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Here's a question for you /jc/: I want to do the whole "I knew you would do that, and so I had my men following me" thing and then have a bunch of soldiers reveal themselves around us. I don't want to teleport them in, I want them to have 'always been there', without having actually been there in case I decide to just blow everything up or something. I want them to be able to come out of hiding and hand over video of whatever just happened, if that's what I need.

Does anyone have *any* idea how I could do this? Retroactively decide to have had my troops follow me?

Precog would let you actually know if they would do that, and prepare accordingly.
It’s not quite what you asked for, but it would work.

Is it wrong I want to be a bushido babe just to get the Organization and troll Yoichi?

It's not wrong at all. It's all too right.

FLCL has a perk that might be useful.

That, or get a bunch of Third Circles and Second Circles the Presence Concealment EX and have them always follow you around.

okay, Would be the reasonable Outcome of This plan
1.acquire robot body.

2.Systematically replace every Metallic component of myself with Star alloy from Yūsha Gojo Kumiai Kōryūgata Keijiban
~Hero Cooperation Union Exchange Bulletin Board~

3.install kamen rider fourze module basement

4. Plug in fully upgraded Shard Switch.

Nah, he pretty explicitly wants them to have not been there unless he wanted them to be there, it's weird.

FLCL, then.

>“I can buy my own Insurance now!” - 600 CP: Somewhere between 20 to 30 goons spring to your aid from across dimensions and time, popping out from behind closed doors, air vents, or even just appearing behind you. They’re highly trained individuals, a.k.a. Special forces, but still ordinary humans packing modern weaponry (for the setting). When called, they will always appear with the weaponry on hand to deal with the task at hand. Trying to capture a target alive? They’ll show up wielding net guns. Need a plane shot down? Rocket launchers are the armament of the day and they’ll have enough ammo to get the job done. They’ll only stick around for an action sequence or two before disappearing back where they came from. Soldiers falling in the line of your shenanigans will in no way decrease the number that show up the next time you use this power. They might not be able to take down a main character, but they can certainly wear them down quite a bit. Limited to once a day or so for combat purposes, but calling on them to help you move or clean up around the house can be done at any time.

That is pretty damn close to what I want. Can't quite explain how they were following me if I have to, but for once a day combat that seems like it is the closest I'm going to get.

Retroactive decision stuff is damn rare in Jumpchain, to the point I don't think I've actually seen any.

Unless someone else suggests an obscure perk or combo that better suits my needs this is probably the best I'll get, so thanks.

I think the 40k Jump had one called Creed or something.

has mastermind which can let you summon Mercenary Paratroopers

I don't know how city of heroes got cut off


And if I'm not mistaken, the next few lines refer to going south to a certain station. WHICH station gave me conniptions because apparently "Qilian" station used to be called something very different in Japanese of which one character means "village". So I'm basically having to translate from english, to moonrunes, and then back to traditional Chinese here

/oh my god why am I thinking about this so much I haven't even finished writing up my Zendikar build/

Phew, a simpler problem. Synchronicity Wave Travelling from DC Occult can help you there, so long as you don't mind the soldiers not necessarily being under your authority-but still inclined to assist against your enemies.

Alternatively, sufficiently advanced Sidereal astrology can arrange that. I recommend either FOreign Constellation Immigration to develop your custom snarl in Fate, or Ballroom and Battlefield Equivalence Enlightenment so you can lure your enemies into a war room-and then cause everyone to stop strategising and start fighting.

Alternatively alternatively-both Lunars and Exalted: Mortal Gauntlet having something called Shaping Combat available to you; each relevant perk refers to your Virtues being forged into Graces. You'll be interested in Sword shaping: To simplify, it's the art of creating illusory, quasi-real miraculous yet phantasmal events that can have arbitrary flavouring but ultimately boil down to a net result of siphoning your enemy's fighting spirit. In this case, because they think they're suddenly being surrounded by enemy soldiers. Also depending on their ability to resist reality distortions the illusion may or may not ACTUALLY result in them being shot by soldiers; apply Inner Universe from Magical Girl Noir Quest for best results.

No I mean like in his initial example he would want them to be able to record entire conversations, but not actually exist until the moment he wants them to exist if he decides to start wrecking an area.

Only retroactive stuff I know of is usually isolated to property based things..

I assume you mean the Tactical Genius perk? Unfortunately despite referencing the meme it doesn't let you pull off stuff on the level of the meme.

While close, it falls along the same lines of the FLCL perk, summoning rather than retroactive 'being there'.

Synchronicity Wave Travelling comes across more as a luck perk that would let me pull this off, rather than a way to decide at a later point to have done this.

I suppose a Sidereal charm might help, from what I hear they mess with fate and similar things, could one make a custom Sidereal charm that lets you retroactively have brought stealthy soldiers along? Perhaps I need to look at something like Dragon Break which lets me have them in one timeline and not have them in the other, but using Dragon Breaks that casually sounds like a terrible idea.

I don't know enough about Exalted to understand a lot of the rest of your post, sorry, but thanks for the ideas.

There are retroactive property things? Oh, do you just mean placing down jumper properties that were always there?

Combine them with some sort of custom sideral/infernal charm using Power Combinations (Young Justice)?

That, or get rewind powers and do that.

Astounding. You are actually solving it, and without even knowing Taiwan was Kinzo's home country. People spent YEARS (well, more like two) trying to crack it, and here you are! Then again, home field advantage, am i right?~
That said, don't bother thinking further. From twilight and on out, the solver would require knowledge of the Rokken island.

Gargoyles has the Phoenix gate which you can use to set up stable time loops Would that count?

That could work, I suppose.

I think setting up a stable time loop just to have guys show up if I want them to is a bit like using Alpha Plus Pyrokinesis to get rid of the bugs in your house when you have bug spray on hand. It would probably be much safer to give up on the idea and the specific utility and instead teleport them in when I want them than take that sort of risk.

The Synchronicity Wave is very unpredictable and doesn't necessarily follow causality; at times it resembles less of a conscious effort of luck and more the world aligning in such a way some fortunate effect was always there. For lots of his early run I thought Constantine occasionally just suffered psychotic breaks.

That's a bit outside the domain of Sidereal Charms, but exactly what high-level Astrology can do. Actually, I'm missing the obvious solution here: Cecelyne's Bestowal of Accursed Fortune, which can cover doing that for armies. The bigger the army, the longer it takes.

But essentially, the Charm works "through a strange conjunction of coincidences that appear implausible but well within the bounds of possibility" so if you can time yourself well and have a fixed meeting point you can use it for that.

Well, I can thank my love of seafood for getting this far I suppose...

Bother. I imagine the anime doesn't go that far into Rokken Island itself, does it?

>Missed four threads in two days
So, anything interesting come out?

Samurai girls came out

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about, sorry if that wasn't clear.

Majikoi came out last night.

Isn't it called Love Me Seriously, Please?

I just tried to read up on Umineko and im completely lost.

Anyone know if the If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device jump will ever get finished? I kinda wanna become a Sensei and grab Magnus from it.

>I imagine the anime doesn't go that far into Rokken Island itself
Pfffft, no. It only covers the first (lesser) half of the novels. Badly, at that.

The novels are legitimately great, though.

Yes, that's a normal reaction. Mostly since people who understand Umineko are not keen to spoil it.

Anything specific you are wondering about?

It's been abandoned for about a year.

If you want the solutions handled to you without having to sit through the novels, skip directly to the 8 part in its manga version.

It doesn't have the 10/10 OST, but the reaction images that you can get from it are pretty great.

What's the recommended order to get into it?

Just read the VNs in their release order.

Once you're done, if you want to, you can read the manga as it solves some of the unanswered questions.

Well - unlike Higurashi, Umineko doesn't have 25 separate arcs of non-specific order. Brrrrr.

Just read the novels from 1 to 8, and follow the game's directions when it tells you to press something.

I dunno how to feel about dragging the entire Kuki corp with me.

whats there to do in majikoi?

Bodacious Babes. Literally, young women of the audacious variety are absolutely everywhere.

More seriously, literally pic related. Everyone's fighting, all the time. Some of the smarter ones are assholes. The Kawakami family are mostly bro-tier though.

>literally pic related

I forget, is someone still working on a jump for umineko? I remember that someone was making one, but I can't remember whether they dropped it or not.

Yes. It was posted last thread. Here, have some links.


Any good training perks to help Kazuko get on Momoyo's level? Since she has a limit and I would need to make her breakthrough it.

Which of the truths could be used to say "this statement is false?"

Any of them but Blue.

Blue can also be used, but it isn't absolute.

Speaking of colors, aside from Umineko and Roger Rabbit, what other perks allow you to speak using a color?

I think Order of the Stick has a perk about speech balloons, but I don't remember if it's speaking or just reading.

I'm surprised Sburb doesn't have one, considering that there is quite a thing in the series.

Speaking of Order of the stick will buying multiclassing be more of a nerf than a buff? Because I remember in 3.5 it's complete ass vs Gestalt? I dunno man 3.5 is really odd and Order of the stick functions off of DnD logic moresoe than most.

Unless I'm misremembering, isn't that just the characters changing the color of their text in a chat client? Homestuck had a lot of weird meta stuff, so I'm probably wrong.

Honestly that didn't seem to be the focus, but I'd guess it works like normal 3.5

Someone mentioned last thread that teaching Guts from Berserk the Hercules Method from Luther Strode was good idea, but I feel the need to mention that Fran from Franken Fran is another good candidate.

She wouldn't care about the boost to physical abilities, but she would absolutely LOVE meat-vision.

Would it be possible for any other Exalt than an Infernal to create Third Circle souls?

What jumps had some of those perks where you don't appear swole no matter the strength?

There was a lot of texting, but the color of their chat was also keep during their 'normal' dialogues.

Doc Scratch needed to change the whole background so the readers didn't needed to highlight his text.

Disgaea had one iirc, might have been a boosted capstone.

What is luther strode even about? I didn't get much from the jump description beyond murder cult.

Not unless the other exaltations have some pseudo-Yozi variant. Which so far, isn't a thing.


You could always sell her on the "unflinching muscles" aspect, too. Useful for surgeon.

A nerd stumbles on a process of becoming strong. It has... Drawbacks. A cult of users takes notice, too.

Skinny nerd is getting bullied, so he order an exercise program from a comic book. He does it and he basically turns into Thor. Then it turns out the murder cult led by Cain – that Cain, yeah – sends them out to find people who can actually learn the Method, then tries to turn them into psychotic murderers by ruining their lives. Luther Strode and his girlfriend (who's the best character in the story) start trying to tear it down.

Here's a link to the full comic. It's only six issues long but there is a squeal where he goes after cain.


Binbougami had a good one.

There's two sequels, actually.

Oh. I've only read the first and what I'm guessing is the last, the one where the hid in a forest for a while.

Yeah, there's one between those where Luther disappeared and was killing criminals, so Petra tracked him down.

Who is Zentari and why is he removing jumps from the drive?

What was removed?

One of the more vocal cunts on the Spacebattles thread.

>It's already done in my list, doesn't have the perk
Shit. Thanks anyway.

Where from? The uploads, hopefully?

Many thanks anons.

Never mind. Looks like he removed Heaven's Lost Property and the FF jumps.Retard left the Chocobo jump though.

I think they somehow ended up deleting the jumps while trying to download them. Assuming they're not pulling my leg, anyhow.

Either way, they're reuploaded now after someone pointed it out to me. Some jumps are missing from the uploads now, though.

Anyone who made a jump in the past half-a-month or so should reupload if their stuff is missing.

Among other things, updates to Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts CCDT made since March 30. I going to assume this is just someone who does not know his ass from his elbow, and not smart enough to have an opinion on what should and should not go on the drive.

Pic related and Fantastic Beasts are missing, maybe more.

That's weird. The activity log doesn't show any deletions since a week ago. Hm.

Ok, someone really needs to ban this fucker from the drive.

Really, you're now stooping to using this shit to cause inter-board drama.



On a scale of 1 to Batman how think is your plot armor?

Not him but how is he stooping to do that? If the guy from the other board is removing jumps then isn't this zentari guy the person responsible for the 'drama'?

Its been abandoned so long I doubt anyone would mind if you finished it.

I got clairvoyance, PtV, time travel, every 1-Up perk and every luck perk.

So I guess I might be able to pass my next test by studying only one week.

Doctor's Companion Nika is going to be the ultimate Trickster so the plan is to get some really thick plot armor.

is that Ciaphas Cain fanart. I fucking love Ciaphas Cain.

If I was going to take it up I'd probably end up completely restarting it all. But then I doubt it'd be done anytime soon. I might pick it up if no one objects though.

That post had nothing to do with a perk. It was about someone removing jumps from the drive. Unless I'm missing something.

To give a bit more description Cain after killing his brother makes the world's first killing art, a method by which a user has full control of their body and can become a superhuman killing machine. Which is responsible for many of the world's most famous warriors, and mythological heroes.

Their seems to be a measure of talent that isn't really explained that controls how far down the path you can go with the Herculean Method. Some people like Binder never reach the level of stopping their aging, but are often allowed to go unbound as they aren't a threat to the cult being discovered.

I'm retarded and should read the thread before replying instead of skipping to the end. I thought someone had removed Majikoi and was accusing me of it.


Not very, I'd imagine.

They get the relevant upgrade. The option to make the Stakes full Companion will still take up your slots. Same goes for the Chiester Sisters thing. Unless you're asking about something else?

That depends on how much you're willing to believe.

You don't have to take the normal jump option if you took both drawbacks, no.

You'd remember what happened there, yes.

...Oh, right. People would not be opposed to power loss in Rokkenjima Catbox, yes? There is already an option to make it a regular jump.

That's kind of the norm but I already made the Gauntlet otherwise and said I'd ask people next thread about it instead of just doing it.

So, the new Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! jump has some oil-related options. A perk to stay oiled up for a whole day, and a refilling oil gourd.

But do we have any magic oils or something that would work well with this? The only thing I can think of myself is Skin-Like-the-Mountains Oil...


Hamon-conduction oil, maybe?

Yep, Ciphas Cain is my favorite thing in all of Warhammer 40k. Not only do the novel series have what I think to be the most realistic, by sci-fi standards, portrayal of the various powers of Warhammer 40k. But also it takes the Super serous setting of Warhammer 40k and makes it hilarious.

I would have figured after the shitshow that was SMT you'd avoid jumps with this kind of conceptual oomph.

I guess you're just a masochist.

The only thing that I remember people complaining about SMT was the Sacrificial Bestowment perk, and that was weeks after it was uploaded to the drive.

Would finding the gold with "Theory Herd" would still make us win the jump? I assume the conditions to find it don't change between different scenarios, right?

Nah, people got on his case hard when SMTAnon tried to nerf Tribid builds so it wasn't OTB. It got so bad that he gave up doing anything with future SMT jumps and from then on out some anons try to pretend that the thread never existed.

Hm. That seems like it could useful, yes.

The conditions don't change, no. You might want to read the Notes and Intro again though. Finding the gold won't necessarily stop whoever's doing the killings if it's someone other than Beatrice.

It was.

Really pathetic.

Alright. Well, solving the rides would still give us the chance to get away from the explosives, right? Since we can defuse them or simply run away to a place where they won't hit.

One last thing, Ange in the first gauntlet is the teen or the child?

>he gave up doing anything with future SMT jumps
Really? Ffffffff-

Oh yeah, definitely.