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First for fear the bad scar.

First for the ADEPTUS MECHANICUS 1000101010101011010011010110


Do you think Mechanicus will get some new characters with Fires of Cyraxus? Never had a FW book before, for obvious reasons.

Post your armies, or if you're like me, the start of it!

I want to see some beautiful models!

>People are bitching about NuMarines, lore and shit
>I'm just sitting here waiting for new rules to but a Start Collecting and have fun with Kill Team

>Tyranids not important enough to be on the galactic map

So Traitor Legions is useless now? No more turn 1 Maulerfiend charge?

>mfw the upper galactic void is as calm as ever

>The rock is closer to Terra then Fenris
>wolffags BTFO


Didn't see a wip thread so i'll ask here.
Anyone know what dusting means? The current WD has tips for painting SWA terrain and mentions dusting using spray cans.

Because they felt the need to run away as fast as they could from Chaos like the coward they are

>planet of the sorcerers
Can you exterminatus a Daemon World?


They are going to Terra to conquer it, obviously



>orks scattered around in bumfuck nowhere

oh good

Wait a minute, there is a huge warp storm right next to the Tau empire.

Does that mean Tau are going to be running in to some serious chaos shit soon?

Forgive the light proxies but here's my terminators and dreadnought talon.

When I find the bases I use to proxy the grav devastators I'll post them too.

>what is the Hadex Anomaly
That thing has been around since forever. Not happening.


Shockingly, the new edition invalidates existing bullshit combos. This has never happened before, how could they do this to us.

Curses, foiled again.


Still in progress but I have about 60-70% of a 2K force painted. Here's a small group of them.

>read the new Chaos God entries
>every one of them has a few good qualities listed
Does this mean this time they won't go full retard and try to nuke the same reality that feeds them?

Oh boy, did not expect the pic to be THAT bad...

They have many realities that feed them.

I don't think this is the first time a new edition has been incompatible with the previous ones r-right?.

For the Greater Good!

RT didn't work with 2e.
2e didn't work with 3e.

Spray From farther away, so you create some fog of partially dried paint which wont Go less into crevices... Think of it as drybrushing with a spray can...

toxic GW store managers

Some Sororitas.

Since the AoS fluff came around, the gods don't give a single fuck about any universe. They have infinite realities to feed off, chaos can never be defeated there is no way to calm the realm of souls.

>No more turn 1 Maulerfiend charge?
How were you getting those?

da fuck is even going on

How sigmar works without templates?

What is this

What is that

I don't know where else to ask: is there a complete collection of the beast series ebooks? The mega folder that was posted in the general only has the first books.

My cultists and a few marines are the only things in my CSM army that are actually painted but I'll get them done eventually!

You throw a number of dice and whatever models are hit are targeted. Bonuses occur when you actually damage models with better wound rolls.

Tried again.

1d3/1d6/2d6 mortal wounds

More dudes

Well, it's better... 2nd squad. (A bit unfinished.)

>The Imperial Guard is Mankind’s primary and most numerous defence. With soldiers, battle tanks and artillery beyond number, they are the sledgehammer force that, though slow to deploy, delivers a devastating payload when its cumbersome blows land. Soldiers of the Imperial Guard are men, not gene-enhanced superhumans. They fight not with the most finely crafted armaments in the galaxy, but with the weapons and armour that can be cheaply and easily mass-produced.
>They are the largest coherent fighting force in the galaxy, able to move massed regiments and armoured vehicles across the segmentums to join any fray. As many foes of the Imperium have learned, the courage and sacrifice shown by the numberless ranks of the Imperial Guard combined with the sheer hell-storm of firepower they unleash, can sweep any battleground of foes, leaving only smoking craters and wet stains.

not gunna lie, that got be half chub just reading it

Fuck templates.

Flamer templates add some strategy to positioning but blast templates exist solely to slow the game down and cause arguments

You target a unit with an attack...
Then roll a d3 or d6. That's the number of hits it generates.
Roll to wound, roll saves; unless the attack generated mortal wounds, in which case if the targeted unit has a special rule (Like chaos warriors with shields) you use that to negate the mortal wounds, then you roll for that.

Next shooting.

Aand a DW sargeant for vets... iirc

Not to mention the smaller blast template is worthless.

This. Fuck templates, just look at wyvens

is that from the website?
will IG be great again?

If that word salad you posted was meant to ask how Age of Sigmar can work out without using templates, the answer is, via measuring.

Like, instead of flamer templates there's rules like, pick a unit and make one attack for every model of the unit within range. Then you measure that sixteen models are in range and then you roll hit and wound sixteen times.

For blasts, it's usually done like so: Weapons have a damage characteristic, ranging from 1 all the way to 2D6. So on stonethrowers and shit you make one shot with D6 damage and the damage rolls over, so if the unit consists of 1-Wound-models and you roll 5 damage, then it kills 5 of those models. If you attacked a single 5-Wound-Hero, it takes off all 5 of his Wounds. Such unit killer-weapons usually have some sort of bonus (better to hit, better to wound, reroll damage) when shooting at units of a certain size.

It works a lot better than you'd think it does.

Yeah, some of these blurbs are quite nice

>Not one use of Astra Militarum™ in those paragraphs

God damn, thats giving the guard the intro they deserve

>How sigmar works without templates?
Works very well actually

Usually i hit 1 model with small blast, if i get d3 that would be a fucking neato. So big blast will be d6 or 2d6?

Here's my entire Chaos army, minus a couple in-progress things.

It really crept up on my how large it has gotten.

It means you do a light spray where the paint is still in specks like dust instead of a solid color you fucking mongoloid

"A light dusting" is a common English phrase

Stay in fucking school instead of shitting up this board

Amen brother. Not that I know much about it...my army doesn't have any of that. I get stupid fast shit that swoops in and murders things with grace and style, Khorne gets to fire explosives down range and blow people apart...even strait up slaves to darkness don't get that...

Come to think of it, Space Marines have thunderfire cannons but CSM have no artillery. DAMN IT!

What is the most popular and least popular faction from each of the 3 sides on the website (chaos, man, xenos)

Thousand Sons - SoB - Harlies

it will depends on how the designers feel i imagine, so a battle cannon might be 2d6 where as the air burst fragment launcher would be 1d6


Really Necrons, Tyranids, and Chaos should've had roughly equal shots to come out on top.

Instead it's Chaos, and the other two can't even hold a candle to them because chaotic plot armor.

nice to see a fellow carcharodons player!

What are you playing (mainly)?

>tfw this made me remember a game in 3rd edition against my brother
Plastic termies were new and Necrons were still on their first codex. So I proxied my termie squad with blank 40mm bases.
Remember my 'terminators' and Chaplain chasing the Necron Lord over the table, while he was trying not to phase out.

Good times.

Most Popular: Marines, Chaos Marines, Tau or Craftworlds

Least Popular: Sisters of Silence, Thousand Sons, Harlequins

>wah waa waa why does the space cockaroaches not the winners my headcanon says so!

get the fuck outta here

>Really Necrons, Tyranids, and Chaos should've had roughly equal shots to come out on top.

Nah. Chaos are way more high tier in concept than robots or space bugs.

these look nice!

>So on stonethrowers and shit you make one shot with D6 damage and the damage rolls over, so if the unit consists of 1-Wound-models and you roll 5 damage, then it kills 5 of those models
...so terminators with d3 damage tunderhammers will be better at horde clearing than powerclaws termies?

CSM - Ultras - Tau

TSons - Deathwatch - Harlequins

Here's some of my favorite fists. I think I'll work on some lascannon guys today then bounce back to my deathwatch.

I mean, that's sensible in a lot of cases. Something like a Battle Cannon or a Vindicator will cause a big explosion that can kill a lot of dudes, but would also reasonably be expected to do a lot of damage if you focus that on one guy.

Similarly, something powerful like a Thunder Hammer or Lascannon would conceivably be very nice for just cleaving through squads of weaker guys, since it'll just blast straight through one and hit another.

Thank you very much!


The infantry of my Firstborn army.

>Dorito dreadnought with ayylmao launcher

Those are nice user.

I hope they will remove gorilla-butts soon :3

It's not that Chaos won; it's that the endlessly swarming extragalactic warp-blocking hive mind hunger engine and immortal soulless super advanced galaxy molding death robots didn't have any role to play at all.

Those three should've all had a shot to come out on top. Instead, they weren't given a shot at all.

My hatred for the flying monstrous creature knows no bounds.

Oh I'm not shitting on you, I love it.

>Those three should've all had a shot to come out on top

As I already said. Nah. Chaos are way more high tier in concept than robots or space bugs.

Orks are the most iconic enemy in the setting

I really need to start a carcharodons army

Im so fucking hyped for 8ed. I hope they will nerf magic bullshit.

Neat, I'm new to 40k so was checking out the site.
I can see why marines are gonna be popular but why Tau?

Shame their models look like a shit - boyz are terrible. Look at the AoS orruks (inb4 le trademark meme) - thay have amazing new models. Releasing new boyz with new rules would start an Orks Renaissance

Chicks dig giant battlesuits.

My local meta
>Most Popular
Marines - Chaos Marines - Tau
>Least Popular
Grey Knights - Chaos Demons (Mixed)- Orks


Formations costing points, removing the grind of template spam, and unfucking the psychic phase

im rock hard

Nah, space bugs are more high tier in concept than robots or demons