The game store I work for is run like a drug front, let me answer all your questions about flgs management

The game store I work for is run like a drug front, let me answer all your questions about flgs management.

>The game store I work for is run like a drug front


That's good, right? You don't have to worry about profit.

Explain what you mean by this

Was this introduced to give customer cheaper alternative to GW stuff?

So to clarify, staff don't exist. We have no contracts, fixed wages, we aren't registered as employed, we aren't insured for injury. We get paid cash in hand under the table, literally.
The style is officially registered as a non retail warehouse despite having two premises and only has two official employees despite having 14 full time members of staff.
On top of that the store pays us no national insurance and didn't pay any taxes by putting its earnings through a faux charity.
Also the owners are micro managing manics with fuses shorter than Tom Cruise.

Get out while you can. This whole operation is just waiting to collapse in on itself, and believe me, the IRS does NOT fuck around if they find out someone is tax dodging.

We went tax dodging, the employer is. They told us they pay or taxes so that's for them and hmrc to sort out.

youll still get a nice big fine though lad, but as long as your 'employer' doesnt know where you live or anything so they cant pass on your information, youll be alright

I'm not exactly experienced with the IRS but I can't imagine 'but my boss said they were paid for me!' is going to fly very well when they find out they haven't received any money for all of that income.

even if you do have paystubs that show you were misinformed, that sounds like a huge fucking hassle and dealing with an angry bureaucracy is rarely a fun time.

like the other user said, get out while you still can.

>the IRS does NOT fuck around

I took a lot of drugs once and had a mental breakdown over the idea/realization that the US Gov had a machine called the Eddiison Machine that retro-actively read the mines of recently deceased people to see if they had been cheating their taxes.

It legitimately terrorized me, despite not being from the US at the time.

They're not paying your taxes, dude. Stop being a sucker. This whole place, by your own admission, is sketchy as fuck. They've clearly got no problem breaking the law, or evading taxes. So why do you think they wouldn't lie to you?

The reason your store isn't classified as a store, the reason you're being paid in cash, the reason you all don't have contracts, the reason you aren't registered as employees and everything else is so that your boss can evade taxes. And if you think they're avoiding all their tax burden but are going to take care of yours then you're a fucking moron.

Also, the place you're working for doesn't sound like a front. Because a front actually works to make itself look like a legitimate business.


Are you paying your personal taxes on your income? If not, you're tax dodging.

Not going to lie to you but that is a genuinely unsettling prospect especially considering what else they might trawl up for shits and giggles.

And that's not even going into the possible abuses of such technology if handled by an amoral institution staffed by a few sadists in a few key positions.

Here's on for you, not original but no less worrying for it. You died three days ago. This you you think is you is in fact a digital copy of the previous you with the final six hour removed. You are in fact inside a server housed under Liverpool Cathedral. Why Paddy's Wigwam in particular? Because the original plans were even grander than even the end product was and a lot of the building work had to be abandoned due to lack of funds caused by a horrific war. But the cellars are there if you know which doors to go through and they are deep and dark and quiet and cool and mostly unknown. And you are stuck in that grey box at the hands of a sadistic technician who will now make the rest of your life a misery because that's how he gets his jollies. And there is nothing you can do but suffer for him in your sad little artificial environment.


Get the fuck out.
Failing that, erase xour existence within the company, make sure one of your coworkers/bosses/clients never know where you live, where you relatives live or where you come from.
Don't leave personal things at work, don't pay your midday lunches by card. Don't withdraw cas on a frequent basis around where you work.
If you go there by car make sure to fill gas closer to your home than work. If you have a public transport subscription make sure you can access other zones than your workplace.
If tax inspector come at your door (figuratively) its already too late. Don't play dumb.
I don't know how it is in the USofA but here in Switzerland the taxes have near inquisitorial powers. And everything can be used against you.

I would strongly suggest getting second "legitimate" job. Doesn't need to be a fulltime employ, don't need to be good, but something to have a front of your own.
Having no employment whatsoever will look fishy even somebody actually looks into in. Unless your second name is Rothschild or something.


Not OP, but a question.

Let's say that you're an idiot, and only by posting on a board for discussing Laotian Flipbooks did you realize that you might be committing major tax evasion without realizing.

In Switzerland, would you be able to get immunity by throwing the business under the bus, and claiming your own ignorance as a defense? Or are still fucked?

Fuck I should rewrite it but eh

>mfw tax season just ended

Government employee here. I don't work for the IRS, but I work with people who do/have. Some of the stories are fucking terrifying. If you get away with tax evasion, it is because, and only because there are other more pressing issues they're dealing with. If the IRS wants money you owe, and they care enough to get it, they ARE going to get the money.
Get out, get a lawyer, or at least an accountant, and make sure your shit is straight.

Holy shit dude, get the fuck out of there. We're talking big time life-destroying shit here. Like others have said, the IRS will not fuck around with you. You cannot claim ignorance if found out

>In Switzerland, would you be able to get immunity by throwing the business under the bus
Not immunity per se but we have frequent problems with insolvency and bankruptcy of anonymous societies where the workers usually arent' paid their last few months (or years even!) of wages. Its become a political problem now that's frequently brought up because the ones making these societies sometime get to go scot free while under them some working men and women don't get a wage that need to feed their families.
I'd say you can get away with a lot of things by declaring bankruptcy but the most known example is for wages. All of these societies, even the most dodgy ones, generally pay their taxes (even with some "on the side" or "under the counter" activities)
Also what said
>If the IRS wants money you owe, and they care enough to get it, they ARE going to get the money.
Its usually about not being the biggest fish in the tank.

What canton? My dad's company's been evading national taxation for longer than I live.

hes not a burger mate, he clearly stated HMRC, theyre lazy and dont really chase employees at all, theyll just take it all out on the employer. i kind of explained here hell get a fine at most IF they can be bothered to chase/find him

> The game store I work for is run like a drug front, let me answer all your questions about flgs management.
What country?
If it's some shit like Ukraine or Romania, then you should be careful, but you'll be mostly fine - the authorities are just as corrupt over there (sauce: I personally know a few people who are tax-dodging in a similar manner over here).
If it's one of the western countries, though - get the fuck out of there. The anons above are right.

It's not even an issue of collections. If they just sent someone to kick in your door and take your wallet it'd be easier. Getting your social security number flagged with the IRS basically ensures that any government agency from Social Security to the DMV is going to get your shit so tangled you'll never get so much as a fishing license without a goddamn nightmare of paperwork and bureaucracy. The tax system is written into nearly every single part of the country, and it will inevitably cause you headaches.
It wouldn't be so terrifying if it wasn't for the fact that 80% of the time it's not even your fault. The codes are so complex that most of the employees don't even know all the regulations, so one mistake on their part can completely fuck you. It's not like it's malicious or anything, but you practically need a law degree just to read them, and they hire people that they give two months of basic training before turning them loose. It's disgusting.


>retro-actively read the mines of recently deceased people to see if they had been cheating their taxes

Makes sense.

You say this like it's a special case or in any way out of the ordinary

Aye, isn't it that over here you only have to do shit personally if you're self-employed or the like? Still a student, have never made enough to pay taxes.

Even if HMRC don't chase employees, are you still at-risk if your employer pulls shenanigans on their taxes? By the letter of the law I mean.

>If they find out you didn't pay your taxes, they bring your brain back to life and force you to do mind numbing, soul-crushing tasks until your debt is paid off.

I have no mouth but I must pay.

Just to make sure I get this right, the biggest issue of drug trade isn't production and handling of illegal substances but rather associated tax evasion?
I mean that's how they got Al Capone, so it kinda figures.

What's the point, doesn't Switzerland have the lowest corporate tax in Europe?

Switzerland's strength is anonymous banking.
I think Scotland has the most friendly tax policy, look up the article how Apple does their taxes for more details.

you are 'at risk' as it is a little bit naughty, but if youre not on the books, then nothing can be done because its down to HMRC to prove that youve been working there for an extended amount of time, which they wont be able to do. they wont even know you exist unless they actually send someone personally down to inspect the place which would be a first.
your employers problems arent yours, theyre the ones that will get in trouble. i used to do the same thing in my mates dads shop, worked weekends there when i was younger for over a year cash in hand, and i have mates that work in the trades and easily take 50% of their income through cash in hand and dont claim it while self-employed, nobody really gives a fuck about it tbqh. the main reason they swing their dicks around and talk like theyre trying to clamp down on it is to stop pakis shipping their whole family over and having 30 lads working in the same cornershop for like 20 quid a day

Well you can hide the substances easily since they don't leave a paper trail - money on the other hand does. Any time you buy anything with debit or credit, they can trace it back to you, and you'll need to use those to buy larger things like a car or house. If you use cash the seller will know something's up since no one carries tens of thousands in cash in hand. Anyway, if you're spending more than you supposedly earn that's a huge red flag.

Literally why
And to answer the second part of your question: no, it doesn't. And it's different across the cantons.

>Switzerland's strength is anonymous banking.
It still is major but you can't fuck the system like before. for almost any amount of money brought into switzerland you have to provide a frankly stupid number of proof of where it comes from how did you get it etc...
You're better off creating societies in China or in Delaware if you don't want anyone to bother you about your fund movements.

>Switzerland's strength

Is the fucking mountains

>You're better off creating societies in China
Yeah, if you prefer bribes to paperwork, go to China

Op here.
Stop saying the irs doesn't fuck around, I'm fucking English.

Tax is not an issue for me since I'm a student, I don't earn enough to pay it so I don't exist. My work mates are all already putting in place backup measures for the inevitable fuck up.
Don't worry, we know the store is going down.

Which FLGS? I had a friend that worked at one in London and they were occasionally sketchy as all hell.

Chances are its the same store, what's your friends name?

Britain's tax service probably doesn't fuck around either.

Inland Revenue doesn't fuck around, mate. Get out while you still can.

>I don't earn enough to pay it so I don't exist
Might have mentionned that first

I'm also English. If your a student and not a mature student then I'm also probably older then you and allow me to share my accumulated bile with you.

You are potentially fucked. The tax man will find something to fuck you with. It is not in the HMRC's interest to grant exceptions. You aren't earning much, but there is no paper work. How do they know you aren't earning much? If they want to be cunts they will take you to the fucking cleaners based on their estimations of how much you were earning and they will hound you till the amount is paid and they may charge intrest so this could go on for many years of wallet rape. If they are feeling generous they will give you a mild fine, a slap on the wrist and tell you to stop being naughty.

Flip a new and shiny threepenny bit looking but not really pound coin and ask your self how lucky you feel.

Because if I was in your shoes with what I've seen happen to foolish friends I would be taking what I've earned and swearing I never even set foot in the place.

I don't want to say now, just in case this comes back to bite them. They stopped working there a few years ago.

But to try and confirm that we might be talking about the same shop, the charity they're funneling money through ran a balloon shop on York Road, the manager and his mother work there, the manager is a big guy, and Andy is the most bro-tier worker at a games shop.


>Tax is not an issue for me since I'm a student, I don't earn enough to pay it so I don't exist
Says who ? Your non existent written contract ?

How do you pronounce flgs? fulgs? flags?


Hey je suis aussi de Genève. Tu joues à 40K?

As said, they'll find a cock to fuck you with if they feel they want to.

It's not unliekly they'll charge you the 'basic tax rate', or whatever the phrase is - tax you as if you were earning the median wage over the period they have reason to believe you were working.

Non. I only do TTRPGs with a circle of friends loosely tied to the SIDH association, perhaps you've heard of it. We did a game in the anti-atomic vault they rent for the association's activities

That's them. We're talking about the same place!

>We did a game in the anti-atomic vault they rent for the association's activities and its about all the contact I've had with the genevan community outside of my circle of friends of firends
I should finish my sentences

Holy shit, that's hilarious that they're still dodgy even now.

By the govt's logic, everyone on welfare should be in jail for cheating on their fucking taxes too.

>everyone on welfare should be in jail
Well, that's one part I can agree with.

I pointed my friend who used to work there at this thread, so they might come along and post some advice on how to survive as an employee there OP. But it's been going on for so long, it's amazing that nobody has called them on it - it's probably because anyone in a position to do so is rightfully fucking terrified of Alexi.

You probably don't want to post the name of the shop in case Alexi / Anita find this and start killing people.

If they don't give you a W2, you are tax evading.

This sounds similar to a place I worked at once, here's some suggestions/what I did:

1. Register online as self-employed if you're concerned. It's really easy to complete online. Don't mention this to the bosses, just make sure you declare everything you earn as this will be below the tax threshold. You may be over taxed, but it comes back as rebate. Best to be on record.

2. Don't let the tempers get to you. Head down, and try your best. You may frequently get fired but re-hired a week later. It's not your fault. It's probably just something for tax purposes by the sounds of it.

3. Do not mention the sketchiness. It's like mentioning the Nazi's to a German who's still insecure about this. Do not engage, abort abort!

4. Don't post too much online. They probably have spies on gaming forums... Nazi spies...

5. Find a new job ASAP. Get someone you can trust from the FLGS to write a reference, could even be a customer.

Best of luck!

Tell your faggot boss his stand at Salute this year was fucking embarrassing, shit selection, that frizzy haired gibbering autist was actively scaring people away at just how creepy he was.

fine, i'll play nice.

Mate you don't need to tell me. Selling shit from the warehouse back log? I was fucking embarrassed.

It was a little depressing, especially compared to Wayland Games stall, which looked really professional. I'd say what we picked up from their stall but they might be able to work out who I am based on that.

Yeah, the guys temper is terrifying, mostly because he can flip over fucking nothing.
Being afraid to hand your boss the phone because he'll flip out at you is demeaning as shit.

I'm happy everyone knows and this is all common knowledge.

I'll let you in on a little secret by the way a consortium of retailers in the UK, have gotten relatives across the world to place orders from you guys for Games Workshop stuff, violating their reseller agreement. It's all collected and has either been handed in or will be soon.

I hope the store don't miss the GW license.

Don't worry, all the staff feel the same and alexi and Anita aren't gonna check here. Its pretty obvious who I am to anyone that goes to the store.

Also I know how alot of traders feel about us so wearing my staff shirt around the hall was just a great experience.(s)

I think Andy goes on Veeky Forums, just a heads up.

In fact, my friend who works there has just said "I know for a fact that he goes on Veeky Forums, not frequently though."

Fucking Delaware. I swear the only people who even know it exists are corporations and the idiots who still live in that shithole


I can't think off the top of my head of any of the stands that were awful, though admittedly I didn't get too involved with many of the staff at most.

Can you maybe tell your governement to can delaware because really its starting to get ridiculous how every law firm here starts to base their "activity" there

That's not really the IRS' fault. For the guys in charge of collecting money they have a REALLY tiny budget. That the they are not the guys in charge of actually writing the tax codes.

*'s stand was just selling junk out of plastic boxes, crappy mdf scenery, looked unprofessional and messy, which is saying something compared to a lot of the mom and pop operations that run there.

It did look like they'd just grabbed everything, stuffed it into boxes and hoped for the best - I guess they were trying to do the best with the limited space they had, but it was just so cluttered that it was hard to find stuff. Presumably they had some more space available to them, because there was an X-Wing thing they were running a little ways away from the stall.

"All flatpack scenery 1/2 RRP"?
Because that stand was also selling Bushido bits, and I heard a guy ask the lady behind the table if they had one particular dude, and she said, almost verbatim "oh we've got hundreds of figures lol, I don't know what a lot of them are".
Which was a memorably bad answer at a toy soldiers convention.

Was also pretty messy.

I guess this is as good a thread as any to ask - folks enjoy Salute?
Went for the first time, I think in hindsight I was a little too conservative in my spending, there's a bunch of things I wish I'd bought now which I'm unlikely to even see in a brick and mortar store again, let alone at convention discount prices.

I did, I bought a metric ton of modelling stuff, paints, weathering, tools, so so much stuff that I knew I would be paying P&P for as modeling shops that sell that shit just don't exist.

I also met Duncan from Warhammer TV who was wandering around.

I also met Jes Goodwin who was wandering around

It was messy.

We got asked a few weeks prior "what should we take to salute"
Our answer as staff was KoW, Raging heroes, Bushido, some new gw and magic , and some of the historical stuff.

What we ended up with was just half the crap from our warehouse.
It was a massive mess from start to finish, we were paid no overtime for the day spent setting up, and our boss made our intern cry 20 minutes into the day.

We know, Don't worry. Like i said, None of us are happy.

From what i understand our owner was invited to join a group who plan their events around each other for the mutual benefit of all the FLGS and basically told you all to fuck off?

If that's true then shit, I'm surprised you haven't come round and fire bombed us.

Went along primarily to support a friend who was manning a stall (Anvil), and while I didn't end up buying anything myself, I really enjoyed looking at the displays, talking to people about their games and seeing people be enthusiastic and passionate about their stuff.

>We know, Don't worry. Like i said, None of us are happy.

The sad thing is that most of the staff they've had over the years have been really good, it feels like their job is to insulate the customers from the managers. I used to play there fairly regularly until a couple of years ago, but the more involved I got with it, the more aware of how terrifying the managers are, and I stopped going. I don't know whether or not there's still a WarmaHordes crowd playing there on Monday evenings, or whether they've mostly been scared off, and when I asked Andy about it at Salute, he gave me a fairly diplomatic non-answer.


We had a very loyal warmahordes base when i started , With regulars running demo games.
Those regulars all dropped off, partly for game related reasons but mostly because the store slid into chaos as the managers tried to expand whilst still maintaining complete personal control over every element of the store.

As ti stands now it's barely being played and out stock of it hasn't moved for a good couple of weeks. Malifaux is still going strong but not as packed as it was, even x-wing and guildball are dropping off, with 40k and AoS still going steady.

It's mostly magic that keeps us going event wise right now but that's only because no one else is running big events in central london. The actual event running is terrible, And we as staff can't do anything because if the boss doesn't have his orders followed, He has a tantrum and we have to cope with him yelling at us while trying to serve an over crowded store.

I honestly love the good days without the owners where i can do my job and chat with the players, But they are few and far between.

That manager sounds like a faggot though. And blatantly he's fucked now. Fucked because I'm gonna report him, by name and company name (used the archive to find it), to Her Majesty's taxman, just because he seems like a total cunt who deserves it. I'll be a happy man if he's bankrupt and has to do a stretch inside. I hope he is reading this, and I hope he's getting the paranoia chills. He ought to. Shit is going to get real.

I know the topic's mostly moved on, but I've been considering opening a FLGS/Cafe combo.
I feel like I can do pretty well since there's a massive 20 mile radius with no Magic store, plus extra income by providing food.
How bad of an idea is it? I know this has been tried before.

If you are the ONLY store, Then do some research, see if there is already a playerbase/ local club/hangout ect

To suceed you'll need to stock GW and magic, and run regular events for magic. We run nightly games FNM and all major events and launches, We're a huge store, and we are pushed to breaking point.

If it's what you want to do , then go for it, but as with all businesses it will either fail or you do it till you die, so consider if you want to commit to miniatures that much.

No front would attempt to seem as shady as that store. They would try to do everything by the book and show no signs of being illegal.
Your store is not a front, it is just run by greedy assholes

are you the biggest store in southeast micigan, by chance?

unless Michigan is in the uk, then no.

That's called a shitty store.
A front is something like a very cleanly run store that seemed to be able to open for years despite having no business.
Imagine an lgs with 10-20 staff (that looked scary), fully stocked with barely anyone that plays in it yet are pulling hundreds of dollar monthly revenue in the book.

>We had a very loyal warmahordes base when i started , With regulars running demo games.

That's a real shame - when they'd moved from the tiny pokey shop on York Road to the slightly larger one a few shop fronts down from it (and when they were using the balloon shop to run games in the evenings), back before they moved to underneath the railway line, I used to run demo games and organised some slow-grow leagues. I'm sad that everyone else dropped off too though; it was a really nice little community of players that didn't go in for the hyper-competitive aspect of the game that was prevalent in the other London gaming clubs.

Anyway, OP, I hope that you can find some other job soon - it's been managed this way for years and years, so don't hold out hope of it changing any time ever. The next time I'm brave enough to face the fucking death stares I get from the managers, I'll be sure to be extra nice to you poor folks trapped there.

If you talk to Andy about this, call him "Gwylliam", and he'll know who you were talking to, or at least one of the three of us that habitually call him that.