Im new here whats with the 1d4chan hate

Im new here whats with the 1d4chan hate

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There's a lot of bad articles, and a lot of attention whores have made articles for shit that no one cares about in order to pretend that people do.

That said, 1d4chan does have some good stuff, but you need to wade through it cautiously, and understand that there's a lot of insane people who use it to try and perpetuate their personal agendas. You really can't trust that site for anything, and it by no means speaks for Veeky Forums itself.

General Salt and hate for each other and ourselves and the need to feel superior prevents us from laughing at stupid memes for the simple joy of laughing at stupid memes.

Combine that with the fact that, since no one ever does interesting or creative projects on here, the stuff that we've done is berated for never being good in the first place... which is just hypocrites criticizing something that was done, and that they'll never do.

Basically we're just too damn serious, egotistical, and depressed to enjoy something for what little joy it might bring us, and instead try to feed our ego by berating those who can.

The fate of all imageboards.

I would disagree but then I recently went to Veeky Forums by accident and decided to see what it was about.
It was literally just people getting incredibly spiteful and argumentative about absolutely nothing, just like here and every other board I visit. On a board about food.

Holy shit you immense faggot, get off your high horse. 1d4chan memes aren't just stupid, they're also weak, stale and irrelevant as fuck. They were only funny for a few months and now they're just dead.

Veeky Forums's inability to let go of old moldy memes is a board-specific issue that we're just starting to grow out of.

It gives a bad impression for new people as it presents an idealized picture of Veeky Forums that never actually existed.

Yeah, an idealized picture of Veeky Forums that reeks of the BAZINGA mentality.

t. person incapable of enjoyment

Yeah, those twitter threads on /v/ are so much better than stale Veeky Forums memes, we need to get with the times. I can't wait for several daily threads about tweets by literal whos only vaguely related to tabletop gaming.

There are far worse fates than ours, user.

Our problem is that we have too many people with nothing to say, but are nonetheless determined to make themselves heard.

According to the Veeky Forums Lexicon, I'm not so much a faggot as I am an AIDS-Ridden Degenerate, as I am in a romantic triad with both a man and a woman.

Oh, and before you call me a cuck, Tristan is the one who's into that, not me.

A post worthy of Oscar WIlde, user.

this thread

that being said, I think most of these posters whining about being pretentious lack self awareness, except for but more than that, i think its that all the oldfags left and now this board can't generate the same quality OC it did before so everyone is shitting on all that was great to make their own piles of shit look better.

>ancient stale memes are the only thing that can be enjoyed
as a matter of fact, a fresh twitter meme is better than a dozen old Veeky Forums memes

>since no one ever does interesting or creative projects on here
Questfag detected.

*tips fedora*

user, forget quests. I'm talking about the fact that a Goddamn SUPER MARIO TABLETOP RPG exists, and is attributed to us.

it's fucking embarrassing, I know

Get over yourself, the appeal of Veeky Forums is to be able to wallow in bitterness and egotism among other mean-spirited people who feel the same way.

Is there also a meme about nobody cooking there? Or nobody eating food.

Yes! It's unfinished! That's a crying shame. Hell, Mr. Blue Sky, who still lurks on here, only dropped the project for lack of interest and dedication.

Sounds fun, never heard of it. Can you direct me to some threads?

No, its mostly just calling each other "flyovers" and shitposting about McChickens and calling quiches pizza.

1. Fuck off
2. Lurk more

Please, go back to /r9k/.

We were originally self-proclaimed for being the most true example of Free Speech on the net... and we exonerated ourselves for having a comparatively positive community because of it.

what kind of retarded shit are you spewing?
Being a nerd is embarrassing, and the only thing that separates us from reddit is that we're aware of it. We were far less aware of that back in the day, and that's why old Veeky Forums material is pretty obnoxious.

Why don't you just pick a random group on one of the other boards and go to war like you did with the furfags? That should spice things up for Veeky Forums again. You guys still kind of scare the shit out the other boards already, in a sleeping giant sense. So why not reinforce it? Just be your suppressed selves.

I was talking about Veeky Forums in general. The site was founded on Free Speech.

As for Veeky Forums and nerdiness... we were perfectly aware, we just didn't give a fuck and posted Shit because we liked it, not because we were trying to have High-Brow Patrician Taste in the eyes of others.

If you want to keep fighting me on this, feel free. I'm a Diagnosed Sperg currently on 50mg of Vyvance. I will argue with you autistically about this every step of the way.

Why would we be obnoxious fucks ? We are one of the nicest community of this fucking website and that may be the best thing about us. We actually just seem to want to do our thing in our place. And that's what's great about Veeky Forums. So again, why the fuck would we want to act like jerks ?

stop capitalizing arbitrary words, fuckface

being nice is obnoxious, it means that you act like you've got a reputation to uphold and refrain from being an asshole, it's pretentious and silly

I don't think he's referring to bring jerks so much as he is us calculating the volume of
Spiders in the average Vagina.


fuck off with your old shitty memes

I've never really agreed with that idea.

Honestly, the one thing I've always enjoyed about Veeky Forums is how enforced anonymity affects how arguments are made here. Sure, sometimes it's nothing but trolling and bullshit, which is a downside, but it has some really interesting upsides as well.

The fact that there's no credentials here means that in order to actually win an argument, you have to prove it. No way to appeal to some sort of expertise or shut an argument down by claiming superiority, if you wanted to be right, you had to prove it.

The other big thing is that practically every single thing can be discussed here, no matter how emotionally or socially charged it is without any sort of hangups(or at least, without having to curb discussion because of it). Free speech to the most extreme, with no need to tip toe.

Add to that how much easier it is for people to have their minds changed by actual arguments, since you have no attachments to the argument at hand. No one's going to know you were the shithead that argued for or against a topic, so all you have to do is stop posting and realize the other dude is making sense, and bam, mind changed.

A neat little side effect of this is that in general, people on Veeky Forums tend to be far more resistant to subversive methods of cohesion. /pol/'s a great example of that, people on other boards are far more aware of the stupid shit /pol/ gets up too, and aren't really influenced by it like others are. If anything, we're more capable of actually shutting the stupid fucks down, reducing them to just angry trolls rather than having any real effect on what people think. Meanwhile, the stupid fucks over at reddit or wherever often play right into their stupid games, not out of being dumber than we are, but because they just don't know the game and how to beat it.

You can hardly call Veeky Forums a bastion of learning and discourse, but it does, in it's own way, foster critical thinking, skepticism, and focus on actual debate.

It reminds dumb memers that Veeky Forums never got shit done and has been a hive of randumbness (cf. sergals in the Unified Setting)

>the stuff that we've done is berated for never being good in the first place... which is just hypocrites criticizing something that was done, and that they'll never do.

If you don't want your shit to be called shit then don't shit it out.

Calculating the volume of spiders in the average vagina seems rather nice, but I wouldn't know how to do it.

Well no, some people just genuily don't want to annoy people and just want to live their life. Not everybody's an asshole


>Not everybody's an asshole
Wrong, everyone is an asshole. The person you are describing is an asshole in the eyes of the person you are replying to. I also see "nice" people as assholes, and immediately I feel like I want to insult them while interacting with them. So I agree with the user you replied to.

Also this thread is shit and should be reported.

Nice redditspacing.

Too late, we're 39 replies in and no moderative action on anyone's part. This thread is here to stay, and you're stuck here with us.

I don't think being an asshole really is subjective, I mean, if you don't act like an asshole, you're not one, even if assholes think you're one

>I was talking about Veeky Forums in general. The site was founded on Free Speech.
Hello GG newfag. Time to learn some history.
The short version is that Veeky Forums was founded because moot's fetishes were too extreme for Lowtax, who is a pussy.

>I don't think being an asshole really is subjective
If you can't quantify it/measure it, it's subjective.

Your opinion(your entire post) is not the objective true, you faggot with a God complex. This is exactly the reason nice people are assholes. You don't get to boss around other people while proclaiming yourself nice without being an asshole at the same time.

Ho Boy! This kind of argument. It's hilarious because you're obviously a former redditor to recognize that a double-spacing in Veeky Forums would appear as single-spacing in Reddit. This is exactly what was talking about for berating others to feel better about oneself, and being hypocritical about it.
There's also the fact that there's no paragraph indentation in Veeky Forums, besides manually pressing space, as shown. It's easier just to double space altogether.

It's a repository for old Veeky Forums memes and WH40k wankery from back when this board was 90% 40k threads.

You're talking with a troll.

>from back when this board was 90% 40k threads.

That was never really the case. D&D made up the majority of threads then. It still makes up the majority of threads now.

he was copy pasting a meme, you obvious newfag.

I don't proclaim to be nice actually, I just try to not act like an asshole. And there is very objective things that you can't mesure. If you just let people live their life and live yours, you're not acting like an asshole, if you decide to cheat on your SO you are acting like an asshole.

There was a brief period of time before D&D Next where there were almost no D&D threads. But 1d4chan does make it seem like Veeky Forums only really gives a shit about 40k.

> Im new here whats with the 1d4chan hate
Because 1d4chan memes are old memes.
Sure, it's fine to mention them once in a while, just like demotivators or Longcat gets mentioned once in a while, BUT NOT FUCKING CONSTANTLY.
The thing is, Internet is a pretty violent and unstable social structure. Fresh memes keep the community from stagnating.
So when someone says "fuck off with your 1d4chan bullshit", what he actually means is "we've seen this fucking shit a hundred times already, can't you put some fucking effort into your post and post some OC instead?".

And I'm taking it seriously, thereby denying it of any comedic value it might have.

No user, I am the troll.

There are some who would have us forget our history. They are trying to shape Veeky Forums into something they're more comfortable with and that's very hard to do when you can just open another tab and see how wrong they are.
Buncha faggots.

>I just try to not act like an asshole.
Yet you are one.

> And there is very objective things that you can't mesure
No, there is none.

>They are trying to shape Veeky Forums into something they're more comfortable with and that's very hard to do when you can just open another tab and see how wrong they are.
This sentence makes no fucking sense.
Shaping something to your liking has nothing to do with what it was before.
If I carve a marble statue, it doesn't matter that it once was a block of marble. That was then and this is now.

He's referring to the Veeky Forums version of objective, which is the same as something being Subjective, except they'll argue autistically about it using "facts."

Example: Your Waifu is objectively Shit.

You are very sure of what you are saying, which often point out that you're are just saying your opinion

I thought about it for a second, but he looks genuinely retarded enough to believe his own feelings as objective true, so I doubt it.

Uh huh?

yeah its almost as if everyone here is struggling to come up with 'memes' about games/subcultures that theyve been playing and have been around for decades

People used to make things and put them on 1d4chan, but now nobody makes things and just calls all the things that were made "cringy".

>There was a brief period of time before D&D Next where there were almost no D&D threads

There was really no time where D&D wasn't the most discussed topic on this board. I may be somewhat unfairly including offbeat fantasy questions into the mix, but the general expectation is that those questions are being asked because they pertain to some fantasy campaign, and the overwhelming majority of those are D&D.

You know what ? Alright, I don't want to argue tonight, my country is being stupid again and that just makes me sad, so ok, you're right.

That's inherent to the Veeky Forums definition. The user must think they're using the other definition in its use. It's used as an indicator for idiots who need to be trolled or to recognize when the person you're arguing with is autistic.

That's some mighty power revisionism you're doing. As of right now; I can only see about 7 threads at most that are directly about D&D.

>directly about D&D.

Ever since the edition war, D&D has split into multiple editions rather than just everyone discussing 3rd, and some people also play non-D&D fantasy roleplaying games like Pathfinder. People prefer to address people who play any of those games, since their threads are rarely completely edition/game specific.

That said, "Fantasy roleplaying" is still the most talked about topic on this board, with somewhere around forty threads up at the moment, with it well understood that at a shot in the dark, anyone playing a fantasy roleplaying game has a 19/20 chance of playing some flavor of D&D.

Also, there's even fifteen up right now that are directly about D&D.

user, I was talking about homebrew systems. If I wanted a Rate My Shit thread I would've just taken a photo of my toilet bowl and posted it on /b/.
You read this page and fucking tell me, "what's with the 1d4chan hate".

>Example: Your Waifu is objectively Shit.
But your waifu IS objectively shit

That conversation is taken entirely out of context.

It doesn't need context. 1,000+ lines of fucking autism about a franchise completely unrelated to Veeky Forums on the Veeky Forums wiki shouldn't even fucking exist. Nevermind the angry /pol/acks fightng with the retarded socjus kiddies.

My waifu is a Bisexual Scylla who wields the harem as her own. It's not my harem, it's not hers, it's ours.

Plus, what she can do with those tentacles... damn.

I mean in the context of life. Have you come to know each of those posters personally, each as a dear friend? Have you come to know each of their motivations for posting, and why they argue so? Do you know their living situations? What they're going through?

No? You disgust me.

Go back to 1d4ddit.

No. You're here, therefore I must also be here to annoy you.

>My waifu is a Bisexual Scylla who wields the harem as her own. It's not my harem, it's not hers, it's ours.
>Plus, what she can do with those tentacles... damn.
So you agree with me?

Basically. It also contributes to the cancerous Veeky Forums mentality that Veeky Forums is the best board on Veeky Forums and not wallowing in shit like the rest of those idiots, when this is a pigpen. We're all rolling in shit, but it's fine because that's whats fun.

Also acting like we're the board that 'gets shit done' is obscene. Especially since the videogame boards have Notch, who objectively won.

Well, yes, in that we could argue for hours on the quality of my waifu, as the Veeky Forums definition states.

Even though I'm right

Probably, yeah. I mean it doesn't even matter who's right in the context of the argument, you'll just keep replying until you have the last word, which is the current version of winning an argument on Veeky Forums. Anyone can do it, doesn't require logic, only requires enough autism to keep posting replies until you have the last one.

>if you wanted to be right, you had to prove it.

Except that when someone starts asking for proof or citations you already know he's going to arbitrarily dismiss it as irrelevant or claim that it doesn't count because it is biased, at best

I think the awkward thing about 1d4chan is that despite being a repository for old Veeky Forums jokes and trivia, it's both outdated and idealized in a way that someone who is new to Veeky Forums would not be able to recognize. Someone who uses it for a reference on how to act on Veeky Forums is going to be in for a weird shock when they try to assume baseline Veeky Forums is like that. I've seen it before when some newfag went in with a bunch of stale angry dorf roleplaying about fucking knifeears and was confused why he looked like pic related.

That being said, I don't think there's actually anything wrong with 1d4chan. It just suffers from the same problem other Veeky Forums projects have in that the idea and initial planning is fun, but once the crunch, maintenance, and other less fun but necessary parts of the creative process come into play the thing falls apart and becomes operated by a skeleton crew of people who actually give a shit.

Do it for the other anons.

Oh sure, that happens. But he's not the only one who's looking at the discussion, and even if he spends his time bitching, it might still change his mind in the end.

There's nothing to gain or lose for an argument here, so even if the guy keeps posting against you, doesn't mean he hasn't reconsidered his position.

Sadly, trying to win an internet argument is seldom about the others.

Yeah, that's exactly how it will happen. But just remember: your waifu is shit, just like every other waifu

Very poor articles outside of a few exceptions. I don't see why veritable classics like Call of Cthulhu have tiny and very inaccurate articles, while AoS gets massive ones. It doesn't help that the people who run the site roll back any changes made to alleviate the quality issue. Being a gateway from Reddit to here doesn't help either.

>new here
I recommend leaving. There's nothing good here, and I wouldn't want for you to ruin everything else

>I will argue with you autistically about this every step of the way.

I believe it.

Well, why shouldn't I? I'm objectively right about everything.

Over the years, Veeky Forums has become home to increasingly fascist conservative losers. Even though they don't form the majority, they're the loudest people on the board, and it's shifted the culture.
On Veeky Forums, it means ridiculous amounts of military fetishism, so the old opinions of 1d4chan are to be hated.
We went from 'Ultrasmurfs are fucking Mary Sues' to 'I want to suck the cock of every Space Roman'.
Traded one obnoxious viewpoint for another.

I'm a newfag and I still think those fucking smurfs are stupid.

Normies and people that just hate creativity and in-jokes I suppose.

So people like you?

>No u
Try harder, Jimmy.

Please just respect this sites lingo and use the "-fag" suffix. There is nothing homophobic about it and the mods won't ban you for using it, like in the other forums and sites you come from. Thanks.

This thread needs more autism.

Normies started here too, senpai. I don't have to use normalfag just because it's an older term for the same thing. I'll use whatever term I damn well please.

Highly doubt it, isn't that a tumblr-term?

The thing is... /b/-tards could be defined as Normies... but anyone else would hardly call them normal.

They usually push dudebro instead after bro became a term of endearment.