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How will your team hold up when Mortarion swings by Armageddon? Edition.


Core rules:

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Anyone play any games this weekend?

Show me your dudes!

Reminder that you can only use two weapons in close combat.

Repeating this question.

Got in a game, but my Harlequins are yet unpainted (bought and assembled just to take part in that one game).

Sisters start with 6 bolter bitches, and a leader with 75 points of fun. If they go cheap on fun, might have a simulacrum imperialis.

Looks damn good. Give him a shield.

These are my dudes. Played two games this weekend. Won one lost one.

The oNE they lost a two dudes went down to an oil slick and another to a dire avenger exarch.

Then they all rolled sixes on the serious injury table and got stat advances.

Unless you have more than two hands. :)

If it's a genestealer cult model.

If it's a tyranid model it must have more than two pairs of arms.

Well, I already have a Superior I got a while ago, so I guess a pack of 5 and/or some second hand ones would be enough to play with?
That seems okay with me.

This is one of the problems that happens when you oversimplify something.

There should just be a universal Extra Arms rule that governs all units with extra arms, outside of the specific kill team lists and it should be stated in the fighter profiles if a fighter has extra arms and if so how many.

Here is a WIP of my team's Yoofs

Ain't got pics but I can say my Harlies team is at max cap, with all bar one with neuro-disruptors after 3 games. Which is good, because I missed two weeks of the campaign, so Im catching up on two weeks worth of games.

Looks nice, user. Recipe for the skin?

There is nothing in the rules that say you can only have one hand on each arm! Blargh!

Nice work.

I miss seeing these goofballs. Been a long time since I used to see them in stores.

Strange question, I love nids, hate warriors though, would it be acceptable to play with gaunts? Or would too many people bitch about it?

Death World Forest, it's such a nice muted colour it suits Orks very well (imo)

Then it's light washes of Stegadon Scale Green

You'd have to ask the people you'd actually be playing with to get an accurate answer, but there's a good chance they would considering you're throwing WYSIWYG completely out of the window regarding what they even are, aswell as not being able to show what weapons they're armed with properly unless you do a lot of conversion. You're also taking away one of the warriors few disadvantages of them being easy to get LoS on since they're so huge.

Even if you weren't trying to cheese the rules, I'd still bitch. You're talking about models that are half the height and on smaller bases.

Guess I'll just play tau instead

It wouldn't be appropriate at all due to the massive difference in size, posture and weapons.

You could convert whatever the fuck you want so long as it goes on at least a 32mm base and is approximately warrior sized, but playing using gaunts would be like someone proxying a guardsman as an ogryn.

Considering getting into SWA. Haven't looked at the statlines yet, just from aesthetics I'm trying to decide between the Harlequin, Grey Knights, Tau, and maaaaybe Tyranid starter kits from the GW store. Any advice? How do these factions perform in SWA?

Started work on my DE team today, built and began work on the team leader because I eat my dessert first and live dangerously. I've actually managed to pull together some friends who've been interested in 40k for a while but have been put off by the price for a shadow war campaign sometime soon once I get everything together for it, not going to lie after my knights army it feels weird to work on models that fit in my hand. Good change of pace though and probably my only chance to paint Xenos since I'm loyalist for life

Don't buy the tyranid kill team box, you won't use any of the shit in it other than the warriors. Just buy two boxes of tyranid warriors, build 5 normal guys and then 1 Tyranid prime and you'll have everything you will ever need for a Tyranid kill team.

Also magnetize the arms.

Just play whatever army you want, senpai. Harlequins are OP from what I've heard, but you shouldn't worry too much about the meta. Just play some games and try to have fun.

Trust me I will, but I like all of them. Although the harlequins are kinda daunting from a painting standpoint. They are neat though.

I wasn't asking from a "which is OP" perspective, just how they play since I'm just looking at the SWA rules for the first time.

No dudes to show off, but ive been putting some work into my 3x3 board. Pic related, it is the bastard. Life tip, working with a pva/sand mixture is a pain

>How do these factions perform in SWA?

Tyranids can be scary but seemed okay balance-wise. Their melee is very strong and they're relatively fast.

Tau are VERY strong on boards with little cover and against people who can't use the hide ability well. However, if there is a proper amount of terrain they're okay.

Harlequins are basically just flat out broken. Strong melee and strong shooting, with a ton of overpowered special rules as a cherry on top.

I can't speak for Grey Knights because I haven't played with and/or against them.

How does this look for a scout team?

Biggest weak point I see is only 5 dudes

+++ Gunner (Shadow War: Armageddon) [1000pts] +++

++ Kill Team (Space Marine Scouts) [1000pts] ++

+ Uncategorised +

Chapter: Sons of Guilliman

+ Leader +

Scout Sergeant [305pts]: Camo gear, Combat blade, Scout armour
. Sniper rifle: Red-dot laser sight, Toxic rounds, Weapon Reload

+ Troopers +

Scout [190pts]: Camo gear, Chainsword, Combat blade, Krak grenades, Scout armour, Shotgun

+ Specialists +

Scout Gunner [295pts]: Camo gear, Combat blade, Heavy bolter, Scout armour

+ New Recruits +

Novitiate Scout [105pts]: Bolt pistol, Camo gear, Combat blade, Scout armour

Novitiate Scout [105pts]: Bolt pistol, Camo gear, Combat blade, Scout armour

Are SoB and Inquisition rules out already?

Yes, they're in the PDF provided on the Games Workshop site.

Where is it? It used to be on the same page as the boxed game.

Nevermind, found it. How badly BTFO was the guy who thought that Eviscerators would have their 40k rules in Shadow War?

As said guy: Not particularly.

I wasn't doing my homebrew based on 'What I expected GW to do'. I mean, my homebrew also includes stuff to make Shield of Faith actually interact with Red Dot Sights (As otherwise the 6++ is utterly redundant) and Sarrissas. Neither of which I was expecting GW to actually do.

I was more amused by the guy gloating that they went with the community edition rules only to have it revealed, no they used the original necromunda rules.

Is it necessary to have some melta/krak for demolition for a team?

I assume it comes in handy for games that aren't just kill team matches

Anyone houseruled bottle tests at all?

They seem unnecessarily punishing for Grey Knights. I played my Guard against a 3 man GK team today. First match (Scavengers) we were fucking up rules left and right, but ultimately I failed to wound anyone on his side and my sergeant bottled out after everybody else was OOA.

Then we had a combined rescue mission where our prisoners had been captured by the Scavenger mutant and we had to fight each other and free our captives (in his case just 1 dude) before it came back. This time, I popped 1 out of 2 guys and he bottled out immediately, losing his captive.

Just seems kind of shitty for teams like that.

That's supposed to be the balancing factor for how strong the individual units are. Typically they have high leadership to make up for their low numbers as well.

ld 9.

deal with it.

He's only 1 higher Ld than me, and sure he's got good numbers but I can drop him pretty dang easy with shotgun vets.

In a campaign setting, too, elite teams get especially shafted since they need to constantly sell Prometheum to replace losses.

>He's only 1 higher Ld than me

On a 2d6 that matters a lot. Bell curve.


Doesn't help when he hits a double 6.

Games just ending after only 1-3 dudes go down seems so weird. It feels like it should be 75% killed rather than 25% (as it is in normal 40k).

Like really, Grey Knights or veteran Catachans can't stand fighting through two dudes getting shot? New recruits might break and run, I guess, but EVERYONE?

Any idea how many chainhooks a box of wyches comes with?

The website just says "all of the weapon options listed in Codex: Dark Eldar, including: a razorflail, a blast pistol, a shardnet, a power weapon and an impaler." which isn't especially helpful, when I want a pile of chainhooks.

It really reinforces the "boys before toys" thing, when an elite force will potentially break after 1 loss.

Yeah but isn't that already enforced by the fact that they die so easily anyway?

I abstract it as concern over loosing too much. Imagine seeing a Grey knight going down in a scuffle over some promethium, in an underhive. A grey knight leader may think its time to leave before things get too bad, we aren't hunting a great demonic threat here.
There's a ton of hooks and smaller chains all over DE kits, with some clever cliping and gluing it shouldn't be an issue.

How are Necrons in this game? I haven't touched my 40k models in a while but was thinking of going to a league and playing this.

I'll be honest, I haven't even seen a heavy force in action. Outside mathhammer I'm not sure just how easily they die compared to other factions.

Pretty easy. The first game I was playing the objective and not really trying to shoot, but every time they need to take a save they have a (nearly) 1/3 chance of being forced to bottle test next turn. It's pretty bad.

lacks options, pretty ok with deathmarks.

Don't try to play this game seriously.

Decently easy, depending on the weapons taken. There's so much anti-armor that it really negates a lot. Which I both like and hate. (Unless you're facing Harlies, who ignore anti-armor because reasons.)

I put this together, thinking my two long range guys are going to perch up high and shoot while the other 3 sit nearby to defend from assault.

What do y'all think? If I take off the harnesses I can free up 20 points but other than an extra camo gear not sure what to put

Local campaign starting this week, going to go with skitarii. How should I build my first 1k? I am thinking at least one aquebus, and mabye the rest all rifles. Red dots to start or as many bodies as possible?

boys>toys to start.

What's the best way around getting destroyed by overwatch as wyches?

Haven't got my box yet, but it seems like it could be devastating.

Overwatch forces -1 to hit, and a further -1 if you run or charge that turn. You probably won't get shrekt too hard by it. Stay in cover if you can (and you should be able to if you set up your board right).

So basically always be running between cover, and it shouldn't be too bad? I think I can handle that, cheers.

Haven't played SWAG yet -- would it be unreasonable to treat PA marines as Greys or Chaos for the power armor?

Of course with opponent permission.

GKs? Probably, they get lots of fancy stuff that PA dudes wouldn't. You could get away with them being Exorcists, I guess.

Chaos also gets Chaos-specific things. It'd be janky.

*Probably not,

Consider using your models as a counts as for a different list maybe?

I'm generally happy for proxies, but that's a massive difference in everything. The size is the big problem.

Yup. As long as they're around the same size I don't think it would be a big deal.

If they use smaller models it can really break game balance.

>but skirmish level
>with a focus on good terrain
>with opportunities for emergent narrative
Jesus fuck why did it take this long? Is this game actually getting traction with the community?

>with a focus on good terrain
Now if only they provided some with the game. :c

It took so long because the previous dipshit ceo was wrongly under the impression most of their customers buy models for the joy of buying GW models, and fuck games and rules. Now that he is out GW is turning around.

It's pretty massive at my local store.
I see more people playing it than 7e 40k at the moment, but 8th may change that.

Personally, I like it as a newer player, as I can get into it cheaply, and build my force while still having something to play.

bump for advice

So looking at the Inquisitional list, aside from how bland it is, the only thing it seems to have going for it is the availability of a 3++ for Inquisitors and Crusaders.

Since henchmen can't take any armour beyond flakk, don't have particularly viable statlines for melee combat, and can't even take shooting skills, I'm imagining it might be best to just gear up the Inq and two crusaders, and just use the rest for cheap bolter/stormbolter fire.

Anyone reaching similar conclusions? Really just feeling disappointed, although not at all surprised, with GW's treatment of the Inquisition list.

I like it because the games are quick, and that I get to try out multiple armies without spending $100+.

Plus 7th edition just isn't fun for me. My local meta is all bike spam and Eldar.

Getting to actually play without broken stuff (aside from Harlequins) is enjoyable.

Carapace doesn't really help much anyway so don't worry about not having access to that.

It's a more varied and better list than Guard. All they lack is say, Plasma Guns. More interesting to have the Storm Shield guys and the Ld10 super Inquisitor.

What's a good roster for CSM?

If slaneshi warband is no good, I kind of like word bearers so I might try that.

things i forgot to do when i played: HIDE

This is clutch. Otherwise you gonna got ded

Especially vs Tau. That's like handing them free kills. :P

How can tau ignore the -1 to hit from running?

i played yesterday and got slaughtered because of this

An ancient skilled called "aim where they're going to be, not where they are".


Do i just not get to run and avoid fire against tau?

Running can't be ignored by Tau.

Markerlight only removes cover bonuses

They trade accuracy against running for accuracy against cover. Checks and balances.

I'm actually looking over the rules to find out (as I don't play Tau), but I'm not really sure what would negate the -1 to hit from running. I see them ignoring cover saves all day, but not running modifier.

Plus you've got a higher chance to wound. It's not perfectly even, but it's pretty close.

I'm new to 40k in general, but I clearly remember him saying that when out in the open I don't get the -1 from running.

No. you can run in a circle in the middle of the desert all you want

+++GSC KT 1000pts+++

++Neopthyte Leader++
Bolt Pistol

++Neophyte Hybrid++
Photo Visor

++Neophyte Hybrid++
Photo Visor

++Neophyte Hybrid++

++Neophyte Heavy++
Heavy Stubber

++Neophyte Heavy++

++Neophyte Initiate++
Combat Blade

++Neophyte Initiate++
Combat Blade


Still trying to figure out how I want to kit "muh dudez", but this seems acceptable, right?

Trying to get my hands on a Broodlord or Patriarch to use when I wanna press that button and take the spec op.

Any advice? Still reading over the rules and hope to get a game in this weekend.

If you ran, he gets a -1 to hit you. Maybe he thinks it was the same thing as a cover modifier, but it's not.

Remember, even when someone has been playing longer, they can be completely wrong. Happens to me sometimes as well. Ask to refer to the specific rule if you're unsure, and normally if it can't be found your opponent will realize they fucked up.

Ok, I probably should have done that.

My scouts got eaten alive

Anyone know if the plas pistol or power sword are worth it on the scout sergeant?

Daily painting update on the Foremost Traitors

That's really cool looking, what's your list?

It's not set in stone yet but I was trying to run 5 CSMs, one of each mark, tuned for melee and then fit in 2 cultists.

So is that heavy bolter making it in? I can't find a way to fit one for SM scouts, too damn expensive


Drop Chainsword on Leader

Drop Photovisors on hybrids

Drop autopistols on models who already have guns

More initiates. An initiate with an autopistol has decent range+accuracy, starts the game hidden, gets 2 cc attacks, and only costs 65. points. For instance, you could replace two of the Hybrids in that list for initiates and the only difference would be that you'd have 20 extra points in the bank.

How does this look w/o the heavy bolter?

I really wanted to include it but it's 310 points for the dude + bolter

+++ CCscout (Shadow War: Armageddon) [1000pts] +++

++ Kill Team (Space Marine Scouts) [1000pts] ++

+ Uncategorised +

Chapter: Sons of Guilliman

+ Leader +

Scout Sergeant [320pts]: Camo gear, Photo-visor
. Sniper rifle: Red-dot laser sight, Toxic rounds, Weapon Reload

+ Troopers +

Scout [170pts]: Assault blade, Bolt pistol, Camo gear, Frag grenades

Scout [195pts]: Boltgun, Camo gear, Krak grenades, Photo-visor

+ New Recruits +

Novitiate Scout [105pts]: Bolt pistol, Camo gear

Novitiate Scout [105pts]: Bolt pistol, Camo gear

Novitiate Scout [105pts]: Bolt pistol, Camo gear

I know that "Boys Before Toys" is a bit played out, but I never got why people would do this with Orks and GSC.

Orks and Genestealer Cults are defined by and share three major things:
>They have mediocre weapons, except for their HMGs.
> They have weirdly powerful heavy weapons that are overkill against anything short of Terminators.
> They can field more bodies than everyone else

And yet every thread I see lists of people trying to load up on subpar guns and equipment.

OK figured it out.