Has Games Workshop made any stance about 3D printing?

Has Games Workshop made any stance about 3D printing?

Breddy gud.

They're not challenged by 3D printing because it looks like dogshit.

Not yet, but you can bet once the resolution gets just a little bit higher they'll be screeching and filing C&D's all over the internet.

That looks like shit

This post was made in 2002.

those look like fucking dogshit

Oh, look, it's this thread again.

It'll also probably either stay dogshit in quality or exorbitantly expensive to do for at least the next decade at that. I mean really, if you wanna get your hands on "counterfeit" GW minis, people recasting GW's stuff has been a thing for almost as long as GW has.

>Implying GW will not stop producing miniatures and only be selling 3D printer building plans for the new space marines when we reach 2030

I 3D print many larger GW kits, and am always unhappy with the result. The technology still has a long way to go before it compares to what you can buy from GW or recasters.

pic related

the drop pod looks passable. other than that looks like my dog's shit under the bed (how come no one paints these shits so we could see the final end result of their pipe dream?)

10/10 plague marines

If they can't pass for the real thing then they're not worth painting.

You can't use non-official models in tournaments. Unless they start attaching RFID chips with some of the plastic components, there won't be any stopping 3D Printing once the resolution gets better.

I imagine they're hoping it's just a trend that will go away, but the people who understand the implications of 3D printing are shitting themselves in fear that their company is going to completely fucking collapse.

FDM is the wrong tool for the job. SLA prints look great at 28mm (it's what everyone who doesn't do traditional sculpting has been using to make masters for years).

Maybe GW can focus on writing good rule books once 3D printing is more than a meme.

Can't you do a quick acetone soak to even out the lines?

Acetone vapor bath, not soak - and really, that only works when you're printing with ABS plastic. Acetone doesn't really do much to PLA or PETG.

Man those are all so fucking hideous. The Dreadnought looks straight retarded, the pod looks like it landed in the crushing depths of the ocean, and the marines look like they're some shitty third party knockoff like Prodos Space Crusade.

The RB is surprisingly good, but with stepping so goddamn thick you can see it even from this far off distance.

They'll probably just sell the IP and liquidate the company.

Colorfabb PLA works with acetone. Regardless if you want decent looking prints, you should use a SLA printer, unlike OP's poor example.

Those are very uncanny. The Baal is cute, though.

Yes but those machines cost around 60 grand.