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>army builder

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don't get hoodwinked into letting KO players pick and choose what sky-port affiliation they want during the set up phase.

Their rules require them to paint that ports colors if they want that ports bonuses

the ports behind paint gates

paint gate rules in pic related

if they don't paint it they can pick other abilities from a "default" list. The good ones are locked for a reason.

>Back when Brokk was a beardling, his father, Grung, had failed to make Musterpress during his time at the Arkanaut Academy and instead found work in the docks. As a result, Grung was always telling his son stories of a life of aeronautical adventure, the one he himself had yearned for. Fed upon all the tales of famous Captains, Brokk vowed to make his mark, aiming for nothing less than to rise to the rank of Grand Admiral of the Council.

Tophat Man is an inspiration to us all
does everyone really play chaos?
chaos sucks

Actual GW employee here.

I never play Age of Sigmar, but I believe that Skeletonposters are worse than Brapposters.

Trying to decide if Grundstock Thunderers are worth it over just regular Arknaut crew? I'm thinking 20 crew with 6 skyhooks is just a better choice?

Order player here - Empire (Free Peoples) and now KO.

>creating toxic community experiences

Well, you are the expert. That's what 4 threads down?

And here we go again, seriously can we just start mass reporting him now? There's no way this doesn't count as trolling, this fucker needs to be banned.

nth for are my dreams of making renegade overlords dead or not? I wanted to do them proper skull and crossbones corsairs rather than privateers/merchant navy style, jolly rogers and all

Other actual GW employee - I wish I got to play more often than I do.

Pretty easy to make them - you'd probably skip on a few units that are more 'traditional' but there is nothing that prevents you from going full on pirates.

Just go with Barak-Mhornar, everyone thinks they are pirates anyway

Our time has come. Never

I'll let any KO player I play against use whatever Skyport they want, even if it's blatant list tailoring.

Literally the first post. Fuck off you Autistic faggot, my opponent can paint their models however they damn well please, if they have an army list it literally makes no difference.

Since we have some GW store managers lurking here can we get those of you who would deliberately side with WAACfag cheaters and create the resulting toxic experience for your patrons to out yourselves with your names and store locations?

Already did so last thread. You can find my information there.

In the alternate I know its AOSG but if anyone has any other questions for a GW manager I'm game.

if you could reply to this post with your full name and store location (for a good screen cap) I would be grateful.

>Please bro - my name is Robbie, I run Cool Springs in Nashville TN. Call Customer Service tomorrow and let them know what ruling I made. My shop will be closed tomorrow but I'll make sure to check with Desi and Josh on which steps they'll want me to take. Come on dude. You probably want to try for Madison in CServ, he might not actually laugh at you on the phone whereas David will for sure.

>You can also report Ryan (the Raleigh guy) while you're at it.

Robbie, Cool Springs, Nashville TN. No last name sorry - but - Hi Josh! Hi - Desi! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at the next retail summit!

>And here we go again, seriously can we just start mass reporting him now? There's no way this doesn't count as trolling, this fucker needs to be banned.

I posed it last time. I didn't post it in this thread, that was someone else who also must agree with me.

British GW here.

If he legit wants to just play X skyport with a different coat of paint, sure.

If I am running a Campaign or the Narrative Campaign is running, they either need to formalize the Skyport rules or they don't get to use them.

In the store's current narrative Campaign? No.

That's no different than what anyone else has said in the previous thread. Fine for pick up games, need to establish your list before any events.

you know where this is going next

And I am not the least bit concerned. Probably the only thing I've actually done wrong is antagonize you but in regards to my decision as far as rules are concerned, I'm 100% in the clear.

Well yeah, I think that was everyone's stance. I think the issue people dropped is some people like the US Store Nazi's saying they'll let KO have free reign for no reason and people claiming you'd be a WAAC to not let them ignore the rule.

At the end of the day, I trust TO, at least in the UK, to do their jobs and normalize the play over letting people have super adaptive rules.

I mean it's just me, but I usually dislike non-painted armies period.

Nowhere, because cserv legitimately doesn't give a fuck how they rule.

Behold, The Rotpope!

Lol this is the best thing I've ever seen. Not a GW employee here but the fact that you think you've gotten some dirt on some retail goon is hillarious. GW pays that guy a barely livable wage to keep his store from catching on fire and to run a till, they don't fucking care what he does.


Well, with your very same argument, you've clearly shown your store is run by a dick willing to turn away people just for your own opinion.

I can't speak for US stores, but UK stores dislike it when you're turning away customers because you're a tiny dicked bitch who wants advantages for X army.

Our old store manager - one of the store managers in southern CA - had been using GW "outfit the store" cash to purchase food and personal items for over a year. He only got shitcanned because he failed to meet sales requirements.

Without rehashing the whole argument, you're wrong. The GW guy literally didn't start poking the bear until some guy called on him to repudiate the idea that GW stores and TOs would force people to paint their army for special rules.

The entire argument has boiled down to - port swapping in a regular game is OK. It is list tailoring and you can prevent it the same way you'd prevent any other list tailoring (i.e. fixed lists before the game and before you know your opponent's army).

>Well, with your very same argument, you've clearly shown your store is run by a dick willing to turn away people just for your own opinion.
Yep, it totally is. And as long as he meets sales expectations, there's not a thing you can do to change that.

Lol - I'll make sure I keep all my screen caps so I can get the GW police to investigate you for being mean to me too.

Yeah they're better, longer range better guns, better ability. You have to practically wipe out the unit before you start getting at the skyhooks. Anything comes close and you essentially get free pistol damage. Plus you turn the battleline tax into elite units, and its more points efficient to buy just companies and Khemist.

Lol, What are US management going to do to a UK store?

Tell me to stop being a good store?

I'd rather lose a pick up game than force my enemy to follow some retarded paint gate rule.

UK management is no different than US management. Keep the doors open, the till in the green, and you're golden. Its a retail business - the only rules are make money, don't set anything ablaze.

Thanks for the confirmation - I thought I'd hit the nail on the head with that but I'm fairly new to AoS still.

>Lol, What are US management going to do to a UK store?
The same thing your complaints will do to a US store

Oh you're a store manager now are you? You wear many hats in these threads - hard to keep up. At this point poking you isn't fun anymore because you're not even maintaining a consistent guise. Back to the closet with you.

Realistically we know that if anything does come about from this, our boy Robbie's gonna play it off like "Hey, CServ? Yeah, weirdest fucking thing today, some kid's pretending to be me on an akkadian stickweaving board"

Also - how do you feel about Urbaz and then going for multiple units of 10 with 3 skyhooks since you can buff two with 1 Khemist at that point?

Which only goes to show the futility of going internet customer service tough guy.

Asked in the last thread but got in a heated argument with my fleshlight so I see any replies: if my two friends pick up the starter box and I snag start collecting nurgle box can we go ahead and play just like that?

Yes, hence open play.

For sure - you should have fairly evenly matches games as well. I'd go ahead and probably snag (or atleast download) the General's Handbook at some point so you can start framing up points but you should be fine to start learning the rules with that set up.

You can do if you wanted to, I don't know how many points they are worth so you may just want to check that in case one's much stronger than the other

Found this Robbie guy's ID photo off his GW badge btw guys

Do you mean the khorne vs stormcast starterbox? Pointswise that comes out to

Khorne: 680
Stormcast: 820
Nurgle: 500

Shit. Would I want to grab some more dudes with my Daemons? My retarded friend will be the one getting the Stormcast so a little handicap for him wont hurt

>that collective awkward face when your aether khemist gets your flag's colours wrong

888 images reached on the aos booru! khorne is the chaos tag with the most pictures while chaos itself is still above the other grand alliances

praise the m8y m8 of 8

Nurgle daemon tend to be tanky but not super killy. Putrid blightkings would bring you up to the Khorne player's points level and provide some more hard-hitting ability, but they're mortals rather than daemons.

That being said, the Sylvaneth black library book has rotbringers acting like corrupted bretonnians on a quest to civilize the savages that live in the realm of life, so they're awesome too.

lmfao he played those "managers" like a fiddle. no one in their right mind would reply to that post with the way it was worded. Totally damning. In this age of GW and companies being sensitive as hell to internet negativity I wouldn't be surprised if these guys do get fired.

fucking retards shouldn't have replied

Shit, meant Anyways yes the problem with vanilla nurgle demons is that you're not going to kill a lot as-is, though you will tie it up for a good long while.

> In this age of GW and companies being sensitive as hell to internet negativity I wouldn't be surprised if these guys do get fired.
I would. GW has let employees get away with out and out theft as long as they meet sales expectations. Shittalking on Veeky Forums in a plausibly-deniable way isn't even on the radar.

Cool, so one SC! Nurgle Daemons and One pack of Blightkings? How does allying them work? I mean they are both Nurgle dudes soooo

that's very interesting. Would you mind replying to this post with the names and locations of people who have stolen from the GW stores them manage and the locations of those stores?

Anything with the NURGLE/CHAOS keyword are in the same army/alliegence
My current Nurgle list is
Herald - 100
Lord of Plagues - 100

10x Plaguebearers - 100
10x Plaguebearers - 100
10x Plaguebearers - 100

GUO - 240
Soul Grinder (Blade) - 280

5x Blightkings - 180
5x Blightkings - 180
3x Plague Drones - 220
5x Chaos Knights (Glaive) - 200
5x Chaos Knights (Glaive) - 200
--2000 points

Just waiting for the Nurgle BT now
Until that or a VC one i'm sticking with Death

>How does allying them work? I mean they are both Nurgle dudes soooo
In open play you can take whatever you want, so allying them is as easy as putting them on the table.

In matched play, Nurgle Daemons and Nurgle Rotbringers are both part of the Chaos Grand Alliance, so you can take them in the same list, as well as benefit from some rules you don't have to worry about until you get the General's handbook.

>Just waiting for the Nurgle BT now
Until that or a VC one i'm sticking with Death
As someone new to this ya fucking lost me here

As in i've shelved that list and am mainly playing with a completely different faction now because Nurgle hasn't got anything super unique about it atm

VC = Vampires
BT = Battletome

My former manager, Jon Merriex, used GW requisition funds to

Buy likes for the GW facebook
Buy multiple tubs of chocolate from the local ralphs
Buy lunch from nearby restraunts

As well as closed the store early to let his pathfinder group use the painting tables to play.

That being said, he already got shitcanned like two years ago for not meeting sales, so that's a moot point.

So are battletomes something that comes out often? I like anything to do with Nurgle so I don't think ill get bored. I dont play 40k but I have some plaguemarines and a Prince i just had fun putting together.

Nurgle Skaven (Clan Pestilens) got a battletome that is largely considered to be underpowered, and there don't seem to be any immediate plans to make a Nurgle Mortals+Demons battletome.

That being said, you're definitely still playable in a friendly setting, just don't expect to win any tournaments.

What about you? Robbie in Nashville TN correct? Besides creating a toxic environment in your store do you also misappropriate GW merchandise and funds?

They're coming out pretty regularlly, and assuming 8th ed 40k is also having Death Guard focus - Nurgle should be getting a new book soon
I bet they'll call it "Children of Nurgle" or something

You have 2 real options with Nurgle AoS atm: Tallyband or a more Nurgle mortal approach
I went with the latter because daemonspam is a snoozefest on the hobby side of it

>1 more drone to go

I'm not Robbie, Jon was the manager of a california store I went to.

Conversion is great, stuff like that makes me love the hobby. Well done man

The Chaos Grand Alliance book also put out some batallions for nurgle stuff.

That looks fucking disgusting. Well done!

Do you really think he'd admit to that on here you tard when you're clearly trying to bait him to use this as "proof" when you bring it up to gw you sad sack of shit.

Isn't using indiscriminate Gas weaponry kinda evilish?

Stop the Warcrimes.

maybe? he did reply in the affirmative to this post if he replied to that maybe he would reply to the other one too.

Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords

Skyport: Barak-Thryng
- Additional Footnote: Today's Foes Are Tomorrow's Customers

Endrinmaster (140)
- General
- Trait: Grudgebearer
- Artefact: Grudgehammer

10 x Arkanaut Company (120)
- 1x Skypikes
- 2x Light Skyhooks
10 x Arkanaut Company (120)
- 1x Skypikes
- 2x Aethermatic Volley Guns

3 x Endrinriggers (120)
- 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns
- 1x Skyhooks

War Machines
Arkanaut Ironclad (440)
- Main Gun: Great Skyhook

Total: 940/1000

I wanted to try and make a fluffy list around grudges, this list is probably shit but I don't care

>Everyone who shittalks GW management is now Robbie from Nashville
Man, he's doing a lot of work keeping 40k general alive.

I'm in the UK as well. How is AoS doing in your store? I guess that 40k is still more popular? What do you personally prefer to see and play with?

Me and my friends are considering getting back into Warhammer, but we're tug-of-warring between these two gamelines. What would you honestly recommend?

Any rumor about upcoming death content?

Yeah, you're getting a gang in shadespire

death is being removed because it's the most unpopular faction


I have a unit of 20 clan rats. The warscroll tells me that one of them can be a standard bearer. If i choose one of them to become a standard bearer, do i still have 20 attacking models, or does the standard bearer forfeit his weapons/attacks to grant his unit the bonus a standard bearer brings?

as far as i'm aware they don't lose their other weapons, the standard is an extra bonus


banners and musicians keep their weapons

I thought Destruction was the least popular?

Thanks for the quick answers!

chem trails are a hoax

go ahead, try to prove they aren't

Oh great so we have at least two nauseating shit posting faggots to deal with, what a wonderful world we live in.

Given you're the most toxic person here maybe you should post first.
destruction confirmed next to be squatted
ill forward this to GW

I bet they're shaking in their metal boots.

>Oh great so we have at least two nauseating shit posting faggots to deal with, what a wonderful world we live in.
I thought you guys purged the grognards with the death of whfb

did you produce more in less than 2 years?

No, they just came back like beaten curs when points were introduced.

>Given you're the most toxic person here maybe you should post first.
not that guy but what kind of moron would even reply to that post? If a manager was stupid enough to read and reply to that post they don't deserve to be running a store.

Someone secure in the knowledge that their supervisors don't give a shit what some autistic sperglord thinks on a mongolian throat singing imageboard.

What the fuck are you amerifags doing over there? Managers looking over players shoulders telling them their models are painted wrong? Enforcing rules like the fucking SS?

None of that shit would fly over here. You keep your fucking nose out of your players games and let them play it the way they want to. Theyre your fucking customers.

He was asked who he'd side with, so he was just giving his opinion on how he'd rule.

AoS is popular among newer players, even when we run legacy WHFB games we get a higher turnout.

I suggest waiting for the new edition of 40k and then sort of buy two basic units of AoS and 40k and see how you like them.

actually those GW managers said they would deliberately take sides with cheaters in the stores they managed even knowing the toxicity that sort of decision would make for their customers.

Depends, Brit GW here. If I have some sperg ruining shit for my store, I kick them out.

Bear in mind when, As a GW store, we do Narrative Campaigns, that's downright tampering with the outcomes.

Thanks for the advice. I'll pass it onto my friends. Hope things are going well!