New Galaxy map for 40k 8th

"This is the same galaxy, but it’s showing some wear and tear. A catastrophic warp storm looks to have rent the Imperium nearly in half. Even before the Fall of Cadia, the immaterium had been growing ever more turbulent. Travel and communication suffered increasing disturbances as the events of the Gathering Storm unfolded. It seems that eventually reality could take no more, and a titanic warp-rift tore across the galaxy from the Eye of Terror to the Hadex Anomaly on the Eastern Fringe. There will be more on this new interstellar feature in the coming days.

While Terra still stands at the heart of Segmentum Solar, and much of the galaxy will be familiar, there are also a few other new arrivals on the map. At a quick glance, you can see the Planet of the Sorcerers, an expanding Necron empire in the galactic east and new warp storms in every segmentum."

Fucking A.

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>Chaos rips the galaxy a new buttcrack
>No Nids anywhere to be seen

>B-b-but Tyranids are the strongest!


Seems cool

>Bane's Landing
More like Bane's Crashing (with no survivors)

If I pull that throne off, will you die?

Im more concerned about the giant necron dynasty thats conquered half of Ultramar.

Isn't that like gloating about chaos not being shown on an ork galaxy map?

> Tau visible on the galactic scale
Fuck this

This isn't the Chaos galaxy map though.
It shows Imperial, Chaos, Ork, Necron and even Tau

It mentions some of them, but the only "filter" applied is that of chaos. If you get what I mean.

But that's not true at all.

>Calixis Sector is in
>No Screaming Vortex in sight

Not even that same user, but he is right, its mostly showing off chaos

It's ok user.

They appear to be completely surrounded by Necrons and that giant Warp Storm.

I for one look forward to that hopeful little zit being squeezed from existence.

I like it, especially since Hadex poses a threat to the expanding Tau.

I hope that the new warp storms get some lore behind them, I hate seeing cool names on the galaxy map and find no lore about them when doing searching.

>While Terra still stands at the heart of Segmentum Solar, and much of the galaxy will be familiar, there are also a few other new arrivals on the map.
But some of the planets moved for some reason. Like Terra, which has been offset from the heart. Did the warp move stars around?

>but he is right

But he is not.
It shows off Imperials, Necrons and Orks prominently.

>being this mad
Holly cow batman, your girlfriend must be worried about you.

Seeing things destroyed is somehow against the spirit of 40k?

You might want to find a new hobby there kiddo.

Please don't teleport behind me, I'm very sorry.

But neckbeard-sama, I couldn't possibly teleport far enough to get behind you.

Non-Tau fuckers BTFO again

I'm so fat I've found pieces of corn in my shit bigger than you, manlet.

> Still no Necron galactic presence the the far East of the Galaxy

Why life?

Im fine with tau coming into prominence
What i want is for the tau to pick what they want to be
Are they supposed to be a coalition of oppressed ailens or those guys with big fuck huge mechs?

They are.

They just hiding the same way mountains hide. By being the background. All this gray-white is Tyranid coming for dinner.

So it's pretty obvious what happened here, right?

They started writing 40k end times, then got the memo that killing an IP is a bad plan but shit, we already made all these art assets and fluff pieces better just fucking advance to 3 seconds from the destruction of the galaxy then bullshit reasons it doesn't actually die.

For you i will

Did you not see the Necron kingdoms in the east?

Holy Shit, did someone told Big E about the Age of Apostasy again, or why there are so many Warpstorms?

Seems like they're literally doing an Eastern and Western Roman Empire deal.

Crumbling west Terra will fall, but Guilliman's more vibrant east will hold it together.

For a while, anyway.

The Stormlord not Necron enough for you?

if gorillamans back, nothing to worry about lad

>why there are so many Warpstorms?

The veil between reality in the warp has deteriorated further as Chaos grows in power.

Regarding Tau Empire, doesn't say anything about their alien allies (kroot, vespid) and they don't have their own bit on the website?

Are kroot dead bros?

They've cut the fucking Galaxy in half with a hundred thousand lightyear warp portal with others springing up everywhere else.

Humanity was already only barely holding on to the status quo, the only way this -can't- end in the death of the Galaxy in short order is with asspulls beyond anything we've ever seen.

This is blatant end times fluff, and the reassurances that it's not end times can only mean they've written themselves into a corner and are changing direction after all the setup for it.

Isn't it like should be getting weaker any time it scores a big win because it's food base got smaller due to people dying a lot in the process?

So Chaos gets to do the "win - calm - grow" cycle.

Slaanesh got a spectacular win after which it latched on humanity and considerably calmed down.

Sorry meant the west. There are two dynasties the the west that I hoped they would be awakened in the next edition

If we are speaking of asspulls - I want Iron Men coming from the other galaxy to defend Humanity.

>Isn't it like should be getting weaker any time it scores a big win because it's food base got smaller due to people dying a lot in the process?

No. Chaos is like fish people.
The galaxy is now sliding into the sea were they are all powerful.

But Ultramar is in the same side with Terra. The north part are all literally whos except for Baal and maybe Cypra Mundi (No, Valhalla is not vital)

Where is Gellar when you need him...

I noticed this too and it made me fucking depressed. Just talked about the "battle suits" they use. Fucking annoying...

I own 15 crisis suits though.

Hm.. Can it bee that they changed the probortions of the sectors a bit? Segmentum Tempestus looks a bit smaller... Also, have the Maelstrom and the Storm of the Emperors Wrath fusioned?

>"enlightenment" in quotes
oh boy

it's about time

Reminds me of WoW when they did with Cataclysm.

Literal giant scar in the world and everything is all fucked up now.


The only edition with them as the good boys was 3rd. They've been the grey eastern commie peril for 11 years

The audio dramas have guilliman planning on using the blackstone fortress

8th ed galaxy status:

>Hm.. Can it bee that they changed the probortions of the sectors a bit?

Proportions, Probortions ABORTIONS, I mean you can say it all about this map.


Calixis sector? Cool.

I thought the galactic core was all Necron territory. Bet they're not happy that so many of their Tomb Worlds got cast into the Warp wholesale.

>chaos necrons when?

The Necrons are mostly in the North and East.

did anyone notice the small bit of MACRAGG FUCKING MOVING?

The Crimson Path is live.
13th Black Crusade taking territory.
Imperium Split in literal half!
You can't pen us in any more loyalist scum.
We're coming for Terra and were bring the Warp with us.

The Sautekh Necrons are kinda busy handling the Warpstorms and daemons. They don't have time for the Tau.

As for the Tau? Due to the increased Warp activity in their borders, the Tau decided to launch aggressive expedition/expansion forces into Imperial space in order to secure their borders.


So, which user made the map?

>Tau being sandwiched by Necrons and the new giant warp rift

I love that.

>no glorious Thokt dynasty

oh and Aun'Va is still dead

Don't worry guys, we got the Grey Knight secret box AND Draigo.

>muh sentient necrons
>muh biotransference reversal
>muh Szarekh
>muh nids

I wonder though, if the Tau encounter that race goes "We agree with your Greater Good philosophy and will happily trade technology and resources between our two races, but we would like to remain autonomous."

How do the Tau respond? I doubt they'd go "join or die" in that regard, they seem to put reason at the forefront, the army's there to quell turbocunts.

>ITT: we bet about the consequences

>Tau use STL and experimental warp skimmers to surf along the warp scar all over the galaxy

>Nids are most likely to get squatted if anyone gets squatted
>Tau are safe

I thought were agreed to not speak about Draigo.

>How do the Tau respond?

They let them join. The Tau grant the races under them a degree of autonomy and allow them to keep their culture as long as it doesn't go against the Greater Good.

Yeah but they specifically do not want to join the Empire. They will be trading partners, even allow them to settle the planet they inhabit perhaps but they have their territories and the Tau must respect their laws when within them and answer to their authorities.

The Tau flood them with Tau products and culture until they stop wanting to remain autonomous and happily welcome their new overlords.

>How do the Tau respond?
Attempt to force the alien empire to join by monopolising all its sorrounding relevant trading/travelling/mining points
or deal with it and start the invasion through friendly immigration

The diplomats get to work on a cultural victory, then they join willingly.

He can come out of the rift anytime now, the warp rift across the galaxy is just like high-speed grav train for him. ALL ABOARD THE DRAIGO TRAIN!

What's the Uhulis sector? I've never seen that on the galactic maps before.pretty fucking big for one sector.

Should I paint a crescent moon on my Tau then? Kidding.

Isn't that how the Kroot work though? They're not really part of the Empire as they are mercenaries and are specifically HIRED by the Tau Empire (even if it's an exclusive contract, it's still a contract). Maybe their culture prides autonomy and self-reliance above all.

>Magnus jobs

the kroot are a work in progress

Then the Tau agree and begin the process of conversion. Diplomats talking to the political elite, others simply speaking to the common man and instilling a growing cult dedicated to the Great Good to pushes on their leaders to join the Tau, while Tau goods and tech starts being pushed on them like the Brits giving Chinks opium.

It might not be immediate, but the Tau would eventually envelop them. And all for the low, low price of fielding some auxiliaries to support the Empire.

The Tau would agree to this but will subvert the culture of these aliens until they are assimilated into the empire.

Tau merchant prince supplement to Rogue Trader when?

Don't worry guys, Schindelgheist is still there, the Guardsmen are just on patrol somewhere else.

Don't remind me of the train please. I spent a lot of time trying to forget it.

Coalition of oppressed aliens with big huge fuck mechs

So Jericho Reach, the setting for the deatwatch rpg is just gone now or what?

I need a drawfag

>Rogue Trader
It's dead, Jim.

Jayzis, so either way they will always present a scenario where the Empire ultimately benefits.

how sneaky and subversive. I kinda like it, though I admit (and I know I might get lynched for this) I enjoy the idea of them being idealistic goodguy fools.

Warprifts are fucking weird. You know what, take all pskyers you can find and:

You know you might have something there

The Tau fixes it's FTL problem by riding warp scars

Tau become the race to use hyperlink drives, pre-existing routes of weakened realspace caused by the warp scars. They go full space trains.

This would actually allow them to expand and give them a flexibility to make their continued survival reasonable.

The Imperium uses your standard warp drives, and the fucking Necrons use worm hole generation

>Muslim Tau

I fucking love it.

So does this mean that Chapter Master takes place during 8th edition?

>The Tau fixes it's FTL problem by riding warp scars

Might be. The warp is fickle and prone to change.

B-but I want to play as Por'O Hob' Er' Mal

I initially said it as a ribbing but when I think about it, it does sound a bit like ye Olde Islamic times back when that region was the centre of knowledge. You got diplomats, scholars, strong armies with advanced technology in comparison to others. Better living conditions and rights for the common man as compared to oppressed peasantry elsewhere under the boot heel of their noble lords. Valueable trading of resources like coffee and silks, and shit's so great everybody wants to join.

>Cicatrix maleficum
As a romance speaker, that sounds funny;
where is that from?

Forgot to add: And they are viewed as filthy barbarians that should be crushed purely because of their opposing beliefs. Crusaders vs Muslims, Imperium vs Tau. Lots of parallels, I think.

>Iron men from the other galaxy