Good tabletop RPG to start with?

I've not played any tabletop RPG in my life, the closest experience I've ever had is D&D videogames and roguelikes. What would be a good system for newcommer? I'm planning to look for games on roll20.

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If you understand the concept, D&D5E is an alright jumping on point and then you can branch out to other systems once you figure out what you like, combat, story telling, traveling, etc.

D&D is the call of duty of PnP games, and I mean that very negatively.

Keep that in mind.

GURPS is a great system for a newcomer if you can find a GM.

D&D is really bad, but it's what everyone plays so you'll have the easiest time finding a game for that.

Most other systems are varying degrees of quality.

What kind of game do you want to play? Not system, but genre. Do you want to play a high fantasy, cinematic game? Cyberpunk? Modern mystery? Sci-fi explorers?

Everyone is going to suggest 5e, it's the easiest to jump right into.

Savage Worlds is the closest I've found to something that's almost as easy to get into, after that, all the more Rules-lite games require more experience in Role-playing and creating characters to be really enjoyable, though I could also suggest Fiasco or Primetime Adventures.

Factional edition salt and memes aside, D&D 5E is a decent starting place and you will easily find a group. But don't limit yourself to it. Read other games and broaden your horizons even if you don't get the opportunity to play.

>GURPS is a great system for a newcomer if you can find a GM.

I get where you're going with this, but it's really not.

To something inside looking out, GURPS is the best system to use to codify good Players. However to the newbie... they just want to play a game man, not read a page or two for every rule in the game.

>GURPS is a great system for a newcomer

I'll check those out then, thanks!
I haven't played much of CoD, do you mean D&D is dumbed down in comparison with other systems?
I'd like to play high fantasy game, though now that you mentioned it I wouldn't mind some cyberpunk/sci-fi either.

To the newbie, 32 pages of GURPS Lite is a lot more palatable than the 300~600 pages of any D&D edition. Do you remember how arduous character creation was for you when you first played 3.5e/PF/4e/5e? I remember. It was a nightmare how many rules there were.

GURPS definitely isn't a game to learn on your own, it's one you learn from others then learn with your scaffolded knowledge.

Well, if you want high fantasy, I suggest 4e D&D, Savage Worlds, or GURPS as a system. If you want cyberpunk or sci-fi, I can really only recommend Savage Worlds and GURPS.

Savage Worlds is the easiest to get into of the three, and has many pre-made settings to choose from in a bunch of different genres. Hellfrost for high fantasy, Interface Zero 2.0 for cyberpunk, and Space 1889 for sci-fi.

OP what you want is Dungeon World

It's pretty much objectively one of the best currently out there. It has fast easy to use mechsnics and is perfect for beginners, it's a lot cheaper than most of these other rules bloated systems that cost fifty dollars. There is no reason for extra rules when it is he role playing that matters. Dungeon World is fast and innovative and still feels exactly like the spirit of ADND before DnD 3.5 destroyed the hobby and ruined a generation of role players.

You want fast, intuitive combat? Dungeon World does that.

You want real, deep roleplaying mechanics? Dungeon World does that.

You want great mechanics that reward diversity of play? Dungeon World does that as well.

My last session of Dungeon World my human fighter wrapped a vampire in a bear hug and wrestled him out a window. This is real roleplaying we are talking about here, not babby 3.5 shit. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Dungeon World today, it is an evolution and perfection of the half-formed ideas in Apocalypse World (the game it is derived from)

I will check those out, thank you! Also, out of all the systems mentioned in this thread, which one will take the least time to read up?

This being bait aside, you can play this system if you want to torture your DM with having to pull stuff from his ass constantly

The one that will take the least time is GURPS Lite, as it's only 32 pages. Savage Worlds is the next easiest, only 160 pages for the whole thing. If you can find a game for GURPS (I know there's an open one in the GURPS general, and you can check the GURPS Discord for a game), go with that. Otherwise, go for Savage Worlds.

There are better pbta's based on DnD.

Dungeon World just makes a joke out of both sides of RPG design.

GURPS is the most autistic shit. Yes, it can do anything but it will turn everything you run on it into dreary bookkeeping dogshit. It will make a fun game suck ass by its generalist system not actually fitting for any kind of genre.
And if you make new players think that GURPS is the pinnacle of roleplaying systems don't be surprised if they drop RPGs entirely. Run Strike! instead ffs.

The DnD 5e basic rules are free and a short read, just google them to find the pdf and web versions. It's 114 pages, but you don't have to read all of it, only the options relevant to your interests.

Finding a DnD game on Roll20 is much easier than finding ANYTHING else, so while I would normally recommend you start with something less mainstream (and in some ways bad for you), you're probably better off getting into the hobby through it unless you have friends and aren't too shy to GM for them.

Ryuutama is made to be a tutorial for tabletop RPGs.

Not to shill for Savage Worlds, which is a terrible system, but technically Savage Worlds IS shorter if we are talking the test drive.

You need a damn good GM for this to work. GURPS was my first system, and when I tried something else, the lack of rules felt fucking amazing.

It's actually my favorite system to GM.

t. never played GURPS

Speaking of RPG systems, is there any rules lite system that is open ended enough to plug-n-play OSR adventure modules but not so open it's completely generic? And by rules lite I mean more lite than AD&D, light enough were dumbass players who are to lazy to read the rules can still play.

The Dungeon World recommendation is bait. See"my human fighter wrapped a vampire in a bear hug and wrestled him out a window" for how much its been reposted.

Have you tried downloading literally any OSR retroclone and using that already? I can't think of anything that's open-ended (whatever that means, sounds like generic), rules light, and not generic.

Still, it's pretty simple to play.

I want something more rules lite than retroclones. Like Dungeon World except...not Dungeon World.

Have you tried Microlite20? Sounds right up your alley. Single page, 1,100 words.

Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures would be up your alley, I think. It's a retroclone with a new coat of paint and some good design choices (at least imo)

Searchers of the Unknown maybe?
World of Dungeons, maybe?

If you don't mind "

Thanks I'll check them out

This guy gets it.
Can you imagine if people treated other systems the way they treat GURPS?
>ugh, D&D sucks, have you seen the monster manual? It has way too many creatures! You can never fight all of those in one battle!
>why does D&D need 15 types of dragon? It's the most autistic thing ever
>have you seen the fail snail? God, D&D monsters are so retarded
I mean, D&D gets criticized a lot, but at least those criticisms are coherent.

It may be worth looking into a translated Japanese system. The Japanese are busybees and have no time to play, so they tend to have systems that are focused towards having short, action packed adventures and not giant 298 session LOTR-style treks across whatever homebrew your local neckbeard put together.

The major difficulty would be in, of course, getting this system in English. On the other hand... Lizardmen Paladins on Motorcycles. Japan is crazy.

Same here, it's sooo slick to run. And yeah, sure, I know that HP is "misusing the Apocalypse World mechanics" according to the self-taught game design experts on Veeky Forums, but I never had much trouble making that HP loss feel worrying.

>Lizardmen Paladins on Motorcycles.
Is this a thing, please tell me this is a thing. I want it to be real.

GURPS is actually one of the simplest systems out there for the player.

No saving throws or armor classes or modifiers or CMBs or any of that stuff. You don't even need to wprry about buying funny dice (though that could arguably be negative depending on your personality).

It's only when you try to run the game that things tend to get difficult.

That said, finding a group and someone to run it is impractical. Finding someone willing to run or play anything besides the latest iteration of D&D is almost impossible ime