we would talk about demiurges, but we are talking about >>>CHRISTIAN

So basically 40k with humans being chaos gods?

except for the fact that if we follow straightly Christian settings, we will be like God, after apocalypse, which implies, that we would be benevolent entities, therefore would suck as horror monsters or chaos gods...
we would be something like aedra from TES

Samael is not the devil, but he wasn't cast down either. He certainly doesn't love mankind, either.
His role is to tempt mankind and see if they are true of faith. When you die and are judged in heaven, it is Lucifer who act's as the prosecution, while the Holy One/you Guardian Angel acts as the defence.

Grasp of english, manifest.

I think that we need "Kabbalistic space horror thread"
It doesnt fit in Christian one, but it has a rich story base, with samael, lilith, ashmeday etc...

In the ruins of the New World, the Lands of Summer and Winter began to bleed into our own. The Fae of both Courts began to take advantage of the chaos, and destruction in order to further their own goals. Survivors are at risk of being manipulated or twisted by the Fae, unwittingly making deals with the amoral entities, and damning themselves to eternal servitude with their halls. Now the Courts are starting to push through more and more, with the risk of subsuming our realm entirely with their own lands of debauchery and terror.

honestly thought that was a distorted Captain America from the thumbnail

That only really works under Protestant cosmology. For other denominations working the will of Christ in life without knowing him still prevents damnation. So this is Protestant god we're talking about, which means the demons are the good guys or at least only as evil as the god.

>Just started reading this

Buy the sequel now and save yourself the trouble of waiting around to pick it up because holy shit is that a lead in to a sequel if I ever saw one.

It's not just the Word it devours, it devours the ability for one to ever do anything beneficial or holy at all. It consumes the ability for a person to do anything remotely good, and then kills them in order to damn their souls. Also, Demons are full bore evil in this setting. No good demons here user.

Even amongst the twisted wretches, and mutated creatures of the New World, their is still Light. Worship of the Light takes place among the many varied mutants of the Ruined Lands who congregate to pray in front of make shift statues and altars, even mimicking the design of Crucifixes for religious rites. Some travelers are even invited to partake in these sessions, and offer up their praises to the Light. Despite everything that has happened to them, these beings, no these people, still possess hope and a desire for a brighter dawn.

Some general images pertaining to the thread


>You can easily get away with many things by doing that
To be fair, though, if you use the flat-world analogy as a starting point for a 3-d space then floating, disjointed components make sense. It's not that the component arent connected. It's that the connecting components exist outside of our understanding of space.

I have a character like that for a freeform between my wife and I.

Study mormonism. Solves that problem.

Actually yea
Mormons believe that people who don't know here have a chance to be converted in the spirit world

Same dude but whatever
The Book of Mormon is very interesting if you use it as errata for the Bible

Very interesting read even if you don't believe

Don't have time to make lore posts, so for now just have disturbing and weird images.