"New Converts" edition

"New Converts" edition

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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
What's a deck that you were hesitant about at first, but quickly became attached to?

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Atraxa Superfriends

Standard is currently a hellscape with only 2 decks worth playing

>That image
>That thread question

I take it you're a new member of the Gruul Science Consortium?

I'm trying to make a new deck. All I ask for is a deck that is:

relatively budget
many ways to win

Who should I build around? Who would be the most fun?

>Atraxa Superfriends
fuck you and everyone like you
stop playing the most boring, overused deck in the current meta

How many fetchlands should I put into my Omnath deck?

Every single relevant one

This guy wants it all.

What decks do you enjoy playing now?

Nigger calm down, that user is saying that people who play Atraxa Superfriends should drink bleach. He's literally on your side of the argument. Stop sperging out when you get triggered.


Hell yeah! I threw together a 30 minute brew with every r/g instant I could find and it still wrecked the table. When i actually put some effort into trading for specific stuff the deck became absolutely cutthroat (for my meta) it's great.

Cometstorm never felt so broken.

The fetchlands and azusa are the most expensive thing in this deck. That's pretty cheap and good for a new player.

Fetchlands are really expensive but in RG Omnath they're definitely better than other lands. It may or may not be worth $200 or whatever it costs. It would improve the deck but for the cost you could build another reasonable deck.

I don't really care about the pricing.

I mean, they're fetchlands, it's not like I won't use them again. Buying fetchlands is always a good idea.

>What's a deck that you were hesitant about at first, but quickly became attached to?
I just threw together a shitty Kamhal, Fist of Krosa deck with stuff I had laying around and fuck me it's a good time. Overrun in the command zone is most excellent. Getting to Overrun with Kamhal followed up with a Overwhelming Stampede is just gravy.

>Grenzo, Dungeon Warden
It can combo fairly easily with stuff like Zulaport Cutthroat and none of the essential pieces really cost much of anything. It can also be built a ton of different ways. Your biggest cost will probably be an Ashnod's Altar.

>Sydri, Galvanic Genius
Get yourself an Aetherflux Reservoir and a Sydri. If you've got nothing better to do on top of that, get an Oloro precon and strip it for lifegain/Felidar Sovereign. Very high potential, even though everyone knows the "trick" by now. You'll mostly do lifegain tricks, but you can build in any artifact combos or deathtouch shenanigans you've got.

>Brago, King Eternal
If you can't figure out at least six ways to combo off with this cheeky fuck, there's always EDHrec. Panharmonicon will make you so hard that your opponent will hear the table go "thump", if you don't flip it in the process.

These are off the top of my head. I don't actually know what you meant by "75%", so these could be hilariously wrong if you're in an abnormally competitive meta or something.

>Alesha/Marchesa Mardu Reanimator
Probably the least budget, but the idea behind this one is endless sack and recursion effects. With Marchesa at the helm, you're playing a much more political game, and with Alesha at the helm, something way more aggressive. Recruiter of the Guard is a must have, and you want stuff like Karmic Guide, Siege-Gang Commander, and such. Probably not as good on the "Many ways to win" as the other decks, and I'm mostly shilling this one because it's my favorite.

Give us some examples of commanders you like, think you'd like, or the kinds of things you want to hose with hatred. Not saying I'll be much help because I'm a casualfag, but at the very least, I'm sure others in the thread will see it, be reminded of their own pet decks, and tell you about them.

>What's a deck that you were hesitant about at first, but quickly became attached to?

My Dwynen elfball list. I built it after Eternal Masters because I wound up with a bunch of the common/uncommon elves. The deck tries to ramp mana into giant beasts. Needs a craterhoof, but it doesn't have one at the moment since it's part of a group of casual, low-to-mid power-level decks I keep around to teach new players and/or "go easy" on them before moving on to more powerful stuff.

It's one of my earlier decks, too. It's just fun as hell to play imo, even if it's not really powerful.

>Thread question
Horobi, no doubt. I enjoy mono-color decks 'cause I like the challenge of adapting around a color's weaknesses and discovering its subtler strengths.

The moment I read Horobi's ability, I knew I had to slap together a deck. I didn't expect it to be successful; it was just a whim. I bought a few cheap cards and mixed them with some Black staples and Horobi-helpers like Sacred Armory that were already rotting among my garbage commons. I played a five-player match with low expectations for victory but high hopes for fun. Then the deck won. And it won again.

Now, it's one of my favorite decks. Tuning has granted it back-up win-cons for decks without many creatures, and it's shockingly durable thanks to cards that protect my stuff from Horobi's ability. Not to mention that it has spades of the best protection in EDH: politics. It can't keep up with super-fast decks, but as long as there's four or more players, it performs well.

As a closing, few things are funnier than someone floating ten mana to equip their five Swords of X & Y to their winning creature while Horobi is out.
>What do you mean equipping is a targeted ability?

I'm relatively new to edh. I've played a bit with a mimeoplasm deck that I enjoyed but was easy to hate out and a bit of a one track pony, a marchesa deck which was a lot of fun but also a bit linear, and I've been brewing a ertai combo deck which is just an artifact filled mess. Generally I play modern (storm, free win red, bw tokens) and I used to play pre-cat lady standard (control decks exclusively).
Neat suggestions user, I especially like Sydri. I never thought of that combo.

A "75% deck" is basically a deck that's fair and fun, and can play against both top tier decks and more beginner friendly decks, even if it's not super competitive. gatheringmagic.com/jasonalt-021314-building-a-75-commander-deck/
Brago is probably far too competitive.

How do I into Grenzo Doomsday?

You got a list? Horobi sounds like tons of fun without having to be inherently overbearing. I have 3 in my playgroup in mind that Horobi could put in line.

My 14 year old brother runs Atraxa, it's all he has. Bought it for him, switch in shit like the Kaladesh
Snake that bumps counters, Abzan Falconer, some Simic guild, some shit.

Literally what is wrong with Atraxa?

Oh and did you guys know? The state of feeling nothing at all, which is to say not even that "numb inside" feeling, is defined as "Atraxia". How neat is that? Atraxa has no red, no feelings at all.

It's among the least interesting precon commanders ever made for one.

No feelings, no freedom, no chaos.

Chaos is the natural state of being, so Atraxa isn't natural, even if she's green.

You think so huh? Fascinating tell me why

Besides landfall and big creatures, what would be a good subtheme for GR Omnath?

I can't tell if we're agreeing. Could you rephrase your point? She's definitely not natural. She's Phyrexian green, I suppose it's all in that strong > weak philosphy. Some sort of animalistic philosphy behind killing and eating people.

>Literally what is wrong with Atraxa?
unless you're a fag who plays superfriends or a thousand dollar infect deck

Not me sir, just an all American Timmy who likes to win through blatant over powering.

Keyword soup, basically. It's the definition of a boring and safely designed card. It has a keyword per color, pretty much. Gotta say, it isn't interesting in any way at all. Powerful, but not interesting.

By contrast, Akroma at least had a plot reason to be keyword soup. Atraxa doesn't even have that.

I suppose those are alright reasons. Understand though that sometimes just the mechanical strength of it alone is the attraction. In a game that breaks down to math, huge numbers are cool.

You saw how excited people on this board got for the thought of Halophed the 20.

It does virtually nothing, and deckbuilding revolves around eithet Planeswalkers, +1/+1 counters or Infect, which are among the worst mechanics in Magic's history.

> +/+ counters
> worst mechanics.


What do you mean it does nothing? It's an objectively wonderful creature, in your own words it does a TON of shit. Give it a Sword of $. Or even just first strike.

This sounds very interesting. I've been meaning to build a mono black deck for a while now. Are people getting tired of playing against it yet?

>thousand dollar infect deck
I'm pretty sure every Infect card added together isn't even $30, and regardless of how expensive your pump spells, tutors and manabase get the strategy remains non-viable.

Are you retarded?

I have to double down on this, explain yourself.

Are you? People will buy imperial seals and vamp tutors and demonic tutors and what ever else

It does the exact same things equipped with a Sword that Storm Crow does though?

Non-card-based mechanics are fucking awful. Same with coin flips and other counters.

How the fuck do you question someone being able to make a 4 colors WUBG deck in commander a thousand bucks

Why do you doubt lifelink so badly.

That does not make the strategy viable though. What is your gripe with an awful deck made expensively?

Is she even really that powerful though? I mean I guess even in commander a 4 drop 4/4 vigilant lifelinking flyer is decent but in general I would say that's not where most "powerful" commander decks really want to be. I always thought Atraxa's appeal was her open ended ness. Proliferate is a well loved mechanic due to that, even if I feel Atraxa is a terrible inefficient (or maybe that's not the correct word as being a nice threat on top of it seems efficient... slow?) source at least purely as a counter generator. And being a Phyrexian doesn't hurt either for getting fans.

>lifelink in a forty life format
Are you serious?

>playing 40
Damn you're weak.

Serious like a bath

This is actually the EDH general, not the Duel Commander general.

That said she's not viable in Duel either.

I'm building Toshiro Umezawa right now, and I'm really on the fence about including pic related.
If I do, I'll absolutely want to include shit like Thought Vessel, and maybe even a random Venser's Journal to counteract the stupid amount of shit I need to pay life for.
But I'll have to drop better mana rocks or kill spells for it, and I'm not sure I want to.

I wanted to play this in my 0 drop artifact tribal Akiri/Silas deck but I never tried it.

>decks that run small life leeches
>getting hit for 20+ in a single turn
you're right having lifelink is worthless

>is she that powerful
No, not really. But she doesn't "do nothing", she is strong in her sheer amount of abilities and goings-ons. Anyway, I think my original question was "why is everyone acting like Atraxa is the devil", she seems middling to me.

>player A combos out and kills you
>player B is playing Infect
>player C drops Craterhoof and swings for 4,592,446 trample damage, responses
>player D draws you out with BSZ and a lot of mana
Oh man I bet you're so happy to have 60 life instead of 40 right now.

She is middling and I've asked the exact question here. I think it's mostly just popularity which makes people think she is more prominent than she is. Breya was definitely the strongest new commander I think and Yidris is probably a close second and to be honest I feel a lot of his appeal is the colors but I dunno.

Oh man, Breya. I haven't changed the deck at all, it's still totally precon. It's just fine as is damn

>Playing Karrthus
>t1 mountain
>t2 gruul turf, 8 cards in hand, discard bogardan hellkite
>t3 forest, cultivate
>t4 tempt with immortality rezzing bogardan and wiping everyones mana dorks

I know it's not the most amazing thing ever but I never thought I'd see the day where I used gruul turf as secret tech to reanimate an 8 drop holy shit.

I threw karrthus together with my zirilan EDH's dragons and a bunch of GB jank I had lying around and the deck is just insanely fun, really glad I decided to make it, can't wait to actually order some cards for it and tune it so it's not just 'random shit I found in binders' tribal, though I did discover a new fun card, Guild Feud is surprisingly fun in dragon tribal, kinda wish it cost 1 or 2 less but it feels great getting a free dragon most of the time.

New Converts edition eh?

Alright, I'll bite. Convince me, why I should play Commander and not something else.
I tried it in the early days, but it fell out of favor with me.

The competitive version is too competitive
The casual version is too casual

When I do feel like channeling my Vorthos into things I prefer making casual constructed decks, because they're infinitely easier to build.

I'm not a fan of the highlander 1 card limit thing, I like mixing 1-ofs with playsets.

What I do like about Commander is the Commander itself - the feeling of building entirely around a pet favorite legendary creature.
They're not all created equally though, and things seem to get degenerate at the 4-5 color end. (Although the new partner mechanic seems pretty cool)
The fact that multiplayer commander seems to degenerate into Stacks Vs Combo: The Politics pushes me toward duel Commander where aggro and control can feature more.

Duel Commander might be nice but I don't like how there's different ban lists and shit and the community around it seems shitty like the Pokemon Smogon faggots.

In many ways Commander just feels like chasing the elder dragon.

The thing I like about commander as a competitive vector is building taking a commander with a build around ability and tuning that to its maximum. I think if you can find a group for it, that's the best way for you in particular to enjoy it. For example with the OP image of RG Wort. What's the best RG Wort deck?

If you play in a battlecruiser meta then it is a great strategy

Duel commander's banlist is the faggiest thing ever.

Battlecruiser is defined by Craterhoof.

It's among the best banlists in the game though.

>Breya is banned
>Solring is banned.

Tell me why I should agree with you.

>card banned that dominates the combo-control archetype, invalidating all other decks in the archetype because they are strictly worse
>card banned that would be in every single deck in the format and lets whoever opens with it win the game
I'm not exactly seeing the problem here.

How many dragons do you run?
I found I whiffed about half the time when I used feud.

24 dragons
8 non-dragons, mostly around 1-3 toughness, so they'd probably die in a fight

Maybe I need more dragons. hmm

It's a stupid undercosted design abortion. 4/4 for 4 with 5 abilities. It's like Siege Rhino all over again except even worse. And it gets you the best EDH colors as a bonus. And it supports a cancerous card type (planeswalkers)

>Oh and did you guys know? The state of feeling nothing at all, which is to say not even that "numb inside" feeling, is defined as "Atraxia". How neat is that?
I think you're remembering something slightly wrong.
You might be confusing it with Ataraxia, which means a state devoid of troubles, or equanimity.
You're allowed to feel good in Ataraxia, but only a calm, pleasant feeling. One's mental state has to be as tranquil as a still lake.

Lovisa Coldeyes or Vela the Night Clad

I wanna make a battle of wits deck. How do?

You rock shit like opalescence, and beat people to death with battle of wits.

Barring that you can ask your playgroup to break the rules for you to give you a big enough sideboard and then use research to get that shit in your deck. But if they are already breaking the rules for you they might as well just let you run a fuckhuge deck.

If you want to still be playing something that can be called EDH then I would recommend just beating people with it as a creature.

This bitch. It's been such a long time since I have had as much fun with any deck. It's a cleric tribal and that's just great

>Battle of wits voltron
I never knew I needed this but now I want to build it.

I once made my Breya deck into a token sacrifice deck with Panharmonicon, Marionette Master, Butcher of Malakir, It that Betrays, Thopter Assembly and various other token creators.
I didn't get to test it and goldfishing made it feel boring and repetitive.

Sapling of Colfenor. Playing anything but green for two years really makes you appreciate ramp, fog effects and naturalize.


If you could use any legendary permanent, not just creatures, as your commander, who would you choose?

Goggles would be interesting in a creatureless red deck.

>mfw staff of domination is not legendary

I like Legendary Lands.

I've wanted to do it for ages, but when I was discussing it with my group we kinda agreed that it would be an absolute rules nightmare.

I've always wanted to make a deck with pic related


>using this to cast decimate

why have i never thought of this before

so many cards, so little time

This bad mofo. Combo out with your creatures, or combo out with your opponents creatures.

It's extremely strong, you just have to make sure that you don't end up with no cards in hand and it in play.

Someone in my group absolutely loved that and recycle for a while. Then I started putting some group discard in some of my decks and now he's traumatized.

A. Controls mirrorworks and plays panharmonicon, paying 2 for mirrorworks' triggered ability
A. Controls mirrorworks(x1) and panharmonicon(x2) and plays sculpting steel as mirrorworks, triggering mirrorworks 3 times and paying 6 and having all copies enter as mirrorworks
A. Controls mirrorworks(x5) and panharmonicon(x2), any further further artifacts trigger all five mirrorworks three times each, and 30 mana can be spent to create 15 copies of the artifact
I hope it was a sol ring or gilded lotus because you'll need all that mana
>your casual friends make -that- face

Yeah and there aren't that many sacrifice outlets for enchantments, especially not in black. Either you're all in or you better have Claws of Gix in play.

Oracle's Vault in mono-red or mono-white for card draw?

Very plasusible in mono white.

>card banned that would be in every single deck in the format and lets whoever opens with it win the game
You just really suck at this game, huh? If you're letting one piece of ramp defeat you, you've got problems.


too slow for atraxa, but could try

Got a list?

Hazoret's Monument in Daretti yes or no

>What's a deck that you were hesitant about at first, but quickly became attached to?

Quite a few of mine! Most notably Non-superfriends Atraxa (Started as Atraxa Energy but turned into "How many counter types can I figure out to proliferate?" I guess if having a couple PWs makes it superfriends, I'm in the same cancer boat as everyone else)

Probably replaces Jayemdae Tome in almost anything that was still somehow running Jayemdae Tome.

>Atraxa Energy
But proliferate doesn't work with Energy?

That comparison seems a little unfair. Jayemdae is unplayable because of its activation cost, while this vault costs 2 less to activate. Plus, the payoff for 3 bricks is pretty good.