You and your party encounter the final boss, pic related

>you and your party encounter the final boss, pic related
>what do you do?

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Grab him by the neck. Lift him off the ground. Strangle him.

Once he stops struggling, carefully remove the babies.

I cast Dominate Person.

>>what do you do?

Temporarily polymorph the babies into venomous snakes and hope the problem resolves itself.

Central nervous system shot either done by you and synced with someone plowing through the wall behind him and grabbing him, or someone else making the shot after you've inched forward enough to catch the corpse before it falls.

Anybody got the screencap of the dude playing Shadowrun who blew up a bus full of kids trying to kill the BBEG?

I am an evil necromancer, what do you think I do?

I cast Chain Lightning, 3d6 birds with one stone

He's got a gun you know

assumming all the babies are dead if I die anyway?

shoot carefully and pray i miss.

Wonder why he stole my baby-shaped bombs.

>teleport behind him
Psssh nothing personal kid

>shoot carefully and pray i miss.
thats a polite way of saying "shoot through them"

See this? This crap here?
THIS is why you keep getting PTSD



Stealth cast hypnotic pattern

Wait for the Sorceror to use his Wand of Binding on the guy, and then we remove the babies. Then we kill the guy.

Shoot him in the hand.

The room seems to be poorly lit. He probably won't notice the ninja hanging on the ceiling until he lowers the hanging rope around his neck and jumps down to the ground. Obviously the rope is inserted into a pulley attached to the ceiling which will hang the guy. As for the gun he'll certainly drop it in panic while hopelessly trying to get the rope off.

Problem solved.

Also an option.

Kill him, the babies, an anyone within 2 blocks around the building. Then pleasure each other with the corpses, ALL OF THEM!

>tfw Fiend Pact LE Warlock whose actually on good terms with his devil lord

Use Hurl Though Hell, have my subordinates pick off the babies, and have the party prep for a good ol' fashioned crubstomping.

The babies will be returned to the Material Plane after the battle, but they'll all have fiend pacts of their own woven to their souls. Human pettiness is rewarded if your most selfish desires already have a contract already lined up for you.

call in backup, surround the place, ask him what he wants, wait him out and if the time comes, take the shot.

Go completely apeshit on everything, regardless of who gets hurt
(Chaotic Evil)

Shoot him in the head and catch him before he falls onto any of them.
Also: How the fuck did he put them all on? Did he have help?
Besides, he's wearing like 110 pounds of baby, CONSERVATIVELY.

The answer is always to do what they did in the actual comic that's taken from: have one guy distract him while another guy sneaks into the ceiling just above him and drops a noose over his head.

It's terrifying that this trick is technically old hat.

But isn't that just the Dread Emperor? I'm fuzzy on the details.

Easy, cast fireball using my merciful metamagic rod.

I like how Grendizer did it.

I've seen this a DID this situation get resolved in the comic it's from?

I'll give you a hint.

Frank Castle isn't a good guy.

Shoot him in the head with a crossbow, then use healing magic on the smooshed babies.
This really isn't that bad in a fantasy setting.

They straight up hang the dude.

I think he gets hanged

Frank Castle isn't in the comic and they lassoed his neck through a skylight.

>"You can't shoot me"
Quote from man shot.

He should have put a baby around his neck.

I'd wait it out just to see how long he could hold out wearing 100 pounds of screaming poop machines.

It seems to me that hanging the guy isn't something that would prevent him from killing the woman he had at gunpoint, nor the babies he's holding hostage.

Maybe it's hard to aim a gun, or focus on anything else besides the rope around your neck when you're being hanged

>Cast Feather Fall
>Cast Sleep
>Coup de grĂ¢ce

Putting a gun to a baby's head seems like a good way to STOP getting hanged in that situation, assuming you're the sort of person to threaten a baby's life to begin with.

Then's a comic


Easier said than done when you suddenly find yourself a few inches off the ground and being hanged.

Who says I grab him from the front? A smart hero is capable of finding a loophole in the villain's plan.

Regardless, it sounds like an unprofessional and tactically poor choice- one with considerable liability and would probably result in administrative leave from the SWAT team as well as administrative review and investigation.

I'd give him a good 80% chance of killing a baby just by flailing his legs about and crushing one. I'd give him another 40% chance to have the presence of mind to execute his hostage, one of the baby hostages, or shoot as his attacker/negotiator. I'd give him a 15% chance to have the presence of mind to shoot the rope, which entails a 30% chance he'll shoot the ninja, and a 5% chance he'll actually shoot the rope.

Given those odds, your plan is complete shit. At the very least you should negotiate until you can think of a better plan.

I think you'd be better off blowing his hand off with a high caliber rifle and hoping the windage doesn't implode a baby's face. Permanently deafening a baby is an acceptable outcome if it survives. You'd need somebody in melee proximity to physically subdue him once he's disarmed however. I'd recommend removing both arms and braining him if you have somebody in the room.

Barbarian would probably just cram a spear through his brain and let him dangle from it. He is strong enough to easily support a weight of a person from a spear.

shoot him?


my nigga
Is this band still alive/undead? Will there be new music?

Hold Person, he looks like his will save is low.

Dissapointing desu. Would've been enough time to pull the trigger.

Wait until the babies start shitting and vomiting. Approach in the ensuing noise. As he is changing shirts and pants, taze him. Hand over the tazer to the babies and observe until relieved. Justice done, mission accomplished.

send in Keyleth to negotiate.

If you can get a noose tight around his neck then the optimal solution would be to put the noose on then shoot him in the head.


+1 internets to you sir.

Why is spearing his skull to the wall not a valid option again?


Kill the babies.

Black Manta isn't a nice guy.


You got no idea.

What a nigger

Where's Manta 2.jpg?

I'm with you.

>Me and my party start having an argument about to shoot him and risk it.
>We start yelling at each other as the guy stands there and ever time he tries to say something we tell him to shut up
>We do this for about 10 mins until the edge lord of our group just shoots him.
>We then leave as fast as we can while arguing with edgelord on why he did it.
>We also forget to save the babies or call the cops, so most likely they all starve to death.

thanks Obama

>even with Aquaman dead, Black Manta still gets a job which invokes disemboweling sea creatures


On him or on the babies?

DnDverse: Honestly, healing potions can fix anything. A pile of ash or lump of flesh back to a human.

Technowizardryverse: see above.

In a more realistic world, you're screwed.

Race is wholly irrelevant to Black Manta. All that matters is hate.

Problem solves itself.

Fire a rocket launcher at him lm@o

Mind control and hope he doesn't trigger the troll's berserk ability beforehand.


He'd die faster with the weight of all the babies pulling him down

Can someone fill me in here? Why does Black Manta hate Aquaman so goddamn much?

Because he's Autistic. No, dead serious, it's an actual character trait.

Bit more serious, he was kidnapped by pirates and worked as a slave for most o his childhood. In his trauma he lashes out at anything related to the sea.

As the so-called representative of the sea Aquaman gets the most hate. After all, Black Mantis can't stab the ocean as much as a kid.

Hold person. He doesn't seem like he has a very good wisdom saving throw, given that he didn't see that answer coming.

No, the autism was just a trick to hate on Aquaman more,
like the time Manta stood up for black rights, which was also a lie

Manta doesn't need a reason to hate Aquaman, he just does

Except a hostage is always a bluff, even if the hostage taker isn't aware of it. Pull the trigger, lose your hostage, than what is protecting you. Either they are going to kill the hostage and you can't save them, or they are not going to kill the hostage and they have nothing to hide behind.


Doesn't Manta have several contradicting backstories that he uses to fuck with Aquaman?


Though he generally hates doing it, my character has the power to somewhat reliably dominate the minds of most mortals. This is easily one of the scenarios where he would find it acceptable, and get him to put the gun down and hold still long enough to save the babies.

telabort the babies

What a dick. He's like the guy who won't stop talking about that football game he scored a touchdown on back in high school in first grade when I was TOTALLY OPEN, KEVIN YOU FUCKIN DICK

Wtf I love Black Manta now?

blow him up with my psyker skills and go on with my mission

I cast Spirit Guardians and let the vengeful spirits of Sloobludop ignore the babies as targets.

Both lies that Black Manta used to fuck with Aquaman

Those babies count as ablative DR, so use armor-piercing ammo.

t. My group

>Cast detect evil
>Evil detected
>Babies are evil
>It's okay to kill the babies as collateral damage.

Jokes on him, I'm pro choice.

what is this, a mineral for ants?

>Babies are evil
Alexander Hamilton please leave

reminds me of that shadowrun story some guy told where some big bad had stolen a school bus full of kids and was about to escape through a tunnel so the dude blew up the bus, with the big bad and kids in it. and then someone asks why he didnt just blow up the tunnel