L5R Storytime thread: A Stonewall blinked and missed the last thread edition

Old bread here

>I felt the familiar rush of Naomi's healing magic
>Once I could move on my own I sat up
>All I could say
>He was an Akodo, so I couldn't even claim my armor would have made the difference in that fight.
>I had to use both The World is Empty, and Victory of the River.
>Two of the four kata that make up One Thousand Years of Steel...
>Which one was it you used to defeat Monkey?
>Mon... ah a nickname.
>You are refering to Toku-san, yes?
>That was the World is Empty
>and the one you used to beat me was Victory of the River?
>Aptly named, it really did feel like I was being engulfed by an onrushing river.
>It was then that I realized there was no Phoenix healing Yoshi
>Were you only pretending?
>Oh no, I'm in quite a lot of pain right now
>He sure didn't look like it.
>But, I would just as soon be tended by the best healer in this castle. I have no desire for any of these injuries to heal poorly.
>The room practically exploded into whispers
>Everyone wondering if the Lion were declaring a stance on the war
>I shook my head in annoyance
>Naomi turned from me to Yoshi
>Ah. It is different, than when most Kitsu do it.
>So, this is the skill of a Tensai, is it?
>He looked at me out of the corner of his eye
>You have a good eye, Ishigaki-san. I'm jealous.

Honestly, they ARE poor healers. After all, they could not save an eye from a quite gruesome, yet unfortunal, accident.
It's like some kind of bad luck pursue Phoenix clan this winter.

Dice be dice yo. Sure Espically in the hands of ForeverGm.

Seriously, any time a game has exploding dice, he WILL blow the fuck up. I can remember one Anima game he ran, he rollled for a bad guy to swing.
Scoop and roll
Scoop and roll
Scoop and roll

In the L5R game ForeverGM at least used a house rule, Mooks drop their highest damage die. Cause otherwise we'd have all been making new chars once he took over.

I do want to know, too. I hope this peasant got a promotion.

Crazy thing is the bastard survived. Reduction from armor and all.

>So, sometimes I miss things that others find obvious. Bad with innuendo and all.
>But they're...I looked with just my eyes at a not of whispering courtiers
>Fools, yes. I meant exactly what I said
>I thought so.
>We both stood and bowed to one another
>As I left the arena I saw Shoji smirk at me
>...as if you had anything to do with that.
>But I guess he needed something to cling to
>You did wonderfully, dear.
>Thanks, Hana-chan.
>It's good to find your limits in matches like this, it shows you where your weakness is.
>As Shinsei told Hida 'Now you know your weakness. And by knowing it, you transform it into strength.'
>Naomi giggled.
>Have I mentioned how wonderful I find you when you become wise and philosophical?
>didn't you say 'sexy' the last time?
>Naomi blushed.
>We are in public!
>I chuckled
>I decided to grab a bath before dinner, a little early
>I went over the fight a few times as I soaked
>There was a muscle tremor right before his eyes came back into focus.
>So I think maybe the World is Empty could only be maintained for a brief time.
>After which some price was paid.
>On the other hand, Victory of the RIver seemed a simpler thing, at least to me
>Strike, strike and strike again.
>It was a sequence of smoothly flowing strikes each blow opening the way for the next
>Near the end, I was moving poorly, hampered by own injuries...
>Yet I still landed my blow.
>A pure offense, then.
>I see.
>I didn't know if I had the skill to defeat Yoshi should we cross blades again.
>But, if it came down to it, I could see a path to victory now.
>'there are a million lessons in defeat, none in victory'
>good saying there.
>I went to dinner
>The conversation was split between the the tournament, with several younger members of the court still in awe over getting to see the Thousand Years of Steel, and what might be coming next.
>It was the older ones who spoke most of that.

>I only caught snippets here and there.
>Courtiers were a private lot, if you could hear them there was good chance they wanted you to do so
>Because of this, some courtiers had learned to read lips, so that they could tell what their political rivals were talking about.
>Kitsuki-san told me that was the reason for fans to be a constant accessory for any courtier.
>A way to cover your mouth while you spoke, keeping your conversation private
>According to Kitsuki-san, the Doji had gone a step further, inventing an entire language based on gestures and movements of one's fan.
>I had been surprised it was the Crane, and not the Scorpion.
>I turned to ask Kitsuki-san what the courtiers were really talking about, since I knew they were using innuendo to discuss other things.
>But the words died in my throat.
>That's right, he wouldn't tell me anymore.
>We were on opposing sides now.
>By now, everyone knew I was a simple bushi, and harmless.
>So I was engaged only when the wanted my genuine opinion on something
>Wondering if I could be of more use, I approached Katsuie-sama after dinner
>Ahhh, Ishigaki-san! That was a fine showing today!
>I am only sorry I could not secure victory for our clan
>It is fine, you were bested by a Kensai. There will always be an opponent better than you out there somewhere.
>If you have good luck, you get to spar with them
>If you have bad luck you fight them
>he smiled as he said that, and glanced down to his missing arm
>So long as you learn something from it, it is fine.
>You DID learn something, did you not?
>you mean aside from the fact that I must be more diligent in my training? Yes, I believe I did.
>Good, good!
>So what brings you to me today?
>I know I am not very good at courtly intrigue. If I had to give an honest evaluation of my own ability, it's that I am only aware of just how much goes over my head.
>But still, I wondered about the state of things now, and if I may be of some use

>Katsuie-sama stroked his beard.
>Ishigaki-san, you surprise me. You had been content to wait until I called for you before. What has changed?
>I wasn't entirely sure myself, not that he asked me directly
>Katsuie-sama nodded at my hesitation.
>I see.
>You're friend, Kitsuki Takeshi-san his name was?
>You have always followed his lead, and asked him to clarify when you do not understand, haven't you?
>Yes, I have
>And now you two stand opposed to one another.
>Without him to guide you, and with your recent defeat, you must feel very lost right now.
>He clapped his hand to my shoulder
>It is fine, Ishigaki-san
>You should not try to do more than you can do.
>I nodded
>Katsuie-sama's face darkened a bit, then.
>I suppose I should tell you how things have progressed up until now then.
>I couldn't guess whether it was going bad for our clan, or good; Katsuie-sama did not like being drawn in as a pawn in the Crane's economic war with the Phoenix.
>Your father in law is a proud, and stubborn fool
>The Crane play him like a biwa.
>He is only agreeing to token concessions, more like insults than serious attempts to avoid the war.
>The Mantis, of course, will not accept such things, and will make war when winter is done
>It is as though he does not realize just how much his Clan could lose
>I doubt that, Katsuie-sama.
>Shoji is not quite a fool, he simply has weaknesses easily exploited.
>Rather than not knowing the price of the war, I think it is that he estimates the cost differently than most others would.
>I remembered my conversation with Ashitaka the night before.
>I had no doubt Shoji meant what he said about bushi.
>I told Katsuie-sama as much
>I see. Yes, if he truly places no value on the lives of his clan's warriors then that would explain some things.
>He is quick to insist the Mantis would find themselves destroyed at the hands of the Isawa.

>Not the Phoenix clan, and not the Mantis armies either.
>He means the whole Mantis clan, destroyed by Isawa magic.
>As if his clan would not face severe censure for doing so.
>I see. So he won't even consider it a war unless the Isawa are threatened. Enough that they can use their magic freely, anyway.
>Katsuie-sama shook his head.
>The Scorpion and Dragon are doing the best they can, but at this point all they are fighting an uphill battle, with Shoji undermining their own efforts.
>Katsuie-sama, do you think...
>Do you think the Scorpion may...
>Ah. hmmm.
>I do not think so.
>Shoji has been taking many precautions since Yoritomo Yohko was killed. I cannot imagine that even the Scorpion would be able to arrange something like that right now.
>Good. If anyone was going to kill Isawa Shoji,it would be me.
>I have seen that look on young faces before, Ishigaki-san. Be more mindful of yourself, and do not act with undue haste.
>Damn. I had forgetn why I had not pressed for details until now.
>I could conceal my feelings, but a master courtier could still read me like a book.
>I took a deep breath and wiped the expresion from my face
>yes, that is better. Ishigaki-san
>So, what could the Scorpion and Dragon do? Get other Clans to promise to support the Phoenix?
>Well, they would ostensibly need the Phoenix to invite them as allies...assuming that does happen, then the Impeiral families will like step in at that point.
>A war between two clans is something for them to observe, not interfere in.
>One with three of four will be watched very closely, and the Legions will be ready to move and end it should it be necessary.
>One that size though? The Imperial families would never allow it to begin.
>So with enough people on the brink of war the Emperor would enforce peace? Seems like a good play for the Peace faction.

>It might not be, Ishigaki-san
>The Imperial families often make those who fall under their gaze regret doing the thing that brought their attention down upon them in the first place.
>Yes, I could understand that.
>Initially, the Emperor did not have an army of his own to command, as the Clans did.
>The Otomo and Miya families did not produce warriors, only the Seppun did that.
>And there simply were not enough samurai with Imperial blood to equal even one great clan. >Indeed, more than a few Minor Clans outnumbered the Imperial Families.
>So it was that Akodo swore his clan to act as the right hand of the Emperor, being his army should he require it.
>But as time marched on and the clans began to look out for their own interests ahead of the Emprie as a whole, the need for the Imperial Legions was seen.
>With numbers drawn form every Clan, great and small, the diversity of the Legions ensured that they could be counted on to fight even when some among them may be ordered to slay their own kinsmen.
>The Imperial families did their best to ensure that only those most loyal to the Emperor were appointed to the legions, of course, but appointments were another form of political currency, and so this was not always the case.
>But, the Legions still were only match for a single great clan. In the worst case scenario they could still be overwhelmed.
>So the Imperial Families did their best to manage the fueds, rivalries and even alliances of the great clans.
>Everyone remembered the Scorpion Clan coup that had nearly ended the Hantei line, and the Clan war that followed as the 39th Hantei began to sicken.
>The Emperor had a great burden, giving the Clans enough slack to pursue their ambitions without allowing any one Clan to grow so strong they could threaten the Empire itself.
>For a moment, I could see the Empire laid bare, all the different powers at work, and how delicate the balance of the Empire truly was.
>Then it was gone.

>>For a moment, I could see the Empire laid bare, all the different powers at work, and how delicate the balance of the Empire truly was.
>>Then it was gone.

tfw intelligence is your dump stat.

>such heavy considerations were clearly not for the likes of me.
>I had my duty, and never before had I so cherished it's simplicity
>Find things that were tainted, and smash them into a gooey pulp with my tetsubo.
>I returned to wife and children, to spend the rest of the evening in play.
>The best things truly were quite simple.
>Once they had played themselves out I donned my armor to take the watch over my family.
>Once again, I allowed myself to sleep.
>The forces of Jigoku were quite fond of sneak attacks upon the wall, so few Crabs were heavy sleepers
>I knew I would awaken should something out of place occur.
>Though I doubted I would need to wake up in the middle of the night two nights in a row.
>I could not have been more wrong if I tried.

Cliffhanger? Cliffhanger!

>A light scrape of tabi on wood jolted me awake
>There was no light outside in the hallway
>I held my breath
>heard another faint scrape, just outside the rice paper door
>I plunged my arm through the door, seizing hold of what was on the other side, and yanked it through
>Somehow, I managed to check myself at the last moment
>Before my tetsubo destroyed the face of Bayushi Amano
>he had no smartass remarks
>Even behind his mask I could see clearly he was surprised and terrified
>A not inappropriate response to an armored crab coming within a hairs breadth of ending your life
>I growled at him
>I've warned you before about sneaking around me, Scorpion
>Naomi stirred, sitting up
>Ishigaki, wha...?
>It may be nothing Naomi.
>Amano was just about to explain to me why he was creeping around outside our room
>I pulled back my tetsubo, but did not loosen my grip on him
>And it was going to be a very good explanation, wasn't it?
>ah, y-yes!
>Really, Ishigaki-san, I was just exchanging messages!
>yes, clever courtiers can guess what you are up to if they know who you are meeting with, and everyone knows the contents of letters are read and known to all!
>I glanced at Naomi
>yes, the Game of Letters is conducted with the full expectation that your letter will be read.
>I let go of him
>Next time you do that, stay the hell away from my room.
>He stood shakily.
>fussed with the front of his Kimono
>I-I-I will remember, Hida Ishigaki-san...
>He looked at the hole in my door.
>Don't worry about it. Just get out of here already.
>Right. right...
>he opened the door and left quickly.
>He didn't even think to ask why I was in my armor.
>Ishigaki-kun, what ARE we going to do about the door?
>I sighed.
>I took off my armor
>And I sat in front of the door, unsleeping, until a servant drew near
>Hey, you out there.
>The servant poked his head in through the door.
>easy to do, since there was a man sized hole in it.

Guess not. Felt like a perfect moment.

>I tripped.
>My sour expression convinced the servant that was all he needed to know.
>About that time Diako and Tetsute began to stir
>Brekfas! Brekfas!
>As usual food was never far from Tetsute's mind.
>Try to have it done by the time we're done eating.
>HAI, Great Samurai!
>We went to get breakfast with everyone
>Amano was there, now fully composed again
>I shot him one last glare, just to make sure he understood
>He looked down briefly, signaling he did
>Isn't someone missing?
>Kitsuki-san answered evenly
>What do you mean, Monkey?
>Monkey cupped his hands in front of his chest
>Where's Moshi Mounds?
>Toshiro looked around
>That is odd, she's been stuck to you like sweet bean paste for the last few days
>Kitsuki-san chewed a mouthful of rice and swallowed before answering
>Perhaps there is some meeting she must attend with the other Mantis
>Mantis-san looked at him
>Nope, I haven't heard anything.
>You wouldn't, Mantis-san. You're not a courtier, and you're friends with some of your Clan's enemies.
>He grunted.
>They don't keep me completely out of the loop you know.
>if you say so.
>We ate for a while in silence.
>Monkey, never one to enjoy a simple silence spoke up again
>Hey, Amano-san. Did you get that thing you were doing last night taken care off?
>Amano went just a tad paler
>I looked over to Monkey
>What thing?
>Oh, he was just moving a barrel last night, I bumped into him cus I had to take a midnight piss.
>I looked over at Amano, set my chopsticks across my bowl and smiled pleasantly at him.
>Not THAT is very interesting.
>Please, Amaono-san, do tell us how your task went.
>In detail.

>That one was just a teaser for those in the thread right now, THIS
is the real cliffhanger.

How's that, then? Feint and then BAM! Cliffhanger!


That is as infuriating as it is funny.


midnight bump.

Friend Scorpion
Tread lightly in shadows
Crab is not sleeping.

that was hilarious SURPRISE M***********!

Captive audience
Wait with baited breath for more
I love this story

... Did you just censor yourself? On Veeky Forums? Shamefur dispray

You goofed, scorpion.
Now crab-sama's on to you.
Monkey, tell us more...

Seriously nigger? It's not a safe-space, you can say a bad words here, like an adult. Why the fucking fuck did you censor yourself? It's like a sucking your own dick - kind of impressive, but really really pathetic.

I'm going to miss Amano after this winter court. He's really trying to be nice within the limits of his clan's reputation. Besides, as controversial as a Scorpion buddy is, it's a good thing to have. I always thought the Crane were the "all according to keikaku" types, while the Scorpion just got shit done with that "do you even operate" attitude. Just imagine if you played Shadowrun in Rokugan. Scorpion would be a fucking nightmare.

Profanity is
Shameful to display often
Even a Crab knows

>Even a Crab knows
>Profanity is shameful
>To display often

This shouldn't really come as a surprise. GMs control large amounts of NPCs so eventually they WILL crit a member of the party dead-ier than dead.

I've got two google docs now, and they decided to format themselves differently. Regardless, here's all the text up to this point with a basic pass for spelling.

Honestly, hit a bit of a snag right now

The party is travelling to Twin Forks City right now as a supply stop before Second City, but I can't for the life if me remember what the he'll we did there, if anything of note at all

Might even be that my remembrance of Doji's disappearance actually was supposed to happen there

Supposed to, because if I recall, I failed the lore roll to remember, just added it because taking some artistic liberties and it fit well in contrast to Daidoji-san's Crab-like behavior

Ignore that reply, forgot to delete it.

I guess I will take notrs of what happened every session should our game take off... perhaps I shouldn't play an Akodo, but rather a Lion Bard.

>Oh no, I'm in quite a lot of pain right now
>He sure didn't look like it.
>But, I would just as soon be tended by the best healer in this castle. I have no desire for any of these injuries to heal poorly.
>The room practically exploded into whispers
Yes, that's a good Lion, good Kensai. Let the war begin...

Do that
The only notes I got are the names of the people I met except most heimin, because who cares about heimin?

Since I was rather invested in the story, since my character was the de facto party leader, face, and primary protagonist for this segment, I easily remember most of the general stuff

It would be even easier if my ST had backed up his campaign notes before his hard drive bricked, but beggars can't be choosers

So... Translate me from an "Rokugan court innuendo" language - is a Lion said to Phoenix to go and fuck themselves?

Can you translate to standard English?

Fuck it, artistic liberties will handle my continuation

If something seems like too much of an asspull from me, it probably is

Hope you'll enjoy regardless

>It takes me a few days before I get used to the waves
>Just before our arrival at Twin Forks City, I am able to go on deck
>such a beautiful coastline, now that we're past the shadowlands
>I've heard of pockets of tainted waters drifting away from it at times, the so called Sea of Shadows
>fortunately, we managed to avoid any of those
>with the kami's blessings, hopefully we'll continue with such good fortune
>our rest at Twin Forks City is brief
>a local Doji magistrate checks our papers
>The ship loads up on supplies
>our journey continues
>two weeks almost since we set out from Kyuden Seppun before our arrival at Second City
>upon arriving, we ask a dock worker for directions to Yoritomo Kon
>he is working in a customs office not far
>It doesn't take long until we arrive
>a bushi by his build, we see a Mantis magistrate pouring over documents, clearly quite busy, and annoyed at his work
>without looking up from his work, he addresses us as we approach
>"Yes, samurai-san, how may I help you?"
>"are you Yoritomo Kon-san?"
>"yes, what of it?"
>"Bayushi Asako-san sends her regards."
>wide-eyed, he looks up from his work
>"what the hell does this woman want with me now? I've kept quiet, I swear!"
>I ignore the implied confession of corruption
>"she asks her favour be returned by your aid to us"
>he looks at us all, noticing that none of us bear scorpion colours
>"...fine, but once this is done, you tell her that she and I are done, you hear me?"
>"very well, I shall bring her your message
>you have no doubt hears of the imperial ban of Sweet Dreams.
>we are here to investigate it to its source"
>"more of that nightmare situation? Fine, I'll help you
>actually, might be that you can help me as well
>I scratch your back, you scratch mine?"
>it's obvious he's been stationed here as punishment by his superiors
>he wants our help to get back in their good graces

>"I've been investigating these smugglers myself
>they get the drug from a herbalist healer heimin in the city
>but we don't know who that is
>I've planned an ambush in 2 days when next they come to the docks
>you may join, but unless you get your papers verified by the Ivory Magistrates, you cannot interfere
>they, not the Emerald Magistrates, enforce law in the Colonies
>you do have papers proving your mission, don't you?"
>I grip my jitte tightly at the veiled suspicion of dishonesty
>"Good, shouldn't take long for you then.
>Where do your travel papers say you will be staying?"
>"The Crane embassy"
>"fancy. Well, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of work to do"
>he points towards a large pile of papers on his desk
>a servant comes to add another large, heavy stack of documents to the pile
>one does not need to look at the Mantis's face to feel his sadness and disappointment at his dull Duty
>"Fortune's blessings to you"
>"to you as well"
>I still remember the weight in his very audible sigh

>we make our way to the Crane embassy in the Imperial District
>a pair of large Daidoji guards stop us at the main entrance, demanding to see our papers
>once they read it, they bow deeply
>one runs off to inform the ambassador of our presence
>we were about to meet the current Turquoise Champion and current Crane ambassador in the Second City
>Doji Tatsuki

Did you lose a character or two during the game? As a party, I mean

Other than my own in a glorious duel, no
But that's still a bit further in the story time, not quite even at the halfway point yet
Shouldn't be a spoiler since I already mentioned it before being asked to contribute properly

Man, where i can find a start of your storytiem? Is that in 3th or 4th Crab's threads?

And cranes who don't duel/provoke duels are hardly cranes...

Posting from my phone at uni right now, will have to check later
Started talking a thread earlier than I started redirecting, and it's been about 3 or 4 threads ago

Google Daikakita, the archived threads should pop up there
It's the OC-donut-steal vassal family of my character

Lion just continued the narrative that the Phoenix healers are shit and Hida Naomi of the crab clan is the only competent healer in the place.

Why is he doing it though? Are the lion on the side of war or is it just that he doesn't respect courtiers and respects ishigaki so he's helping him?

I just assume it is because Shoji is just that much of an ass.

Lion have a big focus as a clan on war, so it's more respect towards a mighty warrior as Ishigaki-san, by proxy of his wife
And disrespect to Shoji who obviously doesn't care about the bushi serving under him

And they're probably wishing they had a spare Water healer after that burn.

>it's not often one gets to see a Scorpion drenched in nervous sweat
>so I allowed him to take his time, as I savored the moment
>Um, well I needed to move a few things.
>Yes, you told me last night.
>Must have been a lot of messages if you had to keep them in a barrel
>Now everyone was staring at him
>Save Kitsuki-san
>and Tetsute, who was filching handfulls of rice from my half eaten bowl.
>Unroutunatly for Amano, not even my adorable little glutton could sooth my anger
>he had lied to me, to my face.
>Kituski-san tried to diffuse my anger at his friend
>Ishigaki-san, I'm sure Amano-san had good reason for what he did.
>You know the peace faction is in a tight spot right now
>Right now I couldn't care less about the war, the politics or the contests.
>A Scoripion was sneaking around my room last night, and then that Scorpion lied to my face about what he had been doing.
>I stared Kitsuki-san right in the eyes
>That Scorpion is NOW going to tell me the truth. and maybe I won't kill him.
>He's going to do that because if he keeps lying I WILL kill him.
>Kitusiki-san stared at me in shock
>Amano's shoulders slumped
>Then Amano looked at Kitsuki-san.
>I looked back and forth between the two
>What the fuck did you two do!?
>a round of huhs from the others
>I cut it off with a raised hand
>Now even Tetsute was paying attention to the adults
>Spill it, Kitsuki.
>he sighed.
>I asked Amano to get Aoi away from me
>exlamations from the table
>so what, you killed her? hid her body in a barrel?!
>NO! No she's alive!
>I just... I knew some some people who would be at the port, setting sail soon...
>...So I had them take her away.
>Even this far north, the ocean didn't freeze over completely.
>still, the ice chunks would make it very dangerous.
>So by 'some people', Amano meant smugglers.

and here i was about to bump with a pretty haiku
will leave t for next time, then

More importantly, the hell, Kitsuki and Amano?!

Really, Kitsuki-san? Really?

>mfw all of that

>Toshiro spoke
>let me get this straight...
>Pointed to Kitsuki-san
>didn't like being hit on by an unbelievably attractive woman with huge tits.
>So you asked HIM
>Pointed to Amano
>To deal with it.
>And the plan YOU came up
>looking straight at Amano now
>was to stuff her in a barrel, roll her out of the castle and down to the harbor, and put her on a smugglers ship?!
>Is THAT what you two are saying happened last night!?
>Monkey, not to put to fine a point on it, spoke up
>Holy shit, even I'm not THAT crazy
>I looked over at Toshiro.
>It's not the first time Kitsuki-san has become a massive idiot when dealing with interpersonal relationships...
>He once convinced Mantis-san to throw jade powder into his sensei's eyes, because he thought his sensei might me tainted
>Toshiro blinked
>And when sensei cried out, he hit him with a bokken
>...You do know powedered minerals sting quite a bit if they get in your eyes, don't you Kitsuki-san?
>Hey, I had a perfectly good reason to suspect that!
>Yeah, you were tired of getting beaten up in training.
>No! it was more than that!
>So what's your esxuse THIS time?
>I've seen the kind of crap that you three,
>He pointed to me, Mantis-san, and Monkey
>have to go through!
>I want no part of it!
>I looked over at Toshiro.
>Toshiro, I owe you an apology
>I had thought that you were the most hopeless one among us when it comes to relationships.
>Toshiro nodded.
>I never would have thought, 'hey, at least I'd never have you stuffed in a barrel and turned over to smugglers' would be a good pick up line, but there it is.
>I rubbed at my temples.
>Amano, did ANYONE ELSE see you last night, or was it just me and Monkey?
>just you two...
>Monkey you never saw him, got it?
>Uh, yeah...?
>Mantis-san protested as well

That's how you get a yandere stalker, Kitsuki-san.

This is how you use an Ally advantage against your Bad Fortune (Love) Disadvantage correctly.

That was well done Kitsuki-san.

But how would that have counted as Bad Fortune (Love) it was just a hot chick hitting on him. She didn't murder anyone or try to use him in even a little blood ritual.

>Hey, those tits were part of my clans strategy!
>wait, what?
>Oh come on. Like none of you knew.
>She's one of the most attractive women in the Empire, so of course the Clan moved her from the Moshi temples to the courts and put her in those outfits!
>If it can work for the Scorpion why not for us?
>The rest of us looked at each other.
>That Aoi knew what she was doing was not odd
>That she was acting on her Clans orders... that had never crossed our minds
>Oh. Maybe I shouldn't have said that then...
>THere's a lot of things that shouldn't have been said at this breakfast table, Mantis-san.
>the fact that your Clan delebratly reduced one of it's shugenja to a sex object to get a leg up in court is probably the least shocking
>and now we all have to pretend like Kitsuki-san WASN'T part of a kidnapping plot.
>Amano spoke up
>This is all my fault, Takeshi-san. I should not have tried to do it myself.
>My own pride got me caught when there were others I should have asked for help with your matter.
>Just let me take all the blame, I'll leave the rest of you out of it.
>I reached across the table and smacked him
>Amano stared at me, holding his cheek
>You're only guitly of being a mediocre friend.
>A proper friend would have said 'stop being an idiot' and left it at that
>but this situation is all Kitsuki-san's fault
>You didn't kill her, right?
>No. Just shot her with a blowdart that would put her to sleep for a while.
>I closed my eyes.
>I reminded myself I was the one who demanded full disclosure on pain of death; that I had, in fact, asked for this.
>and all that's going to happen is that she'll wake up and find herself dumped off in a different city, right?
>right. That is the plan anyway
>I assume they know they face the usual Scorpion displeasure should they stray from that plan?
>They do.


l5R Storytime thread: Stonewall and Little Flower edition

that's the title of the thread i started contributing, with the following one being where i started greentexting, titled

L5R Storytime thread: "Get the fuck off me Humpty Dumpty" said the Stonewall edition

google either of those, and you'll have archives of it, alongside some banter from readers relating to Ishigaki-san's story that aren't included in the screencaps, plus other talk relating to L5R

So this is the breather episode. The next one should be full of drama and/or danger then.

>A Kitsuki, one of the peace faction, working with a Scorpion, another memeber of the peace faction hatched a plan to kidnap one of the higher ranked Mantis delegates and remove her from the winter court.
>Since she's going to be fine, more or less, I'd just as soon NOT let loose the shitstorm waiting to explode should that sequence of events come to light.
>Monkey, you didn't see anything. I tripped in the dark and fell through my door, and this conversation never fucking happened.
>And YOU
>I pointed to Kitsuki-san
>The next time you don't like someone, DO NOT do what you're thinking of doing.
>got it...
>there were children in this room the whole time.
>I burried my face in my hands
>This is YOUR fault!
>YOU deal with it!

>This is YOUR fault!
>YOU deal with it!
Ishigaki grows into the role of a husband

Hey crab-san can you tell us why kitsukis player decide to do this nonsense he normally seems like the most court savy person. Was it him roleplaying kitsukis relationship issues knowing full well the consequence s or did he just have a retarded moment and not realise the implications of his actions

On the left you'll see a pic Hida Tetsutei, at the age of 9

>I speant the rest of my morning sequestered with the children, trying in vain to explain the concept of coarse and impolite language to them
>No, I'm actually fairly certain they understood
>They just found my reaction to their swearing intensely amusing.
>I didn't have Naomi's knack for being firm without being scary.
>Knowing me, if tired to put my foot down I'd overshoot the mark and end up scaring them for life.
>So I concluded that this was just another test I would have to endure.
>Letting them get all the giggles out of their systems.
>They would grow bored sooner of latter, and find something else to amuse themselves with.
>It was while the two of them were both babbling a stream of profanity, apparently seeing which one would need to take a breath first, that Shiba Ayame entered into my room
>I must speak with you Hid...ah?
>Daiko and Tetuste looked up at her from where they were sitting
>In perfect unison
>Ayame held an arm across her chest
>don't mind those two, they just heard some words they shouldn't have
>What is it you need?
>When I looked at her, I could see her one eye was red and puffy, with a dark circle under it.
>Are you still having those bad dreams?
>They're...worse now
>Tetsute opened his mouth, but Daiko pinched his leg
>He looked at her in confusion
>They both sat properly then
>She looked over at them
>Take your time, Ayame-san.
>I.. I think I may go mad if I do not stop them soon...
>I have started to hear whispers in my dreams now.
>Ishigaki-san, I know I am not ready but if I don't take my rev...
>I must resolve this matter soon. I can't wait any longer.
>She bowed to me, a dogeza.
>Please, help me! I need to know how to win!
>I scratched my head.
>She was quite desperate, if I didn't help her she would go for it on her own. And get killed
>On the other hand, I really couldn't help her.

In the players own words "aint no one got time for that shit" He just adamantly refused to have any kind of romance plot hooks attached to his character. So I guess, he decided Kitsuki-san was Asexual.

Bad dreams?

My ship has been sunk.

We were all a little miffed he went meta on us like that. who did you ship?

Sleepy-chan, as the thread nicknamed her, had bad dreams before, relating to her lost love.
It seems they've come back, or at least taken on new form after her betrayal and injury.

I bet 5 Koku it's a Shoji's fault, these intestified bad dreams, or he somehow involved.

>who did you ship?
Kitsuki-san and Moshi-san, of course. Who else?

>We were all a little miffed he went meta on us like that.
No kidding. An pseudo Japan/Chinese game about court intrigue and wuxia, romance and romance regaled problems is one of the main components. They are integral for a story!

>Victory isn't a matter of a single move.
>It is everything you have learned up to that point, coming together
>The things I knew, my own path to victory over her gunso, was not one she could walk.
>I knew that she would already know this
>But she was so desperate to put an end to the dreams she was having she was grasping at straws
>Wait here then. I need to get some of the others.
>Look, I can't tell you how to beat him. You KNOW that, and you also know why that is. But I can still help you. Just wait here. Please.
>Or do you really mean to insult us all by throwing away the life we worked so hard to save?
>It was a cheap shot, but it hit dead on.
>She would be here when I got back
>I rounded up Toshiro, Monkey, Naomi and Mantis-san.
>couldn't quite bring myself to look at Kitsuki-san yet.
>I explained on the way back that Ayame's dreams were still plaguing her, and her desire for vengeance.
>Naomi, unsurprisingly frowned at that.
>Mantis-san nodded
>Okay, you want those two to see if they can something for her dreams.
>What about me and Monkey?
>Well, I need somone to babysit the children in another room while we talk about revenge
>And Monkey is surprisingly studious about kenjutsu technique.
>Mantis-san nodded again.
>Then stopped dead in his tracks.
>Yeah, you.
>Tetsute likes you.
>Now come on

You forgot one detail: because from that bad dreams, she was tricked buying a cursed charm which mind-controlled it to killing a VIP guest, lost quite much of honor, lost her eye and little respect she had.

More or less, a karmic punching rock, if you ask me.

never can tell when you're dealing with shippers.
Some people ship really weird pairings.

MonkeyxMantits OTP[spoiler/]

Fuck off you absolute nigger IshigakiXShoji OTP

Well, at least its not NaomiXShoji.

Well Naomi would obvouisly join them

Better than ShojixNaomi.

>Toshiro and Naomi sat down on either side of Ayame
>Don't mind us, we're just going to check if any of your elements have fallen out of balance.
>Naomi nodded.
>Dreams are often prophetic, but they can also be a sign of a didrupted Chi flow...
>Uh... Okay?
>Ayame's confusion brought out a cuteness that reminded me of Naomi.
>While Naomi had never truly let go of her innocence, destiny's rough handling had already hardened Ayame quite a bit.
>I felt anger on her behalf welling up in me, but I wrestled it down and tucked it away.
>Monkey meanwhile spoke up.
>So, what's your plan for getting your revenge?
>Naomi made an irritated noise in her throat.
>Naomi. I don't expect you to understand, but this IS something she has to do.
>She looked at me.
>I rarely had cause to be firm with my wife, so when I did she knew it was important.
>Very well.
>Thank you, Naomi-sama. I know you do not approve, and I think I know why. But Ishigaki-san is right. I must do this.
>Ayame turned to Monkey
>My plan, such that it is, is to simply duel him and win.
>I've no idea how to get him to accept, but...
>Monkey nodded.
>You should take a warrior pilgrimage.
>I blinked
>Any Samurai can go on a warrior pilgrimage for a time. They temporarily become ronin, but it lacks the disgrace of normaly being a masterless samurai.
>You use this to study abroad, learn techniques and test yourself in ways you wouldn't be able to tied to your Clan.
>Ah, like Sun-Tao!
>Precisely like Sun-Tao, Ayame-san.
>Sun-Tao had been a great tactician, though accounts differed as to which clan he originally hailed from
>he had undertaken a pilgrimage, and had studied with each of the great clans, gaining insight into how they waged war
>He then compiled his collected wisdom into a book, simply called the Book of Sun-Tao.
>He never completed his pilgrimage though, and his book remains incomplete

You're all wrong
It's obviously gonna be IshigakiXKistukiXAmano, or however three person ships are named

The thread has been lost to the shipper/shitposter alliance. Abandon all hope. All hands, strike the colors and retreat.

It's because your ship officially lost, doesn't?

>When he lived, the Ki-Rin were still lost beyond the borders of the Empire; they had yet to return as the Clan of the Unicorn.
>so he had set out, following the path the Ki-Rin had taken outside the Empire, and was never seen again
>Monkey continued
>I don't think you'll ever catch up to him, let alone overtake him, if you keep on as you are now.
>But, if you broaden your training you might.
>I think you should seek out the Disciples of Sun-Tao, and learn their technique.
>Ayame looked at Monkey in surpise
>I did as well
>Would they even agree to teach me?
>yeah, they would.
>Their technique harness the strength of your own honor.
>Huh. I hadn't know that. There were many schools that taught techniques that would best serve an honorable soul.
>I had no idea how that was even possible
>then again, they likely found it hard to imagine lashing out with your own earth to blunt an enemies attack.
>Monkey went on
>Because of that they don't really care who learns it.
>it's useless to the kind of people they wouldn't want to teach it to.
>It's because of the fine line that Sun-Tao himself walked
>He learned technuiqes and stratagies form every Clan. And he told everyone what he had learned. Normally dishonorable in the extreme.
>But he did so in way that changed his book into far more than the sum of it's parts, so no one's trust was actually betrayed.
>Instead he was quite honorable
>That's what the gaze of Sun-Tao is about, seeing boradly your foe, understanding him and what he will do, and allowing your honor to guide your blade along with that knowledge.
>I was staring at Monkey open mouthed
>I have a cousin who studied with them.
>Monkey shruged
>It's because of my cousin that I wanted to become a fine swordsman in the first place...
>I hadn't know.
>Toshiro hissed then
>What, what is it?
>There is something wrong here. I can feel it. It's like...
>It's like there are kansen here...

Well, shit.post

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I knew those dreams weren't natural.

>>Yeah, you.
>>Tetsute likes you.
No wonders there

I think you mean shipperXshitposter the otp

Gomenesai crab-sama I was just shitposting a little please continue with your thread

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