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So Far, So Good Edition

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>Post about your planeswalker snowflake in the thread.
>Post/plan/collaborate stories.
>Avoid shitposting.
>Discuss Lore

Question of the Day: What does your flake fear most?

Costin fears everything. Even his own shadow. Even his own magic. He's been afraid his whole life.

I'm not sure that I understand why they would make a new mechanic to overwrite fear, then let it leak out into other colors. I mean, Intimidate is probably fine in Red as well, but that's pretty much it.

So much for .

We just got started, yeah? We should at least get this first stretch going long enough that people are aware that we've started up again.

Is there a specific cause of his fear?

It's possible you may be enamored with the Fear card itself. Maybe have the -1 literally fetch copies of Fear out?
Or instead how about also making him more useful and giving +1/+0 and/or haste as a bonus? (People get a shot of adrenaline when they panic)
Black happens to have secondary access to haste, so it could suit as a viable option in a monoblack deck as a source of haste.

I wouldn't cling to much to the specific word "fear"
Menace is the exact, literally the exact, same flavor of fear and intimidate, except that it doesn't have the landwalk issue of singling out specific colors.

So Innistradi vampires can be planeswalkers because they're not technically dead right? Is the same true of Zendikari vampires?

I think so.

>What does your flake fear most?
Being locked in a dark hole/pocket dimension with no space, light, or anything for all eternity. She's claustrophobic.

currently? that someone will misuse or abuse the help he gives

Is it weird that I actually kind of want that to happen to me?

I mean. A little.

You can do it, if you want. Sensory deprivation chambers exist.
Tristain is afraid of being abandoned by his gods. He's afraid that everything he knows, everything he has spent his life learning, will all be for naught in the end.
Vosmir is afraid that no one will ever recognize him for the true genius that he is. I mean, he IS a genius, right? Right?

Being poor.

jewragons get out
I'm joking please stay, we need more non-unhinged comedy flakes

Wait. Is that...Belloski?

From what I know about deprivation tanks, you can probably still feel a bit in there. I don't want to sense anything whatsoever.

Requesting the pic of my flake be updated on the flake sheet.

It used to be failure, but I think she's kinda gotten over that now. I feel like it would probably be to feel directionless, she always has to hop from project to project but she doesn't know what her real end goal is so she's sort of blotting it out.

Deep down she fears some kind of karmic retribution for being judged unworthy and only escaping death because her spark saved her.

Does this look like a good spell list?
I tried to narrow it down some, I had too many and I tried to cut down a few.
This has been surprisingly difficult, picking out spells for my bard character.

any cards with the names of characters already established are probably good to toss, you can find non-owned versions of those, and the unhinged guy could probably be booted unless you specifically need it

I kept Zur's Weirdling mostly because of the effect, I'll see if I can find a similar card to it.
What do you mean by the unhinged guy?

updated Bellugi with a revised backstory. Still need to find better art for him and add cards and equipment

Huh. I was thinking up a bard character too. It's interesting how we took different stands on the whole idea.

I really like the idea of planeswalker's bar. Somewhere to pick up mail, where you can relax and drink Kamigawan sake while the sentient hydra next to you downs a barrel of Vallan ale.

I like how we have some red cards in common though.
I'd also be interested in hearing more of your bard character.

Well I drafted a card up for him real quick, and I think I'll probably end up cutting green out. He's a nomad, probably originating in Fiora, Llorywn, or some other comfy plane.

>No update from last thread.

Incoming or repost 'em?

Improved version. I'll fill up his bio sometime tomorrow, probably.

Continue cutting down. Seriously.

Like, consider nine or less. You've got too many there right now.

No need for reposts. All profiles are saved when they are posted for the first time. Only repost them if an update misses them.

Well, that's good to know.

Nice try, Belloski...

Yes. But I mostly think just because you didn't think it all the way through. It's really never-ending: the darkness, the inability to move, and the loneliness. You'd get no stimuli and slowly lose your mind until you became a thoughtless dud outside of reality.

Onek fears the Rakdos cult more than anything else. The only way to get him to approach the Hellhome of Rakdos is by giving him a letter or package to deliver in there.

He doesn't look backstabby enough to survive in Fiora.

How do you think his spark ignited?

That is a great point.

I don't understand this garbage. There are way too many spells with no real theme linking them together. I can't get a good idea of what this walker can do.

And what is up with all these vision/seeing spells? Same with the Aether spells. Don't know what bard you're thinking of that can see the future.
Am I the only one who is lost?

>card draw in white
Also, this is hilariously underpowered. The +1 would be weak on a 4-mana walker, the -2 is worthless, and the ultimate takes way too long to charge for not enough gain.

It is really weak, but the -2 is the ability of Carrier Pigeon.

>White: 2
>Blue: 1
>Black: 2
>Red: 1
>Green: 2
>Azorius: 1
>Orzhov: 1
>Dimir: 2
>Izzet: 0
>Rakdos: 4
>Golgari: 1
>Gruul: 0
>Boros: 2
>Selesnya: 1
>Esper: 0
>Abzan: 0
>Grixis: 2
>Jeskai: 4
>Jund: 1
>Sultai: 1
>Naya: 0
>Mardu: 1
>Bant: 0
>Temur: 1
>Domain: 1

Izzet, Gruul, Esper, Abzan, Naya and Bant are all vacant.
Rakdos and Jeskai are maybe a little over-saturated at the moment.

Does anyone understand this spell list?

Bard mindmage thing? I;m having a Thought Hemorrhage trying to work it out.


Also, there's always going to be a lot of RB flakes. Because we can't help but be edgy.

Exactly it makes no sense. Bards don't get visions of the future. And they can't mess with Aether. This is a shit list.

Given Elvish Piper, Yisan, Musician, and Rubinia "Soulsinger" I'd guess what M:tG thinks a bard is is green to GUx and does a lot of 'unearned' summoning, perhaps a little gain control. If we get more "Emotion other than blind rage" red cards that could be an angle to go at, but Chord of Calling would seem like the essential "bard" spell as we know it now.

Green, White, and Red seem to be the colors most suited for music.

so i started looking at the lore and i have 3 things to ask...

does every plane the gatewatch go to always end up going to hell?

if so how do you guys think amonkhet is gonna get fucked?

why is the obviously evil necromancer even with the group in the first place?

So we are in agreement that this is shit

Yes, but it's not necessarily their fault; they just go where the plot is.

Probably, given that they showed up explicitly to fuck with Bolas, and that's stupid.

Because they needed to round out the color set for the Jacetice League.

Bellugi is Belloski's mentor and replacement.
>Got Bant, black, and red planeswalkers on the backburner
>Already made a Mardu and Rakdos character
>Now I want to make characters for Izzet, Orzhov, Boros, and Golgari
I gotta stop
But I wanna go

What is your flake's ________fetish________?

Emrakul, definitely Emrakul.


Using her mind powers to link everyone's minds during orgasm in a mass orgy.

Hey, what a coincidence because I'm remaking an old flake to be less faggoty, too.

From the last two storms, RB was actually the most swingy color. It frequently went from being at the bottom of the list to the top and then slowly dropping back to the bottom again.

Jeskai on the other hand, will always hands-down be the most popular three-color option every storm without fail.

To be honest, black is the least 'bard' color of the five. I'm not sure why someone would want to make a bard with black in there, nor do I know how they'd explain it without pulling some 'Rakdos entertainer' nonsense.

Self obsessed narcissistic pop star who's only in it for the money and adoration, perhaps?

What about blue? Does blue like art?

It's something for blue to excel at, plus it's one of the tools blue could use for hypnotism, distraction and trickery. See the sirens of Theros, as an example.

Blue doesn't like art all that much. It's more about the logical process.

What bullshit do you think anons are gonna pull this flakestorm? Will we get a time-traveller who literally rends apart the multiverse for his waifu? Will we get a planeswalker who uses brown mana? Will we get a monocolored pw with multicolored spells that are mostly legendary creatures? Will we get a lore rape? Will we see someone from Amonkhet or Kaladesh? Will we see more characters who got their spark from someone or somewhere else? Will Vronak make a comeback?
the answer to the last one is yes

Perhaps a tragedian, dedicated to getting new inspiration by manipulating people and manafacturing their real tragedies? Could be a blue/black or Grixis character there? Alternativley, someone on the nasty end of hypnotist/mind controller would also be blue/black (Discard and control magic would be the key cards) and could easily work through music.

It's not impossible, it's just not how we've usually seen things flavored so there's limited support at most.

Yes to the last 4.

You shut your whore mouth.

We already have someone from Kaladesh actually.

I couldn't figure out what to give this guy for equipment, so he has the bow from his art. I tried to avoid the super stale "every flake from Tarkir must have a vendetta against dragons".

This wouldn't be strange anyway.

The clans are dead, user. Abzan, Jeskai, Sultai, Mardu and Temur are all dead words.

You can have him be one of the Dromoka that worships his ancestors in secret and delves into forbidden and forgotten magic, but you cannot have him be Abzan.

Wait, when is Reyhan Last of the Abzan from? I thought she was contemporary?

Oops, you're right. Reyhan is from the past. I haven't read all the stories from Khans block.

In either case, it's a simple enough rewrite. I was just going with what I thought was the shortest way to explain his background.

Alright, here he is. I figured I''d be a little bit gimmicky and have him tell his own story, since he's a bard and all.
No, he's not. He writes some damn good libelous limericks, but he's not one of those 'knives in the dark' types.

How many planes have sentient, natural born dragons? I know dominaria can, but are there others? While jund alone didn't seem to be able to produce them, alara before it was broken and after it was repaired seemed capable, with malfegor and spellbound dragon

Great spell selection for a bard or entertainer. I'm impressed that you managed to pull it off without delving into green.

Ravnica used to; the kind of dragon that Niv-Mizzet is basically went extinct a long time ago and he's the last one.

Tarkir is an obvious one. Some Jund dragons are sentient aren't they?

tarkir is non-viable, their dragons are mana-constructs

do we know anything about the intelligence of innistradi or mirrodin-born dragons?

Oh that's right. I forgot about that.

I guess most of us did, because there was a Tarkir dragon in the previous storm I think. Maybe the first one.

Some Innistrad dragons are smart enough to hunt vampires and werewolves specifically.

The D&D book also says to use the red dragon stat block for most of them, so I guess maybe they can talk?

m8, you just crossed materials.

There's specific PDFs for running games in Magic the Gathering settings using D&D 5e. Official ones, too.

I mean the actual Planeshift: Innistrad book that WotC put out. It says to use the Red Dragon stat block for regular Innistrad Dragons and Brass for the Moonveil ones.

I still wouldn't put too much stock in it. They probably did this just to simplify it.

It's the only thing we have to go on. Obviously we don't have anything saying Innistradi dragons are sentient, but also don't have anything going directly against it.

Jeesh I didn't think that someone would have a conniption over my flakes colors.

To be honest I didn't start out developing this character as RB, they actually started out GW. But someone told me that Red is the most artistic and expressive color. The problem is, I dislike how Red interacts with both White and Green so I redesigned this character putting Red front and center.
I wanted to make a flashy self-absorbed asshat and R/B are the two best colors for that.

Bard magic is all about supporting your allies (giving +1s and other benefits), briefly taking control of opponent creatures, and messing up their emotions and minds to distract them (dispensing -1s, discarding cards and so on.)
I thought I did a good job representing a bard

Really, I think the lot of you should just take a step back and reconsider what aspects of being a bard are in play here, instead of just doing the archetypical thing.

Nalathni dragons are small but intelligent.
Nekoru, or cat-dragons, are also intelligent.
Shivan dragons are apparently intelligent.

That's all I can confirm.

And just what do you mean by that?

Choose an integer that is equal to or greater than one while also being equal to or less than six.


Hey, I'm making a flake with one.

Rolled 5 (1d6)

Here you go, my dude.

That you're all throwing the word "bard" around and then being strict on what that means. Just design the goddamned flake.

No because if you say you are making a necromancer and don't include any spells about raising the dead or other spiritual nonsense then what is the point?
You say you are making a bard, then it better be recognizable as such. Bards don't manipulate Aether or see into the future.

All I'm saying is that every flake is going to be different. Saying "it's a bard, so it can't do X or has to do Y" is silly, because any number of things about the character could suggest otherwise. As long as some form of bard (which is something that has had some meaning skewed by fantasy gaming) is being represented, the other details are personal.

So what makes them a bard?

The discussion is all over the thread, but I'm not sure where it starts.

To be honest, I would consider a bard to be any kind of entertainer that focuses mainly on music.