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Beaten wife syndrome edition

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>people getting butthurt prematurely edition

What is a 40kg without butt hurtness? Really? it's the fuel of this thread nowadays

2nd for tallmarines

A true Veeky Forums past time

Wasn't there supposed to be a livestream or Q&A, or am I just imagining stuff?

Should I wait to start BT to see if tallmarines are real

Reminder that GW officially love cuckolding.

Up to you, I would be waiting personally.

Just a Q&A i think, pure meme fuel, nothing more.

They like Nick? Who is Nick?

It did tell us that the core rules will be free and that all current armies will have new rules released for them when 8th ed comes out.

BT are getting axed user, they have been completely absorb by vainillas

My GW cart just got 50cent more expensive, is this the 8th edition?

Yeah, ask fantasy fags how that turned out to them.

It begins..

If you need to paste text over to make your point it's a poorly chosen image, also it's battered wife syndrome.

"The game should be easy to start"
Is GW retarded? Unless they drop the prices no one that wasn't already going to play will play

Doesn't change the fact that there was some actual info in the faq, whether or not you think it will end well is irrelevant.


>DoW III has Carcharodons
new lore when?

Found a bunch of people in GW who're named Nick, take your pick.


Fine Fucking detective work, user.

Oh god those shitty centurions.

Hey anons, would you mind rating my first list?

Dark Angels Lion's Blade 1500
Battle Demi-Company

Company Master, 90
+Artificer Armor, 20
+Stormshield, 15
+Relic Blade 25
+Jump Pack, 15
Total, 165

3xTactical Squad, 70
+5 Marines, 70
+Plasma Gun, 15
+Combi-plasma, 10
+Heavy Bolter, 10
Total, 175 (525)

Dedicated Transports
4xRhinos, 35
+Dozer Blade, 5
Total, 40 (160)

Devastators, 70
+4xPlasma Cannons, 60
+Combi-Plasma, 10
Total, 140

Assault Marines, 70
+5 Assault Marines, 70
+Jump Packs, 30
+2xFlamer, 10
+2xEviscerator, 50
+Veteran Sergeant, 10
+Power Sword, 15
+Combat Shield, 5
Total, 260

Interrogator Chaplain, 110
+Jump Pack, 15
+Mace of Redemption, 30
Total, 155

10th Company Support
Scout Squad, 55
+5 Sniper Rifles, 5
+Camo Cloaks, 10
Total, 70

Complete Total, 1475

What should I do with the remaining 25 points?

And worst things are yet to come

>someone bothered to write that down

Would a Tau army be good for a tank army? I like tanks, but I don't really want humans so Guard are out. I also remember that Pathfinders could mark targets for Tau big guns. Is that still a thing?

Refrain from asking game question, this edition is death and the next one is a mayor reboot, wait until then.

tau are mecha.

>doesn't like humans
What are you, boring?

But a Tau tank army is actually pretty good and I'm just happy that you haven't said anything about suits.

I'll tell you what I'm butthurt about, scale creep.

Models just keep betting bigger and bigger and more expensive. I remember when one large case could house an entire army, these days I need two.

I love my resin greater daemons, I was just missing a bloodthirster so I was pretty hyped for the plastic thirster. It's a good model don't get me wrong but I'm trying to find shelf space for my models and it's like
GUO, large as a tank, not too big.
KoS, large as a tank, not too big.
LoC, large as a tank, not too big.
OH MY GAH~, IDS GODZIRRA! If the others are the size of a house this guy is like the size of a skyscraper and he's got a price tag to match.

You feel me? Tanks and troops, not anime mecha and King Kong ok? Praise new Games Workshop™

How would you guys go about running a three way battle?


Yeah, I know. I only had 3 battlesuits in my old Tau army though. That was when the Tau first came out though so there weren't a ton of options.

If I want humans I'll play something historical, honestly.

>only 7 feet tall
How can the Gue'la ever hope to rule the Galaxy with midgets like that?

If you dont mind having a Chaplain instead of an Interrogator-Chaplain, you can turn this list into 2 battle companies, get free dedicated transports and better rules. Also the 160pts you'll keep from the rhinos can be used to buy and outfit the devs of the second company.

>tau are 4 feet tall

If you got rid of the artificer armour and combi plasma on the dev sargent that's enough points for a bare bones scout squad.

Otherwise just but meat shield marines for your devs.

Devilfish and Hammerheads are both awesome. Hammerheads can fire either a S10 AP1 72" single shot, or a S6 AP4 72" large blast. Throw Smart Missile Systems on it instead of the gun drones (for free!) and rape light infantry in cover by combining the fire from your railgun blast with markerlights for Ignores Cover and as high a BS as you can get from the expended markerlights. The SMS can hit things out of line of sight, and is a 4-shot twin-linked S5 AP5 butthurt generator. Devilfish may bring this as well.

Gue'la please...

Compare an Imperial Knight to that stupid chickenlegged weeb shit and try again.

>tacticals are now tall
>all other space marine units remain the same so now dreadnoughts and termies are small


I'm pretty sure having a second Battle company would make it go over 1500 though, and I'd only lose the free transports by not taking it, I think.

Yeah, that makes sense. I could add a couple more bodies for the Dev squad to protect them. Maybe a meltabomb on the assault sergeant.

Nervous about Deathguard now... Worried we're not going to get kits and just get shitty snapfit starter box sprus

They'll be snap fit user, the only multipaet is going to be Mortarion, the rest are stuck with monopose and mix equipment

That dreadnought looks like it tripped



Looking for advice on my Heralds of Ruin Kill Team list.

Chapter tactics is Carcharadon Astra

- Company Champion
- Power Sword
- Storm Shield
- Artificer Armour

- 3 Sternguard Veterans

- 6 Tactical Marines (w/ extra CCW)
- 1 Tactical Marine (Plasma Gun or Missile Launcher + extra CCW)

>tfw sushi, orks, tyranids, commies and tomb kangz are all allies now

>I'm pretty sure having a second Battle company would make it go over 1500 though, and I'd only lose the free transports by not taking it, I think.

You already have 30 tacticals (3 5man squads x2), 10 assault marines (2 5man squads x2), and a 5man dev squad, the free rhinos give you 160pts and you also get some free points from getting a chappie instead of the interrogator. 150 pts get you 5 devastators w/ 4 lascannons.

taufag please go

>Tyranids allied to anything
>Necrons suddendly friendly with everyone
>Orks reaching consensus over something wich isnt waaagh or dakka

I stared at the future and it was retarded

Checkmate, alien

Finally I can play my Tyranid-Eldar-Ork-Necron Army. Pick the cherry! No neckbeard can stop you now. It's the NEW Games Workshop!


Welcome to Age of Emprah


It's not alliances and it wasn't the future, it was a mirror.

As thought you couldn't already?

Beep Boop, motherfucker.
Enjoy the strongest defenses against shooting in the game, and those are only the small ones. -3S to shooting and D chart, yo.

If they weren't sucking space marine dick like they are with sigmarite/chaos warrior, then they would have given all the Eldar an alliance of their own.

Morte, is that you?

Not compatible with 8th/10


You get smacked into the one codex, that's all we know.

Atleast something

Would Guilliam attempt to annex the Tau into his Imperium rather than exterminate them?

To be fair, we have Bitzbox Cawl, which means we can actually have an Archmagos lead our armies now.
Also, Skitarii CAD is a thing for him, so you can do a fluffy Centurio Ordinatus force if you want to have a Skitarii escort.

I want an open topped transport and a land raider equivalent walker, like a big onager.

He'd likely follow the Emperors example with th Eldar and give them the offer: Live in servitude or Extinction.

Fires of Cyraxus eventually™


Go play Vidya games instead then, ya retarded cunt.

I don't think they picked up on the implication. Naive little bastards.

if he can flirt with a xenos he'll likely have no problem allying with a xenos. eventually he'll probably introduce low income housing for orks too.

Oh yeah, I didn't think of this. Oh dear

>Can die to a rhino ramming it

That's not a stormsurge.

I suppose since the new SM will be Stormcast Scale, the models will get 2 wounds each? That would be pretty cool imo.

It would have to have similar immobility to be able to shoot, user

Trying to balance crunch and flavour.

>posting army lists
>in three months time half of /40kg/ will be shuffling four unpainted plastic Knights around the table because Open Play is fun™

But unbound armies are already a thing, hell so are Imperial Knight armies.

>giant $100+ models infesting the game
>A good thing
>daddies money man children actually believe this

Fuck off, /pol/.

>everyone who makes an even slightly political joke is /pol/
You realize that /pol/ doesn't care about Veeky Forums, right? lmao.

Go back to 1d4ddit.

Robbie already posted a picture on his Tumblr feed about Carcharadons Red Tithe getting a sequel.

>Want to get started on a Dark Eldar army for when 8th comes around
>Considering painting them up as the Kabal of the Black Heart
>Every Dark Eldar player I see has them painted up in the exact same scheme

Im conflicted

>see the warhammer40k webpage
>go to chaos section
>daemons, thousand sons, death guard, CSM
>no khorne daemonkin

As a Khornefag, what would be my future be? Change (god) or die? Play CSM with the kind of traitor legion suppelement that there would be at that time (so I could play World Eaters)?

They are the Ultramarines of Deldar.

Wait for World Eater codex.

Likely will be plastic berzerkers and Angron.

Do what you like, user. There your Deldar and they don't have to please anyone but you.

Deldar are difficult to paint that everyone just plays it safe with them.

Yeah, you're all retards tßh.

40k was actually a decent game when it was 1 HQ, 2 Troops and a bit of extra firepower, with Flyers and Superheavies being Forge World rules for special occasions.

A core of people that will eat whatever scale increases GW decides works best for the profit margins killed it, now we have a mechanics set designed for skirmishes like Necromunda being stretched over a game that has jet fighters on six foot tables.

>Yeah, you're all retards tSSh.
What did he mean by this?

>Deldar are difficult to paint
Maybe if you consider edge highlighting difficult.

t-b-h is filtered so people put other things in. Like fām for f-a-m.

What are you even going on about. You claimed half of Veeky Forums was going to be running nothing but knights because of open play and I just pointed out people already can, but nobody does it because it's easy to counter if you build for it.