What's the absolute cringiest setting ever to be put to paper?

What's the absolute cringiest setting ever to be put to paper?

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Fatal. Also a thread died for this despite the fact that the answer has been known for a long time.

It used to go in all fields.


Lamentation of the Flame Princess is cringier.

FATAL merely has cringy mechanics.

Wraeththu by far. (evil mary-sue ladyboy elves take over the world with their sea-anemone shaped cocks)


This is a joke right?


Bellum Maga, the "Feminist RPG" is one of the cringiest things I've ever seen in my life.


How is it cringy, exactly? It seems like a cool Gothic horror themed OSR game?

Said "flame princess" is a redhead chick the author had a crush on. The chick told him to fuck off.

Just to be clear: you mean TTRPG settings exclusively, right?

Sounds like a bitch, I hope she gets tortured and raped for turning down such a nice guy.

Don't remind me of that shit,bought the first omnibus on a lark and it turned me off of paying full price on books for a decade.

Didn't touch white wolf shit after that even just on basic principle.

there is the picture book too.
jesus fucking christ.

where'd you hear this?

Is she central to the system?
Are all the rules tied around jerking off to her?
Because, if not, then fuck off.

You don't hear anyone saying D&D is cringy because Gygax thought that wizards sucked cock and people would only want to play Conan the Barbarian.

>Brad Carpenter is currently developing a new sci fi/fantasy series called Raythu, based on the novel series The Wraeththu Chronicles by Storm Constantine.

There is not enough incendiary rounds in the world.

Have this


You're all wrong. The correct answer is CWCville

>Bellum Maga, the "Feminist RPG"
Please, tell me more.

>Written by Storm Constantine

That is not his fucking real name. It can't be.

I know its stupid Chick track clip (may he rest in piece) meant to be horrifying, but this panel is strangely inspiring.

L-links please?

Oh fuck yes this. Don't Zap To The Extreme.

It's cringy that the setting exists and that the system was built for it.

Why did you have to make me remember that?
For the un-initiated:

Just google, is directly in the wikipedia article.

Ah, and remember to kill yourself afterwards, you fucking waste of oxygen.

>OkCupid watermark

I like causing pain


C-could someone upload a copy of it I need it for reasons

>a thread died for this
A thread on page 11 that you could have bumped.

Don't be so fucking stupid. Would you want your name on something like that?

You're a fucking faggot. And I don't mean that in the cute endearing image board parlance, you are literally a mincing degenerate fairy poofter, you're a failed human being, and you should kill yourself.

You need to think about your fucking life. You are legitimately sexually aroused by Wraeththu. In general I couldn't fucking care less what people do with their own and other peoples' genitalia given that they're consenting adults, but you need to understand just how fucking deep into vacuous, histrionic faggotry you have sunk.

Aspire to better things, or just please do us the courtesy and yourself the mercy of ending yourself.

What was the Chick tract set in the future where everyone was anti-Christian?

The original 80s version actually had some great setting ideas.

I... it's just.... errr....

It's like Slaanesh possessed a Tumblirite and made it write stuff.

Him and me aren't the same person. Also: >getting infuriated by people acting perverted on a Kyrgyzstani archery forum

I was requesting a copy of Bellum Maga the feminist rpg m9. I don't understand the appeal of wraeththu.

Bellum Maga or Gor, probably.

I'd say FATAL, but it doesn't have a setting so much as some scraps of lore that are all terrible.

Chuck Tingle is the Broken Matt Hardy of buttfucking. That's good and you are bad for not realizing it.


>DPH: I’ve mentioned briefly in the introduction about where the meaning of the ‘Flame Princess’ came from, but what’s the full story?

>JRIV: Back in the 90s when I first got on the web and few bands had websites and they'd link to every single online fan's sites they could find, I ran across the site of this one Finnish woman, and, well, she was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. The email link was already dead, so I created an imaginary character to go with the pictures on the site. (Fictional-world imaginary, not trying-to-imagine-who-this-person-really-is imaginary.) When I finally figured out how to get in touch years later she thought I was creepy. Imagine that. The woman who serves as the reference model for the Flame Princess character these days is a completely different person, someone who has waist-length flame-red hair that I came across when I moved to Helsinki.

I cleaned it myself, but somebody else will have to upload their copy, because I don't get back from work for six hours.

Chuck Tingle is a national treasure.

MYFAROG, clearly. Its the only thing remotely competing with FATAL.

Only if you're literally chaotic evil

He wasn't wrong, everyone else was

Does Chakona Space count?

Blue Rose.


What's your excuse for not achieving godhood.

isn't that the one wihch talks about white superiority whilst making white character mechanically inferior

If your systems name is based on a crush who doesnt even like you thats pretty cringey.

>Height 4'7"
>Weight 194 lbs

What a fat fuck

I don't even get the FATAL hate, every time I read the rule book I start laughing like a retard. It's so nonsensically over the top and every single time I find some new nugget of shit. I mean, yeah, it sucks, but it's fucking hilarious. It's fun in the same way The Room is fun.

Pretty funny. If I didn't know better I'd say it was ironic.

Try playing it.

I would, actually, I feel like it would be fun: get my buddies, a few pitchers of beer, a graphing calculator or three, and then roll up some characters.

Wasnt MYFAROG already mentioned?

Some guy posted a few years ago about how he had head lice as a child and he ended up turning it into a setting. It was really autistic but the guy had put genuine effort into writing about it, he even drew a few pictures. As you can expect Veeky Forums made fun of him and he went absolutely apeshit. He never came back so I am wondering if he ended up committing suicide. But yeah it was probably the most cringeworthy RPG setting I have seen.

What do I win?

Also does anyone know why my printer won't print black? It says Ink levels are normal

I will wait for you based user. Google searches don't bring up any sources. Its pretty obscure.

By all means try it. Go on. Its a learning experience.

Speaking as somebody who has tried to manually roll up a character, use the chargen program.

It's on DTRPG for about five bucks if you can't wait.

Are there links to this?

No, I just remember it was around 2014 or so. He had this story from when he was younger and he'd tried to turn it into an RPG setting. I remember feeling bad for him because it was really shitty but you could tell he'd put a ton of work into it. He almost certainly had some kind of mental illness because he apparently didn't have any friends. The only other thing I remember was he mentioned a giant tree named Sarengard, but like I said it was a long time ago and I don't remember much.

even if everyone else hates you, I smiled

That's not even a setting honestly....

Well it is. Basically /pol/ version of Turner Diaries.

You're acting like I don't know how nonsensical and overtly-complicated it is. I am aware that it is mechanically retarded, and that's part of the fun.

I have to say, I agree. The story of the redhead chick is pretty cringy but it really doesn't have much bearing on the setting or the system. At worst, it's a bit edgy.

I have the RaHoWar PDF on my computer and I don't recall such a setting.... it may have been implied but not really explicitly described.

How would there be a non-/pol/ version of the Turner Diaries?

As a player of d20 systems and someone who enjoys Pathfinder (sue me), Golarion can get pretty fucking cringy depending on what part you're looking at.

Eragon because its awful pretenious plagiarized garbage crud from hell.

*Ardwen - Arwen
*Isenstar - Isengard
*Mithrim - Mithrim or mithril
*Angrenost - Angrenost
*Morgothal - Morgoth
*Elessari - Elessar
*Furnost - Fornost
*Hadarac Desert - Harad Desert
*Melian - Melian
*Vanilor - Valinor
*Eridor - Eriador
*Imiladris - Imladris
*Undin - Fundin/Udun
*Gil'ead - Gil'Galad
*Ceranthor - Caranthir
*Isidar - Isiludir
*Eragon - Aragorn

I still hate you tho

It's actually correct. I mean, the feminine form exist. Of course it should be belli maga or magae, but that's not really the problem here...

Also oddly enough the setting isn't THAT bad. I mean, it's shit, but ok, it's a some kind of ignorant amerifat teenager shit. Something you see constantly in RPGs, at least from the players' side.

It's the rules and how they're written.

Were you in a coma for the last year or something man? Welcome back.

Don't forget how the first book is literally just Star Wars: A New Hope, but in a sword & sorcery setting instead of a sci-fi one.

I'd argue it's much crueler than your typical rpg setting in terms of how PCs deal with hostiles.

Typically you'd either kill your enemies or try a more diplomatic approach. In Bellum Maga you turn them into cigars that can still think and feel pain and then slowly burn them alive while consuming their spirit energy.

>"cringiest setting"

I don't think you have put any thought to the actual question at all, and instead are just parroting names of RPGs you heard were bad on Something Awful or some shit. Both FATAL and MYFAROG have the most generic settings imaginable, both of them are basically just medieval Europe with some demons and shit thrown in.

FATAL is bad for other reasons entirely and MYFAROG isn't even a bad game, it only gets a bad rap because it's made by a guy who murdered somebody.

>I'd argue it's much crueler than your typical rpg setting in terms of how PCs deal with hostiles.
>Typically you'd either kill your enemies or try a more diplomatic approach. In Bellum Maga you turn them into cigars that can still think and feel pain and then slowly burn them alive while consuming their spirit energy.

Why are RPGs designed by women always some sadistic psycho shit? With that creepy witch game for children where you turn people into animals and make them eat each other because they said something you don't like, it's two for two now.

It's funny you think it's ripping off LoTR when it's clearly ripping off Star Wars far harder.

Also Eragon=Dragon with the first letter moved one space up the alphabet.

Jesus christ I'm maybe half a dozen paragraphs in and this is a fucking magical journey into the depths of mary suedom. I needed this. Thanks user

Abby Soto's connected to both of them.

>MYFAROG isn't even a bad game
It's exceedingly uninspired and overcomplex in areas that don't need it. It's not even good complexity, it's just pointless fluffing. I agree with you that the setting isn't really that unusual, though, other than the fact that it's niggers instead of orcs.

Really, it wouldn't be worth any note, good or bad, if it wasn't for who wrote it and the unending meme threads about it.

>MYFAROG isn't even a bad game, it only gets a bad rap because it's made by a guy who murdered somebody.
It's literally /pol/: The Game, with a rulebook written entirely in fucking Papyrus.

>What was the Chick tract set in the future where everyone was anti-Christian?
>The original 80s version actually had some great setting ideas.
I got you user

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Harem Knights


>It's literally /pol/: The Game

Deus Ex is /pol/ the game and everybody worships it.



That guy right there on the picture was one of the most metal characters ever, and he was called the "faith healer" or some hippy shit like that. That comic was amazing.


I wish they hadn't tossed all this cool pre-EPA environmental panic.



>nails on her gloves