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>40k rules reference in wiki format.

>Latest GW teases

>Latest GW FAQs.

>8th edition FAQ:

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>List organizer picture book

>Offline list builder

>Forge World Book Index:

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First for Nurgle

2nd for the Omnissiah

Third for I2 melee race



Magnus did literally nothing wrong.

>tfw GW is saved


Except be a filthy heretic.


>DE are all painted the same
I personally like mono colour DE

Here's my m8's venom - he's a lazy cunt but at least i finally got 1 of my normie friends playing

>buy a leman russ, want to equip it with a heavy stubber
>none with the sprues in the box, call GW customer support and ask whats going on
>they tell me I have to buy a seperate vehicle accessories sprue for $20


>no thread title edition

>TDW i jsut got traitor legions


[That abbadon termintor formation]
5 Terminators, 4 fists, MoT, chain fist, combi-plasma 222
Abbadon 265
[ CAD Iron warriors]
lvl 3 Soc, fleshmetal exo. 145
1 Oblit 70
1 Oblit 70
5 Havoks, 4 lascannons 155

[CAD alpha legion]
Deamon prince, nurgle, lvl 3 spell familiar, wings, PA, hydra blade, gift of mutation 350
lvl 3 soc, termintor, combi-plasma, mind veil 172

Chosen, 2 plasma guns, rhino comb-plasma 125
5 chosen, 2 melta guns, 155
Cultist, 10 autoguns, flamer 65
Cultist, 10 autoguns 60
Cultist, 10 autoguns 60

Eye of Night and Hand of Darkness audiodrama share anyone?


>be master of Warp
>force daemons to serve you
>create greatest city ever
>literally zero Daemon Incursions despite using billions of daemons regularly
>Yiffs manage to get themselves manipulated into fucking you over because they don't know shit about Warp

Not practicing sorcery was a mistake

look at the pube on the model's chest

tell him to use a brush to clear it off next time


And some

I play something similar to this with my word bearers. I would consider consolidating 2 of those cultist squads into 1. Denies kill points and gives you a big mob to deny safe ground to deepstriking units.

You'll have fun with your plasma chosen if they perform anything at all like mine have.

Plus a little

first 40k army

Hue i've never noticed

Thoughts on my zombies lads?
I'm still getting used to doing skin, i've purposely made them look bloody

>not titling it /40kg/
We're about to begin the Age of two General Threads


Gee, New Games Workshop! Thanks for giving my daily dose of BLACKED!


Can you get a second dragoon? 1 might die pretty easily. And if you want to use the electro priests, buy enough to get your list up to 1k along with the goon.

And then finally

Doesn't the chimera come with one as well?
Also, buy the Vehicle Accessories. The Fuel Tank looks way better on the back of the tank than the box, the track guards make your tank just a little bit cooler and reduce the amount of mud weathering covering your beautiful paintjob, and the gas cans, ammo boxes, las-carbines, and rutsacks all serve to make your tank really feel lived-in. Plus the aquillas let you put something on that big fat empty lower glacial plate.

Nth For Guillimarines confirmed real and we were all wrong about that picture

Will Rubricae finally not be shit now that AP is not just a flat value anymore?

So if tanks are now getting lots of wounds like what little I've seen from the Sigmar games I've watched, how many hits do you think a Leman Russ will take? A predator? A Land Raider?

they'll still be shit because they'll still be overpriced and not have that great a to-wound roll.

Well you can use that until people catch up after 8th comes out, but everyone knew it was coming for a while.

How in the hell do you keep spouting that meme without realizing how inherently jealous and pathetic that makes you sound.

Meme useless

Always 4++ is pretty good when small arms strip fo. Nnnhbbvvvvvv v

Wrong, it's just a new space marine kit.

My GW manager said this was his first time doing an Edition transition. He was honestly unsure of what to do about all these spare codexes he had on stock and was just the slightest bit nervous about how all the 40k players had stopped buying models in preparation for the meta shift.

Jealous? Impossible! I for one welcome my New Games Workshop stock photos and hope to see more multiculturalism and inclusiveness!

1 Overlord

generally round here we play malestrom, so kill point are less important than being able to hold a bunch of different objectives

i knew 8th was coming, but didnt think it actually WOULD be no backwards compatablity

>thinking that the Guillimarines would be anything but a model update

>Haven't changed it since 5th Ed

I didn't know it was possible for abos to go through the biotransfusion process too.

A lot of people with any kind of cranial activity believed those leaks to be real, though.

I never thought that, but the leakanons cpwere very clear about the fact that they were sure guilliman was making nu-marines to replace Astartes, and that is undoubtedly wrong.
So while yes, the pics were real, the rest of the claims about the new marines is certainly not.

Most recent army built so far:

6*Shield guardians
Spear contemptor
Sword contemptor
1 bike

Gotta finish my bikes then build a bunch of spear dudes to round out. I'm also proxying 3marine terminators for now.

That's the current devastator kit and sprue. The models on the table don't look to be from that.

>i knew 8th was coming, but didnt think it actually WOULD be no backwards compatablity
I'm trying to think of a way they could've done it without people getting mad.

If there's no backwards compatibility, people get pissed all their books are useless.

If there's only some backwards compatibility, people get pissed that only some of the players have to upgrade and they aren't among the ones that don't.

If there's full backwards compatibility, we're still in the quagmire of rules bullshit that is 7th.

thanks i was thinking abut getting a second dragoon (cuz they look cool)

Daily reminder to all the people freaking out that the 8th Edition FAQ states that all current models/armies will be compatible with the new/updated rules.

No backwards compability was obvious for a while at this point, ever since they announced the movement stat to be back.

I swear to FUCKING GOD they better buff death-strike missile.

TS, but all pre Wrath of Magnus. Haven't had time for a single game.
I'm really looking forward to 8th.

Ok you dense idiot, but you will have manlets compared to the new space marines miniatures.

Nick is confirmed wardite

First one looks like a sanctioned offical from the Offico Assassinorum.
The rest looked pretty cool.

How will it feel, anons, fielding your old and busted Spess Marines against glorious truescale NuMarines?

Send him this image and ask him to elaborate on what he meant by this

Models getting slightly differently sized new versions is not new. Just look at the old Rhino compared to the new one. Its not the end of the world and not a huge change either.

You're a witty cunt; I'll give you that m8.

Props to the Warhammer Community Team for being able to keep the professionalism in the face of overwhelming autism.

Stop harassing the random sales guy.

Pretty good, considering I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on new shit with old rules.

Why are you guys going full retard over this picture? Ok yes, its cheesy as fuck and feels like the most stockish photo i have ever seen. but other than this bad marketing choice, why even bother? Or is it just Veeky Forums overreacting to a black guy in a picture?

Once again, some of you are going pointlessly full retard.

Don't know. Maybe the same way fielding those squatting manlettes next to the glorious new TS or PM.

>Besides.... we all know Guilliman is the best Primarch....

>having inferior toys

He obviously didn't get the joke.

Sometimes Veeky Forums forgets GW employees are all normalfags.

he's just making a joke cut him some slack you autist

Imagine all old models being deemed heretical and being part of a new non-chaos, but non-imperial faction.

>muh secrit army Veeky Forums

>that entire post
Thank you for proving me right.

>Veeky Forums will find you

Full on cringe.

The fourth option: do nothing and everyone gets to keep their books and the scary phantom of change disappears. Everyone wins.

Except the status quo is also shit. GW are in damned if they do kind of deal right now. No matter what they do they will polarize neckbeards against them.

The only meme-worthy stuff there is the girl playing nids.

Too bad thr black guy isn't playing Salamanders.

>Hey social media intern, how way your day?
>Pretty good, but this one guy kept messaging me about "teegee" and calling us "Nu Goyim Cuckshop," but everyone else of Facebook seems to be hyped for 8th.

>Except the status quo is also shit
Precisely. 7th has to go; I'm not going to debate that. It's shit, and it's the kind of shit that only gets worse as it goes on.

the new models are in 3rd company scheme and are clearly in a how to paint space marines book (as shown by the dev kit being there), and I'm 90% sure the page is showing how to use the new models and the old kits together, so unless you're willing to say that all that is just a huge coincidence and they are in fact not just new space marine kits, the new models are clearly new space marines models

70 boys, 15 nobs, 15 tankbusters, 10 lootas, 1 warboss, 1 mega-mek, 1 mek with kff, 1 painboy, 18 warbikers with 2 nobs, 30 grots, 5 trukks and 1 battlewagon. A'm ready %%to sell all of this%%

>Blue armor
>He doesn't want his Orks to go beyond I2

Getting there, slowly but surely..

I wonder if he'll get it now

>>Pretty good, but this one guy kept messaging me about "teegee" and calling us "Nu Goyim Cuckshop," but everyone else of Facebook seems to be hyped for 8th.


luck >>> i>2

That's a real nice army user.

>Veeky Forums will find you
Fuck off to reddit, Veeky Forums isn't your personal army so don't talk about it like it is when you harass the GW PR team.

wow love the head on that plague fly, you get that from a third party or sculpt it yourself?

and the great unclean one on the left is that custom made? looks like some parts of the maggoth from fantasy there

Oh you did the Drone-prince too.

Looks like you're going pretty much behind every Nurgle projects on WIP.

Bretty gud looking GUO and other Nurgle-daemon thingy. Plus the Easter-colored Nurglings look good.

This is basically all my models, not counting my walking BT

Used something like picture related on a retarded 4000 point game against Orks.

It was a sad day for the Orks.

muh sekrit club gun get ya !!

You're not allowed to work for GW unless you're a dedicated worshipper of the Church Of Ultramar

this. Veeky Forums isn't your personal army

On a pure WYSIWYG basis, I have:

Commander R'alai + 2 Blacklight Drones
Cadre Fireblade + Shield Drone

7 old Fire Warriors + Shas'ui
7 old Fire Warriors + Shas'ui
5 Gue'la Fire Warriors
9 Kroot + Shaper & Hound
9 Kroot + Shaper & Hound

7 old Pathfinders
Pathfinder Shas'ui + 2 Rail Rifles + 1 Ion rifle
Piranha with Fusion Blaster
3 Remora Drones
4 Marker Drones

2 Stealth Suits + 1 Fusion Blaster Stealth Suit
3 metal Stealth Suits
1 Ghostkeel + 2 Stealth Drones
4 old Crisis Suits
1 Riptide

6 Broadsides, to be magnetized

>Everything done ever is wholeheartedly sincere and not done in any way to provoke a response

Autism > Hivemind

>no response