The last character you played gets transported to this world and meets you

The last character you played gets transported to this world and meets you.

What happens?

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>"You never had a job for entire WHAT?"

>cute, caring and empathic Trill Medical Officer
I...I think she would be more pissed about being a pacifist more than anything, considering the symbiote was a soldier and a combat engineer.

>"I can't believe a looser like you can even exist!"
He would either flip his shit and probably punch me or would die laughing.

>Elderly gentleman extremely british Paladin.
He'd probably start by demanding tea, then discus my poor social life.

He'd probably shoot me with a rainbow and ask my corpse why I don't live in a Wizard Tower.

We're gonna find out if I can say "Safe haven, hunting ground, local language and unlimited supply of booze." before angry vampire closes the distance.

If he doesn't demand Earl Grey, I will be extremely disappoint.

The last character I played was a Seneschal in Rogue Trader. So, after ample booze and lamenting over the fact all her wealth was imaginary, I'd probably, drunkenly, point out she now has new markets to exploit and ply her trade on. And hopefully I can make myself useful enough that she'd agree to keep me around.

I probably ask her to teach me magic. She probably refuses on the grounds of my brain not being big enough. I have an anxiety attack. She fixes herself some tea and watches.

>oh fuck
>"You're 'him', huh?"
>oh fuck
>"It's all because of you, isn't it?"
>"I've felt you there, you know."
>"In the back of my mind, making me do things."
>"Fucking SHUT UP"
>"I thought you would be some eldritch demon that I had to slay, but you're just a boring twenty something nerd. That's, frustratingly mundane."
>"Just... just work out how to send me back. And do not. control. me. again."
>Y-you too.

>Dark Souls universe pyromancer
>Obsessed with finding Izalith

I don't think I'm going to have a good time, unless I can *really* sell her on modern chemistry.

> Foxgirl street samurai with way too much cyberware
I would quickly discover that she's every bit as annoying as I designed her to be. Then she'd get arrested for waving a katana around in public, or get hit by a bus that isn't self-driving.

I'd probably get a real hard beating. Maybe not up to broken bones but I'll be black and blue for some time.

Killing character's mother and brother in a backstory won't go lightly.

My last character was an orthodox tech-priest Crimson Exemplar. I think he'd have a fucking aneurysm at the modern world's tech and then go on a rampage, destroying the tech-heresy (and hereteks) that surrounds him until he's taken down eventually.

She would cum when I mention the existence of the Internet and how it have all the current human knowledge in it.

I don't think Iliira the human-raised dark elf thief would like me very much, but on the bright side I don't have much for her to steal and can explain to her the concept and benefit of paper money.

Well, I know a YouTube video that can, anyway.

After that I have a funny feeling she'd be using my house as a base of operations while she learns about her new surroundings and adapts to modern-day technology, while simultaneously looking for adventures in the real world to go on. After a crime spree to finance things, anyway. Being 14th level by now, she's superhuman and so almost certainly wouldn't get caught.

She'd probably look at some place like Syria or North Korea and assume it's a place she has to go adventure in to set things right.

Nice picture!

>H:tV character
He might get annoyed that I didn't invest more points in combat skills, but we'd get along just fine otherwise.

>Drunk redneck college student in Call of Cthulhu modern
I think we'd hit it off

I have a midget drinking buddy now and he'll probably have come up with a ridiculous plan to get us rich within five minutes. Life is good.

He'll probably murder me, because holy shit, some things are not allowed. Like "Wow, so you're the one who made my whole village die from plague? I watch my parents sicken and die in front of me! You're telling me the whole tragedy only happened because you created me from whole cloth?"

Should have used silk instead.

"Hmm, I was wondering why I didn't punch that odd woman earlier"
You aren't upset about me making you only close in melee?
"Why would I? It is the honorable thing to do"
And losing your arm
"We all must give our tieths to the emperor someday, some sooner than later but"
Oh here it comes
To be fair, I never made you do it
....To be fair he was drunk

Feel slightly sorry for me but more grossed out by me

He's dead. Devoured by a monster.

Last character I played would die instantly upon being transported to the real world due to lack of mana IRL and him being an inherently magical being that cannot exist without it. So I guess I'd meet a one armed corpse? And wonder what the fuck a one armed corpse is doing anywhere near me?

Before that was a Zen Archer in Pathfinder. We were playing with the mythic rules (Pro tip : don't play the mythic rules, they're broken beyond quick description); and went through the Wrath of the Righteous adventures arc. At the end she ascended to minor diety status and had Arueshalae as her waifu. I suppose we'd talk for a while and have a deep philosophical discussion about each of us being a diety in their own way. We'd both be rather humble. I would absolutely promise to be good to her. We'd drink green tea and have fresh bread while we talked. Then she'd use her unbreakable metaphysical connection to her home demi-plane to return to it at will. We'd probably never meet again.

I'd never be able to play an RPG or write a ficticious story again; because fucking whoa dude. That is way too much responsibility.

Or are we talking video games?

Because then it becomes : FUCK! How do I get Commander Shepard back to alt-Earth to save the Galaxy from the Reapers?

He's a giant turtle-man, and described as having eternal patience for bullshit. He also really likes food, so i guess we just chill and snack.

Probably netflix and chill,watching some moives, he getting a boner at todays weaponry and try to build some steampunk Gatling-Shotgun or some dumb shit like that.

That's weird. You're imagining your character as an existing person that gets controlled by your actions? Do you do any role play in your campaigns? Do you roleplay as somebody that says one thing and does the other because his actions are not his own?

That damn bowstring, though. I thought some artist made a version where it's properly under her left arm in that drawthread.

With your dreams.
Didn't you know? Only you can save mankind.

>Paranoid, Drug Addicted Rodian Smuggler

Lock me out of my own house and start doing drugs.

I suspect that I'd get a brief once over, I doubt he'd waste a detect evil on me.
After that I guess he'd join me in a cup of tea, because well I've got tea and rum, and he doesn't drink.
I'd get a million question about this world, the nature of it, ruling powers, ect...

after that he'd go stomping out the door and the next time I see him would be on the news with the tag "crazy man with flaming sword defies death after lone charge on isis strong hold"

he has lived through things that by no rights he should have. I feel the only explanation is that god truly dose favour him.

Thank god she tosses me at least one world-changing device just to see what happens before she goes to do the only thing she's ever known: Build a criminal empire with Eclipse Phase technology, except this time nobody is around to stop her.

He knew this was happening for the longest time, except now he's at "Arche". He's going to goddamned purge us so hard, this is what he was waiting for.

Incoherent Jawa squeaking noises and a large explosion

>Zabrak mechanic/medic who was just trying to live a quiet life before he got sucked into the overarching plot in an Edge of the Empire campaign

He'd probably be pretty cool and down to earth, wouldn't immediately try to kill me or anything. I'm not sure how the fuck he'd be able to fit in anywhere, but he might be able to fix my car and build some cool shit with his knowledge. Not sure if we'd be able to speak the same language though.

Does she know I "created" her? Because that could change her answer from "how do you know these things about me?" to "EVERYTHING I KNOW IS A LIIIIEEEEE".

He recruits me for his quest to get back to his world. Being ex-military, I'm a fairly capable fighter, so I guess we would be cool.

Crying probably.

>Goblin necromancer and king of an evil nation

Unless I could very quickly, and eloquently, point out what possible use I could have to him beyond being an undead meat puppet, I'd be pretty straight up fucked.

>"You gave me three brothers and two sisters."
>"Yes, and?"
>" really miss your brother, don't you?"

He'd probably be super excited to discover a new world he could become a hero of, and would start writing down everything in his journal for when he goes back home to tell his kids about it.

Shit dude, hope you're ok. I know how much it sucks to lose a sibling.

On topic, I don't speak Swedish, so my characters probably going to hunker down until he understands the modern age.

Then he's gonna do what he knows best, war profiteering

He's not dead, the family just sort of disintegrated over the years. Mom left first.

Honestly, though, I bet my character would have more questions about why one of the songs he knows so well is a lyrics-swap of Lost In Thoughts All Alone, and what made me decide to make him a Halfling.

>"I'm shocked someone as ugly as you could create something as beautiful as me, but good taste."

If we get along, he might help me with his sorcerer powers.

He starts talking to me as if we'd been friends for a few weeks. Our group's current campaign takes place at our university with a few supernatural twists. Our actual selves have shown up as irrelevant background characters, it's weird role playing a conversation with yourself.

>Drunkard Kobold Yakuza Barbarian with 7 int and adamantine plated teeth.

Well, we're getting crunk tonight.
On the other hand, we'll probably also get arrested.
Whatever, he can eat the cell bars.

>If this includes NPCs
Me and my enlightened Kuo-Toa friend are going to get comfy, grab a few snacks and stay up all night talking about deep philosophical shit. We'll have the greatest bromance ever

>If NPCs don't count
I guess I'm stuck with the Halfling Eldritch Knight I made yesterday and don't have a concrete personality for yet. I guess I could get her to teach me how to fence in exchange for letting her sleep in the spare room.

>Last character I played
>500lb shut in NEET slowly going insane because of a spooky ghost who has decided it wants to kill him

He probably decides to murder my ass if he ever finds out that I'm the one responsible for giving him such a shitty backstory. Wouldn't even blame him.

He'd be quite happy with me, because I made a Solar. He'll be like "Hey, you made me one of the 300 near-immortal God-Kings of the universe. It's like I won the lottery. We cool mang, we cool."

Well, the last character that actually got used in a game is a SPAAACE PALADIN/Kamen-Rider-with-Super-Sentai-super-robot whose powers come more or less directly from Phoenix and is just obnoxiously good and wholesome, so he'd probably toss some heals and Remove Disease my way, then move on to part-time heroing and/or meing a magical doctor somewhere too downtrodden to care that his medical license was issued in another dimension and fiftysomething years in the future while working through his power-up-granted technical skill knowledge until he could upgrade the mecha with a hyperstream drive to get back to his team and fiancee. The real most recent character I've made and written amterial for but not played is literally me grabbed an inserted into another setting with a standard esper/inventor type protagonist upgrade package, and I can therefore say with absolute certainty they'd both immediately recognise the situation and be willing to help me go full transhumanist and either forcibly convert the world genre to mecha space opera anime instead of some shitty politics/crime/corporate dystopia or get both of us out ofhere for somewhere more interesting and generally noblebright. Extra benefit, my little dog is still alive and only barely adult age accompanying that character, so yay fuzzy cuddles.

You sound like a sperg.

sitting around, wallowing in our misery while boozing.

Get experimented on to see if he can use this principle to grant himself divine and godlike powers.

Possibly survive the process???

He gives me a nasty look for making him work for vampires and structuring his entire being specifically to serve said vampires.

After learning about the real world, he convinces me to buy him powdered diamonds so he can work in a hospital, bringing recently-deceased people back to life.

>So, Thor isn't real in this world?
Afraid not, Verl
>That'd explain the lack of lightning coming from my fingertips. Are all the giants dead yet?
I...guess? We don't have any giants here, unless you believe in crazy conspiracies about stargates.
>If it means killing giants, tell me of these stargates while I eat all your food. I'll believe in crazier if there's steady work in it.

He rolls over and gets pets and treats cause he's a good boy. Yes he is.

Judge Dread Robot is not amused.

>who are you?
I'm you, but without magic.
>Well see you later, bye!
Never see him again.

How does he understand that if he doesn't already speak the local language?

>Doesn't even think about asking how to get back.
>He just leaves to explore.

Have a nice chat
Tell him about the wonders of this world
Figure out if his body and spells still work on game physics.
Try and munchkin our way to super cheap magic items via gp value of materials csmodern day value of materials (I.E. salt is worth its weight in silver in D&D. The material costs for magical items are "an unspecified amount of materials costing XXXXgp". Spend a few hundred dollars on salt to fund the crafting and go from there).

Played, or created? The last character I actually played (Elias Roth) is smart as fuck, with the ability to teleport, turn incorporeal, and levitate, all at will and has basically just perfected the art of kind of not existing for a few seconds at a time. He's a spy-turned-politician with a habit of collecting embarrassing information on anybody and everybody that he might want to put pressure on later, so between that and his intelligence allowing him to acclimatize to this world pretty quickly, he'd become a seriously player in world politics very quickly.

He'd also probably ignore me completely once he learned I wasn't a threat, since I'd be of no use to him at all.

My current character (Knobwrinkle) has been created, but the game he's in keeps getting delayed, so I haven't had a chance to actually play him yet. He's a sewer-dwelling goblin tinker, so he'd probably immediately retreat to our sewer system, then spend the rest of his days grumbling about how puny it is compared to the usual fantasy sewers, and turning any scraps he can find into dangerous mechanical gadgets and weaponry that he never gets around to using. He's pretty much a hermit whose sole reason for getting into the upcoming adventure is because a bunch of other sewer-dwellers are about to start a war with the surface folk, and he just knows that all that's gonna do is get a bunch of dumbass surface dwellers to start tromping all over the sewers and disrupting his peace and quiet. So as long as no hapless maintenance workers stumble across his lair, he should live a pretty quiet life down there.

Knobwrinkle is more likely to panic and kill me with one of his many dangerous gadgets (or just accidentally kill me with them due to being old, half-blind, and just generally a bit bumbling). But otherwise not malicious, he just wants everybody to stay the hell off his lawn.

He slays me where I stand for being a non-believer and the source of his psychosis.

Is the thumbnail supposed to look like a qt anime merchild?

Storm drains are more what Knobwrinkle (Hah!) would be used to, though depending on location there may be old subway tunnels, bomb shelters, or basements that have been more or less forgotten and possibly bricked up/buried that he could use.

Hearthstone memes. Just abandon all hope for quality.

He high fives me for getting him out of the TPK, then knocks me unconscious and teleports away.

>Terry Pratchett

That reminds me, he had a short story about an author of a series of books with a Conan-type protagonist, he decides to finally kill him off but uses words to the effect of "goes to meet his maker", and the character shows up on his doorstep.

The character ends up usurping his reality and replacing him in a way that should be horrifying but somehow comes off bittersweet.

Post number 69! Waifu is real! I have a reason to have some reason in life again!

Kill me!

>human rogue with a Nathan Drake-inspired focus on climbing and tactical rope swinging

I dunno, after the initial awkwardness and shouting, we end up being fairly chill with each other.

The sewers he's used to are more like massive old aqueducts, the sort of sewers with 30 foot wide hallways and 50 foot square rooms that you only find in fantasy settings that want to use sewer-based dungeons. Though setting up shop in someone's basement does sound like fun.

Do the characters have any of our knowledge as players? I actually know of an abandoned building nearby with several basement floors and a lot of random shit lying around. That'd probably be a pretty solid base to build an undeground tinker goblin lair, now that I think of it.

>gloryhound ace magical girl
Probably goes to seek her fortunes in the USAF? Decent odds she tries something stupid to start a war so she can become a leading ace.

are you me?

"Why has it been so long since ive done anything?"

My character is my self-insert who became a superhero in another dimension, so he would probably think I am just another one of many multi-dimensional character versions of himself, so he would bring me to his dimension to become a hero too.

A socially awkward waifu tier twilight crafter...

Assuming she doesn't up and disappear after the word hello...I'd probably wind up with an ingot of silver as payment for one thing or another...or maybe if lucky she'd take apart our cars and make them super efficent...because that is the kind of thing she does.

Considering that he is shamelessly based off of pic related.

It would probably result in a lot of missing valuables and a sudden outbreak of shadow infused goblins he can create.

So from the episode of this I saw it's basically just John Scalzi's Redshirts but shittier?

Well, I died at the end of yesterday's session, so...

Use my knowledge of his greatest secrets to convince him that I am a facet of his mind, so rather than snapping my neck like he does to everyone else like the paranoid fucker he is, he might be so inclined to just chill and maybe even teach me a cantrip or two.

Fall to the ground and weep since she now stands on Holy Terra before it was ruined.

>Amusing Scientist/Engineer in a semi-hard scifi setting in the not too distant future
>Recently gained psychic powers after messing with some alien tech in a setting where this shit isn't supposed to happen because the GM was bored or is up to something
He'd probably just leave and revolutionize science or something.

Ive never gotten to play a character before

>street doctor and former political activist who is in a petty dispute with a demigod over the fact the demigod may have killed his brother
Likely he'd have an existential crisis over the fact he is fictional, then sit in front of a computer once I taught him to use one and spend several days reading, then think very hard about the fact he's likely the only person in our world who can use magic.



>Goliath barbarian
>Ventured off of the incredibly huge mountain he grew up on and learned that everyone was very small and weak in comparison to him
>Was mostly okay with it, but kept finding himself in weird places where brute strength was the only thing nobody tried to use to solve their problems

I can't imagine he'd have a problem with someone who rolled him up as the biggest and the strongest.

I also can't imagine it would be easy to live with All-Might in his heyday, but I guess that's what I'm doing now.

>Changeling: The Lost self-insert
She tries to kill me because she thinks I'm her Fetch.

Probably succeeds.

i become a soldier for the neo roman empire under the rule of mussolini
hearts of iron ftw

Considering Maeve Randell is a 21 year old urban explorer going to school at Cal Arts in the year 2032 and just recently discovered that magic is real, so at first she'd probably believe that she got flung back in time by some spell she doesn't understand. It'd be a big blow to her ego to discover that the Boise native is actually the creation of a NorCal college student.

She'd probably have an existential crisis and have to write more than a few "Dear, Maeve Randell" letters telling herself why everything is going to be okay and that she'll be just fine.
I'd let her crash at my place but I'm not sure she'd be a fan since she's kind of an SJW. She'd probably be pretty mad that I made her a neurotic mess who fell into the SJW crowd mostly because of her need to feel accepted.

It would certainly be interesting explaining to my roommates why a neurotic 5'1" girl with lots of climbing gear is at our apartment.

>Cleric of the goddess of explosions.
>Made her Chaotic Evil because that's how I felt when the only decent GM available has a massive hard-on for 3.5 D&D at the exclusion of everything else and there's literally no other game around.

I'm fucked, aren't I?

>Very kind, mentally deficient assassin/soldier with speech impediment, obsessed with knives to the point of composing gentle nonsense songs about them and befriending people who give them their spares.

Get that fucker a butcher knife. Fucker would love a butcher's knife.

Being a medieval Chinese bandit-turned-Buddhist-monk, he'd probably think the whole world transportation thing was some kind of test and meditate.

How do you deal with the monster currently digesting him?

He'd lead me to the path of enlightenment. Whatever that means...

To be clear, I played him as more of a child-like goof that killed whoever threatened his friends because it was a fun team game than an edgelord murderhobo that used literal mental retardation as an excuse to kill.

Now *that* would have fucked me over...

I now have a narcoleptic demon freeloader who lives in my house and sleeps in my bed all day. With no real marketable skills beside mediocre fencing abilities, being able to shoot small flames from her hands, knowing how to do finances up to a certain point, and looking decent which would probably be offset by having goat feet and horns.

I suppose it could be worse.

Probably flip out over the fact that his phone doesn't work anymore, his master is missing, and that "a dishonorable neet such as yourself!" would be what formed such a great "ninja warrior."

Once he calmed down he'd probably be confused at the fact that I know he has totally not power ranger armor, but can't see it considering I don't have a Stand.