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Is Battlerager any decent? It's seems better then Berserker's level 3 and level 10 abilities.

I was going to grab Brawny for grappling people.

Second for Meepo a best.

I want to incorporate modern and futuristic firearms in my 5e game. How balanced are they, as written in the DMG, for both enemies and PCs to have regular access to?

What do you do with a player who makes little to no attempt to interact with anything? He lets everyone else talk to npcs, hangs back in combat only attacking if he's "safe", makes no attempts to create adventure, just follows others. The only reason I mention this is because he'll usually be distracting out of character and bring up random shit and shout it across the table like talking about new Warhammer models or something.

So I've been invited to play a game for the first time in almost six years (forever DM here), and I'm conflicted on what to play.

So far, I've narrowed it down to Paladin, Sorcerer, or Monk. The other DM is allowing all the books and the UAs, with the addendum that the UA stuff is subject to change/approval for balance purposes.

What would you all recommend? Provide some form of argument if possible. If it helps, the other player have decided upon Totem Barbarian, Illusionist Wizard, Moon Druid, and the UA Hunter Ranger.

paladin. hands down.
smite evil. smite ALL the evil

The Renaissance-era firearms are probably fine as-is, as the prohibitive cost of them and the Loading property means that they're not even that strong at higher levels.

Modern-era guns are probably a bit too strong for their damage and range. I'd put the cost for them at 500-1500 gp at least, and the ammo for each gun at probably 10gp per 10 bullets, due to the cost needed to make them with medieval-era technology. I would probably reduce the damage die size by 1 for each weapon.

Futuristic guns should only show up in Expedition to Barrier Peaks or some clone copy of it, and the ammo for it should be impossible to replicate until you get a spellcaster with Fabricate to 'recharge' the energy cells.

desu this is going to sound crazy but I wanted my party to be involved, temporarily, in some interdimensional hijinks where these weapons were readily available for a time. are they too imbalanced to allow this kind of use, especially if NPC's have them as well?

I mean sure, I could go Vengeance Paladin with a fuck-huge Greatsword and just Smite all the things, but I also love the notion of being a blaster mage, as the Wizard's going to be the one trying to force enemies to attack things that aren't there or mind fuck them.

I mentioned Monk solely because I like the idea of playing a DBZ character in a D&D setting, and would go Sun Monk if I also got the ability to fly fairly early on with something like Winged Boots.

Daelan and Deekin made a pretty comfy ride through the second module.
There's always a kobold bard in my settings based after him, whether or not my players ever even get a hint of him.

How do they get access to smokeless powder?

Oh, Meepo.

The issue is that I would say that you need at LEAST Simple Weapon proficiency for the pistol and revolvers, and Martial Weapon proficiency for the shotgun, musket, and rifles. They'd also need to spend some time figuring out how the guns work and don't accidentally shoot themselves in the face.

It would depend upon the level and makeup of your players, but by in large if a squad of Kobolds had laser pistols, a couple lucky rolls on Initiative or attack rolls could vaporize a low to mid level character if they execute focus fire (which Kobolds would do thanks to their Pack Tactics).

For maximum fun go conquest paladin or mystic. Divination wizard is always great for shenanigans

I forgot about Mystic... But I don't know if I want to subjugate the DM (who's a bit new to behind the screen) to the bullshit that a Mystic could do. I'm half-expecting him to rely on me help help with rules questions while he reigns in the story questions.

Which I'm fine with doing (fielding the rules questions), I just wouldn't want to then beat him over the head with Mystic stuff and make myself seem like my word is law, even when I'm not the DM.

they'd be provided with ammunition from the hcead of the Interdimensional Police Force (IPF) as they are conscripted into an ad-hoc mission to deal with a rogue mage who transported himself (and them) into a different dimension full of crazy abominations. They'd be returned to their home plane after the mission is over, but for a bit everyone will have guns.

They really threw a wrench in my original plot and I had to come up with some shit on the fly when they ruined the BBEG wizard's summoning ritual. It backfired and took them with him to another plane. I'm making the BBEG not so powerful now and throwing this Interdimensional olice Force in as a way to get them home in exchange for killing this guy. To make this fun for me a bit I want to go a little science fantasy, hence the provision of firearms.

Then conquest paladin. Scare the shit out everyone and be lawful terrifying!

You're over-complicating things.

So your players screwed over your plot when they rushed to the BBEG and fucked with his summoning ritual to bring forth an even bigger BBEG.

Just have it be that the players and the BBEG got transported from their current plane to somewhere else in the multiverse, and the two groups will begrudgingly work together to get back home.

I don't know if your home plane is some custom world or one of the established settings, but maybe they got teleported to Eberron, or Faerun, or Ravenloft.

You could also go full Spelljammers and just say, "you find yourself on a mini-plane where a Spelljammer's resting at. You can pay for passage upon it back to your home plane by doing XYZ things for the Spelljammer crew."


Your entire party is mostly not disadvantaged on stealth, has access to pass without trace, and relies mostly on long rest resources. If you have a strong character for your sorcerer, it should be alright. You have a lot of spell coverage already, so you wouldn't need to spread yourself too thin. If not, Paladin is ok. You can play Dex or they can deal with your clanky ass. There's no rogues, after all. Last place would be monk. You would do little to round out your party's abilities and clash on rest preferences.

Honest question. How hard should a check be for a male to disguise as a female? I was thinking a normal Deception vs. Insight but Disadvantage but it seems a bit harsh.


One of the heads of Tiamat wants my godless-Paladin's service, should I be concerned?

The DM's allowing standard point buy. So my current thinking is either (15 15 13 10 10 8) or (15 14 12 11 10 10) before racial modifiers.

Well I know this is getting overcomplicated, but I've been wanting to try some science-fantasy themes out for a while but I know I couldn't get my group to go for an entire campaign for it. I know there are other ways around this problem. I know I could go about getting them home a million different ways. But I'd like my whole interdimensional police deal because it sounds fun - the only thing holding me back is the question of whether or not modern/futuristic firearms are too powerful for sustained use through a handful of sessions. So, are they?

Depends upon how much the male wants to commit to the cross-dressing. If they go all-in on it then I'd say straight Deception vs. Insight for talking, and Deception vs. a Disadvantaged Perception for seeing that she's a he from a distance.

Pic related.

Depends, what does their character look like normally and if Dwarf, do females have beards in your world?

They could use a disguise kit and spend gold on a dress, make up, jewels, wig etc.

Maybe they do the same for a male escort.

The party's trying to break into a small castle and wipe out the noble family because they're murderhobos and are being paid by another noble.

They're planning it out in character and one guy mentioned he has "extensive recreational experience at crossdressing" in character a few times. He's a Half-Elf Bard so I'm leaning towards just letting him pretend to be a maid without any penalties.

Another character asked him why they can't just dress him up as a guard or something and he said it has to be this way for comedic value.

If you want to introduce sci-fi stuff to your group, then just run Expedition to Barrier Peaks as a 'palette cleanser' between stopping the BBEG's summoning plan and the second attempt from the BBEG.

The group wakes up from their current predicament, seeing the BBEG finishing up a Plane Shift spell back to the home plane. The table travels to the nearest town, which is a similar tech level to their home plane but are all down in the dumps about something. Queue an authority figure asking for their help in dealing with abominations coming through town wielding strange weapons and straight up stealing things from the local blacksmith and alchemist, maybe vaporizing them in the process.

They go to deal with these abominations, oh look, it's a crashed Spelljammer and the abominations are githyanki trying to repair the thing as they wield modern-era weapons and maybe a laser rifle. The players clear out the ship, finish the repairs, and pilot the Spelljammer to their home plane thanks to Wizard shenanigans.

> Half-Elf Bard

Dude could probably walk in dressed to the nines in alluring clothing and would want to get boned no matter what gender they are.

Hell, the Alter Self spell solves this problem too, or can be used to reinforce the deception. And let's be honest: no one who considers themselves a true Bard doesn't know the Alter Self spell.

Probably. What's your oath?

dude i just want to know if the DMG firearms are overpowered as written. I'm not asking for narrative campaign advice.


They're not. You don't add primary stats to their damage, they are not magical, and are incompatible with 99% of feats.

A PAM Paladin is going to outpace any firearm user by scores. They're only overpowered in a "forever level 1-3" Rusty Dagger Shanktown game.

Yes, the modern-era and futuristic weapons are overpowered as written. Renaissance-era ones are probably fine as-is.

>You don't add primary stats to their damage,
Eh? Coulda swore you added Dexterity to them.

Paladin 2 / Sorcerer X
Get the best of both world.

>You don't add primary stats to their damage
There's nothing about that.

>Incompatible with 99% of feats

Renaissance ones are fine but Modern and Future are OP as fuck.

thank you, much obliged. i thought as much but I wanted to ask first.

Conquest, I ultimately want to end the fantasy cold war and ensure that peace in the land stays once I attain power. Tiamat in this canon would certainly get me there, though I wouldn't put it past her to fuck me over once this empire has been established.

Alternatively, a lesser metallic dragon goddess offers her help but has much less resources and power with the pros of being kind and forgiving.

I would be very worried, in that case. Tiamat wants people to worship her and only her. She wants to rule over all with an iron fist and make all races bow to her power.

At best you would become her lieutenant, which as a Conquest Paladin would be the last thing you want. Your whole thing is that YOU are the law, not someone else.

>Go Wu yen mystic.

All Warlocks must fear the DM...

I've got a PC Feylock who asked if he could make Eldritch Blast a melee attack spell in exchange for being able to move between attacks. On one hand the loss of range is pretty heavy but id the fact he can maneuver people around better with Repelling Blast enough to make him decent?

Alternatively he said he would rather play a Sorcerer if he could get more melee cantrips then shocking grasp but I can't think of any other ones.

He likes characters with completely magical melee attacks.

He should go a hexblade blade pact lock or stone sorcerer.

Yeah there ain't a chance she won't fuck you over, or at least subvert what you're trying to do. The furthest I'd go is tell her that if she stays out of your way you won't give the other goddess any special treatment either, but dealmaking with devil dragons is hardly wise. I'd just ally with the good goddess and likely make your powerful enemy, even if it makes victory more difficult to attain it should become a more lasting and meaningful peace.

He doesn't like the weapon aspect. He's a fan of magical punches and stuff otherwise this would be easy.

You could homebrew up something like:

> Eldritch Touch

Make a melee spell attack. On hit, deal 1d8 force damage.

Have it scale at the same rate as Eldritch Blast, and allow Agonizing Blast invocation to work with it. After that, make new invocations that do other stuff, like give temp HP equal to damage dealt, or increase damage die size by one.

That could work. The obvious invocation would be "You don't provoke opportunity attacks after hitting a target".

Something like the Battlerager where he gets Temp HP equal to his Charisma Modifier could be good.

Yeah, you're right user. I need to stay true to my convictions, I won't be a slave again.

Or just use shocking grasp because if you hit the target can't take a reaction ie, AOO

Red Mage was a Warlock.

It makes more sense now.

It's actually easier to load and fire most rifle type weapons than it is handguns of any sort.

Revolvers and semi auto pistols have all sorts of things you need to take care to do, such as grip, stance and how you aim.

If you can shoulder a rifle and learn how to judge distance and squeeze the trigger rather than pull you'll have greater success, faster. Plus the extra stopping power etc.

Bored this weekend and feel like DMing a game at 19:00 CEST (actually attempted it at 23:59 yesterday night but we didn't get enough players).
Come join us: discord.gg/82FzbCK, 2/5 spots left, only Veeky Forums so far

I'm doing a bit of homework and homebrewing in preperation for possibly running an All Dragon party in 5th ed. In the process I came across the following:


At first glance the progression chart seems pretty reasonable. Certainly saves me the trouble of having to make one myself. The key question, though, is if it's balanced properly.


Nice try, NSA. Trying to mine my voice samples.

My preferred red mage/spellblade build was paladin 2/favored soul x. Or at least, the original version with extra attack. Newest one isn't good for that (but still pretty good) but I'm glad there's more gish options anyway.

Here's an easy set of rules to follow :

1) Is it on Dand Wiki?
2) If yes, see three. If not, see four.
3) It's not balanced
4) Maybe

Is there a way to get more blast spell for valor bard without having to wait until level 10?

Be a Lore Bard.

cast heat metal

But I want to extra attack and FIREBALL

I wonder what it is about dand wiki that attracts only the most heinously shitty homebrew garbage.

It can't be all bad. Really it just looks like there's two glaring issues. The first is breath stats. They need to be tailored per dragon type rather than a blanket range and damage. The bite, claws, etc. stats should also be more like the actual dragons in the MM. I.e. A bite should be on a d10, not a d6

Does Tunnel Fighter work with War Caster to let me cantrip everyone who moves near me?

I don't understand. Do you not know what "strong character" means? I mean pick sorcerer if you want to play a specific sorcerer.

Every community eventually forms its own consensus, its slower when anonymous, and higher when you have some form of authorities. That site in particular has authorities, has gated entry via membership, and is long standing. The trio means that new ideas are out, old ideas are good, and undesirable elements are weeded out. So that creates a relatively uniform set of ideas presented.
Now, why those ideas are shit is easier. All it takes is early adopters and authority figures to settle on a shit opinion, and shit continues flowing indefinitely.

No. War caster only allows it for its normal context, not from attacks granted by something else.

"When a hostile creature's movement provokes an opportunity attack from you, you can use your reaction to cast a spell at the creature, rather than making an opportunity attack. The spell must have a casting time of 1 action and must target only that creature."

"As a bonus action, you can enter a defensive stance that lasts until the start of your next turn. While in your defensive stance, you can make opportunity attacks without using your reaction, and you can use your reaction to make a melee attack against a creature that moves more than 5 feet while within your reach."

I don't know, he might be able to.

Am I just retarded or Greater Invisibility worse than just plain old Invisibility?

By the wording it is indeed plausible, but it's definitely not intended. They clarified this earlier, although I don't think it was that specific combo.

No, warcaster uses your reaction to cast a spell.

No. War Caster gives you a secondary method of using your reaction when an Opportunity attack is triggered by movement.
Tunnel Fighter lets you make opportunity attacks, not War Caster spells, but specifically opportunity attacks without your reaction, and ALSO lets you use your reaction to hit approaching creatures. As soon as you would cast a spell via War Caster, you would have used your reaction, and it never triggers on an approaching creature at all, because using your reaction to make a melee attack isn't the same as making an opportunity attack.

So, essentially, if you have both.

You can smack an infinite number of dudes running past you.
You can cast one spell at a dude that runs past you, instead of making an opportunity attack on that specific creature.
You can, instead of the spell, smack one dude that approaches you.

Now if you somehow had more reactions, then you can do more things, but never cast on approach, because it isn't an opportunity attack, but an attack via reaction.

You can attack without breaking Greater Invisibility

Mostly good on anyone with a lot of Attacks. A Warlock who can cast it on themselves twice per short rest is pretty good for EB spam and a Sorcerer who twins it and Scorching Ray spams works.

What if
What if we

Why even play D&D if you aren't minmaxing?

To what extent? Just playing the game competently is min/maxing to some extent.
Personally, i am entirely fine with 3d6 down the line, roll for starting gold and p, but even i usually do race first, class after stats. Sure, that's because you used to have to qualify for a class, but where exactly do YOU draw the line?

Define Min/Max is it picking up GWM + GWF when you are a Fighter/Barbarian? Is it using Crossbow Expert as a Rogue? What about if I'm casting booming blade as a Swashbuckler? Getting the sharpshooter feat with a ranged character?

Can a creature have both divine and arcane spellcasting?

Any reccs for third party/DMG expanded or reworked weapon tables? One of my players, that came from 3.5, has been hankering for more diverse weapons and I kind of agree with him.


Guys, I need help.

I want to create an NPC, but not sure which class would fit the best.

He is supposed to be the herald of the BBEG, travelling everywhere as his diplomat and spy.

So I need to have him be able to travel fast by some cool magical means. This is my first time DMing 5E, so my knowledge is a bit lacking in spells and stuff.

I was looking at the Raven Queen Warlock since it can turn into a raven and fly wherever, but I feel like it would be too much like Medivh in Warcraft.

I remember there was some kind of spell out there that allowed the character to summon a shadow steed, but I can't find it.

Any other idea is appreciated. He's only going to be level 6 and while I could just give him a magical item, I'mrather hesitant to do it.

Anyone else ever think of a character concept but then they can't decide what class to play for it?

I want to do a strong noble who ran away from his family because they wanted him to be a priest. Can't decide between a Barbarian or Fighter. Either way I want to go Dual-Wield even though it sucks.

The spell is called shadow steed.

NPCs don't have classes.
They just have abilities and stuff they need to have.

Not the way I DM though. I understand this point, but I just like to crate all major NPCs as proper characters. It's my way of having fun.

Thanks, looking that up right away.

PAM or GWM on my Barbarian?

>wanted to be a priest
>barbarian or fighter


He ran away and became a mercenary. They wanted him to be one, he didn't want to be.

Don't worry about using player classes, or even PHB spells, for NPCs. Take a look at monster /npc creating rules in the Dungeon Master's Guide. You can give your bad guy whatever abilities you want. Come up with the rules for how he works if you want him to be consistent.
>my first time DM'ing 5E, I need help
>Not my style sorry, haha, I want to do this other thing instead

Are there even stats for modern firearms? Where/what are they?

Fighter would most likely fit his background

> you can use your reaction to cast a spell at the creature, rather than making an opportunity attack.

See this part? It mean that War Caster itself isn't an opportunity attack (just trigger when something provoke OA from you) and cost you a reaction.

Which order? I was thinking PAM at 1, +2 STR at 4 and GWM at 8.

Or does Reckless Attack give enough accuracy for be to delay STR to 8?

> Noble
> Not Rogue or Bard


They're in the DMG.