I made a paladin with 10 CHA in 5e because am smart. Already level 2 and specializes in great weapons...

I made a paladin with 10 CHA in 5e because am smart. Already level 2 and specializes in great weapons. What are my options here, senpai?

Multiclass into fighter and don't look back.

Multiclass fighter.

Start a new character

Shoot character
why would you go 10 cha as a fucking paladin
there are so many things that use cha when you're a paladin
To save yourself, go into Fighter so you get 2 fighting styles instead of one

I've never played or even looked at a paladin before because I don't enjoy being a boy scout. I got the chance to play a super religious witch hunter nutcase and dove right in. Charisma has forever been my dump stat.

Probably just going to burn all my spell slots on Divine Smite.

Go into a caster class that you have the mental abilities for, like Cleric or Wizard.

Proceed mixing melee and spells using self buffs and smites.

>Charisma has forever been my dump stat
>Paladin is a boy scout
Ah, so you're just a moron then.

Switch systems.

>boy scout
>like the third of paladin archetypes are either pragmatic evil or outright diabolic

user, plz.

So you're just a retard, then. What the fuck kind of idiot doesn't look into his character types?

That reminds me of the Monk - Cleric I was playing a while back. Maybe suboptimal, but if you play D&D for anything but the rule of cool, you suck at real life.

Monk - Cleric actually has stat synergy. The best you are getting here is ability synergy.

Also, some may say if you play D&D at all you suck at real life.

What does D&D have to do with the rule of cool?
Rule of cool is pretty squarely against the systems' rules.

He can't even multiclass, needs cha13!

That's to multiclass INTO paladin.

I think.

Pretty sure it is. OP would be better off just going fighter from now on. Considering he's specializing in great weapon fighting, he probably has atleast his STR and CON up high, so going into a caster class seems like a waste aswell.

The kind of idiot that doesn't pour over books and numbers like an autist, who just wings it and ends up having fun anyway.
Don't be a cunt.

That isn't pouring over books and numbers
that is just doing more than looking at the class' name like you did, retard

It literally tells him in the paladin page to have high cha hahahaha what an autismo

Top lel so OP is a moron that can't even read a single paragraph.

No, you need to meet the stat requirements to MC into, or out of a class.

i just came in this thread to call you a retard. why did you even come on Veeky Forums if your some mook who cant even be bothered to read a fucking book.

I'm out enjoy your (you)

So he's cheating by even trying to be a paladin, by god, what a cock

IM not op you chud learn to reading comprehension