What does your wife/girlfriend thinks about roleplaying games?

What does your wife/girlfriend thinks about roleplaying games?

She enjoy is quite a bit. She's more into free-form RPGs than those with heavy rules but she's also enjoyed Fantasycraft, Shadowrun and Exalted.

She loves when I'm painting. (And likes to tell me what colours to use / what name to write on the base).

She thinks it's good that I hang out with my old friends so often, but it reminds her that she has drifted away from hers.

She thinks I'm like one of the characters in big bang theory. She actually played once, she made an elven rogue, stole some chandeliers from a church and then buried them outside for some reason.

>having a wife/girlfriend

Has some troubles with the math part but loves the roleplay.

Takes the most notes out of everyone, can always be counted on to have a journal of all characters/locations/events complete will drawings and diagrams.

Pretty solid player, can just take a minute during combat, she's getting there though.

She also likes to paint minis (AoS/40k), but isn't big on actually playing the war games.

FWB who's Literal Sapiosexual who just got out of a bad marriage with a redneck idiot.

She thinks I'm clever, and practically starts grinding on me anytime I Sperg about anything nerdy. She really wants to get into RPGs.

She has outright stated she'd rather see i went out and got hammered than play "childish games"

>TFW no girl who finds your encyclopedic knowledge of RPG and videogame lore sexy.

Lucky dog.

This will not end well. Get out as fast as you can.


You funny man you.

Well, I'm kind of stuck in the fuck-zone, as it were. She's at the point where she really doesn't want to settle down anytime soon. I'm just her new best friend that she fucks, nothing more.

I avoid bringing up the topic with my fuck-buddies, they would just look down on it and stop putting out for me.

Oh, I get it, this is a thinly veiled CYOA thread, right?


dont have one atm. but when i did she did not cear for it, one of the reasons we broke up to be frank.

She routinely DM'd games for my group and still runs games for her brother and his friends

>having a girlfriend that says that to you
what the fuck lad

Smart move. The city guard will be looking for someone carrying chandeliers. Best to bury them and dig them up later when the heat dies down.

The only time I played an RPG with a woman, it was also D&D, she also made an elven rogue, and she burned down an inn.

Women are all waiting for their chance to commit destruction of property.

I actually met my boyfriend through DnD. We've been together 5+ years and now he's helping me make a d10 system inspired by Monster Hunter/King of Dragon Pass.

>I'd rather you actively poison yourself than do something I think is juvenile.

The one girl in our group has the dirtiest sense of humor ever, but is otherwise a great player.

The one problem is that she's got the background to justify her dirty mind, and our Mormon bro is courting her. No, not dating, I said he was Mormon. He's respectfully approaching her with marriage in mind.

My girlfriend has fun playing Bloodbowl and is interested in painting minis, but she's stuck in a weird place where she doesn't have the time/motivation to get fully invested in hobby shit, but hates when she plays and loses so easily because she doesn't know tactica.

>I actually met my boyfriend through DnD.

Just how fucking obese are the both of you?

I can smell your unwashed neckbeard ass from here, gimp

Not personally me, but my mom and dad both played RPG games when they were younger. They later split up, buuuut.

Still, my mom still plays rpgs. Arguably more than me, even if she's normie beer&pretzels gamer-tier.

Dad is too busy with work and 26,000 hours in Crusader Kings 2, but I have my collection of 2nd edition AD&D and 2nd Edition Shadowrun books thanks to him.


Please, allow me, your mastery of the English language is tenuous at best. She needs a more eloquent request.

Tits or GTFO.

She and her dad play D&D sometimes. She prefers an Elf ranger.

>She and her dad
sorry, some things can't be helped

Anyone here have any experience with a partner that doesn't like tabletop rpg or any other geek/nerd/weeb shit?

Yes, she was kind of a bitch, but had way more issues than disliking nerd shit.

Not interested and in them but supports my hobby.

Das cute

Because of her current situation she can't really put aside X hours of time a month to consistently play, but I know she'd abosulely love too. Always loves hearing about my characters, stats and backstories. How they think and act etc.
She really wants to play Shadowrun after watching that Mirror Shades show on Youtube. I look forward to finally being able to play with her.

We met at a Halloween party ten years ago, but got to know each other playing D&D. She plays MtG casually, has run some of the best one-shots we've had, and we stay up late reading comic books together or playing vidya.

She and I both play D&D, but in separate campaigns from before we met. We haven't got a chance to play together once.
Feels bad man.

Or forgotten

Not them but...

>D&D, she also made an elven rogue, and she burned down an inn
>Women are all waiting for their chance to commit destruction of property.
I don't think you want to start applying this logic that people are just waiting to commit whatever crimes they do in the course of fantasy roleplay.

>t. woman
You don't fool me, arsonist.

there there

I do get it.

my girlfriend loves my hobbies. we roleplay together, play wargames together, she always wants to see what I'm painting, and she even likes to listen to me play wargames with my friends over TTS

it's a pretty sweet deal

How fat/ugly is she?

>d10 system inspired by Monster Hunter/King of Dragon Pass
Actually fucking share. Please tell me what the combat is like I have yet to see combat against giant monsters represented well within TTRPGs

lol that guy pussied out

Don't listen to these people. My last relationship fell apart once she learned I was still playing Magic cards and that literal children would often show up at the FLGS to play.
She got all mad, said she didn't realize she was dating a man-child, I told her to go fuck herself, she left me.
2 months later I'm still alone and literally want to fucking kill myself. Love is greater than any of this bullshit.

Was that the only reason?

Like this user says, it sounds like there should have been a simple middle-ground that didn't involve you cursing her out or her leaving you.

Advocating letting anybody unilaterally dictate what you do or don't do in exchange for companionship sounds like an unhealthy dependency, though.

Yes, but that was not love, or at least, she did not love you, love could easily survive such a minor spat.

Maybe beign insecure about the hobby is what kills it for most girls, if you say you are a football fan, x music fan etc etc... nothing bad happens

"I want you out an drunk" doesn't sound like someone I can trust.
And that's why you live with someone, trust, support and tax discounts. Not pussy.
If there's no trust and support, you're better off alone.

>If there's no trust and support, you're better off alone.
You grossly underestimate the appeal of tax discounts.
Oh and citizenship, if you're dating foreigner.

The next time a girl does this to you, tell her "Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson play these 'childish games', too." If you're in this conversation in the first place, chances are she's already so dumb she'll respond with something like, "Who?", which will be a very obviously red flag to dump her. If she's a little smarter than that, then accept her apology and proceed to make concessions with her while planning to dump her anyway.

The planet has enough pussy-whipped betas. Please don't be just another statistic.

Can confirm. Having dated around, I've discovered there's three major problems that crop up when it comes to nerdy hobbies and girls:

1) You're ashamed of it. Why? This is a decision you made. Trying to berate your own hobby shows an extreme lack of confidence in your own decisions and likes. Every girl, and I mean EVERY girl, is attracted to decisiveness and confidence, and finds the opposite to be undesirable.(Don't believe shit about a domineering girl who's attracted to wimps. Domineering girls are attracted to strong, confident men they can get to submit to them, not low-hanging fruit) Hell yeah you like Tabletop! It's fun, and you get to laugh around and have fun with your friends, what's not to like? It's more social than Vidya, and proves you have friends!

2) You Prioritize it over her: The opposite problem, where you're not giving her the attention she needs or wants to maintain a relationship. Keep your hobbies and relationships in check, and decide what's really important. Don't give it up for her unless you would give it up otherwise.

3) Sperglording it over her: Trying to force the hobby onto her. Happens all the time in nerdy relationships. Show her the first episode, bring her to one game night(without her phone), play a game or two... but don't push it on her when she's clearly not interested in it. That's viewed as obsessive and controlling, and is possible grounds for an abusive relationship in her mind.

>2 year in a relationship
>me and gf have a girl friend in common
>lets call this girl K
>I and K have lots of things in common ,K haves a bf btw
>Sometimes i go full retarded with K and do/say a lot of stupid/nerd shit with her
>My gf know about nerd/geek stuff but its not into it
>K always tells my gf she doesnt know how truly i am, that i am super nerd and stuff like that
>gf gets mad with me and K
>gf says she doesnt know me and that is afraid that one day she comes to our house and see me and my friends with wizards hats or some shit
>explain her for the 4th time what rpgs are and that they are just board games (she likes board games and one day we did a freeform rpg so she could learn english)
>tells me how much time i am going to continue with this childish things and tells me to grow up
>bla bla bla we fight, and then she tells me she was only angry because K was always telling her stuff about me

I didn't know liking stuff could bring me such problems,better be honest early on

My right hand is fine with it.

My ex was fine with it. Totally not into it herself and sometimes she'd gently tease me about it, but she liked that I was a semi closet nerd. I miss her

>tfw I have 3000 hours of ck2 logged on steam.

I could be your dad in 30 more years.

I don't think hands have an opinion

>2 months later I'm still alone and literally want to fucking kill myself.
That sounds a 'you' issue user - one that you were trying to address with companionship, sex, and the chemical rush of love. Work on yourself first, and you won't need anyone else to quiet the roaring emptiness inside of you.

And so long as the other user is well adjusted, leaving someone who outright mocks your hobbies (a sign of disrespect towards you) remains good advice.

She got me into it. Now I DM for her and all her friends

22 years old and never had a girlfriend/sex/even a kiss. But if I did have one she would have to be okay with RPGs seeing as they are pretty much my main hobby.

She played AD&D with her dad and brother when she was a kid. She got me into RPGs again as a teenager, and we've been playing D&D together for nearly two decades.

She tried to get to play dungeons and dragons with her. I strongly declined.

>she only likes bad games
>but she's also played and enjoyed some of the shittiest RPGs on the market


wife thinks its so cute i paint little army men because i was a big army man. when we got a place together she suggested getting a glass shelf to display the models. key phrase: SHE suggested. and thats why shes my wife now.

that being said, historicals are less nerd territory and more dorky dad territory. also i never mentioned i was into any of that stuff. she found out a few months into our relationship and buy then she already liked me as a person.

so i guess its how you approach tge subject.

She likes RPGs, but she doesn't like non-RPG boardgames.

Jesus. Yes, ladies play tabletops too. Fewer of them and some are weird fucks or attention seeking but tabletops are full of spergs anyway. I personally think if your partner doesn't try to get involved in your hobbies it's a bad sign, but plenty of people think thats super normal.

Me and my partner didn't meet through tabletops but now we devote most of our free time to them. I think the only consideration we make is we actively try to avoid our characters being romantically involved or giving each other special treatment when we DM.

Good lad



They are fond of each other and the sex is good, presumably.

Giving up your hobbies for someone else seems like the worst shit you can do. It likely wouldn't have worked out long-term either way.

Oh, we're way too far into this thread for that to be an issue at this point. Here, let me exacerbate the situation:

I'm the self-proclaimed Complete Degenerate who's been on here the last few days giving Anons advice on Fetlife and other dating sites. I'm currently in a romantic triad with both a man and a woman. No, I'm not a cuck, Tristan is the one who's into that. I've let an asian tranny put her cock into me. Yes, I refer to them as her... it's a different fetish for me than guys are, but it's damn near impossible to find one that doesn't want to rip their balls out and get silicon cantaloupes shoved in their chest, and I'd never sleep with the ones that do.(They're fucking crazy.)

So, with all this in mind, which you're likely going to have a field day over, feel free to berate me instead of baiting in an attempt to see whether one user likes men or not, because really, that matters, right?


pic is proof for a given amount of proof that i'm not

Why were you telling us this again?

Well, Veeky Forums can't help but react to bait, so the way I see it, might as well Overreact to bait to such a ridiculous extreme that I look like a sperg, nobody else even bothers in case they start looking like me, and everyone gets a good laugh at mocking me, the retard, which I am fine with, because my ego doesn't depend on how much a single post on an anonymous image board looks.

Oh, and I want people to pay attention to me, dammit.

You are too far gone to be mad at, its obvious you are an actual degenerate, not a brainwashed one.

I dunno, sounds cool. Like a cowboy.

THANK YOU. You have no idea how frustrating it is having to prove how degenerate I am. I usually have to talk about Needleplay.

>wife thinks its so cute i paint little army men because i was a big army man. when we got a place together she suggested getting a glass shelf to display the models. key phrase: SHE suggested. and thats why shes my wife now.

Good damn, that is cute.

I also am grill. If that concerns folk apparently. So not trying to be competitively degenerate. I'm a str8 m8.

Shouldn't have done that. Veeky Forums would rather accuse you of being a tranny than come to terms with the fact the women exist outside of /5eg/, /srg/, and /WoD/.

Honestly I'm still not sure why you're telling us all about your private life

has Veeky Forums fallen so far that people deny the existence of ca/tg/irls?

>LITERALLY btw im a girl
Kill yourself roastie.

Uh shit, I am obviously just trans and won't even admit it. Yeah.

you unironically have that image and posted it on tg...

Bit of a surprisingly interesting and in-depth question. Never had a waifu, but here's some roastie knowledge.

>ca/tg/irl 1:
Petite, pale grill with a penchant for playing lawful good men in D&D. Only ever played 2 sessions, but always spoke fondly of it

>ca/tg/irl 2:
Buxom womanlet cunt browsed /b/ and '''''loved'''''' Pathfinder, though as far as I know, she only ever played one game.

>ca/tg/irl 3
Amazonian /pol/-tier Aryan that got into D&D because '4th edition is fucking BASED xDDD'

No, they acknowledge their existence, but they'd never want to actually speak with one. Ruins the image of what a ca/tg/irl is.

Also the fact that encountering any woman able to deal with Veeky Forums's bullshit would shatter any ideal of women they have. Also they'd feel compelled to feel ashamed of... well, basically everything shameful about this board.

Don't question it bro, just head down the rabbit hole and see where it goes.

She likes them. We first met through RPGs. Her favorite game is probably Call of Cthulhu. She likes our current D&D game but that is because she likes all the character interaction rather than the mechanics. It helps that we have a 50/50 men and women player split, so it isn't a wall to wall sperglord sausagefest.

She likes to listen to the stories that are created from roleplaying but doesn't really like to play them.

She tried once but gets instantly defeated and salty if she suffers even the slightest setback so she sits out of games now.

>No, they acknowledge their existence, but they'd never want to actually speak with one. Ruins the image of what a ca/tg/irl is.


>Also the fact that encountering any woman able to deal with Veeky Forums's bullshit would shatter any ideal of women they have.

Also this. The second grills have an opening to say "I'm a grill btw', is the second when this board gets even more fucked.

That is Veeky Forums's true equality: When everyone is assumed to be a straight white male, everyone is equal.

I thought it would be relevant. I'm an idiot. But I know that now.

My partner read a book on nancy wake and now she's collecting french partisans for bolt action. We play RPGs together with friends at a nice cafe but other than that she isn't into anything else in our hobby. I'm an addict myself- spend too much on it!

she wishes we could find a game together that we could both show up for regularly in spite of work schedules.

Literally my story as well. The Mrs is happy I have a hobby I'm passionate about. Apparently it's also sexy when I go full loretard, how that fucking works I have have no idea but I'm not complaining!

>Let yourself get fucked by an Asian tranny
>Reddit spacing
Seems about right