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So we've talked storage before, but I can't remember if there's ever been a discussion on organization. Once you've got those boring samey kallax shelves how do you have your games on them? Order of purchase, alphabetical, genre; do you just stuff them in together like Tetris fitting in as much as you can wherever? What about all the other things that go hand in hand with gaming (dice, stuff to write on, paint/glue, playmats, spare bits) do you have those stuffed away in a drawer somewhere, or with your games? Do you have a display case for the really cool stuff or does it all just stay boxed up 24/7?

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I tetris it up. Try to fit as many games in as little space as I can.

Though I'm realizing I goofed. I'm waiting for several hueg kickstarters and have litterally no space left whatsoever.


No organization. Chaos

Ill top that, I have no shelving system at all. Some of my games are in a cupboard, some on a bookshelf and 3 are currently on the floor. None of this is organised.

Is organization really required?

>Is organization really required?
>asked on Taiwanese underwater basket weaving autism support group website

Not really, I'm "tetris it up" guy and my games are all over the fucking place. I still remember where each is, despite having over 200 games.

I just need to save space because my collection is so ginormous.

Well, I started to get into this board game stuff hobby and I was really wondering if you guys are the kind that arrange them after size, nr of letters ,etc.

Good to know I won't be the only one.

Autism exists, but after 100+ games, even autism can't exactly keep up I bet.

I would argue against this, but at a certain point the games you own don't fit perfectly in storage if you keep them organized alphabetically. Somewhere around 30 I had to break things up a bit to fit better. Thankfully the old console collections are still organized perfectly.

I tried to do that initially by sorting it by 2P competitive/multiplayer competitive/co-op, but then I stopped caring and decided to maximize using the space in my shelf instead

I stack similar sized boxes on top of each other. Prevents cover from dishing.

Should I get 'Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space' or 'Secret Hitler'? Or something else like that?

you lied to me, /bgg/. you said if i went to a board game group they'd be welcoming and friendly.

fuck you.

Damn what happened?

Did you show up with a copy of Tentacle Bento or spend all evening talking about your pillow-waifu?

Storytime, nao.

Storage mode: Tetris due to lack of space

Dunno user, should you? Will you and your group enjoy those kinds of games?

Got a play of Star Wars: Rebellion yesterday. Seems pretty good, although I had a few issues with it. Wouldn't play it with 4 players again though.

secret hitler is fun for people who don't like most other types of games. there are no mechanics to speak of, its pure deduction. if thats what you or your group are into you'll love it. if you want something with more structure look elsewhere

Resistance is pure deduction. Secret hitler leans more on the social side of things, which makes it easier for people who cannot logic good, like me.

>Rebellion with 4
Oh God user, I'm so sorry. Don't listen to FFG they lie on some of their boxes, that's solely a 2p game.

Got ticket to ride europe a while back and my family liked it. We have played it as 4 and 5 players.

My brother is interested in getting another version to play. What other versions are good. It being more likely/easier to fuck with each other's plans would be nice.

If you want to screw with each other the Africa map is supposed to be pretty cutthroat. Nordic is also a tight map, but it only plays 2-3.

Yeah it was basically two people have to reach a consensus on what to do every turn. Oh and one person is supposed to control the ground combat while the other does space. Completely artificial and serves no purpose, actually hurt us at one point too with the way leaders are divided.

The empire had captured one of our heroes and I had a hero who could free them easily but since I was the last player to go in the turn order (rebel, empire, empire, rebel) the empire player used some bullshit card to turn him to their side, effectively giving them a 2 action advantage per turn for the rest of the game.

Still like the game overall but that put a sour taste in my mouth since it soon became apparent we were going to lose just from the total disparity between what each side could accomplish due to losing/gaining an extra action a turn.

i meant secret hitler is pure social deduction. its still just pure deduction

There's PnP for both floating around I think. EftAiOS is a hidden movement game where half the players are humans, and the other half are aliens, and nobody knows who everybody else is. It's pretty fun and can get somewhat nerve-wracking for the humans with he proper atmosphere. Don't know anything about Secret Hitler.

Yeah there's a few out there that are "team" games but I'd never play them anything but 1v1; splitting games like that into 2v2 or 3v3 is like using a chainsaw to carve a turkey.

If it's a Meetup group rate them 1 Star, message the organizer about your complaint, and leave the group. The organizer should correct the behavior and if he doesn't then fuck em leave a shitty review while you're at it

The rulebooks would have you believe the tannhauser core set can be 5v5. What a load of crap.

Come on pal, what happened?

At this point I'm inclined to believe it didn't actually happen.

I nearly bought 2nd ed descent last time I visited the nearby store. I've been looking at it for a while and am fascinated by the amount of expansion material. Also playing an evil DM sounds fun.

What are some good "must own" games everyone should have? To humor me, just pretend that no matter what game is suggested, a gaming group who would play it could be found. I just want to hear from others what games they think are the best


Can someone find a download link for the PnP of ultimate edition?

Second core set of AHLCG or should I just go straight into dunwhich legacy

>Dark Souls unboxing

The models look neat. What does /bgg/ think?

The game itself is reportedly far too long for its depth, apparently taking three hours to get to a boss and another three to beat it.

>The models look neat. What does /bgg/ think?
BGG thinks that the action figure general is over >>>>>>>>>> that way.

Anyone played Runeage, Chaos in the old world and Victory or Death: The Peloponnesian War? Can you tell pros and cons?

The PnP is the file they give out for buying the PnP version I think, so I doubt it.

Dunwich and the following mythos packs should give you plenty of variability for your deckbuilding needs, just proxy any extra core set cards you want. Be aware that you need all the Dunwich cycle packs in order to complete the campaign.

I want to buy Carcassonne. My shop sells only the Big box with 1st , 2nd and 9th expansion in it. It's a bit above 35 Euros, should I get it?

I would advocate a second core due to the fact that many core cards are still quite good and worth running 2 of in a deck. But if money is tight you can still throw together a few decent decks with just one core and Dunwich Legacy box + mythos packs.

Catan, Risk, Dixit

Why would you suggest Catan or Risk? Both are very dated and other games do what they do, only better. Both Risk & Catan suffer from the 'make plans - then hope the dice don't screw you' issue. Risk at least gives you some mitigation by throwing in more armies against an opponent, but it isn't much.

Carcassonne, Stone Age, Castles of Burgundy, Roll for the Galaxy, and 7 Wonders are all better choices than 'Catan' because they have more player agency and thus more reply value.

When it comes to Risk - there are a ton of 'Dudes on a map' games which hold more depth and replay value. Kemet, Neuroshima Hex, Small World, etc

Carcassonne Big Box 5 seems to have one of the best combos out for Carc at the moment. Pic related - it comes with 'Inns & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders, Hills & Sheep, plus 'The River'. About the only waste of space is 'Wheel of Fortune' which is random and pretty 'Meh'. Otherwise, the core game, and the first two expansions are well recommended. You might look at the BGG 'Geek Bazaar' or elsewhere online and see if you can snag a copy at a reasonable price.

Hope that helps.

Hey guys anyone knows a store with good prices that ships internationally? Does amazon have the best prices?

The kallax styled shelves are samey yes, but I have yet to find any widely available shelving that does a better job than them for board games. (mine are Better Homes and Garden knockoffs though, literally same dimensions but cheaper and shipping isn't an arm and a leg)

I try to put games of similar genre together, such as storing all my deckbuilders near each other.

I have one fabric box insert that stores all my RPG stuff, and one that stores all my small games, deck sized boxes and such.

He's shitposting.

I'm in the USA, so the only ones I know much about are here.

Miniature Market has good prices and ships internationally. I have no idea if the price of shipping outweighs the discount on the games.

Coolstuffinc also has good prices and ships to some other countries. Again no idea about international shipping.

That's the impression I'm getting from reviews. It makes me worry. But maybe a slight modification can fix all that, like doubling all XP gained? I hope so.

Thanks man, ill take a look at those. Living in Brazil and liking boardgames is hell.

From Angry Joes first impression, something as simple as splitting the loot deck into tiers could help immensely, getting something that can buff you and use it straight away to cut down on the grind a bit.

Which is what I might do when I play mine. Might even bend the rules the first few times I play (2-3 bonfires) and allow myself to search the deck for something that fits my character the first couple of times in the solo session, then wing it from there.
Or just give myself some pre-set starting loot thats slightly better than the default equipment.
That fits well in the Dark Souls lore where you can pick a starting gift for yourself.

Game seems quite flexible for variant rules though in general, which is good keeping in mind the invaders and darkroot expansions and boss expansions.

Cant wait for Kalameet. I wonder how they will handle its unique debuff.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look it up.

That's about what I expected, but I think this will be the first game I'm willing to put a little work into to houserule in some better stuff because I love the source material.

I also really love Bloodborne, and the Bloodborne card game was good, but kinda disappointing about how nonthematic it felt.

You might look in the OP at the link to the pastebin. I know no one reads it, but there's a section listing online game sellers in various parts of the world (among other things) in there.


I've made countless OPs for the general and I think the only time I read it was when the user who wrote the thing posted it the first time. Maybe it's time to go through and update it

Only played CitOW. I'm almost strictly a euro player, but I still enjoy it for what it is - a conflict heavy game with lots of fucking others over and not too much brain burning.
It is however very random and luck can and will fuck you over in every aspect. Events can change the situation dramatically and the battles are full blown RNG - while numbers can make some outcomes more likely, the limited units at your disposal will often leave dial victories hanging upon a dice roll. Spells can mitigate it somewhat, but guess what, they're drawn randomly too.

Is carcassonne recommended even if I'm well into board games by now? I always thought it was more a gateway

Isn't Dominion a must have , too?

I like how 7 Wonders looks like. I might buy it.

>more a gateway
It is; still useful to have a few in the collection for converting friends/family; and Carc (without farmers) is stupid easy to teach/learn. It's also rather portable if you ditch the scoreboard and just use a piece of paper and keep the tiles/meeples in a bag.

Any South Americans around? How do you get your games? Bookdepository is by far the best option, but the catalog is quite limited.
Boardgaming in the third world is an expensive hobby.

Im from brazil, im only getting the ones being localized by some companies here, Galápagos games, jambo editora. Didnt try to import one yet. I got Zombicide and Eldritch Horror from them.

I'm that user, and I'd be glad to do so - I just haven't had anyone suggest good sources for certain regions. I can certainly check BGG and see if they have any leads, but I'd love it if anyone here would like to volunteer links / suggestions as well.

If you're looking for a 'Deck Building' game, then Dominion is a solid choice.

(Personally, for whatever reason, Dominion just never grabbed me, but it is still arguably one of the most well designed deck builders currently available. I prefer Arctic Scavengers and Core Worlds, and I even like Thunderstone over Dominion in spite of Dominion's superior mechanics / rules. I'm "dain-bramaged", what can I say? )

Yeah I've never looked into it before, the last time I went looking for game stores in foreign countries I got hit by language barriers and hard to navigate sites using google translate. Ended up buying off a euro amazon and having stuff shipped to distribution points.

>thousands of hours in dark souls
>fucking love dark souls
>really want the board game
>it's expensive
>most of the reviews say it's bad

What does Veeky Forums think? I want to believe

I wouldn't say reviews have labeled it as 'bad'. Most of what I've seen place it at a 6 or so. Good, above average, but has flaws. Kind of mediocre.

I think that the public is going to fix it much like they did with the PC Dark Souls games.

The board game is pretty garbage. Dark Souls vidya can stand out when the competition is largely unmitigated dross but in the board game scene where crap is not the rule, the adaptation fails.

The flaws sound pretty damn bad. I'm curious if fan rules can fix it because it sounds like it's a polish problem, but as it stands now it seems like they made boss fights fun but made it a complete slog to get there. Dungeon crawling is boring, lacks much in the way of tactics, and takes up 2/3rds of the playtime.

Games a 6-7/10 from what I have read. It got the most important parts right: The boss battles and its behaviour decks, the build quality of the board and pieces and character sheets, the presentation, how stamina works. The movement system seems to work most of the time too.

The parts that most people criticise the game for are the long turns for each player (so other players have long idle times in 3 or 4 player games) and the grinding to get over the difficulty walls and to equip the random gear you get.

Both of those main issues can be pretty easily fixed and tweaked with simple house rules. Speeding up turns, limiting enemy turns (whilst increasing their health pools) shrinking down the massive loot pile (which I personally assume is so grand for the sake of having plenty of variety in the long-term), giving more level appropriate loot out, and doubling XP gains are some ideas put forward that could work.

It all depends on the future expansions and what they add. In particular invaders.

I think it was more like 2 hours to get there and 1 hour to beat it, but still 3 hours is way too much time to devote to a game where you do nothing meaningful in the first 2 hours and rely too strongly on dice rolls and gear grind for the last 1.

I'm gonna see if I can sell my copy, maybe for like $70 or something and then make up the rest of my losses selling the stretch goals when they arrive, assuming anyone still wants to find those after playing the game.

Carc is fun wether you are new or old to the hobby. It's not like pandemic where it has a clear level of when you should move away from it

>it has a clear level of when you shouldn't move away from it

Genuinely curious as to what that level is, can you elaborate?

When you get tired of stroking your friends dicks and instead want to see them choke on them.

>Genuinely curious as to what that level is, can you elaborate?

With repeated plays, it becomes possible for players to recognize the most optimal choices in a given situation. It doesn't always mean an auto-win, but it can reduce the game intensity.

Welcome new-friend. You've obviously gotten lost. /b/ and/or /pol/ are that way ------>.

>possible for players to recognize the most optimal choices
This is one reason I prefer Flash Point; you can still figure what's best but the dice rolls and hot spots make it harder.

I like both. Pandemic feels more solvable and thus more tactical as far as memory playing a part and such, while Flashpoint feels more chaotic but more tactile. You tend to have more options as to what you combat, where you want to stand, how far you want to go breaking walls to make holes without the building collapsing.

What are the optimal plays for pandemic? I've only played it a few times but I can't figure anything out

Look for the pattern of how your out-breaks occur. You will notice that because cards get re-shuffled into the deck that predicting where full blown out breaks becomes easier (even if it isn't always easy to prevent / deal with them). After that, one starts to see patterns of where / when to move certain professions and how to maximize travel to allow card trades to complete sets and 'cure' a given disease. (Hopefully someone here can follow up with a more articulate answer.)

Balance moving around with treating infections mostly, you're on a slim timer. Hand management and counting cards is important too.

Also half the roles are incredibly overpowered which has always bothered me. The dispatcher is probably the worst for this and turns the game into "well I can just move anyone anywhere pretty much"

It's bad.

And when I say it isn't bad, I am not saying it is bad like how some people think Star Wars: Rebellion is bad and is only saved by the theme (only about 40% true); I mean it is actually really dumb and boring.

>got Eldritch Horror
>didn't really like it at first; seemed too random
>slowly learning how to play
>holy fuck this design is good

Stop me from spending $200 on expansions /bgg/

Cant stop you, welcome to every arkham files game made by FFG. It all starts out with "This is bullshit!" But then you get sucked in

For me it's been AHLCG, I've been pretty dismissive of it because I thought the core set was kinda eh but by god does dunwich make the game so much better.

Haven't played EH before but if it's anything like the original arkham horror the expansions will be worth it and fun

>It all starts out with "This is bullshit!" But then you get sucked in
Definitely worked that way for me and Elder Sign; though I've found it a lot easier to just pay the $2.99 for DLC bosses on the app, than $20-30 for a physical expansion.

I'm glad the Dark SOuls board game is probably going to drop to 45% off at every venue because I only wanted this guy but didn't want to pay $50.

anyone got a good way of keeping a game of Twilight Imperium flowing?

me and 5 friends tried the Age of Empire variant with a round counter, but it still took us 12 hours to play, and even then we finished early because one of them pulled an incredible move and got an objective no one saw coming, so we just deemed him winner because he pulled so far ahead

I don't like playing with the regular Imperial strategy because someone will always take it and 2 victory points is pretty unfair, but if people don't pick it then the next objective isn't revealed and the game gets no closer to ending

any ideas? we love the game but we literally only get to play it once a year because of this

Kill two of your friends so you can play with four. Down size your galaxy to two rings. Nothing else you can do will be nearly as elegant a solution.

Are there any interesting card games with a standard set of 52 cards? Or at the least your favorite card games that have fun interaction and strategy? I'm not super familiar with a whole lot, only really played gin rummy.

Diamonds is pretty solid, uses a 60 card deck, but you could play it with 52 without serious issues. Living in Michigan you don't keep a 52 card deck around as much as keep a 28 card deck in the glove box for if you're stuck at the bar when the power's out.

28 card deck?

24 for play, the 5s are needed for scorekeeping.

>Kill two of your friends so you can play with four. Down size your galaxy to two rings. Nothing else you can do will be nearly as elegant a solution.


The 'elegant solution' to find *one more* TI3 player. Then user may play a perfect 4 player game of TI3 on Caturday, and a second perfect 4 player game of TI3 on Funday with a 2nd entirely different group of players.

Some people's kids... I tell you what. ;)

I like it.

Obviously unnecessary activities like speaking with family members who are not part of the game, yard work, etc will have to be suspended on TI3 weekends. But maybe user could skip TI3 one weekend every couple of months or so...

Why in the monkey fucking fucksnacks wasn't Bloodborne done as a miniatures game?

Perhaps the designers didn't want to get in bed with CMoN or FFG / Asmodee North America?

But user, it was made by CMoN