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Yes, it is largely the same format as my last CYOA. There's a reason for that.

Page 2

As always, please point out any typos (I did all the text on the first page & everything on the other pages in one day, so I might've made a bunch of mistakes in my sleepiness).

I don't know what to tell you Anons.
I know that this is the kind of thing that you can't enforce on an anonymous image board. And I don't care to start a culture war over it.

I will let it rest for now. If someone starts ranting about it in the next couple of threads, it won't be me.

But I was hoping to get to the point where there is an understanding that the square peg goes in the square hole, so to speak...


About this page. The other two go very much together. They also go with the CYOA before it, but the binding part isn't done. This one, however, builds on it to give a more clear goal. I'm considering fleshing it out into a full CYOA, but I think I might like to finish binding up the other two pages first. Not sure yet.

In any case, I'll read through things when I wake up. Goodnight.


>Yes, it is largely the same format as my last CYOA
Which was that?

>Few humans ever erach enough power to participate in the universe's biggest fighting tournament: Valhalla.
Pretty sure there should be a semicolon after tournament.

>No one dies forever in Valhalla.
Don't know if this is just my autism but this sounds strange. Feels like it should be 'No one stays dead in Valhalla forever.'

>By the way, you'll be living in, should you accept.
Don't quite understand what is happening here.

>Sound up your alley yet?
S after 'sound'.

Hope i actually found spelling and grammar mistakes, and not just drunken misunderstanding of the English language.

Well, it was fun right up until the "fight to the death" bit. I guess I get to spend eternity in a personal hell.

Is it truly death when you don't really die?

Anyone have the desserts CYOA?

>Explosion, Seeking

Is the picture of "Nimble Fingers" from a MTG card, and if so, which one?

It's more the concept of an eternal battleground. Fighting isn't something that I enjoy to begin with, much less an eternity of such things.

So, CYOfAGs, this is kind of your thing, and I already got redirected from Veeky Forumsmbgg/ to here: I'm looking for gamebooks/interactive fictions/textbooks. Any you can recommend? Thanks in advance.

*thaT proves your strength
*most EVEN flame
*thrusting is the only way to DAMAGE a for
*appear to BE suBpar
*Scythes, however, are less weighTY,
*heavy attacks FROM hammers
*punches very unforgiving BY striking
*in any size, from a hard fitting glove,
>Weird comma placement
*melee weapons IS their range.
*ARROWS can strike foes
*to TOO much danger
*filter your SIGHT to

Ask me if any of these are unclear.

Well, this isn't what the general is usually about, but you'll do well looking for interactive text adventure sites (or old school games).

If you're up for some searching around, there's a few good ones.

Maybe other anons have more knowledge about the subject.

You came to the wrong place buddy. We only like waifus and dicks here.

Choice of Robots is pretty great. I still have a number of the old Give Yourself Goosebumps books, and those are also reasonably good.

Type: Lance (pic related)
>I know it says it's not effective at close range, but the length of the hilt should enable me to use it as a club in close-quarters.
Material: Soulstone
I may not be well-armoured, but I won't ever have to worry about being caught unarmed and unarmoured. By combining Serenity and Flow, my body will autonomously fight at peak efficiency while my mind focuses on tactics. I'll even be able to ride a motorcycle in a similar state of "perfect autonomy", granting me speed that most other combatants won't be able to keep up with.

Originally I designed this build around use in this world, but looks like I'm getting dragged off to Valhalla instead. Guess I'll get my ass kicked.

The Veeky Forums's peg goes firmly in the monstergirl's hole, newfag.


If I have this correct, I have a bunch of knives that can be thrown, vaguely directed, and summoned at will, which I can use to deflect physical projectiles and pull away magics.

Choose Your Own Adventure is a bit of a misnomer.
Choice Image Games is a better term for what we do.
In fact there is NO Plot Progression, much less interaction with it.
Just read some rules, then make some choices.

Is it not alright to use pictures from the real world for a survival CYOA?

Kaylah Thorne

>Erotic Horror
>House Hecate
>Enemy House: Minerva

Allure 1
Elusive 3
Force 1
Study 4+1 from house=5
Threat 1

Favorite Class
>Magic 1
>Feared 3
>Inherent Magic 9
>Magical Training 14
>Just As Planned 18
>Addiction 16
>Athletic 17
>Glasses 15
>Huge Breasts 14
>Wealth 14
>Polite 12
>Cute 15
>Virgin 13
10+3 towards magic from house=13

>Study 5
>Favorite Class is Magic
>Inherent Magic (Hypnotism)
>Do NOT do sexual rituals. Lesbian cult rumors are fine.

>Restricted Section
>Test Subjects
>Monster Repellent


Got Modified Body and Nymphomaniac drawbacks from rolling 1 on Test Subjects mystery.

>be awkward ugly duckling nerdy girl into witchcraft and stuff
>parents get worried about my interests, especially when strange magical things actually start happening around the house
>magic shenanigans catch attention of someone at prestigious magical school who sends a letter
>parents are all to happy to send me off to special school despite dark rumors
>get placed in House Hecate and excel at magical witchy studies
>pick up on dark school rumors and slip out at night to investigate things
>try to learn about dark magic for my own ends and not get to involved in school's darker goings on
>being forgettable and low threat, but quiet and great at magic studies gets me somewhat mysterious and feared reputation among many
>some older girls realize I'm not that creepy or dangerous and am just a shy nerd and use me as subject of experimentation for new spells and potions and first pick when a virgin is needed for a ritual
>this is what turns me from ugly duckling to having Cute perk and gives me addiction to breast growth potion giving me Addiction and Giant Breasts drawback
>"bimbofication" isn't necessarily the other girls' goal, just a danger from the experiments they want to do on me

Fair enough. I myself agree with you on this sentiment.

You mind sharing your pic for the Very High Libido quirk? I can't find it on danbooru.

Hammer (Fire, Aegis, Dyn)
Mechanized (Fire, Aegis, Dyn)
Guard, Giga

Second idea. Basically, enhanced strength with a pretty strong/heavy weapon. Since it's slow to parry I get a shield/barrier. Furthermore, when I need a finisher or cool combo I could enlarge the weapon, specially mid swing that'd be damn cool.

Sounds completely alright.

Yeah, I'm also curious. What was your previous CYOA?

Absolutely Forbidden.
The Black Helicopters are already on their way to your house just because you were stupid enough to ask that question.

>Ball & Chain

Walls of starstuff, wells of time.

"Goddamn hax"

Excellent timing, it says.

"Pretty colors..."

If I can dazzle them, I win instantly.


who needs speed when i have a nuke in hammer form?

Probably the build a weapon CYOA that has a similar concept but is less well done.

whoops i meant regalia* not earthen, dunno how i messed that up. here's a cyoa for my mistake.

The corner says it's Beri, but his last CYOA was the Fairy one.

The three columns are similar, but that's really it.

the succubutt summoner cyoa from the looks of it

Did Odrion ever finish the dark knight cyoa?

Ordion left because there was a bunch of shitposting.

He said he's taking a break.

He's in a military camp in south china eating spiders and training for WW3

I guess I'm going with a Soulstone, Spear enchanted with Purify, and Enhance. Though it is really tempting to go with Reap instead. Not taking the Valhalla offer though, I mean sure I like the idea of fighting a lot, but I would rather go on adventures rather than spending all of my time fighting.

Virtuous Spirit and Eternal wanderer seems like a good way to find enlightenment.

When will the update arrive?

>No polearms.

Died of ass cancer he caught from SDA.

That said, he could add:

In the Lance write-up it describes the Axe choice as a polearm...

Technically the scythe, spear, lance, and staff are polearms. The scythe description also mentions the axes as polearms, and the description and picture for hammers has them as another sort of polearm. I imagine all of the options are actually rather broad in what they actually cover.


I get a poker, and can make globs of stone with all sorts of killy mechanisms swing around and create a factory wherever I need one. Hooray! No doubt I'll loose against some crazy wizard, but whatever.

Curse, Reap


So, able to read my opponent's thought and have the mental clarity to react accordingly.
Speed boost and time stops to help keep up and out-maneuver as well as have more time to plan responses.
And a sixth sense so I don't get surprise attacked, or to give an edge against multiple opponents, which is where this build would have trouble.
That and the fact I'm resorting to beating people unconscious with a glorified stick.

As far as western weaponry goes, staves are not considered poleweapons, spears are generally considered distinct though they are distinct, and scythes as in the pic aren't weapons at all.

Polearm usually refers to all kinds of various non-spear weapons made out of a pole/shaft and a weaponhead. Or several. The most common is the Halberd, obviously, one of the most common weapons in war, but my personal favorite is the Glaive, which is basically a sword on a stick. Japan has a similar one called the Naginata.

It's wrong.

>Thought they are distinct
Mean similar.

Also China had its own variant, called the guan dao.

Hey, I can use this now

That reminds me; who on earth is the girl with the glowing purple eyes in the bottom left? There's tons of art of her, so she's clearly not just a generic nobody.

She's an artist's waifu.Some chink artist is draws her almost exclusively and has hundreds of pictures of her which is why they're all in a consistent artstyle.

Kind of like Mustard Seeds

She might be from RWBY, I'm not sure. I just looked up picture of a generic magical girl

She's not.

Type: Fists
Material: Chronite

I'm Star Platinum now!

Fate Magnet and Eternal Wanderer.

Live out my dream as a cross dimensional Forrest Gump

A weapon! What a wonderful opportunity.

>Weapon Type: Hammer
>Material: Titanium
>Enchantment: Giga, Enhance

Flatten mountains in a single STRIKE! The Hammer has arrived!

>All these people picking anything other than Small God + Big Boy
Truly, the worst of tastes.

Please help save 40k from combining Sisters of Battle and Space Marines and who knows what else into the same faction and making the setting and factions more generic and boring in the name of "diversity" and "equality" that isn't even really those things.

>Morphing Lifeform
>Virtuous Spirit



Staff, beam, flow, and serenity.
Flow and serenity for the obvious synergy. Staff and beam to, hopefully, end fights without taking lives.

Ball and Chain, Chronite, Dissolve, Crimson
>Force them to look at a ball
>Spin it really fast
>Give everyone neck problems

Ball and Chain, Titanium, Explosion, Seeking.
To steal a joke from elsewhere, gonna call it The Truth. As in, The Truth will find you.

Also, what's with the armor entries?

Pretty sure you just get a set of armor in the same material as your weapon.

>Give everyone neck problems
Creative solutions to mundane problems. I like the cut of your gib, user.

Overdrive, Corruption

Guard, Terraform
>Make the ground into giant robot parts
>Assemble giant robot built around hammer

>Make ground into high-speed mechanical pinball arena
>Become bouncing ball of hammery death

Yes, but I remain mortal




Tell me which CYOA to make

1. School Shooter CYOA
2. Prostitute Waifu CYOA
3. Office Ladies CYOA

office ladies

School Shooter

Why in the world you think anyone isn't going to bite your head off over trying to ship them with a literal whore, I have no idea.

Office Prostitiute Shoots up the School CYOA

Office Ladies, I guess. Prostitute waifu sounds like it could have a reverse corruption setup which would be interesting, but I don't think I would like to bother reading the thread for what I expect it to do.

School Shooter because it sounds retarded in a way that might just be fun and it's not more waifus.

Better idea.

>Encourage the school shooter CYOA.

Why not just a "Bad Influence" CYOA, where you try and take a normal-ish kid and make them do horrible shit. Shoot up the school would probably be the highest tier and give you the most points to spend, but you could go for other stuff. Drop out, be a delinquent, become a slut, all kinds of shit.

This is good.

As a person that is a corruptive influence? a malevolent force? A demon that tempts them? Because I think it would be super interesting to be a sort of demon that appears to children to drive them down the wrong path, and ideally gain from it. I mean I'm not going to make it, but it would be a fun cyoa.

I was thinking it would be part of some bizarre conspiracy plot to bring down western civilization. Like an Illuminati type organization. So you have to weight material gain against the lives of some children.

I just want to be an asshole who ruins peoples lives while still retaining their affection.

Miyaura Sanshio.

She's the OC of a Chinese artist on pixiv that goes by the name Beifeng Han. I have no idea why she has purple glowing eyes.



Are you immune to your own Azure?

I mean, what's keeping you from covering yourself, the entire arena, the referee, the stands, and your enemy in a blaze of napalm fire?

Prostitute CYOA.

Got to get that purification fetish on.

This sound great.

Might be the first CYOA you've made I have absolutely no interest in. It's just pointless, why do *I* even want a weapon

I will say that you've done much better here than some of the other weapon CYOAs that like to focus on stats, since this thing focuses on unique effects.

If you need a reason to own a magic lightsaber then there's no hope for you.

I don't get it, why don't you want a weapon? Besides a number of the enchantments do some cool stuff.


Then make it.

>Fighting isn't something that I enjoy to begin with, much less an eternity of such things.
And yet you're playing a CYOA about getting a weapon... Where you going to scratch your back with it?

If you put half the effort you put into saying as much every thread, you'd have already finished making one.

Ehh, there are worse fates.


Office ladies

I hate fallout 4 so fucking much