Well? Whats your excuse?

Well? Whats your excuse?

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I'm too busy grunting in immeasurable pleasure as my Commissar pegs my ass with her standard issue disciplinary strap-on.

Why would I ever put my Dick in a xenos when I have that to enjoy?

They are xeno subhuman filth
Need I say more?

And I thought the people who waifued Slannesh and DEldar had shit taste.

If you like humans so much, why isn't your country called the Human and Tau Empire? Or even better, the Human, Kroot and Tau Empire.

Your incessant preaching of the "Greater Good" makes you almost as annoying as Word Bearers with your shilling.

HKTV empire?

user, there's no Shit Taste here. The Commissar takes off the condom before making me suck the dildo.

I'm the only imperial player at my GW, the rest are Eldar, Necrons and Tau.
The Necon dudes are bros and just play for fun.
The Eldars are tourney loving jackasses who only play with their tourney lists even for casual games.
The Tau has that Riptide Formation and bitches whenever I take one down.

I play IG with a artillery and fortifications. I have won 1 battle after 3 years playing, and that was against one of the Necron bros that was testing a list.


Stands to reason that ,despite yourself, you'd be in awe of the supremely perfect human form, Xenos.
However, to us, you're but an abomination soiling mankind's rightfull bounty of worlds, a menace to our life and plenty and an insult to our self evident perfection we can't suffer to stand.
You'll have to either leave, or face our rightfull fury.
Tell your leaders this: abandon this world now, and we will not pursue.
This is as much mercy and good will as we can grant creatures such as You.

I thought Tau only had like one long braid of hair.

>laser goes through her head and right into his dick
stupid mon'keigh


wow, are 40k humans really that retareded?

No excuse needed, I think Tau are Cute.

You keep turning my Guardsmen into filthy weebs.

It's not our fault if they have good taste

Is your forehead nostril deep enough to fit my dick?


fill her womb with my superior human genes of course.

I would gladly lay down my genitals for The Emperor.

They keep interfering with our plans.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to raise so many generations when they keep becoming worthless NEETs who just watch your shitty animation vids and stay home all day?

The Alien fails because it cannot embrace the Emperor.

Who needs xenos when there's abhumans?

>Slannesh notices this act of Extra Heresy
>Is tickled pink by the idea of an Interspecies couple
>Does Warp shit to make the sperm take inside of her
>Half breed weirdos are brought into the Galaxy
>The Imperium and Ethereals Fight over who gets to kill you, your xenos waifu, and your children for such an egregious act.
>even if you escape, none of you will ever live a normal happy life, and will be treated as freaks forever
All because you had to think with your dick user

You can't satisfy your sexual desires with an Felinid, citizen!

>"going through"

Now who's being stupid?

Xenos are filthy scum that infests humanity's galaxy, much like cockroaches infest OP's kitchen.

Didn't we have this thread already?

>Well? Whats your excuse?

I am proud to obey the Emperor's every command.

Throughout the millennia humans have tried to trust and cooperate with xenos, and each time we have been betrayed, used or killed for their amusement. We have found that the elimination or extreme containment of xenos species is the best way for the continued survival of the human race.

Faces filled with joy and cheer
What a magical time of year
Howdy Ho! It's Xenos Stomping Day

Put your Marine helmet on
Spread that mayonaisse on the lawn
Don't you know it's Xenos Stomping Day?

All the little girls and boys
Love that wonderful crunching noise
You'll know what this day's about
When you stomp a Xenos' guts right out

So, come along and have a laugh
Snap their alien spines in half
Grab your boots and stomp your cares away
Hip hip hooray, it's Xenos Stomping Day

[Sounds of xenos getting stomped on, with bone-crunching and Tau-screeching effects]

People love them down the street
Crushing xenos beneath their feet
Why we do it, who can say?
But it's such a festive holiday

So let the stomping fun begin
Bash their Alien skulls right in
It's tradition, that makes it okay

Hey everyone, it's Xenos Stomping
We'll have some fun on Xenos Stomping
Put down your Lasgun, it's Xenos Stomping Day
Hip Hip Hooray, it's Xenos Stomping Day

Xenos Stomping Day

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I-I love xenos.

we love you too, user :3

Kitten & Shadowsun is best couple!


To be fair most of the galaxy wants to kill me in a staggering variety of increasingly sadistic ways, so there's that.




Remove life.



Kitten and Shadowsun a cute!

>le sexy Tau
>le sexy Daemonettes

I bet you guys are the sweaty fucks I see in the modelling shop with naked anime children on their card protectors.

Necrons are such fucking edgelords


Die Heretics.


>Look at how NORMAL I am, fellow redditors!
>Le Neckbeard Gentlesirs, amirite? XD


Tau is for bully



I love how Veeky Forums loses their minds over the idea of a humanoid species without sexual dimorphism.

>They're not killing the xeno, they're giving her laser eye surgery

anyone that wouldn't fuck a xeno and COLONIZE her savage alien pussy isn't a white man.

>tfw pure blooded native americans are almost nonexistant now

How about no?

Yes, I remember at least those exact posts being there last time too.

>Weird Alpharius Yankovic
Underrated post.


Emprah said I should. So I do. Also, I'm reporting you to the Arbites, the PDF, and the Inquisition. Not necessarily in that order.


Underrated post.

Lasbolts aren't bullets. They have no penetration. What they do is cause surface reactions, blowing chunks out of shit. Sarge definitely would have to worry skull fragmentation and/or losing some fingers, though.

Hotshots and up get around that with their huge energy reserves, but regular lasguns don't have to worry about overpenetration.

If Tau really wanted to integrate with humenkind, they need to develop larger fat deposits.

The only respectable xenos are Eldar, mostly because they're the same kind of crazy as us. Outside of them, you other xenos can fuck off.

One head for another, filthy knife-hear.

That an Absolver?

>drunk Macha


It took me a moment.

>same kind of crazy as us

How? Eldar are vengeful old dickbags who keep everything a secret and have a prideboner shoving for room next to the stick up their ass.

The Tau are pretty much a ripoff of humanity with hooves in terms of culture and mindset. They're closer to modern-day people than the Eldar are by far, and that also makes them closer to Imperials.

>Eldar are vengeful old dickbags who keep everything a secret and have a prideboner shoving for room next to the stick up their ass.

Take the old out of that and it might as well be the Imperium.

Only a heretic would need a reason tohate that which is other.

>The Tau are pretty much a ripoff of humanity with hooves in terms of culture and mindset.

I guess if you're a communist this statement is true.

Because you're quite literally taking up space that humans could be using.

>Needing an excuse to hate that which is other

Only a heretic would say this.

pic related

where did this may may come from.
it's liekthe black jesus shit.
>kitten's full of turk dna
>he's somehow black
Nigga please

Xenos are an affront to the majesty and manifest destiny of Man.

Probably the episode where the Emperor took off his armor and Kitten was a black dude. Just not as black as the Salamanders

I don't hate xenos, I abhor mutants.

Astartes were a mistake.

The salamanders episode dude

Kitten is some form of bronze idol, definitely not Caucasian.


>The only respectable xenos are none of them

Somebody please cap this I'm on mobile

>You can't satisfy your sexual desires with a Felinid, citizen!

Really? Because it seems to be working well for me!

>communists aren't human

>self-evident statement

A-Cav IG guy here. I feel you bro it took me 7 years to win a game. I haven't stopped since.

Hate? To the contrary I love xenos. The noise they maks, the auroma when you douse them head to toe in promethian is nothing short of divine

I guess?

the reality

I use Shadowsun as a basis of the tau female. She was the only female tau depicted for a while. Her head shape and face are significantly different from other tau: rounder head, bigger eyes, big lips, more ayy-like, to be honest. And that difference is shown in her battlesuit, too, so it's logical to conclude that her body is also less angular.
Honestly, I'd be down for non-dimorphic sexes, but it really feels to me like GW has backpedaled hard on this. First you make something like Shadowsun, then you are like "wait no she's just special all the other females are less feminine"?

That shouldn't have taken me as long as it did

I'm actually quite fine with it, if both sexes are attractive looking in the bargain, I am shamelessly biased.

I don't!

I just really fucking love Humanity. So either move your commie asses out of way of Mankind's glorious golden future or get ready to eat jackboot.


Just because you have a degradation and belittlement fetish doesn't mean that the Eldar's arrogant, secret-keeping modus operandi is any more tolerable. Eldar a shit, no matter what Guilliman or anyone else says.

The funniest part of this is that Slannesh would totally do this too. He adores cuteness and heartbreaking tragedy as much as ecstasy and pleasure.

At least he'd make the abominations not look quite so abominable.