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Low Mental Scores Edition
Have you ever played a character with less than an 8 in a mental score? Why did you? How fun/unfun was it?
And why is the fag who made the pre-bump limit thread a perfect example of such a character, and why should he be rightly lynched

Also, keep your anime/degeneracy war shitposting out of here. Your more off-topic and more of a shitpost than the memegame shitpost fucks

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What the fuck is this? Where are the usual degenerates with kitsunes, animu tieflings and all?
In other threads, that's where.
You're not doing your job, containment thread.

Kill yourself false-flagger

We're sick of this. Suffer as we did!

>less than 8 in a mental score

Gisae Cilane. 16 INT, 10 WIS if I remember my old sheet correctly... 7 CHA.

To be fair, Low Cha scores aren't as detrimental as the other two, it just means you aren't that good and convincing and communicating with people, and you probably sick at showmanship and job interviews

If this were a magic item, how much would it cost? Other than a romp in the back with a manticore

1) You have blonde kitty ears that are much better than your human ears (+3 Perception when transformed)
2) Your canines are now felines, long fangs able to deliver a 1d6 bite attack. In addition, your tongue is much longer and slightly abrasive
3) You can now only stand on the balls of your feet. (+3 acrobatics when transformed)
4) You now have a thin cat tail that's very sensitive! (-4 to all grapple checks)
5) The light of the full moon now makes you go into heat!

How tall should be a steppe-wandering Tiefling cossack who have been travelling through civilized lands for a while?

>Your canines are now felines, long fangs able to deliver a 1d6 bite attack
They're still called canines moron

I'd say around 5'10" might be good


>They're still called canines moron
It's a joke

It would cost the still beating hearts of several individuals of different beast races to make, and as such would be an evil item befitting only assassins and degenerate Counts

6' so you can pick Bred for War trait.

3/4 PCs in the campaign I run IRL have a CHA of less than 8. The only one who doesn't is the Sorcerer with a CHA of 13.

>Sorcerer with a CHA of 13.

>The only one who doesn't is the Sorcerer with a CHA of 13.
Did you sneeze on the keyboard?
Now that I think about it, he could be a Sage or Empyreal sorc.

This is why you don't roll stats.

1) Perception bonus: 3^2*100 = 900 (Actual rule)*
2) 1d6 natural attack: 3000 (Comparison point is Psionics' Gloves of the Beast)
3) Acrobatics bonus: 3^2*100 = 900 (Actual rule)*
4) Negative effect
5) Negative effect (...probably)

*The fact it's an untyped bonus and not a competence bonus might raise its value
**Do these only apply at night? Might be worth halving the price of the whole thing in that case
***1d6 bite attack would be great on Gloriana, but if this is Cashmere then it's worth much less as something she will never actually use in combat.

I would guess minus the bite, it's worth about 1000 as an item.
The fact Cashmere got this with no choice and they boost non-primary abilities when WBL is assumed to be spent on the things a PC /needs/ first, and she can't sell them, means it's worth closer to 1/2 or 2/3 of that as well in terms of her power budget.

Consider the following, the beasts they are fighting only come out at Night, so the item being only at Night doesn't hurt as much as halving the price

How about this ability that she also got, assuming you remember the Nightwalker Template.

As a free action, gain 1 corruption to ignore the effects of difficult terrain for 1 minute (except things like knee deep water or oil)

How do I Reinhardt, /pfg/?

>Tough energy shield
>Big ol' rocket-hammer
>Rocket-propelled charging grapple
>Damaging cone of Trip checks
>Swing hammer to throw fire

>Not having Student of Philosophy and leaving Char at 5.

You play a game in the appropriate genre for playing a character like Reinhardt.

Mageknight or similar with an Advancing Impact Flaming Warhammer, Protection sphere and that one talent to make it a wall instead of a bubble, and Alteration for Pounce and Grab

The Sorcerer in question has the Sage Bloodline, he uses INT to cast. is right.

I didn't have them roll stats, I gave them 20 PB and everybody independently decided to dump CHA. The party has a hell of a time dealing with social situations, but I make sure to put them in them now and again so they don't just get away with dumping their stats scott free.

I'd price it somewhere in the range of 6,000 to 7,000 GP.

1350 (+3 skill w/ 1.5x multiplier for multiple effects) + 1350 (+3 skill w/ 1.5x multiplier for multiple effects) + 12000 (guesstimate cost for permabite based on cost of a permanent Alter Self item) - 8,000 (guesstimate cost of grapple penalty)

Is there a trait that says "I have a master" or something?

For a pure combat ability then, it would be worth full price (unless you intend for the party to run into thugs and enemy nightwalkers during the day).
Acrobatics and perception would still be useful during the day.

>As a free action, gain 1 corruption to ignore the effects of difficult terrain for 1 minute (except things like knee deep water or oil)

Harder to judge. Another ability much more useful on a melee party member, but something that would come in handy still.
Occultists can get limited flight around level 7, and at that point the ability will be worth less to her.

A comparison point is here
But I don't know the worth of 1 corruption.

The vital thing to remember is that random bonuses will always be worth less than abilities the PC chose for themself.

12000 is way too much for a bite when you don't get any other benefits of alter self. Hell, Alter Self doesn't even grant natural attacks so it's a moot comparison.

>Alter Self doesn't even grant natural attacks so it's a moot comparison.

Yes it does, polymorph effects always grant you the natural attacks of whatever form you assume.

Anyway, Alter Self is the lowest level spell I could think of that could hypothetically give you a bite attack. You do raise a fair point about the other benefits of the spell though, so maybe pricing it as if it were a 1st level spell that only gave a bite would be best. In that case, the permanent spell effect would only add 2,000 GP, and the item should be damn near free when you account for the grapple penalty... except something pointed out I missed, which is that the skill bonuses are untyped. If we use that as an excuse to price those bonuses as x2 normal rate instead of x1.5 normal rate, they become 1,800 so the final price would be around... still free. For reference, I'm getting the -8K for the grapple penalty by taking the formula for pricing bonuses to AC, inverting it for an AC penalty, and then cutting it in half for the penalty only applying in specific circumstances (grappling, in this case). Only grapple checks is pretty specific, so maybe we half it again to put the cost of the penalty at -4K, and now we'd see an item that costs around 2,000 GP, give or take a few hundred.

>But I don't know the worth of 1 corruption.
No one really knows. There are different schools of thought on how to treat the corruption track since no one is actually enticed enough by the Rage function to let it exceed their max HP and become adverse. Currently, it just stops them from healing eventually.

How does the witch's spell list compare to the sorc/wiz list?

Overall inferior, but still good enough and has a lot of flavourful options. Mostly build around Debuff Control, and some defensive utility. My favorite spells on it are Lipstitch, Cloak of Wasps, Swarm body, and Vomit Swarm

Gentlemen, I have successfully made a Kasatha Whirling Dervish/Pistolero.

All these ranged attacks are getting out of hand.

Are both still better than the Cleric/Oracle list, would you say?

Sharing is caring onii-chan.

Sounds fun, will you share?

Depends. Wizard has a better spell list that Cleric for sure, but I'd say the Witch list just may be a bit too focused to be as good as Cleric. However Ibe never compared the two, and the Witch does get a smattering of Cleric and Druid spells, so it's up for debate and depends what you build towards

Are catfolks good bards? If so, how should one roleplay as one? I haven't ever played as one, nor I know much about them.

Just add random meows and nyaas to your dialogue, and purr whenever someone gives you headpats or strokes your tail.

>An Oracle archetype that reduces the class to a halfcaster, but it gives you access to two mysteries at once

Would you? What if it were three mysteries?

Well, suppose hypothetically you were making a witch PC for a game, but another player has already made a wizard and the DM doesn't want two prepared INT-based arcane casters in the same party.

I am that hypothetical, but my DM is making me an offer and says that I can choose to have all my INT-based class features key off WIS instead and change out for the Druid list or have the features all key off CHA and swap my spell list with the Cleric/Oracle list.

I'm not sure what to do from here. I could make any one of the three work for my character from a fluff standpoint with just a little backstory tweaking, but I have no idea if it'd be a good idea mechanically to take one of the changes.

So I'm playing Crypt of the Everflame with two new players and a GM I've played with for years. We've got a two handed Paladin and a Magus. I'm looking for a class that'll let them shine, but still be effective. Any recommendations? So far we're going Paizo only, but we'll eventually ease them into third party materials.

Sure, they've got good stats, decent racial traits and their FCB is ridiculously strong.

EZ answer: Bard

Otherwise: buff-based fullcaster and/or something with lots of skills

>How should one roleplay as one?

Graceful, charismatic, and super, super dumb.

Ah yes dumping Charisma

Why the fuck is this such an issue?
You make shitty threads, kitsunefag. To think you're escalating this to this point just means that we should have addressed your autism earlier before it became such a dominating force in your personality.

Reposting, now with Vices
Males [13]
$ Romulus Nohrm (27 years): 6' 10", 220 lbs || 208.3 cm, 99.8 kg # 12.7 in
$ Allanz Gremund (18 years): 5' 11", 152 lbs || 180 cm, 68.9 kg # 9.7 in
$ Sinh: No Details
$ Lucius Nacht (18 years): 6' 3", 200 lbs || 190.5 cm, 90.7 kg # 10 in
$ Dr. Linus Lux: No sheet
$ Fahd Lutfi (26 years): 4' 7", 97 lbs || 139.7 cm. 44 kg # 1.7 in
$ Raine (19 years): 5' 4", 133 lbs || 162.6 cm, 60.3 kg # 9.2 in
$ † "King" Angelo Sette: No Details
$ Alkurith Rekanthor (38 years): 4' 8", 54 lbs || 144.2 cm, 24.5 kg # 3.7 in
$ Serax (24 years): 6' 2", 168 lbs || 188 cm, 76.2 kg # 8.9 in
$ Stefon Vargrave (23 years): 5' 11", 145 lbs || 180 cm, 65.8 kg # 2.7 in
$ Edward Loum (29 years): 6' 1", 156 lbs || 185.4 cm, 70.8 kg # 8.8 in
Alfred Silverhand (23 years): 5' 10", 150 lbs || 177.8 cm, 68 kg

Females [22]*
$ Emilia Ivanov (20 years): 5' 6", 135 lbs || 167.6 cm, 61 kg
$ † Yamelia: No sheet
$ Salacia Mithlaeth (RIP): 5' 8", 160 lbs || 172.3 cm, 72.6 kg
$ Chiundra (315 years): 5' 6", 145 lbs || 167.6 cm, 65.8 kg
$ Ecaterina (29 days): 7' 3" / 5' 4", 0 lbs || 221.0 cm / 162.6 cm, 0 kg
$ Cijiska (22 years): 6' 8", 212 lbs || 203.2cm, 96.2 kg
$ Umbranae (19 years): 7' 6", 386 lbs || 229 cm, 175 kg
$ Ingrid Proteah (31 years): 5'9", 144 lbs || 175.3 cm, 65.3 kg
$ Kanna (∞): No sheet
$ Konja K. Snusel (17 years): ???
$ Olivia Favillina (23 years): 5' 5", 115 lbs || 165.1 cm, 52.2 kg
$ Helvetica (28 years): 5', 0 lbs || 152.4 cm, 0 kg
$ Kenna Gunnhildr (19 years): 5' 6", 130 lbs || 167.6 cm, 59.0 kg
$ Aeshma (23 years): 5' 11", 125 lbs || 177.8 cm , 56.7 kg
$ Calesedria: No sheet
$ Rhyisjir the Burned: No sheet
$ Crytha Tamegall (13 years): 8'4" 350lbs || 254 cm, 158 kg
$ 4916 (???): 6'8", 277 lbs || 203.2 cm, 125.6 kg
$ † Velvet (∞?): 5'0", 120 lbs || 152.4 cm || 54.4 kg
$ Sayaka Ikusaba: No sheet
$ Valentina: No sheet
$ Titania: No sheet

† Not included in any record list because not a real app.

haha o shit he mad now
Shitposer btfo

Crytha (254 cm)
Umbrane (229 cm)
Ecaterina (221 cm)
Romulus (208 cm)
Cisjika (203 cm)

Konja (~∞)
Umbrane (175 kg)
Crytha (158 kg)
4916 (125.6 kg)
Romulus (99.8 kg)

Helvetica (0)
Ecaterina (0)
Alkurith (24.5 kg)
Fahd (44 kg)
Olivia (52 kg)

Fahd (139.7 cm)
Alkurith (144.2 cm)
Helvetica (152.4 cm)
False!Ecaterina (162.6 cm)
Raine (162.6 cm)

Kanna (∞)
Chiundra (315 years)
Alkurith (38 years)

Ecaterina (29 days)
Crytha (13 years)
Konja (17 years)

Highest Mass / Height Ratio‡:
Umbranae (76.42 ᵏᵍ/ₘ) ※
Crytha (62.20 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
4916 (61.81 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Romulus (47.91 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Lucius (47.61 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)

Lowest Mass / Height Ratio‡:
Ecaterina (0)
Helvetica (0)
Alkurith (16.99 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Fahd (31.50 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Olivia (31.62 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)

Average Male Height, Weight [8 samples, 8 samples]
5' 9¼", 148 lbs || 175.4 cm, 67 kg

Average Female Height, Weight [14 samples, 14 samples]†
6' 2", 158 lbs || 187.7 cm, 71.2 kg

Median Male Height, Weight
6', 154 lbs || 182.7 cm, 69.9 kg

Median Female Height, Weight
5' 9", 144.0 lbs || 175.3 cm, 65.3 kg

Biggest Dick
Romulus (12.7 in)

Smollest Dick
Fahd (1.7 in)

† Does not include Konja, who is probably 8' tall and weighs a few metric tons
‡ also known as Linear Mass Density γₘ for Engineering/Physicsfags

Romulus is the biggest guy for you, but still shorter than 3 girls normally and 5 girls potentially.
Olivia is no longer the 5th smollest, instead the 5th smollest is now a qt LG paladin (male).
Ecaterina is the recordholder of most lists made, being on five different lists. She's first place on three lists.
Boys, put on some goddamn weight. I'm guessing Edward is hyperlanklet on purpose but the others seriously need more meat. Someone like Romulus should easily be 125 kilos.
fucking complete your sheets fags[\spoiler]


>And why is the fag who made the pre-bump limit thread a perfect example of such a character, and why should he be rightly lynched

What does that say about you, who is the fag who made this pre-bump limit thread?
Sounds like you should he be rightly lynched.

What do you mean? The last thread is on page 10.

What's a good weight for a 5'11 soldier type?

It's the biggest reason I don't put weight in the char sheet. I don't really know what's reasonable for someone who spends most of their time swinging a sword, walking with a stick, or carrying 100+lbs of phat lewt.

170 pounds or more, especially if he's strongman type, then up to 200 pounds. Muscle is extremely dense.

Nice joke. We don't need two pathfinder threads, just because you're so upset that people don't like you.

Personally, I'd go Druid, but that's because I prefer the flavor of Druid spells more.

Or you could just play a Nature Priest Druid, and be a bit more potent.

But yeah, personally I see no problem with having both in a party if you both spec into different styles of play

The last thread is on page 10 though.

A Witch that casts off the WIS stat is pretty ridiculous.

>he still thinks everyone is Kitsune
That is some unhealthy as fuck delusional paranoia

Alright. I'll update my sheet then. Thanks for the feedback.

>2.7 in

I played a 6 Charisma character before. It was pretty fun. I just had to play a supremely autistic chuuni

Moreso than a Druid that casts of WIS? Or is a Druid ridiculous to begin with?

It's not canon, I just thought of doing it since it's fast and easy
The LG paladin with the nine inch cock still gets me.

CoDzilla is alive and well in Pathfinder, although the CaDzilla isn't as bad somehow.
Also hexes can be pretty potent, especially if your GM is running games where out-of-combat interaction is important. Something like Blight can easily ruin an entire nation if cast on a breadbasket, and Witches don't need to wait until endgame to do it.

user, /pfg/ wasn't ever a containment thread, we degenerates just hijacked it after /wst/ because we figured that It was the best option.

If /pfg/ got banned because of our degenerate behavior, then it was no great loss to the board. Hijacking the thread prevented actual discussion of Pathfinder, which was even better, and even Pathfinder's reputation becoming that of degeneracy is a drastic improvement over being a group of people that would actually play Pathfinder.

Shitsune poster is a bro, but he's still got the worst taste.

>falseflagging this hard

Hey /pfg/. In my setting the gods commonly walk among mortals, not because they're truly deific but because half of them are just incredibly powerful mortals.

Divine casting is less calling upon the favor of a deity and more re-enacting the miracles they've performed in the material world.

Why does this seem more reasonable for divine casters? Why do gods even answer divine casters in most PnP settings? Don't they have better things to do than give every level 1 cleric spells?

Being a god must be like being an employee at a celestial DMV.

>Vices shit
The itty bitty kitty is honestly pretty impressive considering he's actually only 11 inches tall

>Why does this seem more reasonable for divine casters?
Because Dark Souls is cool

I'm not sure what you're trying to communicate, are you just giving a personal opinion and suggestions for worldbuilding? I mean you can also presume that Divine Casting is less the deity literally interceding and more of 'okay you can draw on my power no problem I have lots to spare', snice most gods in planescape are powered by worship and use their spells kind of as a sort of carrot to try and tempt people.

>don't they have better things to do
I mean, not really? It's usually automatic to boot, like shuffled through a bureacracy or system that just lets you choose the spells you want. Notice how they get the entire spell list and all they have to do is choose which ones they have ready to invoke at will - that doesn't sound like God is waiting around for you but like God put his power in a server that you request shit from by praying in the morning.

So what were the seriousfag parties? What roles would you see the picks taking?

I'm playing my one now!
I did it because it sounded fun!
So far it's a lot of fun!

Added 50 pounds to Lucius's weight, particularly to compensate for having a pair of eventually flight-functional wings on top of the normal human standards.

I have a 7 Int Oread named Mortar.

He is a perfectly reasonable person to talk to (Wis based with average Cha) but he has to pretend he knows what others are talking about most of the time, and he gets frustrated when people don't take him seriously, especially on the rare occasion that he has some valuable input.

Wanna give the deets?



The trove has been abandoned.

Heavy melee hitter, Control. Minor face support (Intimidate focus)

Mobile striker, Control. Minor face support (Sense Motive focus)

Spellcasting, Scouting

Melee frontliner, Face, minor knowledge

Ranged striker, skillmonkey

Group lacks a more dedicated knowledge character, but they all have solid Int scores and could eventually distribute roles amongst themselves.

Actually, considering the low BAB, it woud be somewhat less ridiculous than the Druid. Druids are pretty rediculous though

Trove is ded, shareanon and Qanon have been asleep for a while now.

>fucking complete your sheets fags

nigga there's nothing to complete, we're level fucking 1 and reviewanon seems to be busy, so my second draft has been left to languish in a state of "mabye later".

I'm quite literally telling you that /pfg/'s degenerates are just trolls who use this thread for our shit because no one stops us. There's no falseflagging, that's literally what happens.

Though there's no way I'll convince you of anything. It's been like this for so long you'll probably just try and make some excuse about other generalss being like this, or some other statement that justifies in your mind why I'm wrong and you're right.

The fact that I can even point all this out and it won't change anything is hilarious in and off itself, showing just how much the status quo is ingrained into the system.

Gib details and storytime
I can never stand playing low mental scores, especially ones that are low all around.

Ecaterina and Lucius OR Romulus OR Allanz
Probably Cijiska
Maybe Crytha
Probably Olivia
Fill out the last one as you please.

add in your personal details faggot

Because the spells that made CoDzxilla possible are now based on the same bonus types (thus, unstackable) and Wildshape was incredibly nerfed.

You actually have to focus to make a cleric better than a fighter and expend a huge number of spell slots to manage the damage capacity, and druids can't be better than fighters until 14th or so level.

Are druids really that ridiculous? I'm brand new to TTRPGs, and I rolled a druid. I'm not trying to be a min-maxing person or a hippie faggot, but I see a lot of hate for the class.

Yeah, was thinking Bard or maybe Inquisitor.

>add in your personal details faggot

that's literally the only thing you can reasonably expect to have filled out at this stage, are you telling me there are actually people too lazy to at least put something token in there?

I can tell you you're wrong simply because 'who fucking cares'. Also because that barely even makes sense.

Are you confusing /pfg/ with /5eg/ or something because Clerics aren't worse than fighters, you really don't have to try.

Mostly memory of the 3.5e era when you basicaly had to try to nerf yourself to not obselete anyone who wasn't a Cleric or a minmaxing Wizard.

Not really. They have the potential to outclass the martials, but realistically they're just full-caster capable of managing to get around and invalidate a lot of encounters while managing to be stand ins for most martial classes as well while not outdoing them entirely.

Well, low BAB and no wild shape or spontaneous summons. On the other hand, Druids really have to focus on either wild shape or casting, can't really do both and be good at both.

But a Witch with Druid casting would spec towards casting, obviously, since they probably still don't get wild shape and have the low BAB. No spontaneous summons, but you do get hexes. No companion, but you do get a familiar at least. I'm struggling to think of how it would really break things. It's worth noting that the witch's list is actually bigger than the druid's list by one or two hundred spells, but I don't know either list well enough to really say which is better or by how much.

Look at all the blank shit on the list m8, some people only filled in their stats and not their physical stats. A lot of people just don' have a fucking sheet period.

It can be, but if you have no idea what you're doing and aren't optomizing, then its a lot less easy to accidentally trivialize encounters and characters than it might be a wizard, if only because of the spell list.

Its also a tad better about said balance than it was in the 3.5 days, but not by much

I'd say it could work. Warders and such function well enough on their own thanks to the aggro mechanic, though Stalker will be significantly weaker than otherwise.

>realistically they're just full-caster capable of managing to get around and invalidate a lot of encounters while managing to be stand ins for most martial classes as well while not outdoing them entirely.
user you just said why they make martials eat shit, because they're 'good enough' martials with all the benefits of being full casters.

No, we actually did the math a few times, and it turns out that while a cleric makes a stand in for a martial, actual martials in\variably do much much more damage without much optimization, while a cleric has to nova-bvuff himself to manbage to get that much damage.

Mind you, they're still full casters and capable of invalidating martials in lots of OTHER ways, they just can't manage the massive damage they used to be able to without a lot of pointless effort.

>nerf yourself to not obselete anyone who wasn't a Cleric or a minmaxing Wizard.
I guess that makes sense and I have noticed I do have a wide array of ways to tackle problems. Right now I'm debating on focusing on spell casting, focusing on wild shape, or trying to blend a bit(my current plan). Only level 3 though, so no access to wild shape for another session or 2.

> Why do gods even answer divine casters in most PnP settings?
Because sacred cows. Cleric's as a class were literally made as a "fuck you" to they guy playing a vampire. The legacy just kind of stuck even if it doesn't make any fucking sense.

>1d6 bite attack would be great on Gloriana

She'll chew ya dick off!

Oh you mean as making themselves fighters
But why are you trying to make full casters fighters? That it even made sense at all in 3.5e was a symptom of its ridiculous powercurve between casters and martials. They're like Wizards but without researching spells and with the ability to spam skeletons like no tomorrow, while not even being squishy.

Nah mare you'll be fine for the most part.

>Gloriana gets knocked out
>grabbed by monsters
>monster starts throat fucking her
>1d6 bite to dick
>yfw rolled max damage

You can't bite a dick if it's throatfucking you
Source: a really slutty female friend

>tfw paladinfag is a serious attempt at a character and everyone keeps calling them a meme

>The legacy just kind of stuck even if it doesn't make any fucking sense.
D&D in a nutshell

I'm enticed by rage! Troll filth must be PURGED!

If it makes you feel any better, I've never ever memed about your app. Or anyone's, really.