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May I join your game?

I wuz lurking and couldn't help overhear you mentioning some game listings, but I couldn't find out where they were posted. Will you share them with me?

use the previous thread until it's actually past the limit and on a lower page.
But to answer your question yes, the games open for application are
Blingmaker (almost over)
Also drop the trip.

Who the fuck is this tripfag?

What races make the best bards/face of the group?

jeebus, what is this? I'm looking at Overlewd, and I feel like I'm being pranked. These people spent so much time on their characters and their backgrounds.

where do all these applications come from? are these all from teenage girls?

1. Stop typing like a newfag, are you a newfag?
2. Probably from this general
3. Learn to put work into your characters.


>No Anime Allowed Edition
Let's not go overboard. I do approve of ignoring the shitposting that the kitsunefag trolls get up to, but lets not get too crazy here.

He made a thread at 306 posts, what do you expect

If it means beating the kitsunefag who was about to make a thread at 307 posts, I'm all for it.

>not a new IP

>anime poster makes a post at 305 posts instead next time

This is what you are encouraging.

Aasimar, Catfolk and Humans.

Kill yoself, you just as cancerous as anime

Look, kitsunefag, I like anime, but you need to stop trolling already and threatening people with future trolling. At least pick good anime pictures to use, instead of picking random, unrelated girls just because you know it pisses people off.

What's so hard to understand about this? Pick pictures that don't piss people off, and quit being a dumb cunt.

Whatever you say Hitler-poster

Fuck off, kitsunefag. You're not fooling anyone.

>implying this isn't exactly the sort of chaos and resentment they want

And therefore you think making a thread at 306 posts is acceptable.
Kitsunefag is annoying but he made threads at page 6 or 7. This particular OP makes threads at 2 or 3 and this time, before the actual fucking bump limit, which is far more cancerous than anything kitsuneposter could possibly post, up to and including porn of kitsune, because at least porn would get cleaned out.

>everyone who disagrees with me is kitsune

Jokes on you, I don't have a single Loraine saved on either my phone or laptop.

Kys, or since yourebso obsessed with kitsune, go duck him in the ads and both of you die of AIDS

Help me, /pfg/, you're my only hope! I'm gonna be playing an Elven Eldritch Archer in an upcoming game. 20 point buy, Paizo material only, starting at level 1, and I've never played a magus before. What do I need to know, how should I build as I level, and what traps should I avoid?


1. Don't play a Magus

Decided to try to make Cavalry in pathfinder a bit more interesting and a bit less 'Super damage' with some homebrew.

You seem upset

>This particular OP makes threads at 2 or 3 and this time, before the actual fucking bump limit, which is far more cancerous than anything kitsuneposter could possibly post, up to and including porn of kitsune, because at least porn would get cleaned out.
He does it to beat the anime spammers, and no, the outright porn may at some point be deleted, the "lewd" spamming and off topic shit it breeds stays around.

He doesn't have a fucking excuse. The reason the animeposter was cancerous and hated to begin with was because he kept posting shit at page 6, not because he posted anime.

Are you feeling okay? Did you forget that you were on Veeky Forums instead of reddit?

>the off topic poster I like is ok due to these unrelated reasons

Why not?

Look, shitposterfag, I hate kitsuneposter, but you need to stop trolling already and threatening people with future trolling. At least post new threads at a reasonable page number and past the bump limit, instead of breaking general thread rules and making one before the old one even has a foot in the grave, which is even worse than kitsune making one at page 5 or 6.

What's so hard to understand about this? Post a thread, hell even a dueling thread if you want, at a reasonable page number life a decent human being, and quit being a dumb cunt.

Holy fuck, you are either a nazimod sympathizer, in which case you need to be round up and shot, or you really are a newfag

>what do i need to know
First remember that spellstrike is not making an attack and attaching a spell to it. Rather, it is casting a spell and attaching an attack to it. This means it doesn't work with stuff that says 'when you make an attack action' and so forth. Also don't forget that your arcane pool stacks with other enhancement bonuses, so have it up in combat as often as possible. Additionally, even though your spells are touch spells, they are simply rider effects on your arrows, meaning they still target normal AC.

>how should i build as i level
the usual ranged stuff. Point Blank, Precise, Rapid, Multishot. Don't forget to pick up Reach Spellstrike at level 9 so you can cast your melee touch spells as ranged touch spells. You might also consider grabbing Hexcrafter so you can take Witch Hexes like Flight. Also Arcane Accuracy is pretty widely considered a good choice of arcana.

>what traps should I avoid
Just don't have too many spells that do the exact same thing. Blasting is all well and good, but you can always copy spells from purchased scrolls if you want more spells known.

>is okay
No, he isn't. He needs to wait until page 8 at least, but that doesn't mean posting a thread before the fucking bump limit is okay.

They're just bad all around. They're not fun to play, they're not actually strong, and they're not even gish-feeling.

Give it up, kitsunefag. It's embarassing to see you writhe like this.

No, it's because his pictures suck AND he started posting shit at page 6 when people told him to quit being a dumb cunt.

I get, you're upset that people are once again airing out how much they don't like you, but quit trying to spin things just so you can keep your little shitposting thing going.

Appreciated. Reach Spellstrike is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. Though, because I'm hitting normal AC, and using Spellstrike to cast my spells, aren't Rapid Shot/Manyshot just tanking my attack bonus far too low to hit anything? How do I mitigate that?

>WAAAAAGH! He disagrees with me!
>I know, I'll call him a Kitsune, surely that will mean I'm right!
Holy fuck you dumbass motherfucker, fucking kill yourself. You have not made a single salient point at all in your retarded shitposting, which is even more off-topic than the memegame shitposting, and all you've done is made youself into the stinkiest and most foul turd in this sea of shit.


Between Arcane Accuracy and the enhancement bonuses from your arcane pool, you shouldn't feel it too much.

Oh! Don't forget that eldritch archer gets a bonded weapon, meaning not only do you start with a free masterwork bow, you count as having the proper crafting feats when enchanting your bonded weapon. Meaning you can enchant it yourself at half price.

>Oh! Don't forget that eldritch archer gets a bonded weapon
So he's even worse at non-combat magic unless he's allowed to bring his bow everywhere?

Catfolk are creepy.

Don't you call Catmere creepy! She's adorable!

>implying you wouldn't let her pounce on you if she showed up to your house wearing only Ugg boots, a smile and nothing else.

>necroing the shit thread after it was already sliding in page 6 and could be allowed to die for a less shit thread at page 8

It's not a new IP so it's probably OP.
I hope you're all using sage

Holy shit, kitsunefag. I knew you were insane, but I didn't realize you were this level of autistic.

It seems like getting you banned might be the only way to help you free yourself from your shitposting obsession.

I actually thought this was a weird picture, and then I watched my cat for a while.

This is a pretty accurate picture.

>everyone is kitsunefag
t. not that guy

Are cats liquid or something? Nothing should bend like that.

Take your meds, you schizo.

Sounds about right, especially since he just started responded. Must've just gotten out of Sunday school.
Seriously, this fuck has no life, it's pathetic

Take your meds, you schizo.

I didn't know schizophrenia allowed you to magically increase IP counts

Yes, cats are liquid.

I didn't know you think anyone's fooled be you refreshing your IP. If you're hoping to use poster count as proof of you not being insane, that's overwhelmed by the evidence of your chronic addiction to shitposting.
Unless you want to try and pretend there's more than one person as brainfucked as you are, which is ridiculous.

No one can be as much of a retarded shitposter as you are. Hell, even if you were a second person, you'd be better off not admitting to be a second person on the same level as that.

Are you ACK from /a/ yuribait threads or something

Who the hell owns at least 10 phones to be able to pull that off in this thread?
Kill yourself OP

Y'all can leave the thread now

God, the effort you put into to protecting your shitposting is ridiculous. Kitsunefag, you really need to seek some professional help.

With that out of the way,
Anything with a cha bonus. It's rare to find one above +2 though.

forget it it's impossible

>posts a thread that is not kitsune
>insults lewposters and kitsune
>is kitsune
Are you actually kitsuneposter, here to just falseflag like a moron? Because that would explain a lot.

Technically most phones can easily refresh IPs trivially.

Also anime-witchunter user is dumb, stop posting threads early.

Is the throve still maintained? I obtained a pdf from the internet but have no idea if it's cleaned or not.

No, this guy has done threads at page 3 and 4 before. It's duellingthreads user.

Pretty sure the Trove is abandoned, Beastiaries V and VI still aren't in it.

Erase yourself from existence, dude.

But fucking why it's like you don't know how to sage

I'm actually surprised by how badly you've been triggered.

I shouldn't be, but that's because I had more faith in humanity. I really hope OP does this more often just to help get you to give up on your spam obsession.


I'm going to snuggle her nightly!

Please fuck off wherever you came from.

You need to cure your autism before you come back to Veeky Forums.

Actually good thread not posted before bump limit

>start light snuggling as per usual
>forget it's a full moon tonight
>she just wants to fuck
>but you just want to snuggle
>so she rapes you. Repeatedly.

>passive aggressive thread made by mad kitsunefag because he's so upset

Holy fuck, we need to get you purged.

>this mad that his shitposting has been exposed

I'm not even the guy who made this thread. I'm just tired of your shitposting antics and autistic trolling, and am more than glad to watch this escalate now rather than having you continue with your shitposting agenda.

I honestly can't say if it's just baiting and shitposting or legitimate retardation.

I'm not the guy who made the other thread either, but consider that duelling threads at page 3-4 or threads made at 306 posts are shitposting in the literal sense, your retared 'war' on anime aside.

Someone asked about the Tolkien races in Starfinder in the last thread. I'm going to steal an idea from Star Trek and just say that many of them just didn't like going into outer space. There was a few species that did get themselves extincted and more that almost did because they didn't like going into SPESSSSSSSSSS

I just want to see the worst parts of the pathfinder group stop acting like such autists. Throwing a tantrum because someone called you out on constantly choosing off-topic pics for the general and making the threads early isn't really helping your case, no matter how much effort you put into getting upset.

>making the thread early
Like page four or BEFORE THE BUMP LIMIT? Or making duelling generals? Kill yourself OP.

I'm not the guy who made the OP, and I like anime. What I don't like is people spamming anime just to try and get a reaction. It's no better than trolling with MLP, and it's impossible to deny that it's being done just to troll at this point.

Want to use anime in the OP image? Go ahead. Just make it not such a fucking stretch for it to be the Pathfinder thread and not some random /e/ thread.

This shouldn't be so hard to understand. OP might not have done it in the right way, but this is an issue that shouldn't be casually ignored nor something that needs to be such a back-and-forth battle.

Appropriate pictures for the general. That should be the standard, and all this other nonsense should be thrown under the rug.

You know what else needs to go though, with a higher fucking priority? Threads made at page 3 or before the bump limit. Shitty OP images are a cancer for /pfg/ alone, but thread wars are a cancer for the entire fucking board. You're losing sight of the goal in your effort to reach it - banishing anime from the OP was never the actual goal, and if it were, you have your priorities skewed.

>Appropriate pictures for the general. That should be the standard,
You mean like how the not-shit version is, since its talking about low mental scores while sowing a picture of Plato looking very disaprovingly?

Where have i seen this type of shit before?

Oh yes. In the /qtg/, ERP, and /wst/, right before the mods banned each of them permanently.

After all, why do anything different if you have something that works and gets threads banned, right?

I agree that OP didn't do it right. No point in repeating that.

AT THE SAME TIME, the actual trolls and spammers have actually gotten worse with people just trying to ignore them. If anything, this is an issue that needed to be addressed a long time ago, and now has gotten to the point where these trolls act like a kicked hornets nest when someone like OP does something.

This is an unhealthy state of affairs. Which is why the simple concepts of "Don't spite post, don't troll each other, and try to keep things sensible" should be maintained as the priorities. With that said, banishing anime from the OP is a bad idea, but barring the shitposters from making their /e/ threads for the pathfinder generals isn't quite so outlandish.

So, what would people think about using Path of War classes but cutting out the maneuvers? Are their class features decent enough on their own, or should they at least keep counters or something? Allow maneuvers to be taken but cost feats?

The mods will just delete the OP image like they've been doing in the past. Pathfinder is here to stay, but if the OP image is such a point of contention because a few trolls can't resist being passive aggressive, than they'll likely just end up deleting it and banning the people who keep doing so.

And it could all just be avoided by not trolling each other.

It's not about the trolls starting shit. It's about people who don't want threads at page 4 and random duelling threads. See the other general which has a good topic of discussion instead of this thread's opinion mandate and was made at page 9.
Most people believe it or not barely even care about the OP, and only care when it's breddy gud like the new one which can invoke discussion. There's a reason people just decide to use the kitsunefag threads unless he's absent, and wait to page 8 to make their own thread otherwise, because it really isn't a big deal - certainly not enough to do some retarded 'one-up'ing' and thread spamming.

I'm still somewhat upset they didn't call it Book of War.

This is really just a odd thing in all 3.x versions of D&D, but coins weight a lot more then their medieval counters parts. Why? It just makes carrying things even harder.

D&D coins are 50 to a pound, so about 9.07 grams.

solidus are 4.5 grams
Arabic gold dinar are 4.25 grams
silver dirham are 2.97 grams
French sol are 4.5 grams
aureus were 5.5 to 4.5 grams
Roman dēnārius were 6.81 to 3.4 grams

If they just used a 100 coins to a pound it would be easier math and be around historical weight also.

>banishing anime from the OP is a bad idea,
The solution isn't ban anime, it's ban Kemonomimi OP's since that;s clearly a troll.

We should also display an iota of self fucking control and just not respond to troll OP's period.

My question is what makes this general so fucking dyunctional compared to other ones. Like all generals have their infighting but not to this extreme.

No. The classes don't stand up on their own without manuvers and feat locking them won't help.

If you think Path of War does too much just over the Tome of Battle classes and save everyone a lot of head ache.

Never got into ToB, can you give me a tl;dr on the differences/highlights?

The numbers/abilities are a lot less insane.

The maneuvers are 90% of the reason ToB/PoW are interesting in the first place. Why the FUCK would you want to go back to full attack city when that is one of the major reasons martials are shit and unfun to play?

>It's not about the trolls starting shit. It's about people who don't want threads at page 4 and random duelling threads

Sorry, but I already told you I understand. What I'm tired of is BOTH sides trolling each other. This thread is just an escalation because the problem had a chance to be addressed earlier, and now is once again rearing its ugly head.

You can try and spin this as OP just randomly making this thread early, but it is clearly a reaction. Don't like the reaction? Look at the source of the issue, because you're going to keep getting these reactions regardless of how you try and defend trolling and shitposting.

You're right, in that this shouldn't be a big deal. But, that's how petty trolling works, in that it figures out how to strike peoples nerves and continues to do so. Anime in the OP should be fine, and people complaining about anime in general would be the ones out of line. But, at the same time, going too far in the opposite direction and spite posting and spamming /e/ images for popular generals is as bad or worse.

All of this could be settled pretty easily by the trolls just not being trolls, but that only seems to happen when some stark pressure is exerted on them. RIght now would be a good time to just say "Let's stop being faggots already", but it seems like the trolls are now fired up and desperate. If you call yourself moderate and want to this to just stop being an issue, make a statement against the trolls instead of encouraging them.

Belting out 4 full attacks in one round says otherwise, and 3.5 has a much higher threshold for DPR than PF in the first place due to better PA and feats.

My statement is that trolls being faggots doesn't mean people who are even worse get a free pass. Want to make a statement to the trolls? Ignore their fucking thread, like this one.

Don't most of the ToB classes have like no class features aside from maneuvers? From what I remember the only other thing Warblades even get is "add INT to stuff."