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How do you and your party make characters? Do you workshop them together, work on them solo? Or do you prefer to wait for the others to make characters before making your character to fill any missing party niches? When making your char do you do so blind, or do you try to learn more about the upcoming adventure to make someone who can play off of it better?

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I just make my own lol fuck the system.

The meme app system unironically worked fantastically for me. Just so long as none of them go NUCLEAAAAR

Seriously, apps work pretty well

Anyone got avant guard kineticist pdf anywhere?

just good avant guard pathfinder and you'll find it


It's in the trove. Psionics Augmented - Kineticists.

Bangin', I jumped in on the old thread as it died. Gonna repost here.

So I've been trying to design some Pathfinder stuff for my campaign, but I need to get some thoughts on it without running it by my players yet. What I'm trying to do is redesign the Medusa from a solitary monster that relies on inherent power into a communal, cultured species with individuals who rely more on training and skill than innate abilities. To that end, I've been trying to figure out how to maintain some core aspects of Medusa flavor (i.e. petrifying gaze) while getting rid of their racial hit dice and making their progression based around class levels. I don't expect to be able to properly balance them against the basic races, but as an advanced race I think it may be workable. In regards to fluff / how they fit into the setting, they're the remnants of an Elven kingdom that got the shit cursed out of them at the end of a widespread war with demons and devils, and twisted into mockeries of their serpentine jungle gods. Most of these victims have devolved into bestial half-snake abominations, but a monastic order than has since evolved into the backbone of what's left of their society gave a few of them the mental and spiritual discipline to not lose themselves to the change. Though snakes burst from their flesh, they didn't lose their minds to the cacophony of small reptilian thoughts and distractions. Even despite their gaze turning both them and those looking at them to stone from the eyes out, they have persisted and taught themselves to not rely on their accursed gaze.

Monstrous Humanoid
Darkvision 60ft
Speed 30
Ability Scores: +2 Con, +2 Dex. Medusa are tough, and move with the speed of a striking snake.
+3 Natural Armor: Where a Medusa's skin isn't covered in scales, the flesh is abnormally tough.
All-Around Vision (Ex): A medusa’s snake-hair allows her to see in all directions. Medusas gain a +4 racial bonus to Perception checks and cannot be flanked.
Cursed Gaze (Su): 30 ft. range. While a Medusa's regular eyes are open, they take 1d6 points of dexterity damage per round as their features begin to calcify and turn to stone, though they may reduce this damage by half (minimum 1) with a successful Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 HD + Charisma modifier). Anyone meeting a Medusa's gaze while their eyes are open takes 2d6 points of dexterity damage, and can make a Fortitude save of the same DC to reduce the damage by half, minimum 1. Anyone who's dexterity reaches 0 as a result of this is permanently turned to stone.


Dexterity damage is insane and this will allow this kind of character to DOMINATE some of the strongest monsters in the game

Seriously 7 dexterity damage a round are you INSANE?

Okay, you're gonna want to pull out your copy of the 3.5 monster manuals, and rip the Yuan-Ti wholesale.

Dexterity damage that is also done to the character using the ability at the same time. If you have a better way to represent gradual petrification I'm all ears, I just didn't want "save or permanently turn to stone" and this seemed more balanced.

I was already going to be using them for a lot of the more devolved types, actually :D

just use monster clases with it :^)

Maybe limit is to a limited number of times per day (3 + Cha?) And allow them to increase uses or potency by investing in racial feats?

Its way too strong

Reminder: if you post in this thread you're officially supporting this type of faggotry


whats your problem witchhunter user

>a faggot trying to shitpost with a completely unrelated memegame fanfic shit, that has nothing to do at all with the OP in the slightest
Cool story bruh.

I suppose that would work, it just feels so bland.

The medusa using the ability turns to stone only slightly slower than their target. I'm honestly not sure how that's way too strong.


They turn to stone

half as slow

Against high CR monsters which tend to have low dex because they're FUCKING HUGE, this does in fact become a problem very quickly.

He's really persistent, innit he?

Actually, looking again at the original ability listed for Medusa's petrifying gaze, I think the Fort save of the victim would be better off completely negating the damage. Considering what the fortitude of those high CR monsters often is, that shouldn't be too big a problem. The Medusa would probably petrify themselves first if they tried.

The other thing to mention is that, at least for the setting I'm building for, huge monsters aren't really a thing that is around a bunch—more often it's humanoids with class levels. The campaign is kinda inspired by late 70's kung fu movies meets D&D, so there's less monster fights and more urban brawls.


The no-OP thread got nuked

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Amusingly it was the one with the least shitposting in it.

Who wants to bet that the witchhunter is also the anime op faggot?

shame desu
Guess I'll do my usual thing


Males [12]
$ Romulus Nohrm (27 years): 6' 10", 220 lbs || 208.3 cm, 99.8 kg # 12.7 in ‡
$ Allanz Gremund (18 years): 5' 11", 152 lbs || 180 cm, 68.9 kg # 9.7 in ‡
$ Sinh: No Details
$ Lucius Nacht (18 years): 6' 3", 250 lbs || 190.5 cm, 113.4 kg # 10 in ‡
$ Dr. Linus Lux: No sheet
$ Fahd Lutfi (26 years): 4' 7", 97 lbs || 139.7 cm. 44 kg # 1.7 in
$ Raine (19 years): 5' 4", 133 lbs || 162.6 cm, 60.3 kg # 9.2 in ‡
$ † "King" Angelo Sette: No Details
$ Alkurith Rekanthor (38 years): 4' 8", 54 lbs || 144.2 cm, 24.5 kg # 3.7 in
$ Serax (24 years): 6' 2", 168 lbs || 188 cm, 76.2 kg # 8.9 in
$ Stefon Vargrave (23 years): 5' 11", 145 lbs || 180 cm, 65.8 kg # 2.7 in
$ Edward Loum (29 years): 6' 1", 156 lbs || 185.4 cm, 70.8 kg # 8.8 in
$ Alfred Silverhand (23 years): 5' 10", 150 lbs || 177.8 cm, 68 kg # 12.7 in ‡

Females [22]*
$ Emilia Ivanov (20 years): 5' 6", 135 lbs || 167.6 cm, 61 kg
$ † Yamelia: No sheet
$ Salacia Mithlaeth (RIP): 5' 8", 160 lbs || 172.3 cm, 72.6 kg
$ Chiundra (315 years): 5' 6", 145 lbs || 167.6 cm, 65.8 kg
$ Ecaterina (29 days): 7' 3" / 5' 4", 0 lbs || 221.0 cm / 162.6 cm, 0 kg
$ Cijiska (22 years): 6' 8", 212 lbs || 203.2cm, 96.2 kg
$ Umbranae (19 years): 7' 6", 386 lbs || 229 cm, 175 kg
$ Ingrid Proteah (31 years): 5'9", 144 lbs || 175.3 cm, 65.3 kg
$ Kanna (∞): No sheet
$ Konja K. Snusel (17 years): ???
$ Olivia Favillina (23 years): 5' 5", 115 lbs || 165.1 cm, 52.2 kg
$ Helvetica (28 years): 5', 0 lbs || 152.4 cm, 0 kg
$ Kenna Gunnhildr (19 years): 5' 6", 130 lbs || 167.6 cm, 59.0 kg
$ Aeshma (23 years): 5' 11", 125 lbs || 177.8 cm , 56.7 kg
$ Calesedria: No sheet
$ Rhyisjir the Burned: No sheet
$ Crytha Tamegall (13 years): 8'4" 350lbs || 254 cm, 158 kg
$ 4916 (???): 6'8", 277 lbs || 203.2 cm, 125.6 kg
$ † Velvet (∞?): 5'0", 120 lbs || 152.4 cm || 54.4 kg
$ Sayaka Ikusaba: No sheet
$ Valentina: No sheet
$ Titania: No sheet

† Not included in any record list because not a real app.
‡ This is actually more than any of the girls can take.

Crytha (254 cm)
Umbrane (229 cm)
Ecaterina (221 cm)
Romulus (208 cm)
Cisjika (203 cm)

Konja (~∞)
Umbrane (175 kg)
Crytha (158 kg)
4916 (125.6 kg)
Lucius (113.4 kg)

Helvetica (0)
Ecaterina (0)
Alkurith (24.5 kg)
Fahd (44 kg)
Olivia (52 kg)

Fahd (139.7 cm)
Alkurith (144.2 cm)
Helvetica (152.4 cm)
False!Ecaterina (162.6 cm)
Raine (162.6 cm)

Kanna (∞)
Chiundra (315 years)
Alkurith (38 years)

Ecaterina (29 days)
Crytha (13 years)
Konja (17 years)

Highest Mass / Height Ratio‡:
Umbranae (76.42 ᵏᵍ/ₘ) ※
Crytha (62.20 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
4916 (61.81 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Lucius (59.53 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Romulus (47.91 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)

Lowest Mass / Height Ratio‡:
Ecaterina (0)
Helvetica (0)
Alkurith (16.99 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Fahd (31.50 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)
Olivia (31.62 ᵏᵍ/ₘ)

Average Male Height, Weight [9 samples, 9 samples]
5' 9¼", 154 lbs || 175.4 cm, 69.8 kg

Average Female Height, Weight [14 samples, 14 samples]†
6' 2", 158 lbs || 187.7 cm, 71.2 kg

Median Male Height, Weight
6', 154 lbs || 182.7 cm, 69.9 kg

Median Female Height, Weight
5' 9", 144.0 lbs || 175.3 cm, 65.3 kg

Biggest Dick
Romulus (12.7 in)

Smollest Dick
Fahd (1.7 in)

† Does not include Konja, who is probably 8' tall and weighs a few metric tons
‡ also known as Linear Mass Density γₘ for Engineering/Physicsfags

Romulus is the biggest guy for you, but still shorter than 3 girls normally and 5 girls potentially.
Olivia is no longer the 5th smollest, instead the 5th smollest is now a qt LG paladin (male).
Ecaterina is the recordholder of most lists made, being on five different lists. She's first place on three lists.
Boys put on some meat, you're too light.
fucking complete your sheets fags I've had it up to here with incomplete sheets it's literally just three numbers[\spoiler]

I don't know if there's a way to make it work without some limits that don't make much sense.

Remember that wyrms have like 6 dex. They have good saves too, but still, they take half. And this is basically a large cone effect, so you could hit a dozen people with it at once and massacre them. The price to do so is high, until you get a spell or item to negate stat damage on yourself, which isn't too hard.

Maybe make the damage lower, and just make it a reskinned version of one of the Poison racials

I am starting to genuinely hate how this gets posted so often.
It reminds me how the reviews have stopped

Fair enough. You know, it might actually be interesting to make it so that it did equal damage to both user and target, either 1d6 or 2d6, and just give both sides a save at the same DC to negate the damage. Could turn it into a literal battle of wills.

It's just one dedicated dumb faggot (me) advertising his cataloguing work.

Wait a few more days, i'll start giving them again.


No pressure man, they're just really fun to read and the only thing about the memegames I genuinely enjoy.

Include a joke category for how funny a joke app is.

There's only like.. 3 joke apps

A lot of them aren't even jokes

>$ Titania: No sheet
>No sheet
Stop doing this to me!
She's a snek! Her numbers won't even make sense!

She's like 14 feet long depending on how she stretches! And almost 300 lbs!

Fiendbound Marauder catgirl

These are the official 3 "I cannot play in this game" apps, I think

yeah but they aren't really jokes outside of succubed

Been gone a few days, someone give me a summary of the new overlewd apps? Memes optional.

Does reviews starting again in a few days have anything to do with Blingmaker's team getting announced in a few days? Or is that coincidence?

aw shit did someone save that summary the one guy did, it was really good

thicker, thicker, thicker.


Right, fair enough "joke" is probably not the best descriptor

So what's the best kind of weapongril?

Punchgrils? Fencergrils? Knifeygrils? Polearmgrils? Greatswordgrils?

And what's the best disposition for a gril?

Tomboygril? Ara-aragril? Nerdgril? Icygril? Psychogril? Angrygril? Slutgril?

And, because I have more fun than I should with linguistics:

The Elves of that era didn't call themselves Elves. "Elf" is, itself, only the common name for them, as they now refer to themselves as the Ehl, stemming from an old word for Free. The Elves of the old empire were actually, in their own tongue, the Sah. Their kingdom consisted of three primary islands: Rokai, Hanju, and Maedu. It was on Maedu that the monastic order existed.

And that's my completely autistic in-world logic for the etymology of the word Medusa: a mispronunciation in the common tongue of their more appropriate name: Maedu-Sah.

what the fuck?

Ara-ara+Nerd Axegirl

Can someone give me a rundown of DHB's unshackled martials? How are they? What tier are they? Do they actually have shit for martials to do out of combat?

Which are the new ones for you?

what the fuck is overlewed ,and why are we talking about it in...

you know what, nevermind.

>what the fuck is overlewed

It's a /pfg/ game that's recruiting.

>and why are we talking about it in...

It's a /pfg/ game that's recruiting.


Oh wait. Thicker you say?

Stefon Vargrave is the first one I don't recognize.

Stefon is a carefree necromancer

Edward is an actual fallen paladin

4916 is a troll

Velvet is a cat

Sayaka is weeaboo fightan

valentina is a silver bullet

Titania is a snek

newest one I haven't read

excuse me

4916 is THICKER

this looks like a pretty dope band

>they were naked the WHOLE TIME


Either hammergril, speargril, or gungril

Tomboy, Ara-ara, Army, Smug, Nerd, Tsun, and Next-Door are best dispositions

Let me schmooze, booze cruise!

Anyone? Has anyone even played them?

>They actualy said the word penis
Honestly, really caught me off guard


I'm really glad I watched that while dead tired, because otherwise I would have scared the neighborhood laughing.
It's really refreshing to just watch something that's "a cartoon". It tries to be "grown up", but it's a cartoon and it's nice to see something not bend over backwards trying to explain itself.

>Oh Samurai, All my years dedicated to becoming an assassin has left me so sexually frustrated. Why don't you take me under this rock and sheathe your immortal sword into my quivering virgin sheathe. We can do it right now, as I am technically naked.

>No way fag!

Are there any ways besides versatile performance to use charisma for sense motive?

Celestial Pact avowed!

Not with 1pp, no.

Has there been any LoBaF off session RP? I want pairing greentexts

>social attribute for reading social cues
Haha this is Pathfinder better luck next game

>It's possible that Jack has gone 50+ years without banging anyone

shit son, and here I thought only elves did that shit

Jack is a virgin. Banging was not something his parents considered an essential skill for defeating the ultimate evil.

He's still waiting for the magic to start!
There's no magic, is there?


>Samurai from a hundred billion years ago
>Literally too honorable and devoted to slaying evil
>Almost commits sodoku near-naked and alone

is this the kind of shit Paladinfags actually look up to?

You assume that one of his teachers didn't molest him as a kid. Pretty sure that when you train with all the masters of Asia and Europe at least one of them would turn out to be a kiddie diddler.

Jack's parents seemed to have detect evil as a racial skill

Jack may be mighty, but he is still a man, and all men will have their moment of weakness.

But even in his darkest and most dire moment, his heart and convictions still beat stron, and he is able to remember his honor and duty, and bnishes away his doubts and sorrows to do his duty and save the innocent.

Truly, such is the test of character, and such is the choice all true warriors of justice should have the strength to make when their darkest hour is upon them.

tfw I finally realized the green ghost samurai is actually a representation of the Green Knight of Arthurian Lore, and this was the test of character that usually follows

So uh, I just realized, why did someone make a new thread before the other one hit autosage again? The other thread right now is sitting at page 2...

I'm about to run Seven Swords of Sin from my players since it looks ideal to give them a challenge, but I need some help with something.

It only stats one sword, the sword of lust. If I know my PCs well enough, they are probably going to keep the rest of the swords to themselves as they were not a part of the original agreement. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should do with the other blades?

Lust is +2 Flaming with an on hit charm monster and on crit dominate monster, it'd be nice if the rest could follow under similar formulas.

The remaining swords are Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth and Envy.

Thanks in advance for anyone who helps out, I could probably come up with a few ideas on my own but I want to focus on my hand drawn maps first.

Did chronicles of the righteous every receive stats the way book of the damned did?

Shitposting. Shitposting and trolling by a fag with delusions. That's literally it

I just got a PM on roll20 that I'm pretty jazzed about. I wanted to post my joy here since I have nobody in my meatspace life that would understand.

Just make sure to post the logs when you're done!

Congrats I think.

And thus begins the shitposting about blingmaker PMs.

But Wubu said Blingmaker PMs aren't going out until tomorrow! You don't think the DM would lie, do you?

Let's see, it was fake "I got accepted" shitposting, then fake "I hate another person in my group" shitposting, and then when LoBaF picked its folks someone tried to spread fake "I'm secretly in a duo app so I'm going to back out" rumors.

I wonder how that user's going to step his game up?

Someone wants to be your significant other in your new life as a furry?

So there's constant talk about lewd content surrounding various sessions y'all take part in, but how many of you actually sit down and RP romantic moments with your characters without the expectation of the encounter to end in sex?

You could say so.
Heavy petting is not sex, right?