Hey fellow soldiers and comrades. I'm gonna be shipped out and stationed in the elven nation/country of Sarenbel...

Hey fellow soldiers and comrades. I'm gonna be shipped out and stationed in the elven nation/country of Sarenbel. Where I and hundreds of other marines and various other infantry units and grunts are gonna be working with those High Elf wizards and Wood Elf Rangers and woodsmen.

Also a superior was friendly and kind enough to tell me I'm gonna be one of the many grunts who'll teach our elf bros how to use guns, aim down them sights, reload, pull the trigger, have trigger discipline. And all that other firearms jazz.

And finally, to any soldiers who're stationed in the elf lands out there. What advice and tips can you give a little ol' corporal about elven culture and whatnot so I don't make myself a complete fool to our elf bros.

interesting news soldier, please resend use your direct coordiantes so we may organize an assistance fleet so we may completly anihalate your traitor ass lend support

The hell you talkin' about civvy? I'm asking for advice, not some shitty rhetoric or "memes."


Also I just wana make sure I got my understanding of the history of we we the people of Ulgaria and the elves of Sarenbel are now friends and in an alliance:

>An 'evil' faction that is the "Dark Heart Pact", who're essentially Saturday-morning-cartoon villains and are composed of Orcs, Goblins, assorted evil mages, Dark/Drow Elves and even orgres decide to invade and take over Sarenbel.
>Coincidentally, the Dark Heart Pact heard of us; the land of Ulgaria, and decided to invade us too. But we prevented them from setting foot further into mainland Ulgaria because we have guns, tanks, aircraft, battleships and missiles.
>One of the numerous Dark Heart Pact guys who we imprisoned tell us of their invasion of Sarenbel and where its geographical location.
>Ulgarian Military Forces arrive at Sarenbel, make contact with the good elves and both learn and realize we have a common enemy.
>Ulgarian leaders and the elven council of Sarenbel decide to team up to kick the asses of le eveel dark forces with a combination of firepower and magic-whoop-ass.
>Both we the people of Ulgaria and elves of Sarenbel become good friends and decide to make our alliance long term.
>Now Ulgaria helps Sarenbel with certain technological advancements and scientific knowledge, we share some of our firepower with 'em and the Sarenbelians elighten us a thing or two about magic.
>We continue them evil forces out of Sarenbelian lands till they're out.
>And now both Ulgarain and Sarenbelian High Command are planning and or deciding a decisive move against the Dark Heart Pact.

So did I get my little history lesson correct board?

>It's a setting where wide technology gaps between several major races exist
>It's "hurr durr marines fuck yeah" wank

I'm not saying you should stop having your fun, and i'm going to leave this thread after this post

But your setting is shit

don't try to fuck the elf girls

seriously, half the time you'll end up finding out they're actually a dude

they look the goddamn same

First off start the fuckers on crossbows, easy as shit to shoot and has the bow motiff they love so much.

Well, it's probably been yelled at you enough times but avoid touching anything belonging to a wizard. Just because we are immune to most magic doesn't mean we are immune to all magic and the exact rules change day by day it seems.

>MFW I hear essentially "It's magic I ain't gotta explain shit" for the fiftieth fucking time.

Side note, whomever spread that rumor humans can do magic, stop that you faggot. Resistance comes hand in hand with lack of aptitude. We have to make do with martial ability and tech.

>fellow soldiers
>I and hundreds of other marines
>People still don't know only the Army has soldiers
The Army has Soldiers
The Marine Corps has Marines
The Navy has Sailors/Seamen
The Air Force has Airmen

Civilian plebs, what do you expect?

Try out the sheep dip in the Mayfield Crossing Inn. Little place set upstream of the creek that goes past the south entrance of Ft. Mannis.

I guess we can also give them elves this concept weapon RnD's making if they feel TRIGGERED by guns then?

...Sorry for the pun...

Actual RnD here, no. They like a gun about as much as us, it's just not a solution that's ever cropped up because hey, they've got access to magic and that stuff's just as if not more complex than regular physics.

In a way, yes user. You did basically sum it up decently.

Just don't forget "The War of Elven Aggression" in which despite the name, is actually started by the Soveregin Colonies Government.

Believe me folks, Citizens of the Sovereign Colonies won't shut up about it all because some of their careless explorers and scouts oh-so-accidentally violated a sacred grove of the Wild Elves.

Wild Elves got started attacking, Sovereign Colonies troops shoot back, Wild Elves boldly attack more, Sov-Col Troops kept shooting back wildly and so on and so forth.

Until the Sovereign Colonies top command decided 'fuck it' and stopped the fighting by just leaving the Wild Elves and their land alone since that short lived conflict has proven costly.

(Note: Wild Elves are different to the Wood Elves of the elf nation that OP's talking about. While the Wild Elves are essentially like Wood Elves, they're uncivilized, less or non-merciful and are not goverened by a much higher form of government or governance outside of their tribe system.)

This is typical racist claptrap. It's real easy to tell elf men and women apart. The men are typically called dwarves and just don't like associating with outsiders much.

It's okay to fuck women but considering any elf woman willing to fuck you is probably a lesbian unless you're a midget with a huge beard.

>Veeky Forums trying to roleplay as milfags with knowing the most ABSOLUTELY BASIC thing about the military ie what each branch calls its members
Buts its an elf thread, so who cares.

>mfw mingling with untrustworthy knife-ear hippies

>mfw people are treating the War of Elven aggression as it's no big deal and shitting on and disrespecting the fallen

I guess its another elf thread boys and girls?

Post pics then?

Don't be tempted, high elf women may sexy and easy, but they're crawling with diseases. You think a regular case of the clap is bad? Just wait until elven syphilis makes the rounds through your company. The wailing and shrieking, all day and all night, is enough to make anyone want to suck off their rifle. Not to mention the smell...

I think you're talking about Wood/Forest Elves. High Elves are pretty clean and hygenic.

make sure to get out their taverns and bars for the music acts. they put any human musician to shame

Yep tis unfortunately true. Elven bards are masters and peerless and even sometimes flawless. So much so they make ANY human musician, rock artist, pop idol, rapper and opera singer look horrificly bad.

i paid a bunch of them to let me record them. normal music just doesn't do it for me any more.

>be soldier
>about to deploy to somewhere the opposite of a desert apparently
>take multiple 40-hr training classes
>Elven cultural training
>Don't rape the elves
>"It's Magic So They Won't Explain Shit"
>have to get issued magic wards
>shave twice a day
>senpai-fire bows and swing swords
>power points in Elven
>kick myself again for not joining the air force.

>The Navy has Sailors/Seamen
They technically have airmen and firemen too, as they go of their specific rate(job).

Reading. Comp. Mang.

If you include seaman, then you should have included the other two you fucking mong.

i hope you don't mind having your personal space invaded. As you make friends you'll notice that they sit and stand closer and close to you. It's their way of showing trust and affection. A few Elves that I have gotten close to are practically nose-to-nose with me when we talk. strangers literally stand an arms length away and refuse to get closer. this really makes it seem like they are stand offish jerks, but it's just their take on proper manners

You sick son of a bitch. You said in your fucking post. The elves attacked first. Yeah Picardo pissed on an unmarked tree that happened to be "sacred". That isn't a declaration of are, and in return the savages attacked civilian farmsteads. Corpses were unrecognizable once the rangers found them. That right there is a culture incapable of knowing peace or proper civilization.

The world will be a better place once ever last one of the tree huggers is dead and their damn trees have been turned into charcoal.

SeeThose are generic terms that apply to those employed by those organizations, so no, there arent anything in the Navy except for seamen.

I can't believe some non-milfag knows more than me and my 8 years.

Yeah, I was in the Marine Corps and you're a fucking idiot. There are literally sailors who are never called seaman, but airman or fireman.

I'd wager you weren't.

You'd lose. Lemme guess, working welfare(aka army)?

So first things first, don't bring up the war with the Wild Elves even if you're among Wood Elves. Especially this revisionist claptrap.

Good general guideline is, in polite conversation to avoid topics of Politics, Religion and Stickball. Especially stickball

>transmission from soldiers of the Republic of Integria

Greetings OP and thread, Wandelin Pater of the Armed Forces of Integria, stationed in Forward Operating Base Sandra with the wood elves speaking here.

I have some opinions or thoughts to share. I find it fascinating seeing these pointy-eared magicians and nature lovers getting aquianted with technological goodies and modernized lifestyles.

Some high-elf magic users still being fascinated by television screens, thinking its some peep-hole to a different realm. And wood-elves also being fascinated by some gardeners who grow those small tree things you can fit in smaller flower pots. What arre those little tree things called? Anyway, I sometimes still have a few elven allies being intrigued by my music player I have with me in base. But I guess such culture shock is expected since full fledged alliances between us more 'technologically advanced' people and the more nature-loving elves is still a very recent thing. But eventually they'll all get used to it.

Also unlike you OP; in which you have a more laxed position compared to me and Integrian Comrades and some Wood Elves here at FOB Sandra, we're in a swampy marshland filled with potential hostilities. FOB Sandra is to watch out for any hostilities and bold moves from invasive Lizardmen, or hostile creatures such as Leshys, good fucking god those Leshys. Leshys are basically hardcore tree-huggers who protect forests to the extreme by killing any being who isn't a forest dwelling animal. Even wood-elves themselves and the wild-elves who do not consider themselves Sarenbelian elves do not like leshys too.

Well thats my opinion that I'm sharing, starting to loose signal a bit, hearing fucking crows cawing. Great, wood elf comrade says it might be fucking leshy again, better ready my LMG and lots of ammo. Welp see ya.

t. Lt. Wandelin Pater, Armed Forces of Integria, FOB Sandra, Swamplands of Sarenbel

Reminder that the stereotype of "joke" in which elves don't use guns and only use bows and arrows is false and wrong.

Elves are indeed capable of using guns and are pretty much Ok with that idea. Its just elves have access to magic more often than we humans do. But if elves were to use firearms, they'd mostly prefer semi-auto battle rifles as opposed to longer full-auto assault rifles. And when they have to use automatics, they'd use compact PDWs and smaller sub-machine guns. Or they'd just use pistols instead.

Oh sure thing, elf pic relating to OP's thread too!


If not for cowards like you I could have re-enlisted in a proper outfit. Instead you call me any everyone else who refused to put down arms a terrorist. People who refuse to leave their homes because of a fucking line on a map are terrorists now. Well then I'll gladly be a terrorist with them.

I hope you like drone strikes then.

See funny thing about that. It only takes an elemental the size of a small dog to completely fuck up a drone, and even though we can't cast those sort of spells the orcs native to the occupied lands can. Turns out they hate the knife-eared savages just as much as us.

You're forgetting the massive famine that motived the Dark Heart Pact to attack.

>arguing against the wording of a service-wide meme.

It's like youre lying or something

You call us evil! Well I call you a fascist!

You will never know our struggle. How we have had to work and slave just to survive in this miserable waste land we are left to.

You bring fascism and throw out the mutant and the different.

But we bring a strong rulership that can throw off the chains of the past and bring a glorious future for our unfairly punished people.

>you calling us evil and fascist
>yet look at yourself and own appearance

Look whos talking Black Heart scum.

Do the elves, both the high and wood elves like vodka and cheeks breeki comrade?

Ulgarain uses the double eagle symbol bro. Look at yourself.