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>posting a "tfw no dragons" complaint in a thread that (at the time of posting) doesn't contain any CYOAs that the complaint applies to

Just look up

it's not a complaint, it's a shitpost

learn the difference

>tfw user is making a new cyoa without dragons right now

What is up with the empty spaces?

Dragons in fantasy are more trashy and overused than elves

Apparently, some monsters have wiki entries, but no picture or description.

They're empty entries on the wiki. I left them there so it would be easy to add them when the wiki pages get filled in.


Dragons are 1. comfy 2. cool 3. powerful and 4. majestic.

Your mother is 1. trashy 2. overused 3. loose and 4. smelly

Learn the difference.

then everything is ok

Dragons are not comfy, they're only cool when you're a little kid, powerful is debatable as sometimes they're fucking pathetic, and any majesty they may have ever had was lost long ago.

Calling them comfy and powerful makes no sense. Things can't be those two things at once.


Barometz for nectar and jelly, Gnome for soil fertility, Honey bee for pollination, Undine for irrigation. Basically living in a greenhouse on the edge of town and growing the freshest produce. Anybody need food supplies?

Deleted your first shitty post what a pussy

>you're not allowed to correct your mistakes

Please help save 40k from combining Sisters of Battle and Space Marines and who knows what else into the same faction and making the setting and factions more generic and boring in the name of "diversity" and "equality" that isn't even really those things.

(Blatant repost time!)

I watched this thing develop, may as well post my first build on here.

Allies: Doppleganger, Cyclops, Gremlin, Gyoubu Danuki

Boons: Magical Training Twice (Penis Tax for Power Thief), Normalization.

My wife's the Doppleganger, so I will get her power copying. Cyclops and Gremlin come together for ultimate crafting skills. Danuki rolls in to rope suckers into paying with their bodies to get the herself and the crafters husbands.

She can also gain monetary influences and spread our group's tech around to control the world like it was some cyberpunk dystopia. I'm just gonna use it to positive ends so everybody can pool their resources to beat the Chief God so we don't have to destroy males and humanity to save monsterkind. Coming out as a Hero-king afterwards if I reveal myself would be interesting.

I hope this continues to get updates in the future so I get the Deruella defeating experience!

Who is this semen dragon

user-nee, please tell me a bedtime WiP! I always have the best dreams when you tell me about the cyoas you're making!


You can but you just shitted a post as cancerous as the first one

My mistake was that the first post wasn't cancerous enough though.

Is there a power rangers CYOA? I think that could turn out very well with the right amount of stuffing.

kek then good job I guess

Second Chance waifu cyoa.

Your waifu finally got rid off her scumbag ex-husband and now you can prove to her you're her soulmate. Be ready to earn her love and don't waste this second chance at love!

Just reposting a request again, just in case.

You mind sharing your pic for the Very High Libido quirk? I can't find it on danbooru.

>Girls: Arachne, Ant Arachne, Atlach-Nacha, Juro-Gumo
>Perks: Family Man (Arachne, +Ushi-Oni), Cleanliness, Physical Training, Magical Training

There was going to be some kind of joke here, but it's just spiders. Anyone need spiders?

Keeps demonic energy from accumulating too much thanks to the purifying holy magic. Also healing for those who need it.
>Bubble Slime
Keeps everything clean. Also delicious jelly.
Best maid.
Fresh water for everyone. Also hydroelectricity.
>Be the Futa
Shoggoth, because best shapeshifting.
I want my modern conveniences.
To make it easier to get a house/apartment in a sufficiently urban area.

What are our starting stats?

E in everything except Physical Defense, which is D.
Humans are weak, Monstergirls are STRONK.

why does alice look so distorted

See :
>Your standard human ranks D in Physical Defense, and ranks E in all other stats.

How many posts have you made already?
10 of the 40 posts?


Reposting this one CYOA here.


Do you even make stuff that isn't more milking of Stardust or Battlemage?


It's user-nii you stupid fucking wolf. You don't deserve a WIP.

Still working on Wilds Outside update. Having some trouble with the Tasks section. Trying to come up with something to replace it.

Because she was drawn that way.

We already discussed this. Brothers don't have smelly microdicks which means you're my sister. Now tell me about your WiP, you pathetic sissy.

why is alice the only one who was drawn that way

Do I look like the artist?

She's from an older version of MGE, if I recall correctly.

why would i give a fuck?

Would having a higher magic attack/defense score make you generate more spirit energy?


Because you asked him why it was drawn weird.
He's not the one that drew it.

Probably, but not by a particularly noticeable amount. I imagine it would make your spirit energy higher-quality, if anything.

he's the one who said she was drawn that way, as opposed to other possibilities, so obviously he has to know about it

Will Power Thief increase your stats to match your waifus' over time?


I did not distort the image, which I took directly from the wiki. The only option as to her looking distorted is that she was drawn that way, either deliberately, or because she was an early drawing.

It should. That's why Power Thief should go with monster girls such as Lilim or Ryu.

What if you had to choose your starting location, allied/enemy tribes and shelter?

I see you like milking the images I post.

Guys I need help with balance in a CYOA I'm making.

I have 3 shotguns to choose from and two of them is practically identical with one of them being objectively better.

The shotguns in question is the UTAS-15 and Spas-12. Both fire the same ammo (12 gauge) but while spas has 6 shots the utas has 15. The utas also has the added benefit of having two magazines which the user can select which one to use ammo from, with this you can fill one magazine with regular shotgun shells and the other with slugs so you can fight enemies that are close and far away.

The system I have in place categorizes weapons into 3 groups, large, medium and small (large guns costing 3 points, medium costing 2 and small costing 1 point). I thought about putting the utas as a large weapon but it's actually lighter than the spas so that wouldn't make sense.

What should I do?

well, this is what she looks as the basic wiki image, so i guess you really are the one who fucked up

can't even tell why, since it's not like there's a lack of space to put an undistorted version of the image into the cyoa

Modify them with aftermarket parts to make the differences even more pronounced, making your sorting easier.

I honestly don't see a difference. Perhaps you're being fooled by an optical illusion caused by the drop shadow or the background?

it's very obvious to me, you must have accidentally done it

try comparing smaller details if you can't see it, like how much fatter the original heart-tip of her tail is, that thing is obviously wider than it is tall in the original, and obviously taller than it is wide in your distorted version

It is squished abit, I must admit.

>Perhaps you're being fooled by an optical illusion caused by the drop shadow or the background?
Not that user, but scaling the finished page up so that Alice is the same height as the other picture shows that the one in the page is horizontally squished.

All right, all right, I could be wrong. I'll re-do Alice's image for the next update.

Stand alone mystery box!

Finally, your dream has come true! A clinic that can instantly turn you into a qt biological girl like you always wanted has opened, and while it's insanely expensive and you could never afford it, you get one free treatment.

Now all that's left to decide is this: Do you want to be a redheaded girl, or an elf girl?

Red headed girl.
Elves are for bullying.

I want you to leave.

I was here long before you, and will remain here long after you're gone. :^)

Ball & Chain

Controlling the battlefield is the key to victory. So I double up on crystal production to rapidly turn the battlefield into a maze of crystal spires and spikes. While not immediately harmful assuming one avoids the spikes, the evergrowing crystals would hinder movement and allow me to pin someone down for the finishing throw. I also figure that, with the force of the Ball's shockwave, I should be able to 'shatter' my own crystals turning them into deadly projectiles.

Start of battles would probably be me throwing the ball at the ground in front of me and dragging it in an arc facing my enemy, to make an initial 'wall' and stop any charges. With Crystal's lesser weight, dragging it along the ground to make large crystal growths should be easy.

I'm gonna go full elementalist.

Earth. The party tank.

Fire. Our local DPS.

Wind. Party scout due to speed and invisiblity.

Water. Provisioner and bath-enabler.

>Type Master (Elemental)
This boosts my affinity with my Elementals, and since they all seem to have decent-to-good Magical Defense, that goes from E to D.

>Family Man (Spirit)
This gets me a heightened affinity with all of my Elemental Spirits, and since they all seem to have good Magical Defense gives me an extra rank there, from D to C.

I also acquire a new ally - the Yuki-Onna.

>Magical Training
Boosting my Magical Attack from E to D, and my Magical Defense from C to B.

For the road. Needing the bathroom is not a good thing when you're a traveling elementalist.

For the record, I also considered the Apsara as an extra ally, but not the Dark Matter. Do not choose the Dark Matter. Do͡ n͢ot ́c̡hoose ͜the̢ Dárk Matte͘r̴.

t̶̢͡a̢k̡̀͞e̷̴̢̢͢ ̀͜t̴̨̨͢h́e̢̢͢ ̵̨̨d͟͢a̡r̕͘k̷̵̸̛̀ ̛͜͝m̢̨͟a̸͜͝ţ̴̴͟ţ̶e̕͘͘͘r̸̵̶͜

Aaanyway, what kind of cool stuff is there to do as an elementalist? Terraforming? Defeating major threats? Clearing out bandit hideouts? Acting as security for merchants?

Be the Girl: Chimera
Magical Training
Power Thief
Collector (+1 magic attack, +1 phys defense)

Cursed Sword (+1 phys attack, combat bonuses, weapon)
Cyclops (Armor)
Angel (Protection from corruption, healing)
Gremlin (Tech)

My intent is basically to break the game and be the most powerful being possible. I have S-rank in all stats, plus equipment and the ability to drain further abilities from other monsters What to even do with it? I'm honestly not sure.

Drop one and add another gun instead?

I want to make one featuring good aligned metallic dragons but I'm stuck thinking of a concept.

The dark elf is written as being 900 lbs, is that a typo?

>Normal Mode
I like dragons.
I like all kinds of dragons!
Even mermaid dragons!
Oriental dragons too!!!
>Magical trainingx2
>Power thief

I'm going to become a dragon too after sleeping many times with my cute dragonesses. Then when I've become the greatest dragon I'm going to gather even more power until I can BATHE THIS WORLD IN ETERNAL FLAME MY FURY SHALL NEVER BE QUENCHED FOR THE FIRE THAT BURNS IN MY HEART SHALL CONSUME EVERYTHING UNTIL ALL HAS RETURNED TO ASHES

Time for comfy!

>Halberds would be under axe
But Halberds have both axe and spear heads. Axe only covers one of its actions.

>Glaives would be under spear.
But Glaives do not function like spears, at all. You SLASH with a Glaive, you STAB with a Spear. Hell, on top of that, the special attack for spears is literally a series of thrusts. You can't do that with a Glaive. That's like calling hammers, axes.

Seriously, neither one fits under any category you have in the CYOA.

But Ryu costs two choices.

Dark Elves are fat! FAAAAT!

If anything, scythe should not be its own category and just fall under glaive.

>S-rank in all stats
You can do the same thing with Baphomet and two Tranings.

Then I'm dropping the mermaid. Her snatch smelled like fish anyway.

Reposting my build

Hard mode 4 boons 4 companions

Cursed sword
Living armor

Resilient soul
Power thief(intimate)
Magic training(x2)

D physical attack
D physical defense
C Magical attack
C Magical defense

I shall be an errant knight dispensing justice whenever i go by fucking!

Scythes aren't glaives, they're farming tools. That kind of anime scythe was never used in battle. The closest thing was a war scythe, which started out as you taking the scythe head off and hammering it back on straight up.

I'm fine with unrealistic weapons, of course. Just saying.

>taking the scythe head off and hammering it back on straight up
a glaive

I like my freedom, thank you very much. Ryu or Lilim (questionable, though) are better choices, I think.

How exactly are you stuck? Stuck as in "got no premise" or as in "working out details"?

Talk to me. You can make this dragon cyoa a reality. I believe in you.

you mean fauchard

Yes. Should be 90.

Glaive isn't really a general term for slashing polearms, senpai. It's just my favorite example of the type.


Unrealistic body standards please. Monstergirls all over the world are starving themselves because dbags like you tell they're "fat". There's nothing wrong with a big dark elf beauty weighing 900lbs!

Oh i forgot to ask how do i prevent the angel descent to dark angel how does it work?