How would you fix the original dual lands?

How would you fix the original dual lands?

Trick question, they are not broken.

>strictly better than a basic land, making basic lands pointless
>not broken

If it wasn't the first land played this turn, they do 2 damage to you.

Rare has all the right to be strictly better than Common.

>fire and nature

What's the connection?

>rarity is relevant outside of limited
wew lad
>how would you fix the original dual lands?
Make them come into play tapped unless you pay 2 life.

The answer is every other dual land that's ever been made, particularly the shocklands.

>i can use 20 dual lands

go away fast

Tundra could be considered "mountainous" and one use of the word taiga refers to the northern part of the forested biome where you are approaching the tundra.

1. No it doesn't, and
2. Basic lands aren't commons, they're a permanent core component of the game with no rarity. Allowing anything to be strictly better than a basic land is shit tier game design. WotC themselves realized this and created the whole concept of nonbasic hate just so that the real duals would technically have a weakness.

Original duals were a 100% design error, just like the moxen.

You're having bad opinions on purpose, aren't you?

They're strictly better than the four slots of basics they take.

I remember my older brother had a Spanish version of this card that had a weird two-tone, blocky text background.
Wonder where that thing went to.

ah yes, they are strictly better than basics, and that is why all legacy decks play no basics.

oh wait, every deck besides delver strategies plays some number of basics.

>spike-fagging this hard
The only reason those decks run basics is because
a.) they cant play 20 duals
b.) the hate that already mentioned, implemented to force people to use basics

what are you going on about

Have enough Non-Basic Land hate in each format, remove them from the Restricted List and print the ever living fuck out of them?

Wasteland, Strip Mine, and Blood Moon exist.

Wasteland and bloodmoon did nothing wrong

they're not broken faget

a) you can play tons of duals since fetchlands exist
b) thats like saying removal forces people to play creatures that can't be removed

nonbasics are just another aspect of the games that you need to know how to properly play with. The nonbasic land hate hits shocks, taplands, checklands, etc. just the same as it hits duals. Duals are just the right power level for formats like legacy and vintage. If you were forced to pay 2 life every time you wanted a land untapped, aggressive decks would get much better while nonbasic hate would be just as strong.

Reprint them until each playset costs 12-15$.

but then poorfag modern babbies will get to play legacy. People who don't have money but actually want to take the time to learn the format and not be a shitter should just buy chinamen fakes

you know decks run basics for things like Path, right?
I think the power level is fine for legacy/vintage, but thats primarily because the power level of legacy/vintage in general is fucking busted

Remove basic lands, allow more than 4 dual lands per deck, print them like their toilet paper.

They play 1-3 basic exclusively to not be blown out by Path to Exile

>in legacy

hmm... pretty sure they play basics to play around a much more common card called wasteland